Add Style to any building with a Panorama-S balustrade from dani alu (UK) Ltd

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Vision1Panorama-S from dani alu (UK) is a stylish new fixed balustrade system for roof areas and balconies.  It is a unique, totally aluminium balustrade complementing the Panorama ST freestanding glass balustrades perfectly  The system is suitable for almost all applications from roof terrace, balcony, and Juliette applications.

Panorama-S keeps the traditional design intent associated with steel designs, with the many advantages of aluminium.  Aluminium offers to the design a product that is up to a fifth lighter than steel.  Aluminium will not rust, corrode or change in anyway, resulting in a totally reliable system, throughout the lifetime of the installation.  Aluminium is 100% recyclable, offering clear environmental advantages over alternative solutions.

SONY DSCDesign with confidence, as Panorama Series–S is fully UK tested (BRE certification) and accredited to Approved standards, satisfying the requirements of Part K2 of current building regulations, for guards and barriers around buildings:

  • BS6180: 2011: (Barriers in and about buildings) loadings up to 0.74 kN.
  • BS EN 1991-1-1, the UK national annex to BS EN 1991-1-4. : Action on Structures

A simple, elegant system, BIM ready with multiple configuration choices available.  Choose from:

Style and position of handrails

Glass, railings or solid panel infills

Optional intermediate rails giving greater design variations.

Fixing methods – direct to top or side of slab, or through complex roof build up.

Variable post centres up to 1500 mm in standard configuration

Vision2Installation is simple, with the system pre-fabricated off-site, using a patented assembly system and a custom delivery, ready for direct installation.  The system may be post glazed, reducing transport and site movement damage and delivered with concise layout details to assist an easy, trouble free installation.

More details on any of the products, in our Panorama and Barrial edge protection ranges can be found at, or email to


Creating safe spaces at speed, with PATTRESS PLUS

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The UK construction industry has some ground to cover after its two-month hiatus this year during the Covid-19 crisis. This is especially the case for hospitals, offices, gyms and many other public buildings that are now having to remodel interiors to ensure safety in the new age of social distancing.

The efficacy of the bathroom cubicle, for example, is in dispute. Instead of a long line of cubicles and an even longer queue, workplaces and public use buildings may well move toward individual bathrooms with separate hand washing facilities, to allow for more space in between people waiting and far fewer unwashed hands on cubicle doors.

Accomplishing this ahead of our full emergence into the outside world will mean partitioning current multi-use bathrooms in record time and ensuring new fixtures and fittings are properly secured. The challenge is also to ensure installers, such as dryliners, can easily socially distance while working too.

As doubling the contractor workforce is out of the question, then, the solution rests on the building products and manufactures to help solve the challenges of this new world.

Historically responsible for allowing dryliners to finish installations days in advance, PATTRESS PLUS, the pre-rebated, pre-sized pattressing panel from MEDITE SMARTPLY, is developed to rise to any challenge, and is recognised as a suitable alternative to plywood.

DRYBACKER 1Dryliners can save valuable minutes on each panel installed as no cutting or rebating is needed on site: the precisely positioned, continuous recess along one side is designed to accommodate ‘C’ studs easily and securely.

As well as speed, this effect of this is a massive reduction in use of power tools, unnecessary dust and excessive noise generation.

Panels are provided ready to use in thicknesses of 15mm or 18mm, widths of 397mm or 597mm (to perfectly fit 400mm and 600mm stud centres), and lengths of 1250mm or 2397mm, corresponding with leading plasterboard partition specifications. This is in line with FIS safety task guidelines and make PATTRESS PLUS a safe one-man lift, enabling dryliners to work alone when necessary.

Importantly, speed comes with no sacrifice of loadbearing ability. Meeting the severe duty rating, PATTRESS PLUS is tested to BS 5234-2, demonstrating a pull-out working load of 150kg and heavyweight anchorage of 250kg. Anything from large mirrors, basins, cupboards (whatever their contents might be) and toilets (and whatever extra weight is applied to them) will be safe.

Finally, PATTRESS PLUS doesn’t add to the thickness of the finished partition wall. It can even provide a robust structure suitable for use in public access areas, including corridors and stairwells, contributing to higher levels of impact-resistance.

While construction is certainly not the only industry that must adapt to accommodate a new era, it is becoming clear that it must be one of the first. In light of this, innovation in building products that make adapting easier and more efficient, for the safety of all involved, are all the more important. Let’s do the right thing, together.



