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Geotechnical Engineering Webinars with our experts in 2021

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Our technical specialists will be presenting live webinars throughout the year. 

Join them to learn and gain a CPD certificate

PrintThroughout this year Maccaferri will be conducting live technical webinars on specific topics. Each one will be 45 minutes of concentrated learning and you’ll be able to ask questions and you will gain a CPD certificate.

The topics for 2021 are as follows – (a link for each webinar will be available nearer to the time of the webinar)

Fri March 12th – More resilient infrastructure: Pavement improvement and ground stabilisation – Mike Horton (Technical Manager & geotechnical specialist)

Fri April 23rd – Cost effective and green reinforced soil slopes – Blake Williamson (Area Engineer)

Fri 28th May – Design of reinforced soil slopes and walls using MacSTARS software – Aaron Laing (Contracts Engineer)

Fri 18th June – Overcoming soft soils in infrastructure; Basal reinforcement and embankment stabilisation – Scott Harvey (UK & Ireland Sales manager)

Fri 16th July – Natural hazard mitigation for infrastructure – Dr David Cheer (Rockfall and slope protection specialist)

Mon 16th August – Cost effective and resilient infrastructure; Retaining walls, embankments and cuttings – Craig Burrows (Technical engineer)

Thurs 16th Sept – Design of rockfall protection and slope stabilisation measures using MacRO software – Dr David Cheer (Rockfall and slope protection specialist)

Fri 15th Oct – Greener construction: Erosion protection and river bank works – Pete Richardson (Area Engineer)

Wed 17th Nov – Greener construction; Introduction to geosynthetics and their uses – Scott Harvey (UK & Ireland Sales Manager)

Fri 10th Dec – Reinforcement or Stabilisation? The different uses for geogrids and geocomposites in construction – Nathan Jackson (Area Engineer)

If you would like to arrange a specific webinar exclusively for your own company, please contact us here. We can host a webinar on the topic of your choice.

All these webinars will be advertised well before they are due in order that you can register your attendance. 

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our free, live webinars

Maccaferri Ltd

Schöck Isokorb T type S structural thermal break

Unrivalled performance from Schöck modular connectivity solution

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EP 5 HRThe £2.3 billion Elephant Park regeneration project in the Elephant & Castle area of London  aims to create one of the most sustainable inner-city areas in Europe. There  are five phases, the third of which is currently live with eleven buildings divided into two plots – Park Central (North) and East Grove – providing 829 homes in total. Brick-finished midrise blocks to 11 and 12-storeys feature throughout and there are two main towers, one at 24-storey, the other 25-storey. Construction of the towers uses around 19,000 m2 of aluminium unitised façade panels supplied by FKN and Lindner, delivered complete with integrated sliding doors and openings ready for ventilation devices. There are hundreds of cantilever steel balconies throughout the project too, also pre-fabricated (including flooring and glazed balustrades) and supplied by Dearneside Fabrications Ltd.

Avoidance of  thermal bridging is critical

EP 6 HRWith steel having such high conductivity, the avoidance of  thermal bridging is critical throughout. Local heat loss is a major factor, resulting in more energy being required to maintain the building’s internal temperature. Also, low internal surface temperatures local to any thermal bridge can cause condensation, which is likely to result in structural integrity problems with absorbent materials.  Mould growth too is a possible risk and can cause asthma and allergies. The thermal performance at the connectivity points involving the balconies and the commercial façades therefore needed careful consideration. The Schöck Isokorb is universally recognised for its performance capability with balcony design detailing – but is less widely known for its ability to dramatically improve thermal performance involving façade engineering. On this project,  as the thermal zone sits outside the slab zone, the Schöck Isokorb T type S offers the ideal solution to both situations.

Unique and versatile

Type SThe versatile Schöck Isokorb T type S structural thermal break is the ideal connectivity solution for steel-to-steel applications. There are two variants, the T type S-N for tensile force and the T type S-V for transferring compression and shear forces. It is the only approved thermal break product that satisfies the load-bearing and thermal insulation requirements for steel design. Also, being a modular unit, it can be adapted to all profile sizes and load bearing capacity requirements – plus it can be used in both new construction and renovation projects.

