DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes

Sustainability in the Building Industry.

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Student housing in Sweden:

Forta Pro modular solutions with DuPont™ Tyvek® deliver energy efficiency and increase interior comfort.

April 2021 – “Kvarteret Jylland” is a new student accommodation consisting of 350 micro-apartments), located in Kista, Northern Stockholm, Sweden. The project mission was to build modern, sustainable and attractive premises for young people. The Kvarteret Jylland complex (7100 square metres, four buildings) was completed in a short amount of time by the Latvian-based company Forta Pro, that specializes in modular construction solutions based on energy efficiency and sustainability concepts. 178 modules were fabricated and installed. DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes and accessories have been used by Forta Pro for the building envelope to protect the construction from water, air and moisture and to increase the comfort and well-being of the students.

IMG_4666 1_Jylland











Kvarteret Jylland student accommodation, in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden), built by Forta Pro company.
Forta Pro’s modular solutions deliver energy efficiency and use DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes
and accessories for the building envelope; photos courtesy of Forta Pro, all rights reserved.

Modular construction is a process that uses off-site, prefabricated building methods. It ensures better construction quality management and less disruption. Projects can be completed up to 50% quicker than traditional construction methods. The pre-engineered structures are manufactured and assembled off-site

in a factory-controlled environment.  DuPont building materials provide holistic solutions that fulfill the requirements of this housing project, of modular construction techniques, and improve energy efficiency.

DuPont™ AirGuard® vapour control membranes were used with the internal insulation to deliver superior airtightness. These membranes are extremely resistant, lightweight, flexible and easy to install, they maintain their characteristics over time and help to optimize the building performance. A DuPont™ Tyvek® Tape was used to join the membranes and create a continuous barrier with no leakage.


Kvarteret Jylland student accommodation, in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden), built by Forta Pro company. Forta Pro’s modular solutions deliver energy efficiency and use DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes and accessories for the building envelope; photos courtesy of Forta Pro, all rights reserved.

On the exterior walls, a Tyvek® vapour-permeable and water-resistant membrane provides high performance protection from weather conditions. To create an optimum building envelope, DuPont™ Tyvek® Flex Wrap was used to seal the outer construction penetrations such as pipes and conduits.

Inside, a Tyvek® tape seals around the window frames. With their wide variety of products and world-class technical know-how, DuPont Performance Building Solutions help building and construction

professionals and companies to meet the new and demanding requirements in terms of airtightness and increased energy efficiency.

“The Kvarteret Jylland project was challenging in many ways and it was essential to cooperate with our partners for a successful outcome. From the beginning, we rely on partners like DuPont who can assist us throughout the entire process with daily contact, training in our production facility and technical support. We have been using Tyvek® membranes and accessories for a few years and they help us in finding solutions to the challenges brought by our clients, both in terms of installation, airtightness and energy efficiency. DuPont always provides us with high-quality materials backed by a warranty, with continuous support and they understand our requirements, all within reasonable costs.” said Jānis Priede, Project manager, Forta Pro.


Kvarteret Jylland student accommodation, in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden), built by Forta Pro company. Forta Pro’s modular solutions deliver energy efficiency and use DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes and accessories for the building envelope; photos courtesy of Forta Pro, all rights reserved.

While working on the off-site manufacturing, Forta Pro proceeded with the work on the construction site, which led to major time savings. The pre-fabricated modules, assembled on-site, created four multi-storey buildings with high standard, comfortable accommodations. The synergy between the Forta Pro process and DuPont™ Tyvek® and AirGuard® products – all backed by a DuPont warranty – allowed them to build modern, sustainable and attractive premises for the students in Kista.

About Forta Pro ( – Based in Riga, Latvia, Forta Pro company uses a modular construction techniqueenabling the development of environmentally sustainable buildings, contributing also to saving energy and time during the construction process. The company produces – in its fast and cost-effective linear production line with a large production capacity – high standard modular units suitable for multiple-story facilities construction.

