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Fillers with forethought

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Toupret’s professional-quality range of task-specific fillers was designed because this long-established company knows that filling is much more than a one-size-fits-all afterthought. Experienced builders and developers know that a good filler is an essential part of finishing the job well: reaching for one generic product for all jobs simply doesn’t get the same results.

JSF group packs with sloganOften being the invisible, but essential part of a job-well-done, filling deserves to be seen as the key to a perfect finish for a builder, designer or architect. Toupret allows quality tradesmen and tradeswomen to take this approach from the off, providing a product with history that improves the finesse of a build, renovation or repair. Toupret is part of getting the job right, rather than something to reach for when the job goes wrong.

Toupret has been dedicated to making fillers for the last 80 years, which means that the comprehensive range is built upon a wealth of practical, in-the-field experience. The brand’s product development focus is on producing and refining the best and its range of filling products is enough to keep any building, decorating or renovations business in dedicated go-to solutions.

Airspray RangeThe large range covers interior and exterior filling and skimming jobs, with repairing and levelling fillers sitting alongside fine surface fillers and wood fillers. They’re available in both ready-mixed and powder versions to ensure all bases are covered. In addition, Toupret’s new Joint, Skim & Fill range has been designed to perform perfectly on plasterboard jointing. The new Airspray spray-on plaster range ensures perfect results and quick application where there are large surface areas to skim or joint. This makes it perfect for large projects.

Easy to prep and apply, Toupret products are simple to sand to a precise, quality finish. They also do not shrink, flash or grin, which is a feature of many lesser fillers. You don’t want painters having to cover up, re-fill or re-paint filled surfaces again and again. Importantly, Toupret products comply with all key building regulations and standards, ensuring that construction jobs or repairs using them can comply to code.

enduit tout pret mars 2015 © Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

Toupret looks for challenges and seeks the finest solutions. This is backed up by the brand’s own team of Field Specialists, who are available to work with architects, specifiers or end-users as consultants to ensure that job is perfectly finished, whether it is a high-end home, commercial premises build or ongoing maintenance. Toupret’s aim is that building professionals can do the job once and do it well.

Builders, decorators and maintenance teams can access the results of years of top-class innovation and research by Toupret. Take a look at or call them for more specialist advice. The extensive Toupret range is available across the UK from leading builders and decorators merchants. So anyone can have access better fillers, get excellent results and, most of all, keep customers happy.


Death of the office: traditional workspaces to disappear in future, say half of UK residents

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Low rise office building

Almost half (49%) of UK residents believe that the traditional “office” will soon become obsolete as home and remote working continues to increase, according to a new report.

A further 60% said that the design of office buildings should factor in the possibility that they may need to be converted into homes in the future.

The survey of 1,000 UK residents has been published by Eurocell plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U window and door systems.

Respondents also highlighted a number of design trends that they felt were critical for the workplaces of the future:

  • 52% said designs that maximise natural light
  • 44% said buildings with good ventilation
  • 41% said windows that open
  • 34% identified soundproofing
  • 31% said access to outdoor spaces
  • 25% said communal areas

Set against a backdrop of the ongoing housing crisis – and the measures put in place by the government to tackle it – the Future Communities report reveals a range of consumer opinion on how the communities of the future should look.

Primary school kids standing in front of their school looking to camera, full length, low angleIn contrast to a waning popularity for office buildings and traditional work spaces, there was a clear preference for the construction of schools as cornerstones of the community. 81% of respondents stated that it’s important to include educational buildings within new housing development plans. A further one in three (30%) people stated that not enough is being done to implement this as it stands.

The report includes insights from five architects from practices BDP, Stanton Williams, TOWN and Urbanist Architecture. The panel discussed the potential for buildings to be built with a residential end-purpose in mind.

Analysing the findings, Doriano Chiarparin, architect at Stanton Williams, commented: “I’m not sure about the ability to repurpose every single workplace to make it become residential but I definitely think that we need to have loose fit buildings, so that there are spaces within the development that could become a shop, could become a workshop, could become a studio, could be something that if people set up a business they have a place to go.”

Modern office interior with city viewThe incredible rise of co-working spaces points to a step-change in the way that traditional office jobs are undertaken and this has been reflected in the findings of our research. Communities are no longer simply places to live but – given that many millions of people now work more flexibly or remotely – they are also places that need to accommodate for the 9-5, too. It’s vital that the construction industry takes note and tailor future residential developments to fit accordingly.

The research is part of Eurocell’s ‘Future Communities’ report which can be downloaded in full here.

