Zip HydroTaps at ITV

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Keeping celebrities and employees refreshed at the touch of a lever, ITV has installed 29 Zip HydroTaps at its London Television Centre Studios in South East London. Providing the ideal solution for this fast paced industry, the Zip HydroTap was specified throughout the 22 storey ITV building to widen the amount of drinks available, free up valuable space and save energy.

As a company wanting to stand out from the crowd, you have to fit the best. The installation of the Zip HydroTap throughout the building has given a clearer, more refined look to the internal space, which in turn creates the right impression from the outset”

The Challenge

With hundreds ofpeople working and visiting the imposing 22 storey ITV building every day, each appliance had to be able to meet a constantly busy demand for drinks. All drinks needs were previously being met via space-taking vending machines, boiling a kettle or through expensive bottled water, meaning that the amount of time, energy and money being wasted throughout the day was substantial. As part of its refurbishment programme ITV wanted a straight-forward, energy-efficient and more compact solution to provide a wide range of drinks for guests getting ready for shows such as This Morning and Daybreak, as well as for busy staff and those eating in the restaurants. With many floors having limited access to kitchen areas, the contractors needed appliances that could be installed over a sink where possible or alternatively on a stand-alone drinks station, to help make best use of available space. The brief also included the need for a comprehensive maintenance package to help keep the appliances working at optimum levels.

The Response

Zip’s HydroTap was chosen for installation in all office, green room and restaurant areas to supply filtered boiling water and filtered chilled water instantly when needed.  The HydroTap was an ideal choice to meet ITV’s high demand due to its ability to dispense around 200 cups of filtered boiling water and 175 glasses of filtered chilled water per hour, from each of the taps. The company also opted for Zip’s latest Sparkling HydroTap, which adds filtered sparkling water to the options available from just one product, thus cutting out the expense of using bottled varieties. Effective and refreshing, the Sparkling HydroTaps fitted at ITV are able to provide 125 glasses of filtered chilled sparkling water per hour. Much smaller in size than the vending machines they were replacing, the use of the HydroTap has also freed up much needed space across the building. Unlike many models on the market, Zip’s HydroTap has the benefit of giving greater installation flexibility as each model could be fitted on a font for a stand-alone feature, or over a sink, depending on the location of amenities within easy reach. Equally, with so many people using the appliances on any given day, Zip’s safety features were an important selling point. Each HydroTap has a coveted straight-pour water flow for accuracy, is cool to the touch before, during and after use and, as it has a safety button which needs to be pressed to draw water off, it cannot be activated accidently.   Oversized levers were also selected for some of the models to allow even easier use by all, particularly those with limited dexterity.

The Results

Cutting out the time previously wasted waiting for the kettle to boil and with an increased amount of drinks options available, convenience and time saving are just some of the obvious benefits coming through. Minimal running costs mean that savings in both water and energy usage are also starting to take effect. As well as dispensing each drop of water at the right temperature, Zip’s unique ‘power-pulse’ technology and automatic sleep modes minimise the energy required to keep water at the peak temperature for effective boiling draw off.  Particularly as energy prices are predicted to carry on rising, these types of savings are expected to continue to increase. Ensuring hassle-free upkeep, ITV also chose an on-going maintenance package to ensure that all 29 of the HydroTap appliances are serviced and maintained by Zip’s qualified team of engineers, meaning each product will continue to perform at its best going forward.

John Motton of Norland Managed Services, who specified Zip’s HydroTaps for ITV, said:

“In such a creative, busy working environment, ITV needed a solution that would not only look good but would be able to meet the high demand for drinks whilst saving time, energy and money. I specified the Zip HydroTap throughout as it was able to tick all of these boxes.

“When working across such a large building, each floor comes with its own location issues. The options within Zip’s HydroTap range meant it was possible to be flexible enough to cater for each situation – be that an over sink or stand-alone font application. The option to add extended levers on a number of Zip’s HydroTaps was also a real bonus as it meant we could continue the product range across the building but still ensure all visitors and employees were catered for.

“As a company wanting to stand out from the crowd, you have to fit the best. The installation of the Zip HydroTap throughout the building has given a clearer, more refined look to the internal space, which in turn creates the right impression from the outset. Add to this the positive impact on employees’ working lives and overall energy cost savings we’re experiencing, and it is clear that the HydroTap range will continue to pay dividends for ITV for years to come.”

New from GEC Anderson – ‘Series A’ Sinks

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Leading developer of stainless steel solutions, GEC Anderson, has launched ‘Series A’, a new and comprehensive range of sink bowls offering superb aesthetics, functionality and high quality manufacture, together with great design flexibility.

The Series A bowls are designed for seamless integration (welding) into GEC Anderson purpose-made stainless steel worktops but are also available, individually, for inset, under-mount and flush-mount applications.

Series A bowls are manufactured to the highest standards, with a superb brushed satin finish and a clean linear appearance. They are available in an impressive range of sizes making for a truly comprehensive choice:

170 x 400mm, 340 x 400mm, 400 x 400mm, 450 x 400mm, 500 x 400mm, 550 x 400mm, 700 x 400mm

With flexibility in mind, each bowl can be combined with any other(s), to form combinations, doubles and trebles. They are available as integral sinks within GEC Anderson stainless steel made to measure worktops, as inset sinks and as undermounted sinks.

All Series A bowls feature the 12mm corner radius to maximise useable bowl volume and have a front-to-back dimension of 400mm. A 12mm corner radius also gives the sink bowls a clean and modern appearance.

Managing Director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, says: “We have actually been waiting a long time for this series, which provides a number of true benefits to specifiers and users. The fact that they are all available with the full range of fixing options – integrated within custom stainless steel worktops, undermounted, inset or flushmounted offers real versatility. The sinks are likely, therefore, to appeal to a broad range of customers who may be considering various worktop materials.”

The A Series is competitively priced with the A50 (500x400x200mm), for example, retailing at £400, including VAT.

Series A bowls are available now.

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