Delta Membrane

Waterproofing: Factors to consider when choosing building materials

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There is a wide choice of structural waterproofing materials available in the market and it can be difficult to determine the best option for your project.


BBAWe understand the complexity and competitiveness of the industry and the challenges this brings for manufacturers seeking to improve margins, reduce costs and improve predictability. Whether you’re involved in the specification, procurement and/or installation, we understand the challenges you face including managing financial risks, efficient delivery, or meeting legislative or environmental requirements.

Deuxan_2C_BBA_CertificateWhen researching waterproofing materials, you will notice that the price differs widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Rule of thumb – it is not always advisable to look for the cheapest!

Choose waterproofing materials that will serve you well.  With potentially heavy consequences (from hefty fines to imprisonment) for using or specifying products in the UK that do not meet the mandatory legal requirements, it is strongly advisable to check the source of products you are planning to specify, use or install.


All manufacturers should be able to provide you with their CE Mark certification and Declarations of Performance (DoP) as a minimum.

Product Credibility

DoP-Terraxx-17-001-02-1A BBA Agrément Certificate relates to the quality and performance of a product.  Many manufacturers undertake costly and comprehensive assessments of their products, which include laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production.  If they meet these requirements, they are awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate.

CE Marking is a compulsory legal requirement.  By placing a CE mark on a product, the manufacturer is declaring, conformity with all the legal requirements needed to achieve CE marking status. The manufacturer is thus ensuring validity for that product to be sold throughout the EEA (European Economic Area).

Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation, or CPR) of the EuropeanParliament and of the EuropeanCouncil is a regulationthat lays down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products.  Regulation EU No. 305/2011 requires all Cavity Drain Membranes/Cavity Membranes hold the CE Mark and have a DoP.  Responsibility for ensuring CE Product marking lies with the EU based manufacturer, importer or distributor of that product.



Von Duprin Show the Way

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ADE-7-LOW-resRelcross have employed their problem solving experience by supplying Von Duprin 99QEL exit devices to Advanced Diesel Engineering (ADE) of South Kirkby in Yorkshire. ADE are experts in acoustic containers for generators and their products can be found in an increasing number of data centres throughout Europe. Data Centres have banks of generators on stand-by, ready to come online in seconds in the event of a power failure.  But generators, especially un-containerised diesel generators, are very loud. So loud that they present a substantial problem for anyone nearby and a large number in close proximity would be totally unbearable. A silent generator operates inside a sound proof container or generator enclosure which muffles the sound heard by workers, employees, customers and members of the public.

ADE-15-LOW-resBut like so many problem solving technologies, the solution to the main problem creates other problems to be solved along the way. One of the many that ADE have had to overcome is how to safely and securely open and close the heavily insulated steel doors that provide essential access to the generator and other equipment inside the enclosure. It’s not a problem that most people would anticipate but ordinary door hardware just would not work. The doors are too thick and, apart from access control for security, emergency exit from the enclosure must also be provided in the event of fire or other such eventuality.

Normal entry and exit is controlled by a swipe card system that disengages the door alarms while recording the details of who has entered or exited the container. A key operated lock can then be used to open the door by releasing the latch on the Von Duprin device installed on the inner surface of the door.

ADE-25-LOW-resWhen exit is required the swipe card is used in the same way before the touch bar is used to release the door latch. The Von Duprin 99 QEL features motorised latches rather than magnetic solenoids which, together with the famous Von Duprin fluid dampener that decelerates the touch bar on its return stroke, eliminates most of the noise associated with exit device operations. In the event of an emergency the touch bar can be used independently and without any delay. In such instances the alarm will also sound to alert security. As a further safety feature, the touch bar is covered with a luminous material to provide guidance to people trying to escape from the enclosure if the lighting fails or vision is inhibited by smoke. The Von Duprin 99 QEL, with so many unique features, provides the safe and secure answer in a wide range of demanding installations.

For more information call Relcross on 01380 729600, email or visit


Duravit London Clerkenwell

Duravit London is now a firm fixture in the heart of London’s design district.

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Duravit_Clerkenwell_06.18.053_smThe opening of “Duravit London” in June this year marked another milestone in the company’s history. Founded over 200 years ago in Hornberg, in the Black Forest, Duravit AG is a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms,  working with international designers, such as Philippe Starck, EOOS, Phoenix Design, sieger design, Kurt Merki Jr., Christian Werner, Matteo Thun and Cecilie Manz.

Duravit_Clerkenwell_06.18.012_smDuravit is a major player in innovative bathroom design, soLondon was chosen as a key location.  Ideally located at 34-36 Clerkenwell Road,  Duravit London,  is in the centre of one of the most important design districts for global projects and specifications.