Coo-Var Guard Coat paint

Floor & wall protection and prevention from the spread of germs

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FSL3We all know that the spread of germs can cause major problems, and not just in hospitals. Did you know that Coo-Var Guard-Coat inhibits the growth of bacteria including MRSA and E.coli? This creates a hygienic surface which can be easily washed.

As a two-pack system, Coo-Var Guard-Coat is tough enough to withstand testing environments such as hospital corridor floors and walls with all the bumping they get from trolleys and chairs etc. It will even withstand forklift traffic.

Basic CMYKBetter still, the silver ion technology will give anti-bacterial properties for the life of the paint. Available in 8 standard colours including clear. Special colours tinted to BS & RAL standards available to order.

Guard-Coat is ideal for use in areas where hygiene is important OR the spread of germs to many people is likely, such as:

  • Clinics/Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Care homes and Residential centres
  • Prisons
  • Hotels and Leisure establishments
  • Catering/Kitchen facilities
  • Public Buildings

138_W224_138_F_2Teal & Mackrill manufacture exceptional floor, problem-solving, industrial and marine coatings. We provide outstanding training and technical support and our brands include Coo-Var and Teamac. Established in 1908 we remain a family owned business and continuously modernise our production and distribution to deliver class leading quality and service.

For questions on Guard-Coat or any other products in the range please contact our helpful technical services team on 01482 328053



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LewesA development of five stylish townhouses in East Sussex three of which feature the traditional finish of slate hanging, fixed across Magply boards with horizontal battens, providing a substrate offering excellent weathering and fire resistance, as well as a secure fix.

The three-bedroom, three-storey properties are being built for BAOBAB Developments by Brighton based Magnificent Works Company, while John Pardey Architects (JPA) was responsible for their design.  Sub-contractor Oval Carpentry from Worthing is installing the 9mm Magply boards across timber studwork, infilling a steel frame, ready for the battens and an underlay.  Marley Eternit cement slates then complete the upper elevations.

Pivotal to the specification was the need to create a wall zone which can resist the passage of fire from outside the structure.  This is a role to which Magply is ideally suited: frequently being specified for flat developments and buildings in very close proximity to neighbouring properties.

Pete Humphry was the Project Architect for JPA a multi award winning practice which specialises in unique residential developments.  He commented: “The three townhouses are blockwork built up to first floor level with a steel frame above that and timber infill.  We originally considered using a rival fire resistant board until a colleague of mine brought in a sample of Magply from another of our residential projects where it was being used.  Basically Magply appeared to offer greater structural integrity whilst still providing fire protection behind the slates which was crucial.”

Despite offering good adhesion for render systems where required, Magply boards are very moisture stable thanks to their modified MgO formulation that also represents an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB sheets.  The production process keeps the chlorine content to just 0.01%, enhancing long-term durability.

Magply boards carry a variety of internationally recognized accreditations including for fire resistance and the recent award of a BDA Agrement certificate, confirming their fitness for new build homes.


Hepworth Clay specification and design guide

Hepworth Clay releases new one-stop-shop guide for designers and specifiers

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Wavin has launched its new Hepworth Clay specification and design guide to support designers and specifiers in choosing drainage solutions and adhering to the latest legislation and standards.

bpinewsimageguideThe new guide includes advice and tips on designing drainage layout, along with guidance on site access point positioning for future maintenance considerations. Designers and contractors will also be able to use the guide as a reference point for confirming that their plans are structurally satisfactory and for advice on how to ensure the suggested system has adequate hydraulic capacity for proposed and future flows.

The design section of the also gives a first look at the new BS 9295 (just released) standard regarding recycled aggregates for bedding clay pipes, providing tips and advice on how to best take advantage of recycled aggregates to increase sustainability of a project without increasing risk.

bpinewsimagepipegroupPaul Wydell, Hepworth Clay Product Manager  Wavin, said: “The new guide provides much more than product details and installation information – we’ve designed it to be a helpful reference point that will help designers and specifiers transfer designs from the page to the site. It will help you every step of the way from concept to commissioning.”

The guide contains sample texts to help with easier and more accurate specification of clay drainage as well as technical notes on working with difficult site conditions. This helps to reduce reliance on specifications that have been copied from previous drawings and documentation with simple to use specification clauses.

bpinewsimagepipePaul added: “It’s a tool for both those that are familiar with the subject but need to update their reference material and those who are recently qualified engineers who need to build their knowledge and experience quickly and accurately. Essentially, it’s a guide that will protect the reputation of your client, the practice and yourself all rolled in to one.”

