Glasdon Nexus Evolution City Quad Recycling Bin

Designs for a Cleaner, Safer & More Sustainable Environment

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At Glasdon, we have over 60 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying essential products which can improve spaces, enhance site safety and help to support waste management systems and recycling.

Glasdon UK serves over 50,000 customers throughout the whole of the UK. As a company, we are committed to constantly evolving, to meet the specialised demands of our customers.

Pembridge Picnic TableGlasdon are passionate about the environment and committed to improving our environmental impact. Dedicated to integrating sustainable and ethical practice into our day-to-day activities, Glasdon aim to be an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible member of the local and global community.

New product development has been a defining element throughout our history. We are continually enhancing our product range and pave the way in the market by introducing unique products. Working together with our innovative design team, we want to provide real world solutions, tailored to meeting our customers’ needs.

We design our products to have a long service life and wherever possible they are made using recycled and recyclable materials. Researching and implementing new sustainable technologies and manufacturing processes allows us to achieve this. The vast majority of our products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom which helps ensure our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

nexus-stack-stackable-6-stream-recycling-bins-mixed-paper-general-food-can-bottleAssisting with implementing and adopting practices to help keep areas tidy and litter free, Glasdon have a large selection of indoor and outdoor waste and recycling containers, available in a selection of styles, sizes and colours to suit all requirements.

Implementing a recycling solution that helps users segregate waste efficiently will really help boost recycling rates. Ideal for offices and indoor facilities, our new Nexus® Stack Recycling Bins are available in single, double and triple-stack configurations for up to 6 individual waste streams. Choose the apertures and graphics you need to create the ideal sorting system for your organisation’s needs.


Nexus Evolution City Quad Recycling BinAnother exciting addition is the new Nexus® Evolution City Recycling Bin. This external recycling bin is the perfect solution for the collection of up to four separate recycling streams in one large capacity container. With 3 models, 5 configurations and over 50 interchangeable apertures available, the Nexus Evolution City is set to become one of the most flexible external recycling bins on the market!

Create inviting and sustainable outdoor spaces where you need to with seats, benches and picnic tables manufactured from recycled materials. Glasdon Enviropol® material is predominantly produced from post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene. This means the Enviropol slats on one of our seating products could contain as many as 102,420 recycled bottle caps!

For more information, visit our website to view our full product range, or contact our sales team

Crittall Windows

World Art Deco Day celebration

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LICHFIELD 01As architects, designers and lovers of beautiful buildings prepare to celebrate the very first World Art Deco Day Crittall Windows is pleased to mark its contribution to some of the UK’s most iconic examples of this eclectic style.

Russell Ager, Managing Director of Crittall Windows, says: “Our windows have helped to define some of this country’s best loved heritage buildings and are synonymous with the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s.”

Not only do the company’s slender steel frames feature in many of the surviving original structures but Crittall has also been called upon to supply like-for-like replacements where restoration projects seek to retain the appearance while upgrading to meet modern day thermal and acoustic performance requirements

Art Deco landmarks such as the Hoover Building and Battersea Power Station were designed with Crittall windows. In other projects such as Gateshead’s Baltic Flour Mill, steel framed fenestration was added when the building was saved and sensitively re-designed as a major arts centre.

LICHFIELD 02Battersea Power Station was built with steel windows punctuating the brick clad elevations of the boiler houses, turbine halls and control rooms. The redeveloped site features Crittall windows in the first new-build bar and restaurant in the locality where MW40 windows & doors were specified precisely to reflect the area’s industrial heritage.

New Crittall windows were added to the north and south elevations of the transformed Baltic Flour Mill that sits alongside the River Tyne at Gateshead. Blending with the traditional architecture the full height fenestration now floods with daylight what was previously an enclosed space.

Less well-known Art Deco gems include Pegasus House, Bristol. Built in 1936 to house the employees of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, it boasted 430 Crittall windows, all of which were replaced with their modern equivalent – the Corporate W20 system – when the building was saved from its dilapidated state in a restoration several years ago.

