More planning applications held up by sustainable drainage design in England than in Wales

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Planning applications are twice as likely to be blocked or delayed due to sustainable drainage system (SuDS) design in England than in Wales, according to a new report published today by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Wavin.

ICE research paperBased on a representative survey, the report SuDS – perception and progress: A comparison of England and Wales has revealed that 60% of SuDS professionals in England have experienced planning applications being delayed or blocked because of refusal on the grounds of the SuDS design. This compares with only 30% of SuDS professionals in Wales experiencing the same issue.

Sustainable drainage systems aim to manage rainfall in a way similar to natural processes, making use of the landscape and natural vegetation to control surface water. They are used in both urban and rural areas to guard against surface water flooding.

England and Wales have different regulatory frameworks around SuDS, with Wales having introduced new legislation in January 2019 that makes SuDS a mandatory requirement for all new developments of more than one house or where the construction area is 100m2 or more.

According to the report, SuDS is more likely to be the preferred method of surface water management in Wales than in England. 52% of professionals in Wales consider SuDS to be the default option in all projects compared with only 39% of professionals in England holding the same view.

Nathan Baker, ICE Engineering Knowledge Director, said:

“SuDS are increasingly needed in both urban and rural developments to cope with flood risk due to climate change and changes in land use as a result of increasing population. As well as helping to protect homes and businesses from flooding, SuDS also provides benefits such as improving water quality, protecting biodiversity and increasing the amenity of developments.

“It appears that the new framework in Wales is enabling greater delivery of SuDS and potentially a smoother planning process. Delivering SuDS requires an appropriate regulatory framework and also effective collaboration between different stakeholders and professional groups. ICE is supporting SuDS professionals through appropriate knowledge and resources, helping them to tackle the challenges they face.”

Martin Lambley, Product Manager – Stormwater, Wavin said:

It is interesting to see the differences between approval of SuDS for England and Wales highlighted by this report. Wales is leading the way with SuDS with their new framework and we are watching with interest to see how the implementation goes. I hope that the findings from Wales will pave the way for further improvements to the framework and planning process in England in the near future. The benefits of SuDS are clear. They reduce the risk of flooding and can also improve water quality, biodiversity and offer benefits for local communities but without innovation, joined up thinking and a regulatory framework that is fit for purpose, they are unlikely to become mainstream. Through its Spotlight Initiative, Wavin aims to promote ‘out of the box’ thinking, innovation and collaboration around the issues of flooding and climate change. The flooding associated with extreme weather events is likely to become more frequent and more extreme. I think that we all need to start thinking more seriously about climate resilience in our built environment and prioritising SuDS as part of the solution.

The report also shows that SuDS professionals rate the framework in Wales more positively than they do in England.62% of survey respondents in Wales rated the framework good, very good, or excellent compared with only 40% of respondents in England rating their equivalent framework the same.

Go to to find out more about SuDS and drainage


Balconette’s SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades

Balconette’s SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrades – Best Price Ever

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With a newly implemented ‘optimised glass system’ now fully operational in its design and manufacturing facility, Balconette is able to offer its SG12 Frameless balustrades at their most competitive price ever.

100% clear views – no posts, bolts or clamps

Balconette’s SG12 Frameless systems create an almost invisible barrier between the viewer and the landscape – allowing for 100% uninterrupted views without the need for any posts or handrails.

The 21.5mm laminated and toughened structural glass can be fitted below floor level to create a completely seamless ‘floating glass’ effect or above floor level, utilising the system’s stylish base channel covers in proprietary Royal Chrome or Silver anodised aluminium finishes.

Wirral AFFL IMG_1857







Herbrand Walk 1


Particularly suitable for balconies, the SG12 system can be supplied with a sleek elliptical handrail. It is also ideal for outdoor applications, such as providing a protective barrier for a decking area or mezzanine.


To take advantage of these prices simply call the Balconette sales team on 01342 410411 or click the online price link above.