Proving that it’s not only the new that is of interest and that Duravit products are designed to stand the test of time; classics such as ME by Starck and Cape Cod by Philippe Starck and the more recent introduction, the curvaceous Luv by Cecilie Manz are both on display in the showroom.  Since opening, both series have received great  interest from interior designers and architects alike.

Duravit_01_XSquare_with_DuraSquareOther key pieces on show include: XSquare, Duravit’s new innovative furniture collection, designed by Kurt Merki Jr. plus the new Brioso furniture series, by Christian Werner, a range that allows for an element of individual creativity by enabling a number of the handles and feet to be mixed and matched by colour or finish.

Another key activity for Duravit London is the showrooms ability to act as a professional and creative hub.   It has been designed to act as a focal point for architects, designers and building professionals working on home grown and global projects.  The showroom enables them to see the quality of Duravit’s designs in situ and ensure the correct Duravit products are specified for a wide variety of projects.

Consumers are also able to plan and discuss their requirements with a member of Duravit’s dedicated team who will be on hand to offer practical support, technical advice and specialist knowledge on choosing products for a future bathroom.

As part of the plans for 2019 both retail partners and the A & D community will be invited to training and CPD seminars, these and other activities form part of a continuous programme of professional development.

Tel: 0207 253 3559

Kee Safety KeeWalk with Guard Rail


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Kee Safety, a global supplier of fall protection equipment and safety railing systems, has expanded its range of safe access solutions for roof top walkways and stepovers with the introduction of Kee Walk® with Guardrail. A cost effective and modular approach to guardrail protection, this system provides roofers, contractors and maintenance teams with a clear demarcation route to eliminate potential fall hazards.

KeeWalk with Guard Rail 1Designed to provide a level, anti-slip walking surface on standing seam, composite panels and metal roofing, Kee Walk® with Guardrail can be easily adapted to a wide range of roof surfaces, slopes, steps, traverses and pitches up to 35⁰. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be quickly and easily set up and mounted to the roof, with no need for any on site assembly, bespoke brackets or fabrication. The guardrail – which is built from 48.3mm tubes and Kee Klamp® corrosion resistant fittings – is fixed directly to one or both sides of the walkway subframe, restricting the need for too many fixings into the roof, therefore reducing the possibility of roof leaks in the future. The walkway is available as standard in nylon or aluminium trends and supplied in pre-assembled 1.5m or 3m sections to suit the requirements of different roofs.

“A walkway with a guardrail is the preferred fall protection system as dictated in the hierarchy of control measures” comments Ben Rutter, Kee Safety Product Manager – Safe Access and NPD. “It provides the highest level of collective fall prevention for roof access and work at height. We have introduced this new walkway system to provide our customers with a collective solution that eliminates the need for personal protection equipment (PPE) or harnesses, allows multiple people at use the system at the same time, and is suited to retrofit and new build projects.”

Kee Walk® with Guardrail is CE approved and compliant with EN 516:2006 (Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing – Installations for roof access – Walkways, treads and steps). It exceeds the deflection criteria and slip resistance requirements of this standard and achieves almost double the friction requirement of BS 4592 in both wet and dry conditions, providing assurance that the treads are safe to walk on in all weather conditions. Thanks to reinforced nylon treads that are fire rated to Class HB of UL94, this roof top walkway system will have the same, if not better, fire rating than the roof itself. The guardrail complies to BS EN 14122-3, BS EN 13374 and OSHA requirements to provide customers staff and contractors with the best possible protection.

Kee Walk® with Guardrail can be used in conjunction with Kee Safety stepover platforms to provide safe access across roof mounted pipework, low level walls and other plant equipment.

Boasting almost 85 years in business, Kee Safety has the knowledge, technical excellence and awareness of regulation requirements to be able to market some of the best safety products in the industry. Despite having a large product offering already in place, Kee Safety continues to launch new solutions —Kee Walk® with Guardrail is Kee Safety’s 14th product launch in the last ten years.

For more information, visit

TBS Amwell Washroom Cubicles

TBS Fabrications and Amwell Systems join forces to provide unbeatable service to the Contract Washroom market

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TBS Fabrications and Amwell Systems have today announced that they have joined forces as TBS Amwell, a move that will prove to be great news for contractors in the UK washroom market.

Image 2TBS Fabrications is currently the UK’s largest washroom provider in the design and build market with an annual turnover of £9 million. With TBS’ heritage in the North West and with Amwell’s strong presence in the South, the combined teams are set to become the largest washroom supplier in the contractor market over the coming year.

Greg Wilson, Sales Director comments: “For us TBS Amwell is a natural partnership, both companies were leaders in their field so we are combining their strengths. We know that Contractors want good quality, excellent value products which are fit for purpose, from a supplier that they know will deliver. TBS Amwell is that company”.

image 1Sarah Gulliver, Commercial Director continues “The core value of TBS Amwell is Value Without Compromise. Ensuring that we provide Products, Services and Support all at great value. Our new combined product range is competitively priced, but always offer the highest quality product, technical service and support”.