Forta PRO features advanced off-site building methods offering a fast-track modular and construction solutions with minimal disruption to the operation of surrounding facilities. The advanced prefabrication enables Forta PRO to speed-up the timetable for construction projects in a way that is not achievable by the on-site building technology. Strict quality control implemented in our modern factory and supported by Forta PRO multi-disciplinary professional team provides a guaranteed comprehensive quality solution. Forta PRO can plan, design, and build from scratch or expand existing facilities.


Forta Pro’s modular solutions deliver energy efficiency and use DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes and accessories; photos courtesy of Forta Pro, all rights reserved.

Forta Pro’s modular solutions deliver energy efficiency and use DuPont™ Tyvek® breathable membranes and accessories; photos courtesy of Forta Pro, all rights reserved.

About DuPont Performance Building Solutions – A division of the Water & Protection segment of DuPont, DuPont Performance Building Solutions is a global innovation leader in the building and construction industry, providing products and materials for the building envelope.

With today’s focus on the reduction of emissions and improved energy efficiency, you can count on brands such as Tyvek®, AirGuard®, Great Stuff™, Insta Stik™, Froth-Pak™ and LiquidArmour™ that have been at the heart of building solutions for decades backed by unmatched industry insight, building knowledge, and technical support. The products and services portfolio of DuPont Performance Building Solutions enables customers to focus on what they do best, no matter where and how they choose to build. To know more about DuPont Performance Building Solutions,

In support of its aspiration to lead and partner in delivering solutions that transform how lasting affordable shelter is created for people around the world, DuPont Performance Building Solutions (PBS) has set a

series of Sustainability Goals, aligned within the framework of DuPont’s 2030 Sustainability Goals. Specifically, DuPont Performance Building Solutions aspires to:

  • Direct 100 percent of the innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and create value for customers;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations by 75 percent from 2019 levels;
  • Advance the circular economy in the building industry through innovation in materials and business models, collaboration, and end-of-life plans that eliminate and upcycle waste across the product life cycle;
  • Collaborate with customers and partners to bring green chemistry innovations to market and will drive continued reduction in the presence of priority substances in the product portfolio;
  • Work to build communities, strengthen families, and empower the next generation across the globe.

 About DuPont – DuPont (NYSE: DD) is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. Our employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, construction, water, healthcare and worker safety. More information about the company, its businesses and solutions can be found at


Delta Membrane

Built in Protection – Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant, Type C Cavity Drainage System

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Technical Drawings – MS Fire Type C Drained Protection – Delta Membranes

Brochures & Installation Guides – Delta Membranes

Delta Fire Retardant Cavity Drain System (Type C) – Delta Membranes

Perfect_Binding_Brochure_Mockup_6 copyFire-retardant materials have a critical role to play in keeping modern buildings safe. However intense the fire, fire-retardant materials offer occupants of a building, valuable time for means of escape.

What is a Fire Retardant?

A fire retardant is a substance that is used to slow down or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity. This is commonly accomplished by chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of fuels or delay their combustion.

8 copyWhat is the Difference Between Fire Retardant and Flame Retardant?

Fire retardant and flame retardant both work to prevent fires, in occurrence of fires, it assists to stop the spread and help to reduce the amount of damage caused by flames. Both are invaluable to protecting homes and structures and provide extra time to for residents to safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire.

Fire retardant testing

Fire retardant materials, are measured on the degree to which a product contributes to the spread and growth of a fire, ways to measure this include:

  • How easily the product ignites
  • The amount of heat released when it burns
  • How fire spreads on its surface
  • The way in which it disintegrates as it burns
  • The quantity and nature of smoke released

4 copyThese parameters contribute to the performance ratings, within the Euroclass system. Most building materials sold on the European market must be assigned a file indicating its fire resistance based on a Euroclass rating system. There are 7 Euroclasses of reaction to fire performance for construction products which extend from A1 to F

Delta Membrane Systems Limited believes it is a fundamental design approach that all occupied structures regardless of height or where there may be challenges in exiting the premises (regardless of height), should be constructed from materials which are fire-retardant.