Totally verifiable performance

In addition to steel-to-steel, the comprehensive Isokorb range also offers solutions for concrete-to-steel,  concrete-to-concrete – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. Products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations, have NHBC approval, offer LABC Registration and the security of independent BBA Certification. The requirement that the temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI) must be greater than, or equal to, 0.75 for residential buildings is also easily met by incorporating the Isokorb.

Contact Schöck on 01865 290 890; or visit the website at for full details of the Isokorb T type S and all other Isokorb solutions


Timeguard Valiance brings SRCD protection up to standard?

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Timeguard’s Valiance+ range of RCD-protected switched sockets and fused spurs guarantees compliance with the latest safety standards for improved safety and long-term reliability.

RCD10WPVN_CatalogTimeguard has a history of firsts in RCD protection. For instance, it was the first UK manufacturer to market revolutionary compact single gang RCD switched sockets, a testament to the great engineering skills of the Timeguard R&D team, and part of a comprehensive range that includes single gang and dual-gang sockets, metal or plastic casing, active or passive switching. Now, the Valiance + RCD range puts the icing on the cake with compliance to the latest BS7288:2016 regulations for dual-flag (red AND green) notification of switching status. They also look good enough for any customers’ premises and, as usual, the Timeguard illustrated box packaging carries all the images and key information your customers need to choose the right model.

The standard

The Valiance+ range is fully compliant with BS 7288:2016: Specification for residual current devices with or without overcurrent protection for socket-outlets for household and similar uses. Timeguard was the first company to achieve this ‘pass’ with UK approved certification to the new BS7288:2016 standard, at the beginning of 2019.

RCD06WPVN_CatalogThe main visible sign to look out for to know that a device is compliant is that there is now a dual-flag indication system to show whether the power is live RED – ON, or Green – OFF when the RCD is tripped. This ingenious mechanical indication system is designed to last for many-many years rather than using LED’s that have a limited life expectancy.

However, ‘under the bonnet’, other changes add up to even greater reassurance for users. They mostly relate to EMC resilience, with more stringent testing to ensure products can withstand years of use and electrical or physical abuse and RF interference.

It’s important to note that the new BS7288:2016 standard calls for an SRCD socket or spur unit to be built and to pass much higher levels of testing and performance than products built to the older BS7288:2009 standard. Also introduced for the first time in the new standard is “Type classification”, this being simply a way of indicating an RCD’s detection characteristics in-line with general RCD’s, with all Timeguard SRCD products achieving rating certification for both Type A (for single phase DC loads up to 6MA including vehicle charging) and Type AC  (for AC sinusoidal waves only).

The range

The new and stylish Timeguard Valiance+ range offers a complete range of 1 gang and 2 gang RCD switched sockets, white or metal-clad as well as a choice of RCD switched fused spurs. The Timeguard sockets are hugely popular with installers because they are specifically designed to directly retro-fit in to a 25mm deep recessed box and replace standard wiring accessories.

Active and passive options are offered so installers can decide whether the power is automatically restored to the device when the power supply returns to normal, as in the ‘Active’ version, (essential for products such as freezers etc), or if it remains isolated until manually reset, as in the ‘Passive’ version, (essential for products such as hedge trimmers, power tools, etc) with exposed moving parts where an unexpected restart would be a danger to the user.

Why bother with RCD sockets?

RCD04MPVN_CatalogAn RCD wiring accessory or residual current device is a life-saving device, designed to provide added protection for people against the risks of electrocution and fire that ordinary sockets cannot provide. If, for instance, someone cuts through a cable or touches a faulty appliance indoors, RCDs specifically detect earth leakage and trip in milliseconds.

A miniature circuit breaker (mcb) at the consumer board is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. It makes sense to have both in many applications throughout the home and workplace, and certainly for any socket or spur that might be used to supply power for outdoor use.

Just make sure the RCD sockets you choose meet the latest safety standards, are designed to guaranteed quality standards and look good for installation anywhere in the home or workplace.  That means Timeguard Valiance+.