HEWI Paper towel dispensers

Hygiene in the washroom

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S_900_1Hygiene is becoming increasingly important in washrooms. Especially in heavily frequented sanitary rooms of public buildings, hygiene requirements are increasing to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The new HEWI dispenser systems for public and semi-public areas not only meet the highest standards of design and functionality. HEWI solutions in the sanitary area also enable hygiene to be increased.


S_900_2With waste containers, hygiene combinations and dispenser systems in various sizes, HEWI enables a consistent, functional range. With different materials and surfaces, HEWI offers design options for architects and planners.

HEWI’s range of dispenser systems includes designs in polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, models with powder coating in black, grey tones and white as well as stainless steel variants.

A choice of electronically controlled soap and disinfectant dispensers as well as paper towel dispensers offers a plus in hygiene. The Sensoric versions allow the dispenser products to be used without contact and hygienically.


S-900-paper-towel-dispenserHEWI paper towel dispensers increase hygiene in washrooms in offices, educational establishments or public areas in hotels.

A comprehensive study by scientists at the University of Westminster shows that replacing hand drying fans with paper towel dispensers significantly improves hygiene in washrooms.

The study shows that the use of paper towel dispensers leads to a significant reduction in the bacterial and viral load in sanitary rooms compared to warm air dryers and jet air dryers.

The results of the study in detail can be found here


Guidance and advice on changing lift use

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Modern passenger or cargo elevators, lifts with closed, opened and half closed, metallic cabins doors, floor indicators digits and glossy flooring in empty corridor 3d realistic vector illustration

In critical settings like hospitals as well as warehouses, supermarkets, lifts have provided vital support for the movement of people and goods and continue to do so. But elsewhere as companies have had to close doors temporarily… perhaps a longer time than we all hoped for and it’s impacted these buildings.

LOLER thorough examinations, scheduled lift maintenance visits, inactive lifting equipment; lockdown has impacted the basic operation and functions of a lift right across the UK.

With changing guidelines on lockdown, the need to adapt has continued. For the lift industry and lift owners, it’s meant new health and safety requirements regarding the use of lifting equipment.

That’s why we’ve compiled a series of blogs that follows the latest guidance. From escalator & lift cleaning; lift use during social distancing; FAQs – guidance for lift owners during Covid-19 lockdown; preparing your lift for reopening, we’ve covered most COVID related topics.

  • Advice on Leaving Your Lift Inactive – for safe lift travels, as more people are returning to new work normality, checking your “forgotten” and inactive lifting equipment is crucial.

We’ve also been busy innovating and have a range of solutions to help you effectively revitalise your lifting equipment as well as eliminate the spread of covid-19.

It’s business as usual at Stannah, we’ve updated all our practices and taking extra care, supporting our customers wherever and whenever we’re needed.

So if you need help with a lift, we’re ready, simply get in touch.

Hauraton hydraulic design software

New Hydraulic DesignSoftware for HAURATON Surface Drainage Systems

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H_RF PRO_Screen (6.20)5HAURATON’s new web-based application ‘DesignSoftware’ provides construction industry professionals with quick, simple hydraulic analysis, channel sizing, project design and product specification for the company’s range of surface drainage systems (for landscape, commercial and civils projects) whilst working on their own desk-top computers, laptops and tablets.


H_RF HICAP_Screen (6.20)2Immediate access for registration and use of this new hydraulic design software is achieved through the link:

User-friendly and free-of-charge, HAURATON ‘DesignSoftware’ provides engineers with the flexibility to create their own drainage designs and project specifications, with just three clicks to a hydraulic calculation.


H_FF SUPER_Screen (6.20)HAURATON has used their ‘in-house’ hydraulic design software to create project designs for over 30 years with total reliability.

In addition to this new software application, HAURATON offers a comprehensive design service, which is also free of charge.

Further information is available on or by phoning 01582 501380.






Toupret Joint & Skim

Don’t skim over the quality

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TOUPRET_J&S FGPJP20GBToupret’s ready-to-use JOINT & SKIM dispels the myth that you can’t have quality and convenience at the same time. This professional advanced pre-mixed filler from the brand’s JOINT, SKIM & FILL range provides better results, fast, for plasterboard jointing and large surface skimming projects, meaning excellent results with enhanced productivity are possible.

Honed by the brand’s 80 years of experience in the construction and decorating industries, JOINT & SKIM is formulated to perform to the highest standards. This ensures a superb quality finish that will not flash or grin, meaning it can be overcoated without a mist coat or spot priming. The ready-made mix will also adhere to painted or unpainted surfaces, including masonry, cement or stone, making it a versatile solution for most projects.

