Howe Green Celebrates 30 Years in Business

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Pictured from left to right: Howe Green’s Rob, Peter, Alastair and Richard Centa

UK manufacturer Howe Green is celebrating its 30th year in business. Now a world leader in access covers for floors, walls and ceilings, the company was founded by Antony Centa and wife Angela in 1983 with their son Peter, the firm’s only employee.  The 750 Series access cover was Howe Green’s original product and was developed to meet the needs of the supermarket sector. This aluminium access cover filled a gap in the market for a high quality solution to the problem of accessing concealed under floor services in highly trafficked areas where a heavier loading was needed.

Three decades later, and part of a much bigger product portfolio, the 7500 Series, successor to the original 750 Series product, is still one of Howe Green’s top performers. Now manufactured in stainless steel as well as in aluminium, it is the ideal access solution for a wide range of applications. These have included terminals for Heathrow’s T5 and London’s first urban cable car, the Cutty Sark and Kings Cross Station, to name just a few.   A specially adapted 7500 Series access cover can also be found above a time capsule buried deep underground at Old Trafford, commemorating 100 years of one of the most famous football stadiums in the world.

Antony Centa passed the mantel to his four sons in 2003 and with it the firm’s ethos – that trust is the foundation of any relationship, that Howe Green can be relied upon to deliver and respond to customer requirements and to offer a truly flexible service.