To download the guide or request a hardcopy, visit:

For more information on Hepworth Clay visit or email


The easy installs that pack extra punch

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Installers rely on customer satisfaction to build up a solid base of repeat business and a steady stream of referrals. So, the quick installs that deliver extra benefits for their customers are always going to be useful weapons in their armoury.

Going above and beyond the norm, they tend to give stockists opportunities for bigger margins, too. So, display them loud and proud at the counter and make sure your staff are briefed to help sell them.

Here are a few ideas:

Swapping out ugly old outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be pretty _ this will hardly show against a white soffit background_even the reflector plates are pure whitePeople soon become used to the convenience of automatic outdoor lighting but, after a few years in our wet climate, the units can begin to look a bit tired. Even plastic lights have metal parts liable to rust.

The wiring is already in place, making selling in the idea of a replacement easy, but Just fitting like for like is kicking the can down the road – the same problems of corrosion, stains on rendered walls and cloudy windows will soon recur. Instead, installers can make a real difference by choosing to rust resistant models for damp areas where old lights are rusty.  They can also add value by improving the looks of the property, choosing sleeker, windowless designs and perhaps all-white models to blend in better with rendered walls or for mounting on soffit boards.

 Adding new ways of controlling outdoor lighting

A neat idea - connect the RF controller for outdoor LEDs behind a standard switch No beed to conenct to the mainsIs the power switch for outdoor lighting in the right place for customers? Often you’ll find it next to the door, but why not offer less-mobile customers the option of remote RF control. With the Timeguard remote fob it’s also possible to ‘hide’ the RF remote inside any normal light switch, which won’t need to be connected to the mains or chased in – and of course it will never get lost! Leads from the remote are simply connected to the switch terminals and users can control their lights from a wall switch in any convenient location (The RF fobs described here are designed to work with the Timeguard LEDPro range of modular outdoor LEDS, with mix-and-match master and slave floodlights and a choice of PIR, photocell or RF control plug-in modules.

Switch off and save

Timing_fused sur protection_wifi control_all in one nand WiFi controlWherever there’s a fused spur, installers can save lives and money by making sure appliances like dangerous irons or expensive heaters won’t be left on accidentally. Simply replace the basic spur wire-for-wire with a device that also offers programmable time control.  With these fused spur time switches, installers can add hard-wired programmable time control to virtually any device or appliance in the home.

An alternative approach allows a boost timing – the device counts down and switches off automatically while still, of course, providing all-important fused spur protection.

Automatic wall switches are an easy retrofitSwitch smarter

Light switches can be put to work as well, with integral PIR and time control. Again, replacing basic switches with these smarter devices could hardly be easier, but the benefits to end users are immediate and obvious.





WiFi for all

Control heaters and immersions from your phoneWiFi is the name of the game – and it seems you’re nobody unless you can switch something at home on and off from your phone these days. For most people, it is the heating that they want to manage, usually turning it on ahead of schedule if they are heading home earlier or delaying it if they’ve decided to stay out.  There are many devices on the market to do this but perhaps the least expensive and simplest approach is adding WiFi functionality to the devices end users are going to need anyway: the fused spur timers,  hard-wired time switches and thermostats. Again, the market will get more crowded but, coming back to what we said at the very start of this article, an installer relies on satisfied customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. Whatever they fit has to be reliable. The hardware is one thing – and branded quality will rarely let you down – but don’t forget the importance of the software Apps that control WiFi devices. An App needs constant reviewing debugging and updating. Without that, customer satisfaction soon goes out the window, and returns pile up on your counter.

And look out for a new range of WiFi Accessories with the Timeguard difference coming this Summer.

Do encourage installers to take advantage of these nice little earners, but make sure you have their backs by supplying great products for them.

Bilco SKY Flatglass smoke vent

The sky is the limit with Bilco UK’s SKY Flatglass smoke vent

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Bilco UK is supporting specifiers, architects, engineers and facilities managers in achieving the highest standards in safety, efficiency and aesthetics with the launch of its new SKY Flatglass smoke vent.

SKY Flatlight 006 copyThe innovative product, which can be installed on flat roofs across a wide range of commercial and residential building types, offers professionals a diverse ‘three in one’ solution, as it can be utilised as a smoke vent, roof access hatch and rooflight.

Suitable for installation on new build developments or retrofitted onto existing projects, the CE marked smoke vent can be wired into the Building Management System to provide a fully compliant solution that will automatically open in the event of a fire or smoke.