Jointing action shotJOINT & SKIM will only need a single coat for most jobs and creates an exceptionally smooth finish. It can be applied up to a depth of 5mm and is also designed for spray applications with airless machines over larger areas* in addition to manual applications. This makes JOINT & SKIM the ideal product for working across the largest of construction and development projects, as well as maintenance and repair.

Versatile, ready-to-use JOINT & SKIM is easy to sand to the highest-quality of finishes and complies with all key building regulations, including BS EN 13963 for jointing. It comes in a convenient 20kg bucket.

enduit tout pret mars 2015 © Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

In fact, all jointing products in the Toupret JOINT, SKIM & FILL range are CE approved for jointing, and it includes a quick-drying product that you can paint over just three hours after application. This sits alongside a range of PATCH & REPAIR fillers that are excellent for snagging. The whole Toupret range benefits from the brand’s vast experience, including that of its Field Specialists, who work with architects, specifiers and end-users in the field.

Toupret is constantly working to ensure that its product range offers professionals simply better fillers across the board, with a commitment to providing a great finish that provides the industry with a constant stream of happy end-customers.


Logo TOUPRET Quadri_ signature_NLJOINT & SKIM, along with the whole Toupret range, is widely available from leading building and decorators’ merchants across the UK. For more information on the full Toupret product range, visit the website.

* Minimum airless machine flow rate = 5L-per-minute. Remove gun filters before spraying. Recommended nozzle = 3.31mm to 6.35mm.


Eurocell: Designed to support you today, tomorrow and in the future

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Sites are slowly reopening and despite the fact that the sector will face a subdued second half of 2020, construction firms and housebuilders will be attempting to catch up over the next couple of years. While housebuilders will be spending the next few months completing existing sites, forecasters are reporting that the real test for firms will be beyond the next three months.

04 Brand Newsletter Images_LocalNationallyWith tough times ahead for the market, we know that we’re all in this together and need to work as one to get through it. Which is why at Eurocell we’ve put in place robust processes to ensure you can access the services and support to keep you going through these times. From 11th May our central operations and branches will be re-opening, so you’re able to get hold of all of the products and services you need to get back to work.

As we manufacture, distribute and recycle our own products, we don’t depend on long supply chains with weak links. Our self-sufficiency means that we’re able to provide a continuity of supply you can rely on – regardless of whatever else may be closing or changing.  By combining central operations with a network of local branches, we’ve remained a fast, streamlined supplier with control over our own destiny, so you can trust us to deliver what you need, when you need it. And with market consolidation inevitable, you can rest assured that Eurocell has the financial strength and stability to ride out any difficulties and maintain a consistent quality supply to our customers.

Investing today for a better tomorrow

Tough times mean more pressure on budgets. We can offer you a wide range of high-quality products that not only have better energy performance and sustainability credentials than rival materials, but also come at lower-costs, with no compromise on aesthetics.

02 Brand Newsletter Images_Products_1We’re continuing to invest in new products to ensure that you have a wide selection of solutions that raise standards and choice. Latest highlights include: our new Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)

solutions, a window frame system that automatically opens in the event of a fire and our Logik S flush sash windows, which provide premium aesthetics at affordable costs. Eurocell offers the leading range of PVC-U lifestyle doors – including our all-new Syncro patio doors with soft close and all-grey profile colour options. We’ve moved PVC-U French door aesthetics forward significantly with our fantastic looking brand-new Aspect flush sash collection, as well as improving our successful Aspect bi-fold doors and Studioglide high performance aluminium bi-fold doors.

As a key macro environmental issue, sustainability will remain important in the ‘new normal’.   Eurocell manufactured products contain an average of around 50% post-consumer recycled materials and are made & recycled in the UK, meaning that they have the smallest carbon footprint possible. What’s more, we provide a waste windows and doors collection and recycling service for refurbishment projects – meaning you can clear your waste, while at the same time do right by our planet, your customers and your stakeholders.

Solutions engineered for value

03 Brand Newsletter Images_StrengthAs always, our team of expert technical engineers in our dedicated new build and commercial teams are on hand to provide you with the products you really need. We can take initial specifications and analyse and value engineer them to provide the best value project solutions. In many cases we can achieve comparable or better technical performance at lower cost.  Most products can be supplied in a few weeks rather than months and, as our systems are fully accredited, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive quality products, consistently.