Lichfield 3And two housing estates, one in Wilmslow, Cheshire, the other in Richmond, south London, provide examples of Streamline Moderne, an offshoot of the Art Deco movement. The Grade II listed Appleby Lodge in Wilmslow, designed in 1936, features characteristic cantilevered balconies and curved cornices. During a recent refurbishment the original single glazed Crittall windows were upgraded with a mix of Homelight Plus and Corporate W20 systems.

By contrast, Litchfield Court in Richmond features layers of long horizontal white painted balconies that give the buildings the appearance of an ocean liner, also characteristic of the Streamline Moderne style. Crittall replaced all its original windows throughout the estate, including a few inappropriate installations that had been added in intervening years, returning the blocks to their pristine, original appearance.

HEWI LifeSystem

Redesign: HEWI LifeSystem with new design language

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hewi-lifesystem-barrierefreies-bad-profisystem-pflege-2The professional system for care from HEWI has a new look. The flexible, adaptable and expandable system impresses with a modern design language in the new design. The chrome accents have been retained as a design element and stand as a recognition value for the system. The design language puts people in the foreground and promotes the independence of the user. Additional functions that can be combined individually, such as the height-adjustable plate for the seats and hinged support rails, also guarantee comfortable use of the products for everyone.

Glossy design – matt functional areas

hewi-lifesystem-farbvarianten hewi-lifesystem-stuetzklappgriff-weiss







In terms of design, the new look relies on a combination of matt and glossy surfaces. Glossy, smooth surfaces are particularly hygienic. Matt surfaces, on the other hand, impress with their soft feel and provide a better grip. The hinged support rails can be ordered in different colour variants according to individual wishes. You can choose from white-white, white-anthracite, anthracite-white and anthracite-anthracite. The surface of the bracket is glossy powder-coated. The surface of the handle pad is matt. This combines the aspects of hygiene and haptics in one product and increases comfort for the user. To support this, the grip pads can be purchased with a non-slip, ergonomically shaped, raised grip piece. The highlight is the chrome disc on the joint, which provides reflective accents.

HEWI LifeSystem

hewi-lifesystem-duschsitz hewi-lifesystem-stuetzklappgriff-wc










HEWI LifeSystem is the system for care. It focuses on people and their needs and promotes the independence of users. The products from the intelligently, aesthetically designed system can be individually adapted to the user’s body dimensions and were developed according to ergonomic and kinaesthetic aspects. Due to their functionality, flexibility, easy care and robustness, they support care staff in their daily work and thus make LifeSystem a professional system for care.

Delta Membrane

Specifying Fire Retardant Structural Waterproofing Systems

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Paying attention to waterproofing products which offer protection in event of fire is not the norm.  We hardly think of water management and fire in the same thought, however the benefits of doing so are not quite as crazy as it sounds.

The demand for sustainable, cost efficient building methods and materials is constantly increasing, as is the demand for safer building materials.  The waterproofing sector should embrace and support the goal of creating healthy and safe living environments throughout the lifecycle of products.

There are many different design challenges experienced when designing a suitable, maintainable and capable waterproofing system.  From existing basements to multi-level basements – basements which will encompass high water tables at some stage during their service life.

8 copyWith Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant membrane it is now possible to specify a Type C, Cavity Drainage Membrane that offers not only protection from water or vapour ingress but also protection in the event of fire.

Video Stills-17 copy Video Stills-03 copy







Comparison of Class E Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane and Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant with naked flame

The Delta Fire Retardant range has been manufactured with DELTASAFE, a new innovative fire-retardant property which enables our MS 500 membrane to achieve a Euroclass rating of B-S2, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018 meaning it is now possible to specify a Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane that meets building requirements of today, but also that of tomorrow, without having to radically alter specifications.

Video Stills-12 copy Video Stills-06 copy







Comparison of Membrane Fixing Plug and Delta Ultra Fix Fire Retardant Fixing plug with naked flame.

A Type C Cavity Drainage System is a maintainable basement waterproofing solution suitable for new-build basements, refurbishment and retrofit projects. The Type C System comprises of a Cavity Drain Membrane, Drainage system, Submersible Package Pump and Control System. This type of system is designed to combat water ingress and can be used to habitable grades 1-3 in according to BS 8102:2009.