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Addington-21-EditedLeading brick slip cladding specialist, Eurobrick, has been supplying its systems to the education sector for 30 years and, more recently, with offsite construction specialist Reds10 to supply two new school projects in Reading; Green Park Village Primary Academy and Addington School.

Green Park Village Primary Academy is a new two-storey primary school that is situated within a new housing development of 1400 homes. Designed and built using a steel framed volumetric modular design, the 2,400m2school project also benefits from SMART building technology to create an energy efficient space.

Eurobrick’s P-Clad system was chosen as part of a number of finishes for the exterior, with around 1200m2 installed with specially cut 22mm thick Vandersanden Corum brick slips and corners and Eurobrick’s specially formulated Europoint mortar in Light Sandstone.

The development was shortlisted for two categories at the Offsite Awards and one at the Building Awards 2020.

2.Eurobrick_Green_Park_Village_School_02_LRAddington School is for young people with special educational needs and disabilities. They needed to expand capacity due to an increase in applications, so Wokingham Borough Council embarked on a project to create a new space for Sixth Form pupils which would allow an additional 50 places at the school.

This 1000m2 steel framed volumetric modular design was created by HLM Architects and delivered by Reds10. Around 512m2 of P-Clad was installed with specially cut 22mm Olivier Karma White Grey stock brick slips and finished with Light Grey Europoint mortar. Whole bricks were also supplied for landscaping works.

The school won the School Procurement Awards and the Education Business Awards 2020.

1.Eurobrick_Green_Park_Village_School_03_LRP-Clad has proved very popular in the education sector with schools and universities alike. It is specially designed so that it can be fixed directly to steel frame structures as well as other batten or bracket systems, and is ideal for providing a brick finish rainscreen on prefabricated structures. As well as being extensively tested to achieve BBA certification, P-Clad is LABC registered and comes with Eurobrick’s own 25 year product guarantee.

These eye-catching buildings provide essential spaces for education that are sustainable and innovative in their design and delivery and show the quality and versatility that modular construction can offer.

You can find out more about Eurobrick’s systems and products at


Crittall Windows

Converted Cotton Mill

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After purchasing an existing office building within an old Cotton Mill in the heart of one of Manchester, the clients of this stunning project made the decision to convert the existing offices into a modern apartment.

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 20.00.42 copy Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 20.00.29 copy

One of the challenges of the project was making the basement a usable and welcoming space. The existing rooms were dark and did not benefit from the transmission of natural light due to lack of windows.  The clients made the decision to contact their local Crittall Specialist Partner, who handle local home owner projects from initial enquiry to completion, after in depth web research.

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 20.01.17 copy Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 20.01.25 copy

Crittall offered the opportunity to create a vast transmission of light throughout the the ground floor by glass screens to each of the bedrooms to allow the light to flow.

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 20.01.06 copyThe use of Crittall Innervision screens was the perfect choice, the steel Crittall screens can be used in place of a wall whilst still complying with building regulations.

The sleek black frame gives a nod to the industrial heritage of the original cotton mill and tie in well with the cast iron columns running through the building.

The architectural aesthetic created by the use of the Crittall screens gives the home an industrial and modernist feel , whilst maintaining the original character of the building.

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 20.01.33 copyHaving a staircase manufactured locally in a similar design to the glass screens as well as adding a further Crittall partition to the main floor of the apartment tied the idea of a fully glazed look throughout the house and further allowed light to flow through.

The result is a bright open space that is perfect for modern city living, whilst still maintaining the original historic feel of the building.

Coo-Var Suredeck®

Springing into summer with Suredeck®

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Coo-Var has outside decking areas covered this year, introducing our latest product Suredeck® Anti Slip Decking Protector.

‘’Ours customers have always asked for a decking paint suitable for tanalised wood and decking.  Following thorough research and development, we are pleased to announce our new product Suredeck® will be available in time for Spring’’ says Danielle Dutton, Marketing Manager for Teal & Mackrill.