You can trust that Eurocell will be here for you today, tomorrow and well into the future, to support you and your organisation. If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it’s that we’re all together better. For more information, visit:

EJOT self drilling screws

EJOT fasteners secure clean, green future for Kärcher UK

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A new 300kW solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system which will provide clean energy to power the UK headquarters of Kärcher has been installed by Solar Perfect using high performance EJOT fasteners.


Nearly 1,000 solar modules from global energy solutions provider Q CELLS make up the PV system, which will provide Kärcher with 44 per cent of the annual electricity requirement at its Banbury site. It forms an array that will mitigate the effects of 3.19 tonnes of CO2 annually, and deliver enough solar electricity each year to meet the needs of 120 local households.

Over the next 25 years, this clean energy system is set to deliver significant energy and carbon savings for the market-leading high-pressure cleaning equipment manufacturer, which has made a commitment to help preserve the world’s natural resources across every element of its business operations.

Solar Perfect was consulted on the initial proposal and subsequently appointed to provide a complete design, manufacture and installation package. Working closely with Q CELLS, Solar Perfect managed the installation stage in just seven days with minimal on-site disruption and scheduling of deliveries to work around the limited availability of on-site storage space.

EJOFAST-Line-UpA team of five installers were tasked to fit 967 Q.PEAK-G4.4 310 Wp solar modules using 12,000 EJOT self-drilling screws. The EJOFAST® JF3-2-5.5 precision engineered fasteners used here are ideally suited to the attachment of solar PV rooftop systems, given their manufacture in A2 (grade 304) stainless steel to provide reliable long-term resistance to corrosion, excellent pull-out values and innovative drill point geometry to enable safe and efficient installation.

The new solar PV system installation also marks a second important contribution from the EJOT brand to the success of the Kärcher UK site. When the facility was built in 2016, a range of EJOT roofing and cladding fasteners were specified to ensure the building envelope was created to a high standard, and four years on these fixings are fully delivering on their promise.


Cathal Murphy, Managing Director at Solar Perfect said: “The Kärcher UK HQ project was a tremendous scheme to be involved with and one that perfectly demonstrates the long-term benefits of solar PV systems for the commercial and industrial sectors. Given this, it was vitally important that the fasteners we used to secure the modules to the roof structure could be relied upon for the whole design life, which is why we chose EJOT.

“EJOT continue to be a fantastic supplier of quality fixings. Kevin Rackley, in particular, is a great source of knowledge and always has a solution to our fixing requirements.”

The EJOFAST® JF3-2-5.5 self-drilling screws used for the Kärcher UK project are part of a wide range of solutions from EJOT to cater for every building envelope requirement. This includes a dedicated range of fixings for solar systems, roofing and cladding fasteners with coloured heads to meet aesthetic goals and specialist rainscreen fixings.

The green energy solution for Kärcher at Banbury was delivered via an innovative funding model – a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – arranged by renewable energy asset manager, Zestec, and their financing partner NextEnergy Solar Fund (NESF).

This supports UK businesses to adopt and embrace roof-mounted solar energy generation by enabling so-called ‘ host’ properties to benefit from immediate electricity and carbon reductions, with no capital outlay, in return for use of the airspace above the roof over a defined period. It is designed to be a hassle-free model from the client’s perspective as it puts responsibility for the installation and long-term maintenance in the hands of PV technology specialists.

Find out more about the range of EJOT fastener solutions at or call 01977 687040.

Profab Access' 4000 Series Riser Doors

Take a proactive approach to fire safety with Profab Access

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At the forefront of industry developments, Profab Access’ 4000 Series riser doors are CERTIFIRE fire tested from both sides to two hours, providing architects with the highest standards in fire safety.

100 CheapsideSuperseding latest legal requirements, it is the only riser door in the UK to be independently bi-directionally fire tested by an accredited third party.

Following the Hackitt Review and amendments to Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety) after the Grenfell Fire tragedy, Profab Access felt it had a responsibility as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of vertical access panels, riser doors and steel doors to improve the fire safety of its products, going above and beyond both industry standards and regulations.

This led to the launch of its bi-directional fire tested 4000 Series riser doors, single and double doors on both sides, which have a two-hour CERTIFIRE independent third party certification from Warrington Fire.

Fire testing from both sidesProfab Access has also extended its commitment to bi-directional fire testing across its product portfolio. Its 1000 Series access panels are now certified on both sides up to one hour, while its 1500 Series, single and double doors, are also certified on both sides for up to two hours. This provides architects with a full suite of access products that offer unrivalled levels of fire safety.