The Delta Fire Retardant Type C Cavity Drainage System is the safest form of waterproofing system available, offering complete protection from water or water vapour and fire retardant protection.

Our Design and Build Philosophy is quality driven, working with architects and trades alike, putting at the forefront construction considerations to ensure buildability, functionality, and maintainability. The result of this single approach is a consistent, complete, and quality design that is hard to equal.

The success of any project is highly influenced by the team tasked with delivering it, let our Technical Team assist in you in your successful project.   We don’t wait for problems to arise and then work to solve them; we identify them in advance and solve them before they become a problem.

Whatever the needs of your project, you can rely on Delta’s Technical Team to ensure you get the right advice, support and practical help at exactly the right time to keep you ahead of the competition.  Call us today on 01992 523 523 or email

Howe Green Access Covers

Howe Green floor access covers are fit for royalty at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

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As part of the Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Queen’s Hospital, Romford, operates a full A&E service, trauma centre, hyper-acute stroke unit and one of the largest maternity units in the country.

The £261 million construction comprises of 4,500 rooms located across four storeys, which together deliver a diverse range of high quality specialist acute services to the population of East London.

Throughout the construction process, the specification of building components that could withstand the continuous level of high footfall, combined with additional hygiene considerations, were essential to ensuring the long term safety and operational efficiency of the hospital, its employees and their patients.

Queens Hosp Romford 2007As part of this brief, over 200 of Howe Green’s unique Visedge® Series floor access covers were specified by Johnathan Bailey Associates throughout the entire hospital to provide permeant, secure and maintenance-free access to underground services, whilst also fulfilling the diverse range of requirements expected of such a demanding environment.

A key consideration at the initial specification stages was ensuring the access covers were low maintenance and not susceptible to rust or distortion. This would prevent any potential trip hazards for visitors or patients, whilst also ensuring the access solutions could withstand the high frequency of footfall, sanitisation and general cleaning required.

The cost-effective, lightweight aluminium Visedge® Series easily fulfilled these requirements, providing clean and concealed access to the underground services for the entire lifecycle of the building.

Queens Hospital Romford VisedgeThis was achieved through the innovative double-sealed frame construction of the access covers, which facilitates the prevention of dirt and water ingress by creating an impermeable, flat and permanent joint that bonds and welds the sheet flooring, rather than using an adhesive like other competitor products.

Compatible for use with flexible sheeting flooring systems traditionally used throughout the healthcare sector, including vinyl, linoleum, rubber and carpet, the resilient access covers feature crimped corners to enable both the cover and frame to lie completely flat for an unobtrusive, safe and secure finish. Bespoke fittings were also manufactured to ensure the access covers would facilitate a variety of square and rectangular cavities with small apertures for certain areas of the hospital.

To help streamline the process of gaining access to the underground services for the hospital engineers, whilst simultaneously minimising any potential disruption to visitors and patients, the use of lifting keys safely and securely raise the access cover. This also ensures compliance with all relevant health and safety guidance.

For further information on the Visedge® Series and Howe Green’s complete range of floor access solutions, visit or call 01920 463230.

Hauraton Drainage Channels at Wisley Car Park

Hauraton channels drain Blue Badge scheme parking bays at RHS Wisley

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On 10th June 2019, Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, opened the first phase of The Welcome Building and surrounding landscape at Royal Horticultural Society gardens, Wisley, Surrey. The new facility has transformed the experience for visitors to the gardens with new buildings including a spacious arrivals hall, café, shop, plant centre and a 100 seat restaurant. There are now three large car/coach parks including Blue Badge scheme easy access bays for visitors in park two.

Hauraton Wisley CarPark No 2 Blue Badge Bays HiresOne hundred metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® PRO 100 channel system, fitted with FIBRETEC® C250, 9mm HEELSAFE slot gratings, was used by groundwork sub-contractor GPB Construction Ltd to drain the asphalted Blue Badge parking bays for visitors. The channels were installed between the bays and the path leading to the entrance of the new arrivals hall.