Suredeck LogoDecking is renowned for being slippery when wet, Suredeck® can eliminate this problem with just 2 coats. Suredeck® offers a high-quality clear water-based UV resistant coating. For outside decking areas, tanalised wood, soft woods, oaks and pine where an anti-slip finish is required. Slippiness usually occurs when untreated decking gets aged and damp. Suredeck® has a PTV value of <35 making it a low slip risk to walk on in wet & dry conditions. Suredeck® also brings out the natural wood effect and leaves a low sheen.

Coo-Var products are recognised for their quality and Suredeck® will be a perfect addition to spruce up the garden this year in time for summer.

Features of Surededeck® include:

  • UV & Water resistant
  • Suitable for tanalised wood
  • Fast drying
  • Water Based
  • Reduces fading
  • Maintains the natural appearance of the wood
  • Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L

Coo-Var has been partnering with our customers for more than a hundred years and the result is a range of exceptional, problem-solving products – including their enduring, well-known floor paints – along with outstanding training and technical help.

For more information or technical advice on Suredeck® please contact the Technical hotline on 01482 328053 or email

To download more information or chat to us online, visit the Coo-Var Website at

Follow us on twitter, Facebook & Instagram for regular updates.


Portland Stone Firms Coombefield quarry

Mining natural Portland stone in Coombefield quarry now fully underway for Portland Stone Firms.

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Coombefield quarry aerialPortland Stone Firms, a supplier of the iconic British Portland Limestone located in Dorset on the world-famous Jurassic coastline, has established a new mine in its Coombefield Quarry.

With the mine having commenced initial operations in late 2020, a further 12 years of supply is available for the stone industry with over 450m3 of block stocks readily available.


Masonry 2Adorning some of the world’s best examples of masonry, the material is long synonymous with Architects and specifiers for prestigious projects such as Paternoster Square (adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral in London) and is much sought after both domestically and abroad.

Coombefield Mine complements and strengthens the company’s existing operations in Perryfield Mine and further open cast quarrying in Broadcroft Quarry. Examples of which can be found on award-winning projects such as 60 Holborn Viaduct (London).

Coombefield Mine InternalThe addition of Coombefield Mine adds a further option to our stone range that provides the industry’s restoration teams with greater certainty when matching existing works and allows commercial/private projects to benefit from a wider aesthetic choice for finished masonry (a service also provided by Portland Stone Firms).


Epic Insulation

Profoil™ XTRA – Grooved & Foiled Floating Floor Panels

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Profoil XTRA – Grooved & Foiled Floating Floor Panels

Picture 2

Concrete Floors

Picture 1

Suspended Timber Floors








100 micron aluminium foil fully foiled into the main pipe grooves*


*maximum contact between the aluminium foil (the heat diffusion device) and the
underfloor heating pipes is an important parameter in optimising the thermal output
of a warm-water underfloor heating system (reference to BS EN 1264 Part 2 : 2008)


Made  FOR  Professionals 

Trusted  BY  Professionals

                                                                                            Heat Output at 50°C MWT*                


Profoil™ XTRA                                                                            80 W/m²
100 micron foil INTO the main grooves                                      


Profoil™                                                                                         67 W/m²
45 micron foil INTO the main grooves                                                                                   


                                                                                          Heat Output at 40°C MWT*


Profoil™ XTRA                                                                            55 W/m²
100 micron foil INTO the main grooves                                                                                


Profoil™                                                                                         44 W/m²
45 micron foil INTO the main grooves      


*Independent test results: 50°C & 40°C Mean Water Temperature (MWT), 16mm O.D. pipe @ 150mm centres + 15mm engineered wood


Profoil™ XTRA

100 micron foil INTO the main grooves

  • all grades of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS)
  • panel thicknesses from 18mm to 150mm
  • pipe diameters from 10mm to 20mm
  • pipe centres from 50mm to 300mm
  • also available for between joists or between battens



Epic Insulation Ltd
Unit 3, Woodcock Hill Estate, Harefield Road
Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 1PQ
Tel: 01923 725180

National Domelight Company

Custom-made rooflights for custom-builds.

