Delta Membrane ASUC AWARD

Delta win ASUC Award for Innovation and Sustainability

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Asuc Awards 3On Friday 24 November 2017, David J. Symes and Paul Green of Delta Membrane Systems Limited had the pleasure of attending the ASUC (Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors) yearly AGM and Awards ceremony held at Cafe de Paris, London.

Simon Haslam, ASUC Chairman commenced the AGM and Awards ceremony by welcoming all.  John Patch gave the ASUC AGM update, followed by Simon updating members on another busy and full year.

ASUC AWARD (2)Guest speaker Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards thanked speaker sponsors and awards were given.

The last award of the ceremony was announced for Innovation and Sustainability, a category not usually associated with the Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors, but it was felt that Delta Membrane Systems Limited, a member of ASUC who had taken part in the ‘BRE Flood Resilient Home’ project should be recognised for their innovative work in flood remediation.

ASUC Awards DeltaWe were so surprised and absolutely delighted to be recognised and named as winners of the Innovation and Sustainability Award.  Yet another great achievement for Delta Membrane Systems Limited!

As a growing and niche business, to win the category of Innovation and Sustainability of the year is a testament of our earnest effort, not only for us as a business but a great achievement to all involved in the flood remedial and waterproofing sectors.
Asuc Awards 4This is the second award Delta Membrane Systems Limited has won this year, having won the PCA (Property Care Association) Innovation and Sustainability Award back in May.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is also in the running for the prestigious Construction News Specialist Awards for the categories of Innovation of the year (Non-Contractor) and Material Supply of the Year.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited has sought to improve the built environment through research and knowledge generation, to win this award is a great testament to our commitment and dedication.

#TeamDelta 1Christopher Burbridge, Director for Delta Membrane Systems Limited said “Receiving any kind of award is a great achievement; winning one from a great organisation such as Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors (ASUC) is an achievement we are incredibly proud of.  Very few things in life are entirely the work of just one person and this is no exception, so I must pay tribute to the enormous contributions of all Delta staff, without which none of this would have been possible.  This award is as much for #TeamDelta, as it is for me and my fellow Directors.  The award will take pride in our training suite at our head office in Epping. With so many good projects to choose from, the judges must have had an unbelievably difficult job and I’d like to thank everyone who voted for Delta Membrane Systems Limited to win”.

David J. Symes, Technical Director for Delta Membrane Limited added, “With such strong competition, I really do count myself and the Delta Team lucky to win – but win we did.  On a personal level it was a great feeling to collect the award.  Travelling home with the award in my hand was an incredibly uplifting experience. Every time I look at the award, I’m reminded of the moment of collecting it.  The future looks bright!  Well done #TeamDelta”.

Eurocell Lusso roof system

Eurocell’s Lusso adds zest to conservatory styles 

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Eurocell Lusso 4Eurocell has launched the new Lusso orangery-style roof system, which adds style and value to conservatory offerings and completes the Eurocell roof range. Comprising highline gutter and internal pelmet components, Lusso is a modern take on traditional roof design, offering an on-trend orangery effect from standard components – and without all the extra building work or added cost of structural work to ensure the conservatory can take a ‘fuller’ roof.

Eurocell Lusso 3The deep sculptured design of the highline gutter adds a touch of class and character to a ‘normal’ conservatory roof, while neatening up the drainage details, without a visible gutter and brackets running horizontally.

Not only does Lusso bear a close resemblance to the real thing, down to its deep perimeter roof and period details; but it’s also a lightweight, prefabricated system that’s quick and easy to install onto new roofs and can be retro-fitted to existing roofs. With a striking depth of up to 413mm, the Lusso pelmet provides an ‘intelligently-designed’ box section that houses up or down LED lighting in stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, black or white.

Eurocell Lusso 2All the interior trim and cladding screws neatly onto the aluminium frame, giving a clean look with minimal need for plastering or other making good. A thermal break in the ring beam protects against heat loss and condensation so obviating the need for extra insulation.

By conferring a stylish orangery style look to conservatories, Lusso allows them to be matched to a wider range of house styles with colour-matched trims and accessories, a choice of lighting kits and rooflight pitches from 15° to 35°.

Eurocell Lusso 1Lusso joins the original Eurocell conservatory roof system, the leading Equinox solid roof system and the highly successful Skypod range of lantern roofs, to offer the trade and homeowners a quality roofing solution, whatever their preference in garden room living space.

Lusso is available for fabricators to buy in bar length components.