Since its launched in February 2010, the RECYFIX® PRO 100 surface water drainage channel, featuring the innovative FIBRETEC® grating, has been specified and successfully installed in numerous United Kingdom drainage projects, including rail station platforms, public squares, shopping malls, sports-fields, tartan running tracks and many other commercial and private applications.

Hauraton Wisley RHS Drainage New entrance buildings HiresThe material, PA-GF used to make the FIBRETEC® grating, was especially developed by Hauraton; the tough, UV resistant, fibre reinforced moulding offers high stability and huge strength for its weight. Complying with loading category Class C250 (BSEN 1433) the grating can easily take the weight of cars and commercial delivery vehicles. The design is a real innovation as its non-corrosive material provides a visually appealing surface finish that retains its black colour.

The FIBRETEC® C250 HEELSAFE slot grating was specifically designed by Hauraton R & D engineers to enhance the flow of water into the channel. The slots are super smooth, elliptical openings with the moulded bars having slightly raised triangular bosses along their outside edges. As well as providing an elegant appearance, the feature ensures surface water is directed into the slots. This configuration also helps eliminate any cross-flow over the grating.

The RECYFIX® PRO 100 channel component is made from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP). The six sizes offered are 160mm wide and range in height from 75mm to 250mm with the FIBRETEC® grating factory fitted on all models. As the largest unit is only 5.8kg, the channelling is easily handled and quickly installed on site.

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Strand Technologies

Technology Strand leads to Company Launch

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Three leading Midlands entrepreneurs have joined together to launch a new venture – Strand Technologies – producing technology-based solutions for safety, security and control which can be used across a range of industries.

Catherine Franks, Paul Ryan and Simon Bowden all run and manage businesses within the door hardware and automatic doors sector and have previously partnered on other projects.

Logo Transparent BGThey have now launched Strand Technologies (April) to spearhead a range of products which can be used to monitor and remotely control a variety of operating systems including automated pedestrian entrances, access control systems, industrial doors, gates and shutters as well as road signage and refrigeration.

Catherine Franks is heading the company as Managing Director, overseeing day-to-day operations and aligning Strand Technologies entrance solutions market alongside her existing business, Strand Hardware.

Simon Bowden, who previously worked for GEZE UK, Record and GU Automatic Doors, has taken on the role of Commercial Director, managing sales and new product development, while RTR founder Paul Ryan, is Director for strategic support for business development.

The business, based in Walsall – the home of Strand Hardware, has iContact among its product range. This is a device which can be applied to any electro-mechanical operating system for remote monitoring, control and diagnostic management.

IMG_8496 Edit-2By connecting the ‘black box’ to automatic doors, industrial gates, shutters and barriers, it uses ‘real time’ information to enable remote or on-site diagnostics and operations via a digital user platform.

iContact has a variety of application interfaces including ‘virtual engineer’, safety reporting and diagnostics, ‘Sentry’ for safeguarding public buildings, and WebTAG for commercial and domestic remote management of buildings.

Strand Technologies also has the Virtual Usher – a range of products to manage volume and footfall entering buildings using a traffic light management process with a user platform to control occupancy rates.

Logo SmallSaid Catherine: “iContact was introduced to the market some years ago and was probably ahead of its time but it’s application has extended well beyond its envisaged initial use. We are continuing to develop the system to ensure that it can be fully integrated against technology standards across the globe.

“The pandemic has taught us that there is a need for technology-led solutions to be applied in real situations to enable efficiencies and cost-effective problem-solving. Strand Technologies gives us opportunities to fully focus and develop these types of products and systems to make life easier for the end user.”

Simon reinforces this view: “There is enormous potential within a product range of this type. It offers a great deal of versatility which means that it can be used across a wide range of industries with very specific needs.”

Added Paul: “We are delighted to finally unveil our plans for Strand Technologies. The demand for smart entrances is only going to increase and by harnessing the power of technology, we can extend our products to meet these needs.”

Over the years, the team have proven that they work well together and that business can also be “fun”.

In the lead up to the launch, the directors trickled out a social media ‘teaser’ campaign, ‘The Three Amigos’, which features their younger selves overlaid with hand-drawn illustrations of their personality types: angel, devil and joker.