The SKY Flatglass is fully compliant with all relevant building regulations outlined in Approved Document B and is tested to BS EN 12101-2 to support professionals in achieving constant compliance in line with latest legislations.

Unlike many competitor products that use polycarbonate,  the smoke vent features a single leaf flat glass sliding cover, offering a functional yet aesthetic approach to natural smoke ventilation, particularly for exposed areas where a hinged opening may not be suitable.

The streamlined flat glass enables the smoke vent to also be utilised as a rooflight, flooding interior spaces with natural light. When used in conjunction with a fixed ladder, it can also be utilised as a roof access hatch, opening to 180 for safe and secure access.

sliding flat copyThe latest range has been tested for impact resistance, meeting standard BS EN 1873: 2014 Class SB1200. This is achieved through its innovative construction, which features a top layer of toughened glass, spacer filled with 90% argon and a low-E laminated glass layer. This is combined with a lightweight external white powdered coated aluminium frame and internal frame of reinforced PVC.

Every element of the SKY Flatglass’ construction has been developed with thermal efficiency in mind. This includes a polyester upstand that is fully insulated for weathertightness and an inner layer of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass that reflects infrared and ultraviolet light from inside the building.

This prevents the light from escaping, without minimising the level of light that enters, controlling the high thermal performance of the product, while simultaneously maintaining an attractive design. An optional third layer of glass, which can also be solar control glass, can be specified upon request.

The standard size of the new SKY Flatglass smoke vent is 1000 mm  x 1500 mm, which provides a 1m² clear vent area. Bilco UK is also able to offer this product in special sizes to meet individual specification requirements. This includes optional motors and upstands, which are available upon request by contacting its team of inhouse designers, engineers and technical estimators.

James Fisher, Managing Director of Bilco UK, which is part of the Access 360 division of ERA,  said: “Our new SKY Flatglass sets the standard within the industry for safety, thermal performance and efficiency. It demonstrates our continued investment in product development, as part of our wider commitment to providing the highest quality smoke ventilation and access solutions to professionals serving and maintaining the built environment.

“We look forward to working with our clients over the coming months throughout the specification and delivery stages to introduce our new SKY Flatglass smoke vent and the wide range of benefits it has to offer.”

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit or call 01284 701696.

Schöck O2 Arena on Greenwich peninsula

Creativity from Schöck at new Greenwich Design District

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GDD HR 2The O2 Arena on the Greenwich Peninsula has a new neighbour – Greenwich Design District – providing 14,000sqm of affordable studios and workshops for creatives working across areas as diverse as design, fashion, art, music and digital technology. This pedestrianised, vibrant neighbourhood, comprises sixteen free-standing buildings, situated around five courtyards and a central public square. With the exception of the single level Food Hall, the buildings range in height from three-to-five levels and are a mix of reinforced concrete, structural steel and cross-laminated timber.

Minimising thermal bridging is crucial

Improved thermal performance is becoming increasingly important in large new build developments and the prevention of thermal bridging has a huge role to play. Ineffectual insulation at cantilever connectivity points results in local heat loss, requiring more energy to maintain the building’s internal temperature. Low internal surface temperatures around the thermal bridge can also cause condensation, leading to structural integrity problems with absorbent insulation products and the potentially serious occurrence of mould growth

Design freedom from Schöck

GDD HR 3As the leading international supplier of structural thermal breaks, Schöck has hundreds of variants in its Isokorb range, offering a solution to practically any design detail. The predominating Isokorb at the Design District is for concrete-to-concrete, but not all of the requirements were so relatively straightforward. Building C1 is a prime example.  Set on the east side of the main entrance, this three-level workshop and studio building has a basketball court on the roof. It has unusually deep floor zones, several large cantilevered elements and a steel mesh enclosure supported on a braced-steel frame around the court, which utilises Isokorb elements for concrete-to-steel detailing. There is also an external staircase and concrete cantilevered walkway. Where the walkway encloses the staircase, there are particularly large cantilevers and here the walkway slabs, supported by a main beam, enclose cast-in steel beams and three cross-beams. These are bolted back to the structural slabs using Isokorb units for steel-to-steel construction and steel construction-to-concrete slabs.

Large capacity thermal breaks required

GDD HR 1Building D1 is a community of studios, workshops and office spaces, which structurally consists of robust concrete slabs – with trees located on the external decks. Some extremely large capacity structural thermal break elements were developed to take the loads. Other buildings that incorporate Schöck Isokorb solutions are A1; which marks the main access to the Design District. D4, with its tall slim facade; and A4 on the western edge of the site, which welcomes visitors with a large roof-mounted illuminated sign.