For more details, visit or contact the customer care team directly on 0800 988 3047.

Delta Membrane Void Vent25 - 1

Delta Ground Gas Barrier System

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Brownfield land is a word specifically used to describe land which has previously been used forcommercial or industrial purposes with suspectedor known contamination (such as pollution or soil contamination) or land which has been in close proximity to pollution, hazardous waste or soil contamination.

The Government pledged in April 2017 to unlock Brownfield land to accommodate our housing shortage. Local authorities across the United Kingdom under new legislation now have to produce and maintain up-to-date, publicly available registers of Brownfield sites available for housing locally. These new registers will help house builders identify suitable Brownfield sites instantly, therefore unlocking land for thousands of new homes.

MemTech Gas Membranes

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is delighted to launched a new range of Gas Membranes, our MemTech Gas Protection range are BBA Approved and work in compliance with Building Standards (BS8485:2015, BRE 211.2015, CIRIA 665, CIRIA 735, CIRIA 748 and NHBC Standards) suitable for the protection against dangerous gases and chemicals when building on Brownfield and contaminated sites.

Our MemTech Gas Membranes work in harmony with our waterproofing/damp proofing membranes offering complete reassurance.

MemTech M1

MemTech M1 is a flexible, loose laid proprietary gas barrier for use on sites with Radon (RN), Carbon Dioxide (Co2) and Methane (CH4) ground gas. M1 will also protect against the ingress of Hydrocarbon Vapours where it is separated from the ground e.g. above a block and beam floor. The barrier is manufactured by an extrusion/coating process which

incorporates a two layer low density polyethylene membrane with a polypropylene reinforcement grid and an aluminium foil core. The membrane is extremely flexible for ease of installation and is robust enough to cope with site conditions.

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd. Tel: 01992 523 523

MemTech M1 meets requirements of BS8485:2015 and BRE 211: 2015 Radon: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Buildings and Code of Practice for the Design of Protective Measures for Methane and Carbon Dioxide Ground Gases for New Buildings.

MemTech R1

R1 aMemTech R1 is a flexible, loose laid proprietary gas barrier for use on sites with Radon (RN) ground gas. The barrier is manufactured by an extrusion/coating process which incorporates a three layer, low density polyethylene membrane which is reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcement grid. The membrane is

extremely flexible for ease of installation and is robust enough to cope with site conditions. R1 meets the requirements of BRE 211: 2015, Radon: Guidance on protective measures for new buildings.

R1 Gas Barrier will also protect against damp
and therefore will act as a DPM in
accordance with CP: 102:1973, section 2 and BS: 8000-4:1989, and National Building Regulation Approved document C.

MemTech LGB

Memtech LGB 1MemTech LGB (Liquid Gas Barrier) is a ready for use specialist styrene butadiene latex based liquid applied gas membrane. It offers a simple, continuous passive gas prevention barrier against the ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Ground Gas, VOC, air & Moisture into buildings. LGB also acts as a waterproofing membrane complying with C2 and C4 schedule 1 of the Building Regulations 1991 for England and Wales. MemTech LGB meets the requirements ofMemTech LGB 4






MemTech Void Vent

Void Vent25 - 1MemTech Void Vent is a cuspated HDPE core with a geotextile filter/separator bonded to a single side, in either 25mm or 40mm depth. MemTech Void Vent provides a means of ventilation when used in conjunction with an approved Gas Protection Barrier, in accordance with the recommendation(s) contained within NHBC Guidance and BS8485:2015. MemTech Void Vent 25 is optimised for maximum strength and performance. MemTech Void Vent 25 is independently tested and verified by UKAS accredited bodies.

MemTech Titan

Titan is a multi-layer flexible polyethylene membrane (a Gas and Hydrocarbon Barrier), with a unique core component which is designed and manufactured to provide a barrier to the most aggressive chemicals and to comply with current guidance on Hydrocarbons. Manufactured using the latest extrusion technology, this membrane is suitable in applications that are affected by Hydrocarbons. There is a common misconception that monolithic polyethylene barriers, such as HDPE and LLDPE are effective barriers to resist Hydrocarbons. This is an incorrect assumption, as Hydrocarbons will readily permeate through monolithic polyethylene barriers. Titan is specifically designed and manufactured to perform as a Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Ground Gas, VOC, air & Moisture and Hydrocarbon protection system. Titan complies with the latest codes of practice as published by BRE, CIRIA (C748) and BSI (BS 8485:2015). Suitable for use as Ground Gas/Hydrocarbon protection for NHBC GREEN, AMBER 1, AMBER 2, and RED site characterisations.