April 2021, saw the introduction of the Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant System.  This innovative Type C Waterproofing Membrane not only complies with BS 8102:2009 “Code of Practice for the Protection of Structures Below Ground” but also achieves a Euroclass rating of B-S2, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018.

In addition to fire tests carried out on the Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant System, Delta sought approval from the BRE (Building Research Establishment) for a further certification approval providing 3rd party independent certification.

Our Design and Build Philosophy is quality driven, working with architects and trades alike, putting at the forefront construction considerations to ensure buildability, functionality, and maintainability. The result of this single approach is a consistent, complete, and quality design that is hard to equal. Whatever the needs of your project, you can rely on our Technical Team of Waterproofing Professionals to ensure you get the right advice, support, and practical help at exactly the right time. Email or call us on 01992 523 523.

EJOT Throughbolt Range

EJOT launches next generation BA Plus through-bolt range

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Throughbolt-RangeFastening technology specialist EJOT has upgraded its range of ETA-approved through-bolts – also known as anchor bolts or wedge anchors – with the launch of its new BA Plus range of Option 1 anchors, suitable for both cracked and non-cracked concrete applications.

The EJOT BA Plus range is a new generation of higher performing through-bolts which builds on the strengths of its established BA range to deliver additional benefits and new application potential. And, in addition to concrete, these torque-controlled expansion anchors are also suitable for installation in other hard base materials including natural stone.

The design of BA Plus allows the required installation torque to be achieved with 30-50% fewer revolutions than previously, and new M8 and M10 through-bolts can now be used for anchoring in to concrete which is up to 20mm thinner. The risk of on-site errors is minimised with a setting depth clearly marked to the thread and anchor length letter coding marked on every bolt head.

Throughbolt-Range-ETAThe BA Plus range provides through-bolts for all the most typical cracked and non-cracked concrete applications ≥ C20/25 up to the seismic Option 1 performance. Backed with the independent assurance of European Technical Assessments (ETAs), the range offers a dependable solution for numerous applications including steel structures, column base plates, heavy duty racking, cable racks, handrails and facades.

When specifying outside standard parameters EJOT provide on-site testing by a qualified EJOT engineerZinc plated, hot dip galvanized, and A4 stainless steel BA Plus through-bolts are available, providing a solution for a wide range of applications including harbours and tunnels where the highest level of resistance to corrosion is required. Its design ensures easy installation, with no risk of damage to the thread when the bolt is hammered into position and an embedded sleeve that expands reliably as the bolt is tightened to the required torque. The M10 and M12 options are available in two different anchorage depths for extra versatility.

Richard Bowhay, Sales Manager for Building Fasteners at EJOT UK said: “The BA Plus represents an important enhancement in the performance capabilities of our through-bolts and gives installers a reliable and highly secure anchor solution for every type of concrete application – backed by the third-party assurance of ETA approval. It demonstrates collectively, the objectives of our technical teams worldwide in their capacity to regularly assess if and how we can advance the performance of construction fixings to give architects and building owners total peace of mind, as well as improving efficiency for installers.”

EJOT's Option 1 through-bolt range covers standard to seismic applicationsThe BA Plus range is complemented by EJOT’s new range of through-bolts for Option 7 non- cracked concrete applications, BAC-NC, which provides a class-leading anchor for many other applications including warehouse racking and stadium seating, backed by the third party assurance of an ETA.

Full details about the Option 1 BA Plus range and the Option 7 BA-C NC through-bolt are available at, where the new brochure can also be requested.

As a global leading in construction fastening solutions, the EJOT UK team offers a wealth of technical support and specialist guidance to specifiers and installers to ensure they can achieve the right result when anchoring into cracked and non-cracked concrete every time. To contact technical support, email EJOT UK via or call 01977 687040.

TORMAX count+go

Hygienic Automatic Access Solutions from TORMAX

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Hygienic Pedestrian Traffic Control from TORMAX

TORMAX count+goOffering a modular solution to the pressing need for shops, offices, public buildings and schools to more closely regulate the number of people entering their facility, TORMAX has launched a new add-on module, TORMAX count+go.