Addagrip Cowbridge

Cowbridge Physic Gardens, South Glamorgan

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cowbridgeNewsletterCowbridge Physic Garden is a ½ acre physic garden located within the heart of the ancient market town of Cowbridge and was originally part of the Old Hall Gardens, laid out by the Edmondes family in the 18th century. Badly neglected in the 20th century, it was brought back to life by enthusiastic volunteers and today is a glorious array of medicinal plants and herbs, typical of physic gardens from centuries past.

Having completed the construction of The Cowbridge Physic Garden in 2006, Addagrip approved installer Landcraft Projects Ltd was delighted to be approached by The Cowbridge Physic Garden Trust to advise on an alternative surface for the original stone dust paths which had begun to wear and breakdown leading to an uneven surface and muddy conditions in wet weather.
Having seen Terrabase Rustic used in Kew Gardens, The Physic Garden Trust were keen to have a similar surface in the garden and Landcraft were able to advise and provide samples of the many options available.


To help them with their final decision, members of the trust arranged to meet Mr Mark Wilmot of Addagrip and members of the Kew staff at Kew Gardens to view the Terrabase resin in-situ and to discuss how the new surfacing is performing. Following their discussions with Mark and the staff at Kew the Trust decided on Terrabase Classic – the Terrabase system with a smaller 6mm Chestnut finish laid to a depth of 30mm.


DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0303.JPGThe garden is a very popular attraction in the historical market town of Cowbridge and attracts visitors from across the UK and beyond so the trust was keen to keep disruption to a minimum. With the limited access and the need to keep the garden open, Landcraft Projects proposed a 6-week programme with the surfacing works being undertaken in phases. Having removed and replaced approximately 500m2 of stonedust with the new Terrabase Rustic surface, whilst maintaining public access into and through the garden for all but one day, the works were completed a week ahead of programme.

We think the newly surfaced paths are a great addition to the garden with the subtle hues of the Rustic Oak providing effective delineation without detracting from the planting and will ensure the garden remains accessible to all for the foreseeable future.

DuPont Tyvek

The key to sustainable Inner Strength? It’s no mystery.

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Comprehensive Tyvek®& AirGuard®systems create a robust, airtight and energy-efficient building envelope… inside and out

Tyvek®has always been a star performer, but now it comes with a complete cast of supporting players to enable easy installation, robust protection and greater energy-efficiency for the building envelope – in its entirety. With a range of advanced Tyvek®Breather Membranes in specialised versions, plus smart AirGuard® air & vapour control membranes (AVCLs) – and a fully comprehensive set of tapes and accessories, DuPontTyvek® offers an unrivalled system of products.

Additions to the specialised adhesive range make Tyvek® the one-stop-shop for ensuring the integrity and airtightness of the building envelope, from timber frame housing to high-rise construction. With all the lasting quality and premium adhesion one would expect of the brand, many elements of this complete and compact offering are ‘universal’ products suited multiple applications, thus simplifying installation and saving on time and cost.

The Tyvek® family of products comes with expert technical support from a global knowledge network to help construction projects meet every key target – from safety to sustainability. In today’s ‘climate’ can the industry afford to take a chance on anything less?

An enhanced range of tapes & accessories:

DuPont_Tyvek_and_AirGuard_AccessoriesTyvek® & AirGuard® accessories include products to answer the challenge of any combination of membranes, any type of penetration or repair, and are suited to all kinds of building materials and conditions. There is now an airtightness system for every need or application. Tyvek® remains the product to trust for the external envelope, together with accessories, while the AirGuard® brand ensures reliable airtightness to the interior, thus completing the offering for energy-efficient systems.