Totally verifiable performance

The comprehensive Schöck Isokorb range enables concrete-to-concrete, steel–to-steel and concrete-to-steel detailing.   And there are solutions too that provide a maintenance-free alternative to wrapped parapets; along with a product which thermally insulates connections for reinforced concrete walls and columns. Products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations, have NHBC approval and offer LABC Registration. There is also the security of independent BBA Certification.

 For a free copy of the Schöck Thermal Bridging Guide; the Schöck Specifiers Guide or to view the  range of downloadable software, contact Schöck on 01865 290 890  or visit the website at

Eurobrick Brick slip cladding

Meeting UK energy efficiency targets with Eurobrick

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The BBC recently reported that nearly two thirds of UK homes fail to meet long-term energy efficiency targets, with more than 12 million homes falling below the C grade on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Due to the amount of older housing stock in the UK, built before 1990, experts say retrofit measures are needed to address the situation if we are to meet the 2050 net zero carbon target, which was made law in June 2019.

There are many UK companies that can help with retrofit solutions, providing a number of different cladding options. However, much of the UK’s older housing stock is traditionally brick built and while rendered options can be a solution, it is not always desirable. A brick finish is synonymous with British housing, and is often the preference of many if not a requirement for local planning.

Eurobrick has been leading the retrofit brick slip cladding market for 30 years. They offer two external wall insulation systems – X-Clad and V-Clad. The backer panels used for both these systems are excellent insulators and have proven to save energy and reduce heating bills. Both panels have a BRE Green Guide Rating of A and can be supplied in a range of thicknesses up to 100mm to help meet the energy saving targets of a project. X-Clad has been independently certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and is LABC (Local Authority Building Control) registered.

These systems can include a brick or stone finish and can be retrofitted directly to an existing masonry wall. Eurobrick provide a wide range of finishes, as well as mortar and tools to help with application and are able to offer advice on choosing or sourcing the right brick slips for your project.

Before and After image

Thermal images

EuroBrick_Wilford_Drive_13_LR - BEFORE

Before installation of Eurobrick’s X-Clad system

This 1930’s house in Wilford, Nottingham, is a good example of much of the housing stock in the UK. With solid brick walls it was poorly insulated and, as you can see from the thermal images, it was losing a significant amount of heat through the walls.

After installation of Eurobrick’s X-Clad system, using a majority of 75mm thickness insulation panels, you can see a definite improvement in the heat loss. The owners of the house reported that they benefitted from reducing their energy bills by one third following the installation, as well as reducing condensation significantly and providing an overall improved living environment.



After installation of Eurobrick's X-clad system

After installation of Eurobrick’s X-clad system

The homeowners chose Rustic Red Charcoal multi with a detail band of Smooth Anthracite, from Eurobrick’s Britannia Range and the brickwork was pointed using a mid grey mortar. They were thrilled with the energy saving results, the fact that they were able to live in the house as normal while the work was carried out, and that following a property valuation, the rejuvenated exterior had added kerb appeal and value to the property too.

Brick slip cladding provides an excellent solution to help UK homes meet energy efficiency targets as well as providing a facelift for some of the country’s aging housing stock.



Crittall Windows Best of Houzz Certificate

The Annual People’s Choice Award from the Houzz Community Highlights Home Renovation and Design Professionals with Most Popular Designs and Top Ratings

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The world’s leading supplier of steel windows and doors was chosen by the millions of homeowners that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.5 million active home building, renovation and design industry professionals.

UK Best of Houzz Certificate_DesignCrittall will be highlighted on the Houzz website and app. Also, a “Best Of Houzz 2020″ badge will appear on winners’ profiles as a sign of their commitment to excellence.

The Best Of Houzz badge is awarded annually, in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design awards honour professionals whose work was the most popular among the Houzz community.

“This year’s Best Of Houzz awards go to an incredibly talented and service-oriented group of home renovation and design professionals, and we’re proud to highlight the winners on the Houzz website and app,” said Inés Cid, Managing Director for Houzz UK. “This award is particularly meaningful as it reflects the sentiment of the millions of homeowners in the Houzz community who are hiring home professionals for their projects across the UK and around the world.”

Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows comments: “Crittall is delighted to have received this prestigious award. We pioneered the original, iconic steel window frame over 170 years ago and are proud that Crittall was chosen by so many homeowners in the Houzz community who are hiring home professionals for their projects across the UK and globally.”

Follow Crittall Windows on Houzz