Working in tandem with any TORMAX sliding or folding automatic entrance, this module effectively controls the number of people entering an area, setting the door to close when a pre-set limit is reached.  It also synchronises the timing of entry to ensure a hygienic physical distance is maintained between individuals.

“The TORMAX count+go module is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require any extra sensors, instantly freeing up a member of staff from having to stand at the doorway regulating access,” said Simon Roberts, md for TORMAX UK.

“Monitoring foot traffic is good business practice, even when social distancing rules are relaxed, ensuring health and safety regulations aren’t breached and helping provide a relaxed and welcoming environment for everyone.”

In addition to closing the doors when the maximum number of people entering an area has been reached, TORMAX count+go issues a clear acoustic signal to alert pedestrians to wait. As soon a person exits the building, bringing the number back down, the door returns to the open operating mode.

For further visual announcements to users, TORMAX count+go is also available with an elegant display stand featuring a large monitor for customized messaging. A second monitor can also be integrated as a digital advertising panel.

Operated via smartphone, tablet or laptop, TORMAX count+go is quick and simple for staff and employees to programme and manage on a day-to-day basis.

Hygienic No-Touch Access From TORMAX

3d modern design door handle

Door handles are notorious hotspots for contamination from bacteria and viruses and even the most rigorous cleaning regime can only maintain a hygienic surface for so long in a busy school, hospital, office, hotel or retail outlet.  Automation of existing access points is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of improving hygiene levels within any building.

Offering a complete range of door automation options, TORMAX UK Ltd has over 60yrs experience in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic entrance solutions.

Almost any swing door can be quickly and easily retrofitted with a door drive, delivering sophisticated no-touch automation.

hygienically-sensitiv-hd_4Most automated swing doors are equipped with motion detectors that promptly respond as people approach the entrance.  However, some situations may require different door activation.

Ideal for confined spaces, the TORMAX touchless switch ensures the door opens in response to a hand gesture or by passing through the close-range detection field.  The range is adjustable to avoid unintentional activation of the door.

If it is important that the door is only opened when deliberately prompted, the TORMAX elbow or foot-rocker switches can be conveniently located at an appropriate height to allow hygienic activation of the opening.  These solutions allow quick and easy access for all individuals, especially those carrying bulky loads for example.

In addition to automatic swing doors, the TORMAX range includes sliding, folding and revolving entrance systems, all delivering hygienic no-touch access.

SAS Render Systems

Render, board, basecoats, bead and mesh – premium products for a rendered façade

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SAS Render Systems deliver everything you need for a rendered finish across the UK – including BBA certified systems with bespoke beading; basecoats and renders for a range of substrates and finishes, and high-quality bead and mesh for durable and low maintenance facades.

Everything you need for a rendered finish

SAS Render Systems are based in the southwest of England, and sell render products that we either manufacture or have bespoke produced for us. Our brands include ProRend, ProBead, ProMesh, GoRend and ProBoard, as well as complete systems including ProWall rainscreen and ProRend EIFS rendered external insulation.

How to work with SAS Render Systems

Whether it’s a design and build, renovating a whole housing development or a new retail unit it is beneficial to contact our technical team early in the process. They can advise the best products for the build considering the project as a whole. Make an informed decision by thinking about the construction substrate, thermal properties, timescale and final finish and look of the building.

SAS can even help you find an applicator for their products if needed, with an approved network across the country.

Call our technical team to speak to a real person (no bots here!) on 01647 24620.

You may also be interested in our latest CPD on YouTube ‘Specifying a Render System’ where we consider the pros and cons of different render systems.

Choosing render products

Once you have chosen the render system and accessories for your project, our team can help you put together an order in the most economical way. They will talk you through the amount of product you need including beads, basecoats boards or paint, and check the best delivery method and timings.

Order and delivery

SAS Render Systems hold many products as stock items that can be delivered as soon as the next day. If you are interested in the custom-colour options where we can supply render, beads or masonry paint to match a specific colour requirement, do get in touch early to arrange samples or to view our sample library, so you have time to make a choice and discuss lead times.