  • *NEW* Tyvek® Double-sided Tape (Double-sided acrylic tape ideal for temporary fixings of a vapour control layer.)
  • *NEW* Tyvek® Plastering Tape (High performance airtight and moisture adaptive carrier tape that can be rendered. It seals difficult areas such as windows, doors and timber to block connections. A product for both interior and exterior application.)
  • *NEW* AirGuard® Sealant (An adhesive sealant for permanently elastic, airtight bonding of joints and structural connections, plus connections of AVCLs to many different surfaces.)
  • *NEW* Tyvek® Primer (Transparent primer that is permanently tacky after curing, with a very fast curing time. It is recommended for high-porosity surfaces to create good adhesion.)
  • *NEW* AirGuard® Tape  (High performance flexible and hand-tearabletape to seal difficult areas such as corners inside the building with a very high tack)
  • ‘Rising Stars’ include: Tyvek® FlexWrap EZ and NF (a high performance, flexible self-adhesive flashing tape for airand water tight seals around windows, doors, and multiple custom shapes or awkward penetrations.)
  • Reliable ‘All Stars’ include: Tyvek® Acrylic, Tyvek® Double-sided, Tyvek® Butyl, and Tyvek® Metallised

A Brand for All Seasons…

The Tyvek® brand has it covered – for every regulation or specification and whether for installation to the interior or exterior of the envelope. All adhesive products work as part of optimal, holistic systems.

The AirGuard® brand stands for high performance AVCLs and complementary accessories that make your building airtight from the inside.

Considering such a comprehensive and efficient offering, backed by proven reliability and expert service, why would responsible professionals choose any other system than Tyvek® and AirGuard®? Especially when every crucial box is ticked, from air and water tightness, to moisture control, durability, ease of installation… and vitally, improved energy performance in buildings.

About DuPont™ Tyvek® & DuPont Building Membranes and Products:

Tyvek&AirGuard&Tapes-SystemInsideOut-6_HighResDuPontTyvek® advanced building membranes are unique in the market due to their high-quality single layer construction. Tyvek®, in all its specialised versions, is naturally vapour open but also durably wind and water-tight. Lightweight yet robust, it is easy to install and offers long-term, proven reliability. Designed to protect the building envelope against the effects of weather and moisture, this family of membranes also offers optimal air-tightness and can help to improve the thermal performance, energy-efficiency and interior climatic stability. Tyvek® is also designed to work as part of a holistic and optimal system with a range of other proven DuPont products for the building envelope, including the AirGuard® advanced AVCL series, the highly versatile Tyvek® FlexWrap air and water sealing tape, plus other specialised tapes and accessories. All DuPont building products come with the renowned service, expertise and technical back-up of a world-class science company.

About DuPont Safety & Construction

DuPont Safety & Construction is a global leader in delivering innovation for life’s essential needs in water, shelter and safety; enabling its customers to win through unique capabilities, global scale and iconic brands including Corian®, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Tyvek®, GreatStuff™, Styrofoam™ and Filmtec®.

About DuPont

DuPont (NYSE: DD) is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials, ingredients and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. Our employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, building and construction, health and wellness, food and worker safety. More information can be found at

For more information about DuPont™ Tyvek®, AirGuard® and accessories please visit: or or call 08444 068 722in the UK and 087 922 2740 in the ROI.

Media contact DuPont™ Tyvek®: QuickStep PR, T: 020 7609 1151, E:

Choosing the right real estate property, house or new home in a housing development or community

Sustaining the future – more than half of consumers want homes of the future to be built with environmentally-friendly materials

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New research has revealed that more than half of consumers believe it is important that their home is made using environmentally-responsible materials.

Choosing the right real estate property, house or new home in a housing development or community

Conducted by Eurocell plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U window, door, conservatory and roofline systems, the research looked into consumer attitudes towards sustainable building.When asked about their preferred sustainability features, consumers identified double/triple glazing as the most appealing (58%), followed by solar panels (35%), energy efficient appliances (34%) and the use of recycled and sustainable building products (22%).

One of the key drivers behind this trend is the implementation of sustainability features by developers, which are regularly being incorporated into housebuilding voluntarily rather than as a result of legislation.

Explaining this trend, Steve Marshall, Architect Director and Head of Housing at BDP commented: “Some of our local authority clients like to be seen as leading the way and pushing standards when it comes to sustainability. They need to be seen to be doing the right thing and as such will go above and beyond minimum requirements. It might take time for this to impact the standards that others build to, but this may happen as buyers start to ask why the council is offering something that private developers are not.”

Whilst housing developers are pushing this trend currently, a group of architects presented with these statistics believe that consumer and tenant demand is likely to be a driver for sustainable development in the future. Despite this increased awareness it was highlighted by the architects that, for homes to become more sustainable, consumers need more education on what sustainability actually means in housing.

Muswell Hill, LondonJames Roberts, Project Architect at SimpsonHaugh, said: “It comes down to what is tangible. People understand the concept of double glazing and smart meters, for example. However, if you look at the sustainability credentials of the materials used, or how air tight a home is, these are less tangible yet can have an equally significant impact on how sustainable a home is. As such, willingness to invest in some ‘sustainable design features’ is likely to increase as the public’s understanding of them does. Some they will already be investing in, without appreciating it.”

What’s clear is that sustainability means different things to different people across the housebuilding industry.  As such it is critical that the sector works to both understand, and meet, the expectations of future homeowners – especially as they become increasingly educated in this area.

You can see all of Eurocell’s findings from the survey in the Future Home Report which can be downloaded in full here

Profab Access fire testing access panels

Profab Access Ahead of the Curve with Fire Testing

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Profab Access Ltd, part of the Access 360 portfolio, is prioritising fire safety in buildings with the introduction of fire testing for both sides of its 4000 Series riser door range.

Established in 2001, Profab Access Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of wall and ceiling access panels and riser doors.  The company employs a team of 71 and operates from a 46,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility in Atherstone, Warwickshire.  All aspects of the design and manufacturing process are carried out onsite.

Fire Testing to 4 hoursProfab has been working with the global testing, inspection and certification company, Warrington Fire, for several years and has the CERTIFIRE independent third party certification for its 4000 Series riser doors, 8000 Series access panels for tiled walls, 1000 Series access panels and steel doors.  The 4000 and 8000 Series ranges are available with up to a 4 hour CERTIFIRE rating.

Since the Grenfell Tower fire the issue of fire safety has dominated the construction sector.  Following the Hackitt Review and the subsequent Government Implementation Plan, published in December 2018, four key areas were highlighted for improvement, including “Clearer standards and guidance, and product safety”.

James Fisher, Managing Director of Access 360, comments, “From our perspective actions speak louder than words. In the spirit of the Hackitt Review we wanted to ‘start living the cultural shift’and to lead the industry by investing in testing and certification because we believe it’s the right thing to do and not just because it’s a legal requirement.”

“Fire testing from both sides is a significant investment on our part, in terms of time and cost.  It takes nearly twice as long to test from both sides, requires two doors to be tested on opposite sides and doubles the cost of the testing and certification process. The benefit to our customers is that they can have absolute confidence that when they specify a Profab fire rated riser door its performance has been tested and independently verified above and beyond what is legally required.”

“We want all our customers to have this level of peace of mind and it is our intention to conduct fire testing from both sides on all the products in the Profab range. Testing on the 1000 Series access panels is already under way.”

Warrington Fire, now a part of the Element Group, is a UKAS accredited laboratory which specialises in fire resistance testing for passive fire protection products.  The testing process is stringent, from start to finish. The testing personnel from Warrington Fire come to the Profab Access manufacturing facility to personally select the riser doors they wish to test. Both the doors and frames are signed by the testers to ensure the correct products are delivered to them for testing.

Once at the laboratory the riser doors are tested to BS EN 1634-1:2014+A1:2018, the standard for fire resistance and smoke control.  The testing process involves the riser doors being held in a rig in front of a kiln. The size of the rig, 3 metres high by 3 metres wide, enables testing of single, double or triple riser doors to be carried out.