The 4000 Series riser doors are suitable for installation in a breadth of commercial and residential applications, providing architects with a higher performing fire alternative to traditional timber riser doors. By being bi-directionally fire tested, the 4000 Series riser doors offer professionals the greatest peace of mind available on the UK market with regard to fire safety.

Manufactured to IS09001:2015 and ISO4001:2015, the 4000 Series offers architects and specifiers first class product quality and safety, without comprising on aesthetics. Providing a superior offering when compared to competitor products, the riser doors are 35dB acoustic rated, smoke sealed and air tight to Part L.

The range provides clean and concealed maintenance-free access that is easy to install and is available in a range of single, double and multi-leaf configurations. Supporting sustainable construction, its concealed riser doors are also fully recyclable at the end of life.

Ludgate London_1Leading the field in accreditation, the portfolio of aesthetically discreet and streamlined doors is available in a wide range of lock and frame options, with a bespoke design service to provide access requirements that meet each project’s unique requests. Security is also a leading factor in the riser doors’ design, with multi-point locking provided as standard to prevent unauthorised access.

In the event of a fire, the riser doors will maintain their frame and integrity for up to two hours, limiting the spread of fire and transmission of radiant heat for this period of time. The doors are also equipped with an intumescent smoke seal. This enables occupants to safely exit the building, whilst also minimising potential damage to the rest of the building.

The 4000 Series riser doors are supplied with impressive lead times throughout the UK and are supported by a wide range of BIM Level 2 and CAD files, to aid the specification process and streamline the initial design stages.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of access panels, riser doors and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 719051or visit


Luxury housing at Westward Ho! SAS ProWall cladding system

Rendered cladding that is durable, attractive and fire-safe: the ProWall system

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The ProWall cladding system comprises of high-performing products that create a seamless, highly-waterproof rendered finish for both timber frame and steel frame buildings.

New rendered timber frame housing

Luxury housing at Westward Ho!

Luxury housing at Westward Ho!

ProWall rendered cladding is ideal for use on new timber frame housing, creating modern sharp lines alongside metal, glass or natural wood finishes. The system uses specific beading that protects the render board edge and render, creates drip detailing, and ventilation under the soffits and at the base. ProWall has been used in luxury housing developments in Northam and Westward Ho! providing a premium rendered finish.

Safe cladding at over 18 metres

Rhyl Travelodge

Rhyl Travelodge

When used on steel frame, ProWall meets the new regulations and can be used at over 18 metres as the system is classified as A2-s1,d0 ‘reaction to fire’. Fully compliant with the new regulations, ProWall contains demonstrable barrier fire seals within the cladding that have been fire tested to 99 minutes integrity. Additionally, it has been awarded a 60-year certificate of durability from the BBA (an independent regulation body). The ProBoard render boards do not contain magnesium oxide so comply with current LABC and NHBC regulation.

Developers of the new Rhyl Travelodge chose ProWall to protect the hotel from coastal exposure, taking advantage of a custom-coloured rendered finish to match the chain’s branding. ProWall can provide a reassuringly different look to the building if used to replace unsafe cladding, with an attractive rendered finish available in a wide range of colours.

Renovation and repair  

Rendered replacement cladding is a great choice to update failed render on older buildings or homes. ProWall can cover a range of different substrates and uneven surfaces replacing them with a durable, highly waterproof rendered finish. Existing render may have failed due to the wrong products having been used or poorly applied, leading to water ingress and cracking. When existing render containing metal meshing or a sand and cement mix has failed due to weather exposure, ProWall is a great choice.

Reliable render cladding

Hornsea Leisure Centre in progress

Hornsea Leisure Centre in progress

The cladding system comprises of high-performing products fitted by trained applicators with a staged sign-off, providing a solution for timber frame housing and steel frame buildings up to and over 18 metres.

Rob Johnson, Technical Consultant at SAS Europe said “We provide training for applicators at our Training College, with hands-on day courses and testing to ensure ProWall is installed to a high standard. We have also developed a programme of CPD seminars for architects and designers, taking time to explain considerations for cladding, safety, and durability.”

SAS Europe have been developing high quality external render products for more than 20 years. In 2005 SAS launched their own rendered solution for timber and steel frame buildings; this combination of products, techniques and installation data is the ProWall system. The system is suitable for new and remedial build project large or small. Contact us to discuss compliant cladding ProWall with our technical team today.