With offices in Irlam in Manchester and Stevenage in Hertfordshire, as well as a team of national Sales Managers, TBS Amwell will cover the whole of the UK and is proud to remain a UK manufacturer. With over 80 years combined experience, TBS Amwell has a strong team of highly experienced people with a positive “can do” culture that will be reflected in the products and services offered to Contractors.

More information can be found here.

Safetell Blast resistant blinds

Blast and Manual Attack Resistant Blinds

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“there is nothing else on the explosion protection market similar to the security blind other than primary or secondary blast rated window systems, which do not have the same ability to absorb pressure as the security blind does through rapid and controlled deflection”

Simon Trundle, Managing Director, Grendon Design Agency Limited, ComBlast Explosion Trials Manager

The UK Government stated current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is “severe – an attack is highly likely”. Terroist attacks in recent years have taken many forms. The risk from an explosive device is ever present and the protection of people and property must be a key consideration.

image 1Safetell SECURABLINDS offer protection against blast from 500kg of explosive at 28m or 100kg of explosive at 25m, and enhanced protection against forced entry, and are suitable for use in new build or  refurbishment projects alike.

With the appearance of conventional office blinds, SECURABLINDS are ideal for providing protection for organisations and businesses at risk by virtue of their function, ownership, or just premise’s location. The unobtrusive appearance of SECURABLINDS mean that they can be applied, if desired, to just areas in buildings that are at higher risk or require higher protection without standing out.

image 2Usually manufactured in a clean white, in sizes to meet the project or building requirement, in either vertical or horizontal format, SECURABLINDS are also designed to function and operate as conventional blinds.

Safetell Ltd provide product, installation, project and technical support services for those designing in or considering the use of SECURABLINDS in a project, call Safetell Ltd T: 01322 22 32 33 or email for assistance.
The attached video compares the performance of filmed glass in the event of 500kg blast both with and without SECRUABLINDS; visit or call Safetell for more information.

image 3 copy


Hörmann’s newly updated Architects’ Programme

Smart Collaboration with Hörmann UK’s Architects’ Programme

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Hörmann’s newly updated Architects’ Programme provides architects with the ideal portal to initiate real-time collaboration between themselves, engineers and contractors.

K_DSP7594_XThe system enables the seamless journey of data, from the initial design stages, to the final completion of the build, involving owners, contractors and fabricators from the very beginning of the project.

The Hörmann UK Architects’ Programme is specifically designed to provide architects with the necessary data they require across its industrial, commercial and domestic product ranges which includes loading technology, fire-rated / smoke tight doors, garage doors, multipurpose doors, entrance and internal doors.

CSE9680_V051214 Project planning can be easily achieved using the modern interface, which provides faster access to tender specifications, images and drawings in both DWG and PDF formats, for more than 850 Hörmann products.

Images are available in PDF or DXF/DWG formats, with horizontal, vertical and side options, enabling architects access to a complete overview of each individual product and its corresponding materials.

Also designed for ease of use at the tender and specification stages, the Architects’ Programme provides access to a vast amount of CAD, technical drawings and BIM models, accessible at the click of a button, both online and offline. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android and can be used online via a smartphone, tablet or laptop or PC.

PlanArchitects can generate individual texts, with the convenient use of technical drawings across the Hörmann UK product range. Users enter the dimensions required, with the ability to then select optional accessories, such as high speed operation for industrial applications or insulation and finger trap protection for  the domestic installation of garage doors.

Professionals can then copy this information, along with corresponding technical drawings, images and BIM files to their computer, for seamless integration into standard architectural software, ready to be shared with contractors, owners and additional professionals within the construction process.

Offering the ability to search via product name or type, the software provides a preview text of the selected product, along with documents and information relating to each of the product’s variants including sizing, interior and exterior materials, set application, U-values and available RAL colours.

The Architects’ Programme also provides information regarding the compatibility of each product with relevant building regulations and ISO standards, including Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), whilst also outlining maximum usage cycles, specifically for industrial applications.

To access the Architects’ Programme and start collaborating smarter, visit:

Armourcoat Ltd Minster Buildings, 3 Minster Court reception areas and atrium, London. 21 March 2018

Armourcoat creates exceptional acoustics at The Minster Building

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Armourcoat surface finishes have played a central role in the comprehensive refurbishment of the iconic Minster Building in the heart of London’s business district.