Some recent projects from SAS Render Systems

new homesNew Persimmon homes in Devon rendered with GoRend HBS from SAS Render Systems looking fantastic. GoRend HBS through-coloured render has been specifically designed for new housing, and can be applied with one coat.

apartmentsNear completion – luxury coastal apartments by Darnley Developments finished with ProRend Colourtex. Colourtex is a pre-mixed thin coat render containing silicone for a highly water-resistant finish.

houses4-bed houses in Cornwall by Peter Prouse Ltd. A masonry build with a slate roof, wood cladding and finished with ProRend Colour render. ProRend Colour is a premium through-colour render containing mica, for a subtle shimmer in the finish.

universityIn progress, a university technology building with the ProWall rendered system installed by Mudge Drylining Ltd. The ProWall system is BBA certified and creates a ventilated facade suitable for timber or steel frame.

Find all the SAS Render Systems products, projects and news at

Dani Alu Barrial V

Introducing Barrial ‘V’ Roof Edge Protection Series from Dani Alu (UK) Ltd

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DaniAlu_Barrial_V_Image_1Barrial V is the latest roof edge protection system to be introduced by Dani Alu (UK) Ltd. A freestanding vertical railing system for use as non-public roof edge protection. Almost all edge protection systems are produced with horizontal railings, but the standards 13374-A and 14122-3 allow for a vertical railing system with gaps between the rails at no more than 250 mm centres. Edge protection is such a visible element of any building and Barrial V can add a much improved aesthetic to any building elevation.

Barrial ‘V’ is available with a choice of:

  • Vertical railings at 100 mm or 200 mm centres
  • Vertical height adjustment up to 1300 mm from the base of the system to accommodate green roof / stones / pitch to fall roof areas.
  • Mill finished or Powder Coated to any standard RAL colour choice

Barrial ‘V’ is just one product series in the uncompromising range of aluminium roof edge protection systems available from Dani Alu (UK) Ltd .

Why Barrial?

Manufactured in aluminium, Barrial technically and aesthetically offers a superior choice in edge protection for flat roof safety.BSEN13374_Guardrail_Dimensions copy

  • Slimline look- Rectangular vertical posts of 20 mm wide result in a visually un-obtrusive system
  • Fixed versions – parapet, roof deck, slab, clamps for standing seams – all fixing possibilities
  • Freestanding versions – Post centres up to 2.5 m reducing number of posts and weights
  • Variable height adjustment – Handrail is always parallel to the roof edge
  • Green roof integration – Concealed base rails improves the finish and minimises trip hazards
  • Post options – Curved, bent or straight posts offering more design choice to suit the building
  • Colour choices – Mill finished aluminium or choose your RAL finish
  • Rooflight safety – Modular systems made to size – secure fragile rooflights quickly

Why Dani Alu (UK) Ltd?

Barrial_Autoporté_Premium_HDWith over 40 years of experience in aluminium fabrication and system development, let us assist with your projects; advise on suitable systems; consult on roof requirements and constraints to make sure your projects receive the very best collective roof edge protection solution available.

Our advice is comprehensive and correct; our product is uncompromised and certified and we remain focused on achieving the perfect procurement experience for you from quotation to installation sign off.

Dani Alu will assist at all stages of the project to guarantee a safe, compliant and low maintenance system results. Reach out to us at, call 01865 595160 or visit to view our range of aluminium guardrail, glass balustrade and metal works.

Construction Specialities Acrovyn


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To reflect changing interior design trends, Construction Specialties (CS) launches a new palette of colours and finishes for its top selling Acrovyn® wall protection range.

2021 Colour Palette Banners - SquareIn refining their colour offering, CS worked with specialist Colour Consultants, undertaking a thorough review of contemporary design schemes across market sectors, as well as current trends in materials and patterns.