Design 3“Although we are involved in a serious business, we are all of the same mind that it’s important to bring something of yourself to the table. We enjoy working within our industry and Strand Technologies creates a bridge to sell our products within a wider range of markets.

“Technology is the enabler – we are the problem-solvers,” she concludes.

Beavis Morgan

Huge cash rebates available across the Construction sector – Don’t miss out

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architect-3979490From architecture to contracting, groundworks to roofing, companies can claim up to a third of their costs back on challenging projects through a government scheme which so many businesses in the sector are missing out on.

The average Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief Scheme claim made by businesses in the UK is £200,000. This is not something to be overlooked.

Have you had to solve a problem or find a solution to a challenging project?  Have you had to trial new materials or prototype a design?  If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then the chances are you are entitled to money back from this kind of work – even if it wasn’t a success.

From design to build, the bespoke and technical nature of projects in the construction sector, and the constant challenges alongside increasing regulatory demands and sustainability objectives, often require creative thinking and innovation. This makes businesses in the sector ideal candidates for eligible R&D activity.

Our dedicated R&D Tax Relief team at Beavis Morgan works with a number of businesses in the construction sector, bringing valuable tax benefits to companies investing in innovation by identifying eligible activities, projects and costs, and then dealing with HMRC directly.

Qualifying R&D can be found across almost every segment of the sector. Here are some firms we have helped in the past few months:

  • Architecture firm – received £380k
  • Commercial steel frame contractor – received £150k
  • Groundworks and Civil Engineering firm – received £220k
  • Kitchen renovation specialist – received £150k
  • Electrical, Fire & Security specialist – received £180k

Introduced in 2000, the R&D Tax Relief Scheme enables companies to reduce their corporation tax bill  or receive a cash refund based on a proportion of their R&D expenditure. This can be applied from the business’ previous two financial years and used by both profitable and loss-making companies.

building-meeting-pixabay-416405The main objective of the scheme is to encourage companies to take on challenging projects, advance their knowledge, products and services and drive forward their industry and, in turn, the economy.

The scope for qualifying R&D is huge – it exists in almost every single sector. However less than 30% of eligible companies are aware of and utilise the scheme. Many companies are unsure about whether they are eligible, or they are unnecessarily concerned about the time it may take them to issue a claim.

With our team of technical specialists and tax professionals, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the construction sector and the ever-changing R&D legislation, we aim to significantly simplify the process for you, with minimal time input required on your part.

architect-energepiccom-110469So why not get in touch for an obligation-free consultation to confirm your eligibility and to gain an idea of your expected tax rebate or savings. It won’t cost you a penny … other than a potential lump sum of money back into your business to help you keep innovating.

Contact Rebecca Heap via email at for more information and to discuss your potential claim.

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Balconette Aerofoil Glass Balustrade System

Balconette Balustrade Opens up New Vistas and a Space to Socialise, all year round.

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Keeping beautiful views over three counties from the patio decking at this Herefordshire home was of paramount importance – and this smart Balconette balustrade fits the bill perfectly.

With the advent of better weather and easing of restrictions, this Balconette Aerofoil Glass Balustrade System creates a social space on patios where guests can lean on the slim but sturdy wing-shaped handrail, chat and admire the view.

Webb-herfd_RT1-webThe patio, complete with table and chairs, flows around a recently built orangery and is accessed via two sets of bi-fold doors.

“We needed a balustrade to protect the five-foot drop to the garden below, but didn’t want bannister rails or spindles as these would spoil the nice view. We wanted something that would blend in, but wouldn’t obstruct the view, which is why the Aerofoil System is absolutely perfect,” said owners Mr & Mrs Webb, who discovered Balconette browsing the internet and are now Balconette Ambassadors.

Although at first undecided whether to have a frameless balustrade system or one with a handrail, they are glad they opted for the latter. “With the rail on top, we do find that people tend to lean on it, look at the view and have a chat. It’s more social; so, I’m pleased we went with the handrail option.”