Minster Buildings, 3 Minster Court reception areas and atrium, London. 21 March 2018The interior design, by architects BuckleyGrayYeoman for Ivanhoé Cambridge and its development/asset manager Greycoat Real Estate LLP, has created a major repositioning of the building built around the central eight-storey atrium. The ground floor reception is approached by a 30 metre long boulevard from the new entrance on the corner of Mincing Lane and Great Tower Street. The original entrance has also been retained to Minster Court piazza.

Measuring seven metres high and up to eight metres wide, the impressive entrance boulevard has a polished floor of terrazzo with bronze inlays, edged by dark oak. Throughout the entrance and reception spaces, the walls are hand-finished in nearly 2,000m2 of Armourcoat polished plaster together with over 600m2 of the company’s Acoustic Plaster System applied to the ceilings.

Designed to optimize the acoustics of interior spaces, the Acoustic Plaster system offers a clean and smooth mineral surface that can be applied seamlessly over large expanses to both flat and curved surfaces. Comprising of a special mineral wool composite panel that is bonded onto the substrate and finished with a seamless layer, the Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster System offers an elegant marble based plaster finish while allowing sound energy to pass through the surface. The zero VOC system, which consists of 80% recycled material, achieves class ‘0’ fire rating and a class ‘A’ Noise Reduction Coefficient rating.

Photography: © Jonathan Banks

AKW tiles and accessories

AKW Launch Tiles & Accessories Range

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image003.png@01D4867A.8E9F3E80 copyWe are proud to announce our brand-new line of Tiles & Accessories to our products for you to implement into your care bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and kitchens. Within our new range, you will find a fantastic variety of tiles, tile spacers and accessories, tile adhesive and grout which increases our already broad offering available to installers and OT’s alike for installation and specification.


image002.png@01D48679.E5E39890 copyTiles

Our bumpy white tiles are the perfect choice for any care bathroom or wet room installation, as they offer fantastic care benefits – particularly for those suffering from sight loss and/or dementia, due to the super white bumpy finish as it allows maximum colour contrast to be achieved whilst reducing glare from task lighting and windows.

Our tiles are available in three different sizes, and the ceramic material is easy to cut and install. They are also suitable for all indoor rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. If that wasn’t enough, we also provide tile maintenance advice over on the Tiles page on our website.

Tile Spacers

AKW Tile Spacers offer installers an easy opportunity to improve the look of the finished surface by keeping tiles evenly spaced and parallel for the grout to then be applied. Selecting the size of the spacers required for your specific job is personal preference. Since the spacers dictate the width of the grout lines which are a strong feature of the overall design, the three common sizes we offer will provide you with much more choice.

Adhesive & Grout

image001.png@01D48679.E5E39890 copyWhen buying your tiles from AKW, make sure you pick up our fantastic Bond it Steri-Grout for Floor and Wall Tiles and Bond it Non-Slip Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive (Supergrip) and save yourself some time and money in the process.

Bondit Steri-Grout is a specially formulated cement-based floor and wall tile grout which is recommended for bathrooms, kitchens and domestic applications. It features a versatile formulation, it’s anti-bacterial, has an impressive ease of use, a drying time of 12-24 hours, plus much more!

Bond it Non-slip Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive (Supergrip) is a ready mixed polymer based, thin-bed tile adhesive which is suitable for use with all internal wall tiles. It has excellent grip properties and is easy to apply with spreading characteristics. This adhesive removed the need to add water and mix to achieve a slump-free mortar, plus much more. We like to make the installers life as easy as possible.

Tile Accessories

Within our Tile Accessory range, we now offer Tile Edge Plastic, and Tile to Vinyl Floor Transition Strips – installing a tile edge trim is an aesthetically pleasing method used to cover exposed tile edges and installing a transition strip offers a smooth transition between tiles and flooring.

So as you can see, when it comes to bathroom and kitchen adaptations, AKW really is a single stop solution for all of your products and materials. If you would like to find out more about AKW’s brand-new range of tiles and accessories, head on over to our website or get in touch with us for a chat.

Medite Smartply MDF panels

MEDITE defining the standard of MDF

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NEW MEDITE AD CAMPAIGN JUNE18 FINAL3 send to AnneMEDITE have been helping architects and designers achieve safe, healthy environments for over 40 years. With the broadest range of specialist products available, MEDITE is the perfect partner for your next specification challenge.

MEDITE PREMIER FR (Flame Retardant) Euroclass B & C are MDF panels developed specifically for use in fire rated applications where a Euroclass B or a Euroclass C flame retardant board is required under building regulations.

MEDITE ECOLOGIQUE is an MDF panel manufactured with zero added formaldehyde. It has been developed specifically for use in environmentally sensitive interior applications, where formaldehyde emissions need to be kept to the minimum.

MEDITE MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions in accordance with MDF.H (Option 1) as defined in EN 622-5 so is ideal for applications such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, window and skirting boards and architectural mouldings.

Watch this short video to find out more –