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As its name suggests DELTA GEO-DRAIN Quattro from Delta Membrane Systems is a compact four-ply drainage sheet that offers high levels of reliability for thick viscoplastic coatings. Even if driving rain is able to penetrate through an imperfectly installed upper edge trim, Quattro stands guard to ensure the ingress goes no further.

In an absolutely watertight system, rainwater would exert hydrostatic pressure on the waterproof coating. However, the micro-perforated slip film which – along with the additional filter cloth – acts as a backup drainage layer behind the dimpled sheet. This ensures any water is safely drained off.

The slip film has the added benefit of preventing the transmission of movement to the waterproof coating.

Installation is simple and straightforward. Supplied in roll-form, DELTA GEO-DRAIN Quattro is applied to the waterproofed surface without any need for special grade backfill.

An integrated self-sealing edge ensures precise installation, and a specially design drainage/holding clip is also available to speed up the installation process and promote effective drainage.

It keeps water from accumulating between the thick coating and the slip film, effectively preventing the build-up of water pressure on the waterproof coating.

The 9mm high dimples that face towards the soil create a high capacity drainage layer that covers the entire surface. The air gap between the dimples is about 7.9 litres/m2.

Fused to the high-density polyethylene dimpled sheet, the polypropylene geotextile filter cloth reliably keeps the dimple structure from clogging.

It has the added benefit of effectively draining off methane and radon gases.

Standard roll size for the Quattro is 12.5m x 2m, and it offers a compressive strength of some 400kN/m2.

Suitable applications for the sheet are wide and varied. With the growing popularity of creating basements in properties, DELTA GEO-DRAIN Quattro is well suited to retro-fit and refurbishment applications.

It can also be used in a wide range of other domestic, commercial, industrial and retail applications, and is finding increasing popularity in the education and healthcare sectors where refurbishment of older properties necessitates effective damp proofing.

The product is also widely specified for new-build work where dampness could be a problem owing to the adjoining land or climate conditions.

Durability is a key feature of DELTA GEO-DRAIN Quattro. It will work effectively for at least 25 years in natural soil having a pH value between 4 and 9, and a soil temperature of up to 25OC.

DELTA GEO-DRAIN Quattro is just one example from an extensive product range offered by Delta Membrane Systems to help ensure damp will not penetrate into a living space.

John Newton – Waterproofing A Wine Cellar with Newton System 500

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Newton Specialist Basement Contractor A P Gooch Ltd were commissioned by the client to provide a robust cellar waterproofing system to protect the Grade II Listed vaults and upgrade them for use to store a sophisticated wine management system and stock of quality wines.

As the vaults were listed, a sympathetic waterproofing system need to be specified and installed. A P Gooch Ltd waterproofed the vaults with the Newton System 500 Cavity Drain Membrane System in accordance with BS8102:2009 Code of Practice for the Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground.

Methodology for Waterproofing This Wine Cellar with Newton System 500

The vaulted cellar areas of this project had no previous forms of waterproofing protection and were unfit even for storage. Newton 508 Cavity Drain Membrane was mechanically fixed to all vaults with Newton NuSeal Plugs. The NuSeal Plugs were wrapped in Newton Waterseal Rope forming a waterproof seal with the membrane but also offering a secondary fixing point for the timber battens to be applied. Once the treated timber battens were applied into the heads of the NuSeal fixing plugs, plasterboard was applied to the battens.

The floor area was newly formed reinforced concrete with a rebate formed around the perimeter and around the walls built of their own foundations. A 100mm x 80mm deep channel was gunned out and the Newton Basedrain installed within the rebate. Newton 520 Cavity drain membrane was installed onto the new RC Slab and a 65mm screed applied on top.

All water that entered the building now a clear method of reaching the Newton Titan Pro Sump Pump system to be mechanically removed from the vaults. Once the Newton System 500 Cavity Drain membrane system was installed, the high quality wine rack and management system was installed to house the clients wine collection.


  • The wine racks and system could be installed quickly without the need for extensive drying out times as is the case with cementitious type Type A tanking systems.
  • The battening technique also allowed the client to mechanically fix shelving units and humidity control systems back to the battens without compromising the waterproofing system.

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Newton System 500 installed by NSBC AP Gooch was a great solution for waterproofing this wine cellar as it is fully maintainable, easy to repair and produces the ideal environment for a wine collection” – Tim Lewis, Sorrells Wine Racks

Further Information and Registered Installers

For any further information, advice about a basement waterproofing project, or a list of registered installers in your area, please ring 01732 360 095 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting or fill out our online form: Request List of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors