Eurocell aims to recycle 3.5 million frames this year

Eurocell aims to recycle 3.5 million frames this year

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These days, the word “sustainability” seems to crop up everywhere. Whether that’s in news reports, magazine articles, advertising campaigns or emblazoned on the side of lorries. But is it just another business buzzword, or are we genuinely making a shift in the way we think and act, in order to protect and preserve the world we live in for future generations?

Building Magazine_Solus_Newsletter_Feb21_Image_Recycle3While “Green Issues” like recycling and sustainability were on the fringe 20 years ago, these days they’re right at the heart of business with sustainability having a huge influence on every aspect of industry, especially at Eurocell.

PVC-U is a highly sustainable product, robust enough to be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without its quality or performance deteriorating, giving it a lifespan in the construction industry of 350 years.

At our recycling plants, we process up to 70,000 old PVC-U window frames per week, or around 39,000 tonnes per year. Once recycled, it is used to create a variety of new products, from thermal inserts to our revolutionary Modus window system. By doing this we are able to reuse almost 100% of our production waste.

2021 Targets

Despite 2020 resulting in a number of challenges – Eurocell Recycle still managed to recycle an impressive number of PVC-U frames. Like most businesses, Eurocell Recycle closed it’s doors for a few months in 2020 to keep it’s staff and customers safe, and put in Covid-secure work processes.

This being said, for the last 5 consecutive years, (2020 excluded) Eurocell Recycle has managed to beat it’s previous years total recycling number and we plan to make 2021 the biggest year yet, with a target of a record-breaking 3.5 million frames recycled.

The below video explains our closed loop recycling process and how we keep over 2 million frames out of landfill every year.

Closed Loop Recycling 2020

The recycling process makes PVC-U stronger

Building Magazine_Solus_Newsletter_Feb21_Image_Recycle5Products manufactured from recycled PVC-U are actually stronger than those made with virgin plastic because of the chemical transformation of the polymers it contains when it goes through the recycling process.

At our consolidated operations in Ilkeston and Selby, Eurocell Recycle now offers the largest and most complete closed-loop process in the UK for collecting and processing used PVC-U frames to be re-extruded and turned into new windows, doors and building products. Here’s how it’s done:

We support business that remove a large amount of frames per month, so if you want to sign up for this service and help us reach our recycling targets, please contact us on 0333 777 3042 to arrange a collection.

Graphenstone ecological paints

Paints in the Age of Graphene

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While its convenience is beyond doubt, we all aspire to end The Age of Plastic.

The damage has been viewed so disturbingly on our TV screens and with our own eyes on local beaches and roadsides. It pours into oceans, rivers, waste-dumps, towns and into the countryside, this unsustainable and constant tsunami of waste that takes a millenia to deteriorate, causing painful death to vulnerable fish, mammals and animals, pollutes our food chain and continues to cause widespread damage across the planet.

In my own sphere of decorative paints, for decades, plastic filled acrylics made from petro-chemicals have been the coatings of choice for so many. Low in cost, I learned directly from Kingfisher who own B&Q and over 1,300 stores across Europe, that the average paint buyer comes in with just one thought in mind; colour.

Most DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors too, have simply no idea just how damaging these paints are. In production, there’s huge CO2 output and an estimated 30 litres of waste-water per litre of paint produced (according to WHO). Of equal concern is the impact on the health of those both applying the paint (with incidences of respiratory and lung disease at 40% higher than the national average, including smokers) and those who live in the space, as the VOC’s (damaging volatile organic compounds) leach off the walls into the air you breathe, for years afterwards. Indoor Air Quality has finally become a significant and timely health issue.

Despite this, the vast and polluting world of paints has remained resistant to change for decades. The big acrylic conglomerates control the mass market. At the fringes lie the smaller brands, offering mineral or mineral acrylic hybrids but at prices out of reach for most consumers. The film forming characteristics of plastic allow for more intense cleaning, however being non-breathable, they are prone to cracking, flaking and the build up of damp and mould, as walls are prevented from releasing moisture build-up. Breathable minerals on the other hand, more expensive to mine but much healthier for the user, have their weaknesses since they are prone to being thin, brittle and less easy to maintain and clean.

A solution was needed!

Education; Graph Biosphere Lime copyIn 2012, a Spanish based technician working in the paints industry called Antonio Leon (Founder & CEO at the global Spanish HQ) got to work at Seville University seeking to combine the healthiest of minerals, such as lime and silicate, chalk and clay, with a new revolutionary technology, just released to the world for free. Made from pure inert carbon, it’s called Graphene Technology.

The two Manchester based scientists, Novoselov & Geim, who discovered this remarkable material in 2004 are now Nobel prize winners. There’s talk of a new Age of Graphene, to usurp plastic. The first 2D element ever identified at just one atom, graphene is the strongest material on earth.

London project Biosphere Lime copy200 times tougher than tensile steel, flexible, stretchable and conducting electricity 1000 times quicker than copper, it’s a truly space age material, now on earth!

As a result of Antonio’s successful R&D, Graphenstone was born. Distributed now in 35 countries around the world, the company is at the forefront of development in mineral paints fused with graphene technology. This provides a structural support for the paints and primers, at the molecular level.  As a direct result of these recent technological developments, these sustainable mineral products are now Class 1 strength, washable as well as being extremely easy to apply. One of our ranges, called ‘Graflclean mid-sheen’, a natural ecological product, can even be scrubbed clean too.

Our technology lead time over the competition is already 7 years. We remain the only paints company utilizing graphene technology. Graphene allows our natural products to compete with the performance of acrylic products for strength. But in a far more sustainable, ecological and healthy way. No petro-chemicals, microbeads, formaldeyde, APEO, MIT or other nasties. Just harm-free, healthy and VOC free.

The lime in our products means that the air in your space is crisp and purified, with CO2 actively removed in significant volumes (Three 15 litre pots of our pure lime paint remove well over 10Kg’s of CO2!), enhancing concentration, health and well-being for all inhabitants.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 16.35.04 copyThe firm has over 18 globally recognised sustainable certifications, including the most prestigious, such as Cradle to Cradle Institute (Gold and Silver), Eculabel, Green Tag ‘A’, Health Platinum, Eurofins ‘Air Quality’ Gold and many others. Not a Green-wash but a Green-triumph. A unique profile of tests and certifications (all viewable on our website) to demonstrate the strongest credentials for sustainability, of any paints company in the world. These provide evidence of the highest level of care in product sourcing, energy and water use, local social responsibility and the manner in which these products die out at end of life. In other words,… from Cradle to Cradle.

Graphenstone Trade copyGraphenstone also offers over 1000 luxurious flat matt colours (all based on the NCS Natural Colour System range) which are Fireproof, breathable, free of smell, anti-bacterial, natural and ecological. With over twice the solid content (the aggregate that’s actually left on the wall) of some of our mineral competitors, you typically don’t need more than two coats. And the coverage and depth of colour is unbeatable. Click here to receive a Card showing the House Range of 96 shades

Graphenstone is the future of mineral paints. Join us and ‘Turn it Around’ for a healthier, more sustainable future.

Addaflex-R for Grosvenor Square Tree Pit Scheme

Addaflex-R for Grosvenor Square Tree Pit Scheme

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Addagrip approved contractor Street Tree Care Ltd was invited by Westminster City Council to install a durable resin bound surface for established trees in a busy pedestrian square in central London.

Grosvenor Square 1 Grosvenor Square 2 cmyk







The traffic island in Grosvenor Square, Westminster, was home to three large London Plane trees with problematic roots breaking through the central tree pit area and lifting the block surround causing a potential trip hazard in the pavement.

The requirement was for a resin based surfacing system that would give both high porosity and flexibility to address the issue without damaging the tree roots.

Grosvenor Square 6 cmyk Grosvenor-Square-7web







Addaflex-R, with its mix of natural aggregate and rubber was the ideal choice. A combined area of 50m2 of Addaflex-R in a City Grey blend was installed to the three tree pits resulting in a low maintenance, slip resistant porous paving that allows safe pedestrian access from the inner square to surrounding streets.

The work was completed in October 2020.

OMNIE underfloor heating


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gold stone housesThe timeless appeal of the Cotswolds’ honey coloured stone has been redefined by a bespoke development creating two new homes in the beautiful village of Long Compton, where OMNIE has provided building services packages featuring heat recovery ventilation and renewable heating.  The brace of luxury four-bedroom properties has been developed by locally based DG Carpenter on land adjoining an existing bungalow, using a stock of reclaimed Cotswold stone that the building company had stockpiled over a period of years: giving the project an authentic appearance not possible with reconstituted masonry products.

gold stone UFHHowever, while period properties in the area can be hugely costly to heat, the highly insulated cavity wall construction has just passed the mandatory air leakage tests with flying colours.  This means that air source heat pumps will  supply the domestic hot water and feed warmth to the OMNIE underfloor heating circuits.

Simon Carpenter, who runs the family firm their father established, with his brother Andy, reflects on the success of the project: “We bought the former gardens and tennis court, along with the old bungalow, from the owners who had already gained planning permission for two large homes.  It was our decision, though, to go for a high specification and make use of the local stone we had available, as the outer elevation to a cavity wall build, featuring insulating blockwork and 75mm interlocking foam batts which still leaves a clear cavity of 25 to 75 mm, depending on how long the tail is to each stone as we cut them. “

MVHR The Gold stone“We’ve managed to carry on building, despite some disruption to supplies due to the pandemic, with the full services package coming via Jewson’s branch in Chipping Norton, while AJS Plumbing did all the installation work.  OMNIE’s own engineer undertook the final commissioning in early August and we were also very pleased that the air leakage test gave us a score of 4 which is comfortably within the requirements of the Building Regulations.  The OMNIE heat recovery systems will make sure the occupants benefit from fresh air supply while also saving energy.”

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q heat recovery units offer industry leading performance figures yet fit neatly within a utility cupboard, while 90mm ductwork ensures ample air flow drawing warm moist air from the kitchen, utility and bathrooms, enabling them to supply tempered fresh air to the bedrooms and living areas.  Within the past year OMNIE has also revised its range of Smart controls, which include room thermostats and a phone app. offering occupants whole-house control for optimum energy saving and comfort.

For further information on OMNIE’s range of MVHR systems, heat pumps, intelligent controls and underfloor heating solutions please visit

Stannah Lifts

Stannah introduce new cost-effective passenger lift range, plus new finishes

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PB v2Whether looking for a lift for a building project, selecting the right passenger lift can be a challenge. This is why Stannah Lifts has introduced a new range of entry-level passenger lifts that are not only cost-effective but also much easier to specify. With new interiors across the range and a tailored consultative approach on lift selection, Stannah has long been a favourite for construction professionals looking for more personal service.

VF2Many different factors need to be considered to ensure that the selected lift is right for the building, and the lift specification, despite sometimes a myriad of choice, options and configurations, does not cause long-term headaches. Aesthetics and building regulations are not the only consideration. The number of people they will typically need to transport, the lift use and practical considerations such as space, building lifecycle and the number of floors are also factors to take note of. Increasingly, ticking off the checklist while understanding requirements for fire-fighting, evacuation and ensuring the correct specification for the building make lift selection confusing.

Latest new products. The same great legacy.

XtraliftSolusWith a 150-year legacy of delivering lifts to satisfied customers. A company that has been in business for this long knows how to constantly refresh products to stay ahead of construction trends and keep focused on its customers’ needs.

“We believe specifying the right passenger lift should be effortless. No one should have to compromise between performance, dimensions and design,” explains Alastair Stannah, Managing Director at Stannah Lifts. “That’s why we’ve simplified our offering into the straightforward Maxilift range – for cost-effective, quick to specify and install traction lifts. And Xtralift, our extensive range of fully customisable traction lifts.”

CoB2“While all our lifts are built to the same high standards and comply with all regulations, we know that some projects require a simpler specification, delivery and installation process,”continued Alastair. “We’ve improved the manufacturing of our most cost-effective traction passenger lift and have focused on the most popular finishes and sizes with our Maxilift range. It is the perfect entry-level lift.”

The new core Xtralift range is designed to cater for projects that require much more flexibility, such as fire-fighting lifts for hi-rise housing and lifts that require an element of robustness, such as vandal resistant Category 1 and 2 compliant lifts. Or ensuring a lift meets a healthcare specification,  or evacuation requirements, Xtralift products give construction professionals more choice across lifts for between 4 to 46 passengers. Irrespective of the finish required, Stannah lifts remain as hard-wearing and energy-efficient as ever.


New sleek designs

MaxiliftSolusThe range also has brand new styling, a choice of finishes and new full height or half height car operating panels, plus smaller dimensions for the controller cabinet. The latest design of new displays with larger screens as standard, with optional TFT and remote update of multimedia content. Stannah specialises in creating beautiful bespoke lift finishes so we can design your lift to make a statement.

Whether you’re working with an existing lift shaft or developing a new building, there’s a Stannah lift to fit your space.

Why not take a look today.

Howe Green Roman Baths Floor access cover


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Roman Baths 3As one of the UK’s most visited heritage attractions, situated at the very heart of the City of Bath World Heritage site, the Roman Baths houses one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient world.

Its principle feature, the Sacred Spring, facilitates the rise of over one million litres of water each day at a temperature of 46°C. Excess water escapes through the spring overflow to the Roman Drain, before finally reaching the River Avon, 400 metres away.

As part of a significant redevelopment project to upgrade the visitor experience by displaying the Roman Drain and its impressive historical engineering, Howe Green’s innovative brushed stainless steel Floor Access Panels were specified to ensure the long term efficiency and effectiveness of the attraction.

Roman Baths 2Due to the Roman Drain being located below floor level, combined with the water’s high temperature and mineral content, the very nature of the development, which was managed by Scena Projects, presented a range of diverse challenges that required the highest quality building components to successfully overcome.

Manufactured to bespoke specifications in sizes of 5m x 0.5m, the two durable Howe Green Floor Access Panels were installed in parallel with robust sheets of glass, which act as both a walkway and viewpoint for visitors.

The bespoke Floor Access Panels allow steam to continuously escape from the drain, providing sufficient ventilation that eliminates the potential for the glass to become obscured by a build-up of condensation and mineral deposits.

The high quality panels also provide secure and safe access to underground services, with the stainless steel construction resilient enough to withstand heavy footfall, yet light weight to support easy lifting and handling.

Roman Baths 1Paul Norman of Scena Projects said: “Howe Green produced exactly what we asked for – the stainless steel Floor Access Panels have a high quality finish and are ideal for an application of this nature.”

The streamlined construction of the access panels also ensured flush installation in conjunction with the glass and surrounding hard flooring, ensuring compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Chris George, Business Development Manager at Howe Green, said: “The unique nature of this project required bespoke solutions that could facilitate the demanding requirements of such a unique Heritage Site. We are extremely proud to be part of such an iconic project, which is testament to the wide reaching capabilities of our robust manufacturing offering.”

As a member of the official Made in Britain organisation, Howe Green manufactures its extensive portfolio of floor access solutions at its UK headquarters in Hertfordshire to exact client and project specifications, meeting the functional and aesthetic requirements of any environment.

For further information on Howe Green’s high quality range of floor access solutions, visit or call 01920 463230.

Crittall Windows - Acton Town Hall

Acton Town Hall

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IMG_9284The conversion of a west London former town hall to include residential accommodation features Crittall windows, carefully designed to preserve the building’s original character.

The former Acton Town Hall, in Ealing London Borough, has been partly converted to provide a public library and leisure facilities but the Grade II  listed structure also now contains a range of apartments, some in a newly constructed infill site, but others occupying a carefully transformed original interior.

IMG_9243The prestigious building occupying a prominent corner site in the local town centre now provides more than 70 one, two, and three bedroom homes, many retaining period features from the original structure, including lofty 3.6 metre ceiling heights.

The building, which dates from 1909, was designed in an Italianate palazzo style, executed in locally made red bricks with Portland-stone dressings.  It features tripartite sash windows on the ground and second floors and casement windows to the first floor.

The ground and first-floor windows are set under heavy keystones and those on the first floor also have stone aprons. All the windows are set within stone surrounds.

For the refurbishment and conversion works the windows within the original building were replaced with Crittall Corporate W20 profiles. Timber subframes were installed with all these new windows as a planning requirement to ensure a like-for-like replacement. The subframe profiles were a bespoke item so as to match exactly the size and appearance of the original subframes.

IMG_9224 IMG_9232

Balconette’s Hybrid® Orbit Glass Balustrade System

Balconette balustrades frame sea views with a famous connection

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Ocean Drive - BPI 1aTantalising sea views are delivered through 171 metres of Balconette’s clear glass balustrading at these luxury modern apartments – with a famous connection – located on the prestigious North Foreland estate, one of the most desirable areas in East Kent.

Residents of the two contemporary apartment blocks at Ocean Drive, Broadstairs have private access to a secluded beach below via the famous ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ from John Buchan’s renowned novel of the same name, first published in 1915.

Ocean Drive was constructed on the site of a former cliff-top villa by developer Blueberry Homes, a company with a reputation for excellence in building quality new homes throughout Kent and the South East.

The top specification three-bedroomed apartments ranging in size up to 2,525 sq. ft, are split across two four-storey buildings, Sea Breeze and Sunrise, set in private gated grounds.

Ocean Drive - BPI 2Spacious balconies enhance each of the east facing apartments, making the most of outdoor space, Kent’s warm sunny summers and, of course, those fabulous unspoilt views to the water. Each balcony features Balconette’s Hybrid® Orbit Glass Balustrade System with its anodised aluminium circular handrail and base track – in Balconette’s proprietary Royal Chrome finish – together with 10mm Clear Toughened Glass.

Due to their size and run of glass, some balconies required posts. However, these were minimal as the Orbit System allows up to 3.3m balustrade runs without the need for posts. Where required, these posts were supplied in the Royal Chrome finish to match the handrails.

A popular choice, and particularly for homeowners and property developers in coastal areas, Balconette’s system is robust and designed to withstand the elements thanks to the use of corrosion-resistant materials, such as toughened glass and anodised aluminium profiles.

The balustrading specification also called for privacy screens, also supplied by Balconette. Required as part of the building regulations, the 1.8-metre-high Privacy Screens were specified with opaque glass, ensuring private outdoor spaces are not overlooked.

Ocean Drive - BPI 3Emphasising the exclusive design and providing effortless access to outside space for ground floor and upper floor apartments are eight inward curving Curvaglide® Curved Glass Sliding door systems. Making a clear statement and providing a stylish focal point to the interiors, these unique Balconette full-height doors, with frames finished in RAL7016 Anthracite Grey, create a contrasting gently curving shape within the building’s angular lines.

Commenting on their choice of balustrading supplier for one of Kent’s most prestigious newbuild residential developments, a Blueberry Homes spokesman said, “As a property developer of luxury apartments, we were seeking a high-quality glass balustrading solution for our project at Ocean Drive, Broadstairs.

“We came into contact with Balconette in summer 2018 and instantly saw that the quality and aesthetics of the Hybrid Orbit Glass Balustrade system fitted into our specifications. We were also impressed with the level of service and technical support that Balconette also had to offer.

“The all-round service of site-surveying, designing, manufacturing, and installing tailor-made glass balustrade systems for our project is reassuring and this delivered a result that met our client’s expectations. We see Balconette as a proficient and reliable partner that delivers a great-looking aspect to our properties.”

He added: “The glazed balconies allow the owners to perfectly view, enjoy and magnify the beauty of the morning sunrise.”


Indoor Air Quality concerns impact specifications for Paints and Coatings; Graphenstone

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Mineral and graphene technology paints company GRAPHENSTONE, are reporting sharply increased demand for their sustainable range of air-purifying, CO2 absorbing, VOC free hygienic paints.

The negative health ramifications from toxic petro-chemical, plastic based paints is becoming more widely recognised.  Historically, the area of key interest from consumers was purely colour, with most not appreciating the ecological and health implications of this most basic of selection criterias.

Heavily polluting paint production processes, in addition to the highly negative impact in homes and offices of toxic fumes on Indoor Air Quality from solvents and VOC’s went unrecognized.  After painting, are you aware that the VOC levels in your space can increase by up to 1000 times?  Manufacturers did react to some of the most damaging issues of the past decades, by for example removing lead content and some of the worst offending VOC heavy products, as regulations tightened.

Recently however, events are forcing changed at a much faster pace.  The widely publicised ecological crisis, so effectively documented by David Attenborough, Greta Thunburg and others, and now boosted by the recent Covid pandemic, are forcing much quicker developments.

Up until now, there was typically a compromise on performance in the selection of more ecological products.  Also, many manufacturers have attempted to climb aboard the ‘eco-friendly’ marketing bandwagon.  The majority of these brands have no genuine, independently verified certifications to support their claims which has resulted in an inevitable ‘green-washing’ backlash,… who can we trust?

Graphenstone have now secured more than 20 of the most recognised ‘harm-free’ certifications from the most eminent of product evaluation specialists globally.  These include Cradle to Cradle (certified Gold and Silver), Eurofins (Indoor Air Comfort Gold), Ecolabel and many others.

Cradle to Cradle Institute for example dig deep into all aspects of your product, for example down to 100 parts per million in respect to ingredients, the sourcing of materials, the efficiency and renewability of water and energy use in production, local social responsibility, as well as how the products die out; it’s a thorough, demanding and expensive process.

Graphenstone’s paints are also BREEAM, WELL, and LEED compliant and benefit from EPDs (European Product Declarations).  The firm has developed a unique profile in the paints market.  The range has no toxicity.  In fact these products actively CLEAN and PURIFY the air, the pure lime based ranges removing CO2, SOx, NOx and other pollutants.  What a total 180 degree turnaround from the polluting, toxic plastic based paints so widely specified in recent history.

Highly breathable, anti-bacterial (inhibiting all micro-organisms), Fire-proof (A1 EU, Class ‘0’ UK), Vegan, VOC free, Class 1 strength and in a range of over 1000 colours, we’ve created a beautiful matt lime based paint reinforced by graphene technology, a form of carbon which is the strongest material on earth.  With no smell as well as quick drying, these paints contain no chemicals, plastic, microbeads, solvents or preservatives, with no traces of MIT or BIT.  They are the Kings of Healthy and Sustainable paints.

To make the sustainable, environmental claim, the regularity of painting is crucial.  Consequently, strength is a fundamentally important asset in more ways than one.  Mineral products wouldn’t normally compete in respect to durability and life-cycle with synthetic-binder based paints (such as vinyl or acrylic).  And this would typically result in a negative footprint ecologically, given the requirement for more regular repainting.  However, via the introduction of graphene technology, providing structural support at the molecular level to the minerals, Graphenstone’s range offer Class 1 strength like an acrylic.  But with none of the negatives in production or application, ensuring clean air in homes and offices.

Once applied, our paints could stay on your wall in a healthy and sustainable condition, for decades!

The Graphenstone pure limes can absorb up to 5.5Kg’s of CO2 per 15 litre pot!  This offers the genuine concept of converting your walls into a natural air-purification system!  Acrylic, VOC heavy options offer only a constant emitter of toxic fumes, impacting on the health and respiratory systems of all those living in these spaces.  Graphenstone’s option can be compared to ‘painting trees’ into your house or office!

In conclusion, our message to designers is to carefully evaluate what product you specify.  Is it genuinely in the interests of the people who’s lives will be impacted by that selection.  Also, it’s a fundamental requirement now to check that the claims made by those brands you choose to work with can be independently verified and that the impact of your final decision is truly ‘harm-free’ for both, Nature, People and the Environment.

The future of clean, durable, advanced and sustainable paints is in fact available today.

OMNIE Underfloor heating system


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A development of three detached, five-bedroom homes in the market town of Raunds near Northampton is utilising renewable heat packages featuring air source heat pumps, delivered by whole house systems specialist, OMNIE, part of the Ridgespear Group.   The solution, for Tophaven makes use of quiet running heat pumps positioned at the rear of each home, with OMNIE’s Staple underfloor heating system installed over Cellecta Tectris insulation on the ground floor slabs with the manufacturer’s versatile LowBoard panels and pipework serving the bedroom levels.  All of the installation has been carried out by the developers in-house team, with OMNIE completing the commissioning work. The founder of Tophaven, Ian Johnson, commented: “We hadn’t made use of whole house underfloor heating systems before, because we were mainly building smaller houses, but with larger properties like these and the general move towards more sustainable and low carbon heating systems, we got back in touch with OMNIE to consider their heat pumps solutions. I feel that taking a complete package is definitely the best, where you get everything sized correctly for the building’s requirements based on the heat pump’s output. OMNIE’s technical side has always been very good and not only are we pleased with the outcome here, we’re just starting another project with a similar set up.”

Tony Sexton of Tophaven commented: “This is my first experience of installing the OMNIE underfloor heating systems, but I think the systems are exceedingly good with well-designed diagrams for each floor and the LG heat pumps are also more straightforward than the other two types of air source I’ve previously fitted.  Although these are quite large, five bed properties, it was taking two days to lay the Staple system across the ground floor and four to five days for the upstairs, installing the LowBoard across the main decking and fitting the pipework into the channels before connecting up to the manifolds and then laying the plywood finish “

“The layout drawings were easy to follow and where I did have any issues the OMNIE engineer, Dave Thomas, provided answers immediately.  The residents who have moved into the properties are all very pleased with the output and comfort.”

While the Staple system is covered by a conventional screed, the LowBoard circuits are being overlaid with 6mm plywood, ready to take either laminate flooring or a rubber underlay in the areas being carpeted.  The LowBoard panels are a widely specified and very popular product within OMNIE’s Ultralow offering with an overall panel depth of 21mm, accommodating 12mm diameter pipe runs.  This offers low water volume, while the relatively small diameter pipe is also easy to push into the precisely routed board profiles.   OMNIE underfloor heating systems are ideal for delivering efficient and comfortable warmth within well insulated, new or refurbished buildings, while helping ensure its various ground or air source heat pump options, or other renewables, run at optimum efficiency.

OMNIE can provide consultants and contractors with a full specification, design and supply service for projects in the domestic, commercial and other sectors.



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