For help on the MemTech range of Ground Gas Protection, please contact Delta Membranes’ Technical Team on 01992 523 523 or email:


Hewi Mobile hinged support rail

Mobile Accessibility Solutions

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Mobile_hinged_support_railSafety Through Reliable Hold
Hinged support rails and shower seats that are not permanently installed offer maximum flexibility. They can be installed quickly and easily where they are needed at any particular time.




Cover_plateMobile Hinged Support Rails – Flexible Support

The portable hinged support rail is simply latched into the permanently installed mounting plate. If it is not needed, the plate can be concealed with a cover cap matching the surface of the hinged support rail. The mobile hinged support rails are available in the following materials: stainless steel, polyamide, chrome and WARM TOUCH.

Mobile Shower Seats – Safety, Comfort and Convenience

Mobile_shower_seatThe mobile shower seat is latched into a permanently installed mounting plate. The seat is latched in from the front so that the wall is not damaged. The mobile shower seat can also be removed just as easily if it is no longer required. The mounting plate is concealed with a cover cap. The seat is installed and dismantled without tools. The cover cap is available in the following materials: stainless steel or polyamide in the colour white.

The seats can be folded up to save space. The seat surfaces are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide and are optionally available in white or anthracite grey. The comfortable seating has a weight capacity of up to 150 kg and is available in different sizes.

Timeguard LED Floodlights

LED floodlights built for the British weather…

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LED_Coastal_Lighthouse lrOur temperate maritime climate may be, relatively speaking, mild but it’s also quite wet – hence our lush green countryside. With much of our weather arriving from the Atlantic as well, it all adds up to a recipe for corrosion. Rusty fittings, casings, screws and brackets on outdoor lights are an all too familiar sight. Until now you could only choose to put up with it or make regular replacements – not exactly  a modern, sustainable approach.

Stainless steel brackets will avoid corrosion in exposed areasNow, with Timeguard’s new Coastal range you can fit kit that will look good for longer.  Rust is avoided because all the parts which have to be made of metal have been replaced with high-grade stainless steel, from the brackets to the screws and even pcb components.

10W, 20W and 30W floodlights with integral PIR detectors are available, all with slave terminals to connect external loads. There’s also a new parallel switching facility, so you can connect up to four floodlights in parallel such that any detector will switch them all on.

Timeguard floodlightsAnother great new feature is the curved Timeguard panning bracket. No longer do you have to align floodlights flat to the wall, this clever curved bracket enables you to pan as well as tilt.


Kee Klamp handrailing around water tanks


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Kee Klamp handrailing around water tanksKee Systems has supplied a comprehensive range of safety solutions to the Veolia Water treatment plant in Wiltshire to provide effective protection for maintenance teams, ensuring full compliance with current health and safety requirements.

Located in Tidworth, the Veolia Water treatment plant provides water and sewerage services to both domestic and commercial customers in the local surrounding areas. The plant required a safety system that would meet current regulations, and one which could be installed quickly and efficiently, as the facility runs 24/7, which meant it could not be shut down during installation. Ash Safety was the main contractor for this project, and having worked with Kee Systems in the past, specified a solution that included over 600m of Kee Klamp® guardrailing for around the water tanks, seven Kee Gates, and 12m of BSG Open Mesh Flooring to cover the open areas and build walkways.

Kee Klamp handrailing “I regularly work with Kee System as the team provides excellent customer service and a thorough knowledge of safety, inventory and products” says Peter Styth, Sales Director at Ash Safety. “The new handrailing system for this project has contributed to reduced cost, improved safety and better communications with all parties concerned. The Kee Systems team was available at short notice, responding to our challenging demands, and enabled us to target improved completion dates to ensure the future safety of employees working in a demanding environment. From senior management to the installation and deliver teams, the service has been excellent, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Kee Systems for similar projects.”

Handrailing and self closing safety gateThe Kee Klamp® range offers outstanding versatility and is suited to a range of guardrail applications. Manufactured from galvanised cast iron, the Kee Klamp® system securely joins structural steel tube into almost any conceivable configuration across a variety of angles. Designed with ease and speed of installation in mind, the components completely eliminate the need for hot works on site, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Neither specialist labour nor tools are required as Kee Klamp® fittings can be installed using a standard hex key, with each fitting incorporating an internal set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube. Complying with BS EN 1562 & BS EN 1563, the Kee Klamp® fittings are TÜV certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency.