Glass Balustrade - Herefordshire_RT_webHaving spoken to the Balconette team about their requirements, the couple ordered the Aerofoil glass balustrade, which was fitted by their local builder. They also specified Balconette’s BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating, which ‘makes it pretty much maintenance free, it stays clean and tidy for quite a while’.

The 12 metres of glass balustrade features obtuse angles that follow the irregular shape of the patio, amply demonstrating the system’s versatility. The handrail and base track are in Balconette’s resplendent Royal Chrome finish.

“The balustrade generates a lot of interest. A nearby neighbour who came to see it has also ordered from Balconette.”

Webb-herfd_RT3_web“The balustrade does look nice and gives a good finish to the whole project. As we are quite high up, we get a great view across Herefordshire. If we have people here on New Year’s Eve, we all go out on the decking, lean against the balustrade and watch the fireworks. It is perfect viewing for New Year’s Eve!

“We’ve got the security, it’s safe but we’ve also not lost the view, which was the main thing we needed more than anything really.”

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Thinner by design ProTherm Quantum PLUS+

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100-Liverpool-Street.Environmental issues influence the construction industry at every stage of the building process. Government legislation and the Building Regulations have become more stringent with every update, requiring more sustainable approaches, and driving the industry to design, construct and deliver more energy-efficient buildings.

Building balconies and terraces over heated space is problematic for architects, designers and contractors: in new-build applications, stringent regulatory requirements and long-term economic viability have created greater demand for improved energy efficiency, while roofing designers and installers must strive to keep overall construction as thin as possible.

In order to meet the required U-values, the insulation will sometimes be installed both on top of and on the underside of the balcony or terrace. Not only can this be time-consuming, technically challenging and pose a condensation risk, it can also add unnecessary costs and increase the overall thickness of the construction.

There remains a huge industry demand for thinner and better performing products that will have a smaller impact on constructability and function in use. These limitations can significantly impact the ability to meet the requirements of Approved Document Part L Approved Document Part M and NHBC Chapter 7.1 when designing inverted roof constructions.  Here the demand to insulate above habitable space can make it difficult for a designer to meet the backdrop of increasing thermal requirements whilst meeting the desire to maximise the glass façade and cater for a level threshold.

ProTherm_Quantum-PLUS-Hybrid copyInverted Roofing System market leader Radmat Building Products developed the ProTherm Quantum Inverted Roof Systems in 2014 to tackle exactly these issues, and in 2016 the BBA Certified ProTherm Quantum VIP Inverted Roof Systems; making it the first Vacuum Insulated Panel system to achieve such an accolade.  Since then, ProTherm Quantum VIP has undergone continual development, resulting in the BBA Certifying ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ VIP Inverted Roof Systems in 2020.

ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ consists of a rigid Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) robotically coated with an elastomeric waterproof coating, creating a robust ultra-high performance insulation panel with a Design Lambda value of 0.007 W/mK, potentially reducing insulation thickness to 72mm to achieve a 0.15 W/m2K U-value, as opposed to 220mm of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) or 240mm of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

ProTherm_Quantum-PLUS-Pure copyProTherm Quantum PLUS+ can dramatically reduce the thickness of inverted roofing systems without compromising thermal performance whilst still achieving level thresholds.  Suitable for use in roofs, roof terraces, podiums, enclosed balconies over heated space, insulated walkways, green roofs and blue roofs ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ provides the thinnest and most robust state of the art insulation system for inverted roof construction.

Quantum-PLUS+-Architects-diagramWhether designing an inverted roof to achieve the lowest possible Surface Slab Level to Finished Floor Level (SSL-FFL) or rectifying unexpected slab of floor level issues, ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ provides the thinnest insulation solution for a given u-value in roof, roof terrace, podium and balconies over heated space.

Quantum-PLUS+-Step-diagramTo ensure every project achieves an optimal solution Radmat’s in-house Quantum Design Team provide a full service, from initial outline design and thermal calculation to pre-delivery site survey, providing a final design solution with layout drawings for sign off.  This comprehensive process considers the insulation thickness requirements early in the design process, highlighting potential threshold issues and providing the most cost effective solution to meet the target U-value.