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MASTER Sliding glass rooflight for access StarglazeEvery build project is unique. Tricky refurbishment job with exacting measurements? Need an innovative design with extra wow factor?

NDC supplies custom-made rooflights that are carefully tailored to meet your unique brief.

Do I need a standard or bespoke rooflight?

Standard units are perfect for many projects, but here are some considerations to see if a bespoke solution would work best for you…


MASTER Oct Castle Bar SchoolAre you replacing a rooflight manufactured in imperial measurements? It may not be possible to find an exact metric conversion. A bespoke solution can help save costly additional modifications to the building’s design.

Or, does the style of the building necessitate an eye-catching design? Would a non-standard solution give the property the exclusivity and character sought after by the architect or homeowner?


Continuously updating regulations mean a straightforward like-for-like replacement may no longer meet building regulations.

Other considerations

Custom solutions offer so much more choice – have you thought about the following options?

  • Image to accompany bullet pointsColour Coordination: Bespoke RAL colours match conservation area requirements, or allow for striking finishes that complement the design.
  • Upgraded Glass: Improve privacy, reduce glare, and combat solar gain with customised tints.
  • Energy Efficiency: Kerbs can be manufactured in various heights to accommodate the use of thicker insulation at roof level, improving the property’s EPC
  • Improved Ventilation: Rooflights with ventilation or smoke dispersal keep a property healthy and aerated, while adhering to building regulations.
  • Stay Secure:Secured By Design’ specification units available for added peace of mind.
  • Reduce Noise: Sound reduction requirements can be met with tailored solutions.
  • Weighty Decisions: Ensure your walk-on glass is suitable for its application, whether that’s domestic, commercial, or industrial.

 Think a bespoke solution is for you?

NDC’s technical team can provide the right solution for your project and advise on industry policy and regulations, so you get it right first time and on budget.

We are open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday; get in contact with our technical team:

Call: 01276 451555




A complete membrane offering for fire safety in the building envelope

A complete membrane offering for fire safety in the building envelope

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New DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR joins DuPont Tyvek® FireCurb® to create an advanced solution that exceeds regulations

airguard_a2_fr_inside_wall_picture_editedDuPont has been a pioneer in fire safety for over 50 years and introduced its Tyvek® FireCurb® breather membrane for buildings in 2013. As regulations catch up post Grenfell – and as most fires begin inside buildings – DuPont has since developed an airtight vapour control layer in its high performance AirGuard® range, to offer similarly advanced, non-toxic, fire-resistance with proven efficacy.

Now developers, designers and control officers can have confidence in a complete membrane and tape solution for durably enhanced fire safety in both the exterior and interior fabric of a building. While Tyvek® FireCurb® forms a weather-protective, vapour-open lining behind ventilated facades, new DuPont™ AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL offers energy-saving, moisture management, improved interior air quality and climatic comfort, together with its added fire-retardant function.

dupont_tyvek_firecurb_housewrap_exterior_wall_building_1440x5001Tyvek® FireCurb® utilises DuPont’s patented self-extinguishing technology. Its halogen-free coating limits the propagation of flames and the formation of droplets, while also minimising smoke. DuPont™ AirGuard® A2 FR is truly fire-retardant and independently rated as Class A2. Along with Tyvek® 2060M Metallised Tape, DuPont now offers a complete A2 classified membrane and sealing system that surpasses existing regulations.

Correct installation is crucial, nonetheless. In addition to airtightness and vapour control, properly taped systems also help to reduce smoke penetration, a primary cause of casualties in a fire. DuPont also offers comprehensive guidance and support to ensure its products perform as designed. Suitable for application in any type of building, these robust products offer not only reliable performance, easy installation and full regulatory compliance, but a vital investment in greater safety and peace of mind – both during and after installation.

For more information about DuPont™ Tyvek® and AirGuard® or technical advice, please contact the DuPont™ Tyvek® Building Knowledge Centre in Bristol, UK. Email: or telephone 0117 970 9454/9455.

For Sales enquiries, contact us by phone on 0117 970 9456 or via our website’s Contact Us page