The riser doors are tested to measure the integrity of the door and frame when subjected to fire. The process involves ensuring that flaming cannot occur on the unexposed face of the door for longer than 10 seconds and that a 25 mm rod cannot be passed through the specimen.  The transfer of radiant heat though the surface of the doors is also measured.  Limiting the transmission of heat from one side of the door to the other to protect building occupants so they can safely exit the building is paramount.

Amendments have already been made to the Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety), notably the ban on combustible cladding on all new buildings over 18 metres in height. Further changes are expected as a result of the call for evidence for the technical review of Approved Document B, which closed in March.  By taking the lead in fire testing both sides of the 4000 Series riser doors Profab Access is future proofing the products being used in the construction sector.  When it comes to riser doors building professionals now have the opportunity to specify products that exceed the legal requirements.

To find out more about the range of fire rated products available from Profab Access please visit or call the Technical team on 01827 719051.


Hormann Aluminium framed sectional garage door


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Europe’s leading door manufacturer, Hörmann UK, has launched its new aluminium frame sectional garage door (ART 42).

unnamedThe new sectional garage door has been manufactured based on Hörmann’s impressive industrial product range, offering outstanding durability and longevity. The ART 42 model features an aluminium frame and diverse infill offering, from synthetic double pane grey tinted glazing to perforated stainless steel. With the option of including a thermal break, the new design of the sectional garage door provides professionals and their clients with enhanced performance.

While thermal efficiency is increasingly a top priority for architects and specifiers, aiding clients in reducing long term energy costs, the opportunity to create a property that has real kerb appeal appearance is also an important factor in the initial design and specification process. The ART 42 range is available with 11 infill variations, which maximises the available natural light, as well as improving ventilation for parking in larger garages that house multiple vehicles.

In terms of aesthetics, Hörmann UK’s ART 42 can be coated in one of 15 preferred colours, as well as providing specifiers with the option to colour match to complementary building products, such as entrance doors. This supports architects in achieving a cohesive and visually striking look across the entire exterior of the property, with the ART 42 aluminium frame door also offering the ability to be constructed as a complementary side garage door.

As well as launching its ART 42 aluminium frame sectional garage door, Hörmann UK has also launched 24 new Duragrain finishes, which allows professionals to move away from the look and style of traditional garage doors. The fresh approach provides specifiers with the flexibility to create a bepsoke exterior to a property, without compromising on quality or durability. Architects and specifiers are able to select from a comprehensive range of contemporary and traditional finishes, from concrete to whitewashed oak.

Duragrain is Hörmann’s innovative digital printing technique, which contains a protective exterior coating to the door for an ultra scratch-resistant finish, as well as protecting the surface of the door from the weathering effects of the environment.

Hörmann UK’s latest ranges are all available on the newly updated Architect’s Programme, which provides real-time collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors to streamline and support the design process. As well as this, the Architect’s Programme provides its users with the required data at all stages, from planning, to final phases of the build for its industrial, commercial and domestic product ranges.

To access the Duragrain and ART 42 BIM and CAD files on the Architects’ Programme and to start collaborating smarter, visit:

Altro Vinyl flooring Reach Free School


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Altro Serenade™ acoustic flooring has been used throughout the new £17 million Reach Free School, in Rickmansworth, providing the highest level of sound reduction and comfort underfoot.

Reach-Free-School-Altro-Serenade-23 copyThe newly-constructed school has created places for 840 secondary level students in a cutting-edge environment. Architect ADP created a very modern design for the school, and reducing noise throughout the new building was a priority.

ADP Associate Director, Neil Lister, said: “Our concept for the school was an open plan space with a lot of openings that connect the various floors. This meant the potential for noise and reverberation throughout the school was quite high, and we wanted to find ways to reduce that.

“We consulted an acoustician at the early stages of our design, and were advised that a flooring with an acoustic rating greater than 17dB would give us significant reduction in noise from footfall, chairs scraping in the classrooms and overall background noise volume.

“The school itself specified vinyl flooring rather than carpet, for robustness and ease of cleaning. It was also important for the school that the flooring would bring comfort underfoot.”

