Balconette Frameless Juliet balcony

Balconette’s Frameless Juliet Balcony

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Frameless Juliet 2Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies, where all there is literally, is a sheet of glass, are a highly aesthetic solution for a balcony guarding such as a Juliet and having such a frameless solution is a frequent request among architects, commercial and domestic clients. Balconette has designed a perfect solution for the creation of a Frameless Juliet using 21.5mm laminated and toughened glass.

Frameless Juliette 3-1

This system allows a custom sized Frameless Juliet of up to 3.15m in width as one sheet of glass. We also offer 7 standard sizes that range from 1280mm to 2840mm with a 5 working day turnaround. The end result is stunning, absolutely zero obstruction from the inside and a beautifully designed system that complements any building from the outside.

Balcony - Frameless Juliet at Solihull 2 - closeup Balcony - Frameless Juliet at Solihull - from inside











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