The resulting palette comprises 36 Solid Colours, from timeless classics to on-trend shades, and 12 Decorative Finishes including a selection of beautiful woodgrains, contemporary concrete patterns and metallics. It gives specifiers an opportunity to express their creativity in delivering a desired mood to their design and co-ordinating wall protection with other interior design elements.

The Acrovyn® range is renowned for its quality, ease of maintenance and durability in protecting interior walls, doors and other surfaces from impact damage. As well as expanding their colour palette, CS introduces new solutions to the UK market, such as products with bactericidal properties and a wider range of PVC-Free models. The updated range will allow specifiers to achieve required functionality and protection in all building areas, while delivering beautiful interiors that last.

DecorativeFinishes SolidColours








Explore our new palette of colours and finishes here:


Toupret strengthens its exterior surfaces collection with three new expert fillers

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Toupret, the professional’s choice for quality wall fillers, has added new products to its exterior surfaces range. This expansion means that Toupret now offers the widest range of exterior fillers on the market with quality results guaranteed by high-performance products.

family_exteriorNow the warmer weather is here, attention turns to revamping outdoor spaces. To coincide with this seasonal peak, Toupret has unveiled its new Skimcoat Filler, Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler, and Tough Multi-Filler to ensure exterior walls are finished to perfection.

The bolstered exterior surfaces collection includes fillers for outside filling, repairing, formwork, and skimming jobs. Each product is uniquely designed to target gaps, cracks, and damaged exterior walls and surfaces. The updated collection now consists of six products in both ready mixed and powder options.

Exterior Filling Edge 1The first new product is the Skimcoat Filler. It is a huge timesaver, designed to solve the age-old problem of repairing damaged and rough exterior render as it can smooth over cracked and rough render, avoiding the need to knock back and reapply the old render. It comes in powder form and is extra smooth, easy to spread and has a long working time (six hours) to ensure the best possible finish. In addition, there is no need to seal the substrate if the base is hard, cohesive, clean, sound, and dry. Skimcoat Filler has a 5mm depth limit and is ready to paint in 24 hours. Available in a 5kg and 15kg pack.

Toupret has also launched a Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler that is ready mixed for ease of use. The mixture maintains some flexibility when dry and so resists cracking. It is suitable for machine spraying as well as manual applications, making it ideal for an array of different jobs. This product also has a 5mm depth limit. The Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler is available in a 10L tub.

The third new product is the Tough Multi-Filler. This product comes in powder form and is a multipurpose product that can be used for repairing and localised skimming as well as filling. Reinforced with fibres, the new filler has excellent adhesion and is very tough yet easy to sand. Toupret advises a working time of 40 minutes and is ready to paint in 24 hours. Available in a 2kg box or 5kg and 10kg bag for all sizes of jobs.

Exterior b4-after copyThe three new products join Toupret’s existing ‘exterior surfaces’ range of: Masonry Repair Filler, Rock Solid Repair Filler and Quick Fill, meaning there really is a Toupret product for every exterior filling or skimming job.

With the goal of making a great quality filling job simpler and quicker for professionals, Toupret also wants to make it much easier to choose the best product for any given task. As such, many of its products have been renamed to make their application as clear as possible.

The new exterior surfaces products are available to purchase from trade distributors nationwide.

Isokorb Thermal Break from Schöck

Avoiding thermal bridging is critical with balcony design detailing

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Image 1

Thermal images of a residential building with higher temperatures at the windows, doors and balconies

A thermal bridge is a localised area of the building envelope with significantly higher thermal conductivity than surrounding areas. Cantilevered balconies are the most critical thermal bridges and their presence results in a higher heat transfer out through the building and colder surface temperatures on the inside. The main consequences are higher energy consumption, non-compliance with Building Regulations and condensation. The latter leading not only to structural integrity problems, but the potentially serious occurrence of mould growth as well.

To meet Building Control requirements in England and Wales, it is necessary to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations. The latest version of the Building Regulations Part L (2013, with 2016 amendments) and associated guidance document for residential construction Approved Document L1A (ADL1A) require that thermal bridging be included in the fabric heat loss calculations. However, despite the increasingly stringent standards for thermal performance and heat losses, many designers are still not fully aware of how significantly thermal bridges can compromise the value of the installed insulation.