Reach-Free-School-Altro-Serenade-13 copyAltro Serenade flooring was recommended by Horizontal Limited, which installed the product. MD Jonathan Bown explained: “We needed a floor that not only had a high acoustic rating, but was also great looking, hard wearing, stylish, contemporary and very comfortable underfoot. I have been working with Altro for nearly 25 years and I knew they had a product that would fit the bill and that quality would be guaranteed.

“At 3.9mm thick and with 19dB impact sound insulation, Altro Serenade fit the brief perfectly. It’s ideal for this type of busy, noisy environment where there is a great deal of foot traffic. Many manufacturers struggle to make good acoustic flooring that doesn’t mark or indent but, with Altro Serenade, Altro has cracked this issue with a superb quality product.

“I love this flooring and would fit it every day. It’s sublime looking, with a very luxurious look and feel that raises a floor above the ordinary. It has a great colour palette – the school selected the shade Encore; a pale grey with a good textural design that will hide marks and scuffs over time. It’s a good colour base which complements the strong school colours of teal blue and purple.

“For the installer it’s a very easy floor to work with and fit, and a vital point is that it withstands the immense wear and tear during installation and construction. Some types of flooring have to be replaced even before the project is handed over to the client, because it gets so scratched and damaged during the build. This can add a great deal of cost to a project. But Altro Serenade never marks or scratches and stays looking pristine throughout.

Reach-Free-School-Altro-Serenade-10“We laid just over 1,500m2 of the flooring on the ground and first floor in all communal areas, stairs and classrooms, and it makes a huge impact on the whole look of the building. It looks stunning. People don’t fully appreciate how important a flooring can be for wellbeing and overall effect, but I was there the day the new school opened and I was blown away by how the flooring lifted the whole space.”

The new Reach Free School was built by Willmott Dixon. Senior Surveyor Iain Charnley commented: “We work closely with Altro and have a long-term supply agreement with them, so we know they are a trusted and professional company. Their ability to supply us with Altro Serenade quickly was vital and enabled us to complete the project on time under very tight deadlines. Their overall service and co-operation with us was also superb.

“The school was very involved in the selection of Altro Serenade and the headteacher wanted to put it through its paces before he gave the go-ahead. He was doubtful it could withstand the rigours of school life, so together we put it through some pretty tough ‘kick’ tests. This involved repeated kicking to see how quickly it would scuff. He was surprised and very impressed that is stood up to this treatment extremely well and it passed with flying colours.”

Richard Booth, Headteacher at The Reach Free School, is thrilled with his new school and how the Altro flooring is contributing to the look and feel of the space.

He said: “The school looks wonderful, the students and staff are very happy, and I must say that everyone who comes to look around comments on the flooring more than anything else. They assume it’s carpet, because it looks so smart, and they are astounded when I tell them it’s vinyl. The floor has pattern to it, which not only makes it look great, but it helps to hide marks. In terms of overall quality, it really is a huge cut above the other vinyl flooring we were looking at.

“In terms of comfort and noise reduction Altro Serenade is really helping, and anything that damps down the volume that the students create here is a huge plus for wellbeing. We find that furniture doesn’t mark the flooring, which means we can be so much more flexible in arranging the internal spaces without fear of damaging the flooring.

“I needed to be happy in my own mind that the flooring was tough enough for the continuous footfall, mud, dirt and potential scuffing it would be subjected to, so I put on my skiddiest shoes and took some time to see what it was made of. I struggled to make any marks on it, and I was amazed that a flooring that looked so good could also be practical and hard wearing.

“It cleans very well too, and comes up like new every time. I would recommend this flooring to anyone that wants a hard-wearing, great looking modern solution that also helps to reduce noise and increase comfort in the environment.”

Rockpanel Wood cladding

A brand-new sports hall with an authentic wooden façade look

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Rockpanel Wood cladding

Since February 2019, residents in the commune of Celles-en-Hainaut in Belgium can do sports, dance or take yoga classes in a brand-new sports hall with a look that clearly stands out from the rest. What makes this complex so unique? The building façade and the Rockpanel Woods boards that are applied. The façade panels stand out thanks to the variety in colours and dimensions.