Designed to work both internally and externally, Kee Gate ensures maintenance, inspection and warehouse staff can fulfil their job, follow best practices and comply with current safety standards, without putting their safety at risk.  Kee Gates are spring loaded so can automatically close behind the user, providing an added level of security and overcoming the potential for human error.  This type of system is the preferred solution to chains, bars or sliding tubes, as these traditional forms of protection can lead to a hazardous void, when used incorrectly. As well as being compliant to BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016, Kee Gate also complies with the requirements of EN 13374 Class A, and is CE marked to EN 1090.

For more information, visit

Howe Green Access covers

Worry free floor access for Westgate Oxford

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Howe Green Westgate Edit FinalOver 80 of Howe Green’s 7500 Series Medium Duty Stainless Steel Floor Access Covers were specified by architect Chapman Taylor LLP for the Westgate Oxford development. The floor covers provide access to essential services concealed under the flooring.

Laing O’Rourke began construction of the 800,000 sq. ft. centre in spring 2015.  The centre will eventually have over 100 stores, 25 restaurants and cafes, a 5 screen boutique cinema and a public roof garden complete with cocktail bar.

The Howe Green 7500 Series Floor Access Covers provide safe, easy access to underfloor services and high levels of performance for what will be a heavily trafficked pedestrian area. The 7500 Series can withstand up to a 5 tonne pneumatic wheel loading and, as they are made of stainless steel, are resistant to rust and corrosion.

The covers, installed by specialist stone contractor Vetter UK, have been infilled with various types of stone to blend seamlessly with the different hard flooring finishes used across multiple locations.  The flush finish ensures the attractiveness of the flooring is not compromised and the risk of slip and trip hazards is reduced.

The 7500 Series Medium Duty Floor Access Covers are tamper resistant, meeting the requirement for a secure access solution, a necessity in such a public place.

Astro floor and wall system

Altro solution brings life to  design-led Hull birth centre

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Hull-Hospital-Altro-Wood-Altro-Walkway-20-22A complete floors and walls solution from Altro has been used to create a relaxing, stylish home from home environment for mums- to-be in a new birth centre at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

The new midwife-led Fatima Allam Birth Centre meets the needs of women who want a more natural childbirth experience.

Andrew Ledger, contracts manager for Apleona, which provides facilities management for the building, oversaw the new construction and was part of the team that devised the overall concept.

“We specified Altro floors and walls from the start because we
are using these products elsewhere in the hospital with a great deal of success. They meet all our clinical hygiene and infection control needs, while also offering a superb range of colours and textures, which makes them ideal for creating a modern and stylish environment.

“The quality and durability of Altro is a major factor too because, as a PFI project, the long-term cost is under close scrutiny.

Hull-Hospital-Altro-Pisces-Altro-Whiterock-Digiclad-05Adele Howitt, from Studio Eleven Gallery & Workshop in Hull, won a commission from the hospital to design the interior concept.

“Once we had decided on colours, we worked closely with Altro to look at the specific products. They completely understood our practical and aesthetic needs.”

“I used Altro Whiterock Digiclad to create statement walls from floor to ceiling. This is a fantastic product for design-led projects because you can print any image or photograph onto it, and the quality is superb.”

Adele chose Altro Whiterock Satins for the shower rooms. She says “It has some wonderful shades, and the subtle, sheer texture is very stylish.”

Flooring for the birth centre was key to creating the homely, non- clinical feel. Andrew Ledger and the project team wanted natural, warm, wood-effect flooring and chose Altro Wood.

Hull-Hospital-Altro-Wood-Altro-Pisces-Altro-Walkway-20-Altro-Whiterock-Digiclad-04Andrew says: “Wet areas in clinical environments need to be very safe underfoot, so we chose Altro Pisces safety flooring for both the shower rooms and around the birthing pool. This flooring performs superbly in both wet or dry conditions, and with bare feet or shoes, so it’s perfect for keeping both patients and staff safe. Altro Pisces also looks good enough to work within our design themes and there are some great colours.”

The flooring was installed by Floorcovers UK. Partner Phil Morris said: “For quality and reliability Altro is the best, and they are a pleasure to work with.

The Altro wall sheet was fitted by Richardson Claddings. Owner Joe Richardson comments:

“The beauty of the Altro walls system is that it is so quiet, easy and clean to install. Altro sends the sheets to us ready-cut, which means minimal cutting or shaping on site.”