Thermal performance and structural integrity


Typical installation of structural thermal breaks involving concrete-to-concrete

The most effective way to minimise thermal bridging at cantilever balcony detailing is to incorporate a load-bearing structural thermal break such as the Isokorb from Schöck. This minimises the flow of thermal energy between the interior and exterior of a building, providing both structural integrity and ensuring that the balcony is thermally isolated. To work effectively over a long period thermal breaks require certain physical characteristics.  Thermal insulation with an optimum thickness for the particular application, load-bearing components and a combination of reinforced steel and stainless steel. A wide variety of thermal break solutions are available from Schöck for applications as diverse as: concrete-to-concrete; concrete-to-steel; steel-to-steel; renovation projects – and even Passive House.

Example of mould growth 1 - HROne consequence of thermal bridging is that surfaces can form condensation, causing visual deterioration and structural damage. However, an even bigger concern is mould growth. To identify areas where there is a risk of condensation and therefore mould growth, a ‘surface temperature factor’ (fRsi) should be used. It allows surveys under any thermal conditions and compares the temperature drop across the building fabric with the total temperature drop between the inside and outside air. Using the formula, the recommended value for offices and retail premises is equal to or greater than 0.5; and to ensure higher standards for occupants in residential buildings, equal to or greater than 0.75.

Passive House no longer a problem

Passive House uses highly energy-efficient building materials and preventing thermal bridging is essential.   Until relatively recently, balconies posed a construction challenge for Passive House design. Components penetrating the insulating outer shell of a thermally highly sensitive building demanded performance standards not achieveable by thermal break products on the market at the time. However, innovative product development means that high specification ‘Passive House certified’ structural thermal breaks from Schöck are now available for many applications.

National Domelight Company

Maximise daylight with unlimited length Mardome Glass Link Rooflights from NDC

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Retouched Glass Link SlottedSupplied by NDC, the Mardome Glass Link Rooflight system provides a continuous sleek and minimalist rooflight of unlimited length thanks to its simple modular design, maximising natural daylight.

The premium, factory-assembled modules simply interlock together and are designed to fit directly into an existing or new upstand.

Specification & size

Retouched Glass Link ModularMardome Glass Link is flexible and simple to specify for both new-build and refurbishment projects, with a maximum span width of 3.8m but unlimited length. Large modules can be glazed with multiple panes, minimising the number of modules to fit. Smaller rooflights comprise of a single monopane module.

Effortless fitting

There’s no need for on-site sealant application, perimeter insulation or flashing; these modules simply lap-seal together and side-fix into a preprepared weathered upstand for quick and simple installation.

Minimalist styling

Retouched Glass Link OpenA clean, contemporary look that delivers maximum daylight thanks to large glass modules with wide spans between glazing bars. Glass fits flush in the framework, with both opening and fixed modules sitting level. Concealed actuators mean all modules appear identical for a sleek, elegant and minimalist aesthetic.

Mardome Glass Link features:

  • Size: Maximum span width of 3.8m, unlimited length
  • Pitch: 2-35o (span), 0-15o (length)
  • Glazing: 6mm toughened outer, argon filled cavity, 9.5mm laminated inner (11.5mm on very large panes), special options available. CWCT TN-92 tested (for class 2 roofs)
  • Thermal performance: Standard centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/m2K
  • Framework: Fully thermally broken aluminium frame. Dual colour powder coated as standard (RAL 7016 anthracite grey external, RAL 9010 pure white internal), with optional special powder coating to any RAL colour
  • Opening: Any module can open – manual and powered options available
  • Security: ‘Secure by Design’ accreditation on all fixed modules as standard

 Think a Mardome Glass Link Modular solution is for you?

 NDC’s technical team can provide the right solution for your project and advise on industry policy and regulations, so you get it right first time and on budget.

Open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday; get in contact with our technical team:

Call: 01276 451555