Just next to the Maison de l’Entité in Celles, a municipal park and five outdoor sports areas, stood an old, dilapidated building in need of a face-lift. Architect Michel Meyrant went for a contemporary design that is perfectly integrated into the rural surroundings. It was quite a challenge, as the two main buildings were made of traditional materials such as brick and typical roof tiles while another more recent building consisted of concrete and corrugated sheets.

Rockpanel 04/2019 Sale de Sports Celles Rockpanel WoodRockpanel 04/2019 Sale de Sports Celles Rockpanel Wood

Rockpanel Woods available with A2 fire class rating.

Four designs from the Rockpanel Woods range were used for the new sports hall: Ceramic oak, Carbon oak, Rhinestone oak and Slate oak. The ‘treehouse school’ (NL) was a great source of inspiration. The panels with authentic wood designs were applied to the façade in various thicknesses and sizes to create a playful effect. A first for A3MENUISERIE, the company that applied the façade cladding: “The installation was more than unusual. We cut the panels to various dimensions in our workshop (heights of 30, 27, 21 and 14 cm) and then mixed up the colours and thicknesses. It resulted in a unique design.”

Rockpanel 04/2019 Sale de Sports Celles Rockpanel Wood

Rockpanel Woods façade boards are made from compressed basalt stone fibres with a water based paint. The boards are robust, and durable and self-cleaning. They are as easy to install as if they were made of real wood – they are light weight and can be cut and installed with traditionally tools also used for wood. Rockpanel Woods are available with A2 fire rating and can therefore complies with newest UK fire regulations.

An extraordinary project 

The building really catches the eye. Day and night! Michel Meyrant: “The sports hall is naturally lit by large aluminium windows fitted with awnings. These give the building a contemporary look and support the comfort of the users. In the evening, the façades are enlightened by LED spotlights.” The sports hall includes a multipurpose room for various sports activities (dance, yoga, gymnastics, etc.), three changing rooms, a bar with a storage area, public toilets and a toilet for the disabled. 

Everyone involved in the project is extremely satisfied with the end result. “It’s a really lovely building and a great reference for our company,” A3MENUISERIE concludes.

 Do you want more information about Rockpanel Woods façade boards or order a sample?

National Domelight Company Lunaglaze PVC in Grey Electric Hinged open

New Antracite Grey Flat Glass Rooflights from just £379

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Image 8Maximise the daylight in a property with Lunaglaze modular fixed glass rooflights, designed to fit directly to a builder’s timber kerb or a with a supplied PVC kerb.

This easy-to-install solution has a PVC glass construction with fully sealed double-glazed units and delivers a combined unit U-Value of 1.26 W/m2K.

Lunaglaze PVC in Grey Electric Hinged closedSupplied in a stylish Anthracite grey finish, it is available in 14 stock sizes to ensure fast dispatch, including next-day delivery, and comes with a 5-year warranty. Available fixed, manually hinged & electrically hinged from both the top only and supplied kerb options.

Make a room feel bigger, lighter and airier with this cost-effective flat glass solution, which allows optimum natural light into a space.

Order from just £379 today at  

Lunaglaze PVC in Grey Electric Hinged openLunaglaze at a glance:

  • NEW Anthracite Grey finish – external
  • Clear glazing
  • Double glazed Toughened/Laminated glass
  • Fixed, manual or electric hinged options
  • Combined Unit U-Value 1.26 W/m2K
  • Carriage paid (no additional carriage charge)
  • Can be installed to a builder’s upstand or Lunaglaze proprietary upstand
  • 14 stocked sizes for next day delivery
  • 5-year warranty

For advice on the right rooflight for your project, contact us on 0800 019 4493

Our Technical Team can also provide advice and support on industry policy and regulations, as well as give guidance on the most thermally efficient way to introduce natural light into your project.