Andrew Ledger says: “We get a lot of medical professionals visiting from around the world and they say the centre is the best of its kind they have seen anywhere.

“Most importantly, the mothers who have given birth here are thrilled with it too.

“After each birth, the rooms are completely disinfected and cleaned, and the Altro floors and walls are proving very easy to maintain.

“We are delighted with this amazing facility.”

All information is correct at the time of print and is subject to change without prior notice. Visit us at for more information and updates.

For further information on Altro’s vast product range of integrated flooring and wall cladding systems: 01462 707604

Tormax automated revolving door


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Iona2Part of a significant refurbishment project, TORMAX was contracted to install a sustainable combined automatic entrance solution to Iona House in Kirkcaldy, Fife.  Effectively minimising heat loss from the reception area of this premium office building, the 4-leaf automatic revolving door allows smooth access for employees and visitors whilst the pass door to one side offer an automatic entrance for less-able users and deliveries.

Working with Alliance Electrical Services Ltd, TORMAX recommended using their tried and tested, in-house designed, 5201 revolving door operator.  A high specification drive, the 5201 is especially slim in design, allowing reduced canopy height and a minimalist design to be created.   Housed in an adonised aluminium casing that is just 85mm by 640mm, the TORMAX 1201 operator that automates the swing pass door is similarly discreet, contributing to an aesthetically prestigious façade.

Iona3The £300,000 repair, refurbishment and sub-division of Iona House, situated at the John Smith Business Park in Kirkcaldy, was supported by funding from Fife Task Force which was set up in the wake of the closure of Tullis Russell Papermakers with a focus on supporting the local economy to grow and replace lost jobs.  Now completed, the quality office space can accommodate up to 400 staff.

“Revolving entrance systems have always been the door of choice for busy locations,” comments managing director for Tormax, Simon Roberts.  “Not only do they look smart and help keep foot traffic flowing smoothly but they also have excellent green credentials.”

Iona4A revolving door is highly effective at reducing heat loss from a building, but the low-energy TORMAX 5201 automatic drive allows door speed to be quickly adapted to reflect external weather conditions and foot traffic levels, further improving energy efficiency.   Ensuring the door continues to revolve with optimum performance, system specific data is captured and operation is automatically adapted to counter the impact of wind levels, or a build-up of dirt for example.

“This combination of an automatic revolving door with swing pass door is suitable for a whole range of different locations including hotels, retail outlets, restaurants as well as office buildings, “confirms Simon Roberts.  “It ticks all the boxes for accessibility, safety and sustainability.”

Eurocell Insite

Eurocell slots in solution for off-site construction

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Eurocell, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of window, door, conservatory and roofline products, is promising to deliver a whole host of benefits to the timber frame and off-site construction sectors with the launch of its new InSite window solution.

ECell_Cala_396InSite will enable timber frame manufacturers to install fully glazed, fully finished windows into wall panels as part of the factory production process, thereby reducing on site disruption and labour costs while saving time on build programme schedules. There are also significant health and safety benefits with factory fitting and reduction in manual handling, as well as an estimated 30% improvement in transportation yields because the windows are fully recessed, allowing panels to be stacked flush when loaded.

ECell_Cala_388InSite comprises market-leading PVC-U window performance with an innovative fixing method that allows factory fitting of the window directly into the wall panel. Once the timber wall panel has been erected on-site, the windows are checked to ensure they are plumb and square and then simply secured to the first fix position by pushing the frame outwards to lock it into position. An intelligent design modification enables cills to be simply clipped on and mechanically secured once the windows are locked into position. The whole panel assembly can be made watertight within one day so interior trades can begin work immediately, saving time on programme.

ECell_Cala_442As part of its development, the InSite system has been fully tested, including resisting wind load pressures well in excess of 200mph – significantly beyond the highest Category 5 hurricane winds rating (156mph+). Design calculations have been verified by independent timber frame structural engineers. Owing to the controlled nature of manufacture, the installed windows offer leading energy efficiency performance, with a U-value of just 0.8 W/m2 possible, a level that far exceeds current Building Regulations requirements.

Talking about its launch, Chris Coxon, Group Head of Marketing at Eurocell, says: “InSite is an engineered solution that gives off-site construction specialists an opportunity to increase efficiencies and quality at key stages of the manufacturing and building process, so they receive the benefits they promote to their clients and streamline the construction process further, resulting in a safer, faster build time.”

Sounds appealing? Find out more by visiting or calling the Eurocell Customer Care Team directly on 0800 988 3049.