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Picture 1Through research and development, UK Manufacturer Rawson have created a product which is surely the future for interior textiles.

A fully recyclable Carpet tile. No Landfill. No Additives. No Latex. Single Polymer. Made from 80% recycled material.

Utilising the highest grade Polyester PET, and advanced machinery, a soft luxurious surface product in a selection of aesthetic colours has been created.

This, backed with a specially designed single polymer robust backing for the tile, provides a product to the market with proven recyclability back into PET, offering a multitude of further life uses.

Recover is available in sheet and tile. both are manufactured using 80% recycled material.

Our standard swatch is available ex stock, however as a manufacturer, bespoke colours and designs are always an option.

The benefits continue with a light weight box, easy cutting and high acoustic and thermal properties.


Surface Material:80% Recycled PET Polyester 20% Virgin Polyester

Backing Material:80% Recycled PET Polyester 20% Virgin Polyester

3Q5A0609 greenSurface weight:1000g

Total weight: 2000g

Thickness: 7mm

Tiles per box: 20 (5M sq)

Dimensional stability:Pass

Fire Accreditations:Pass







Get in touch with their creative sales team for more information and technical knowledge.

+44 (0) 1924 382860


Albany Paints Centenary – A Celebratory Colour Palette

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Albany Paints is celebrating 100 years of colouring people’s homes.

Albany Centenary Paint Palette logo

Colour is a powerful tool in interior decoration, it gives character, adds dimension and expresses personality. Certain shades have close links with bygone eras, which tell us a story with depth and meaning often influenced by fashion, art and pop culture of the time. To celebrate this language of colour, here is a specially curated palette honouring Albany’s rich history of colour with iconic shades from each decade.

Albany Forest Green Hero 600x600 copyAlbany is a trusted paint brand used by professionals and DIY-ers alike. Each finish is made to a high-quality trade recipe, rich in pigment and high-quality ingredients for superior colour depth and retention. Albany paint is exclusively available online or in-store at Brewers Decorator Centres.

Forest Green (1920s) – Synonymous with the Art Deco era, Forest Green is a deep jade with a hint of black which provides depth and character.

Sea Bird (1930s) – Sea Bird is a delicate grey blue. A favoured shade of the 30s that creates a sense of calm and tranquillity.



Albany Sweet Pea Hero 600x600 copySweet Pea (1940s) – The grounded blush pink is a 40s favourite. Bring Sweet Pea up to date with dark, inky accessories.

Daffodil (1950s) – Daffodil is a soft, happy yellow that brings the sunshine in, enveloping a room in warmth and character regardless of era.

Thirst Quencher (1960s) – This fresh aqua is often considered retro but works equally well in a modern home. It’s a pure shade that can be muted with soft pastels or kept cool and crisp with white.

Apricot (1970s) – Bold and bright, Apricot is and arresting shade with a strong relationship with the 70’s where earth and spice tones were considered all the rage.

Strawberry (1980s) – The delightful Strawberry is a striking berry red that maintains a strong sense of colour for high impact schemes.

Mushroom (1990s) – This earthy Mushroom tone is a fine example of an easy neutral coveted in the 90s and is currently back in favour.

Garden Delight (2000s) – Garden Delight is an energisingly zesty lime green, a popular shade of the noughties. Use sparingly in unexpected details for a modern touch.

Seal (2010s) – Seal is a charming mid-grey, a homage to most popular interior colour of the past decade.


Delta Welcomes Northern Technical Manager, Brian England, CSSW

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On Monday 2nd November 2020 Delta is proud to announce and welcome Brian England, CSSW as Delta’s Northern Technical Manager.

delta membranes - Brian Image-01 copyBrian is an outstanding addition to the Technical Team and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. Brian will be responsible for Northern sales team leadership, driving customer service, developing new business relationships, promoting services, and overseeing projects to ensure overall customer satisfaction, along with contributing to product research and development as well as waterproofing design consultant duties.

Brian joins the Delta team from Safeguard Europe where he was Area Manager for many years having been with Safeguard for almost 25 years and progressing his career within the waterproofing sector. Brian is an accomplished professional with diverse experience across the sector.

Brian - email and phone AD copy“I am thrilled to be joining the #DeltaTeam and have always admired their vision and drive. I am looking forward to being a part of the team that continues to propel that vision into the future. I look forward to hitting the ground running and meeting Delta’s Northern customers, © 2019 Delta Membranes All Rights Reserved many of whom I have had the privilege of meeting at various industry events such as the Property Care Association. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, booking site visits or if you would like a CPD seminar. My aim is to help you achieve project success.”

Brian England – 07741 857827 –

Kevin Dodds, Director commented “We’re extremely excited to welcome Brian to our team at Delta. I had the privilege to work with Brian back in the day when we both had less grey hair. Brian has a great blend of knowledge and experience, along with his savvy design ethos, strong work ethic, excellent people skills and a passion for providing the best customer care. Our success is really a reflection of the character of the people that we have here at Delta, Brian will no doubt fit into the company culture effortlessly. Join me in welcoming Brian to the team”.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited takes care of your waterproofing strategy from start to finish, including technical advice and guidance, correct product selection, approval of drawings, site inspections and on-going site support.


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MEDITE SMARTPLY has now launched SMARTPLY MAX FR B, the brand new Euroclass B OSB3, a market innovation bringing increased safety and reliability to an industry contingent on safety and predictability.

SMARTPLY MAX FR B ImageSMARTPLY MAX FR B is the first Euroclass B board—the maximum Euroclass rating for a timber panel—manufactured in the UK and Ireland to feature wood flakes treated with flame retardant solution before pressing. This ensures its flame retardance is integral and maintains its structural integrity, unlike many post-treated alternatives, making it the safer choice for use within timber frame construction, or projects that will require a large amount of timber product.

“We are extremely excited to introduce SMARTPLY MAX FR B to the marketplace, expanding our already extensive SMARTPLY OSB range,” comments Richard Allen, Sales Director at MEDITE SMARTPLY.

“In SMARTPLY MAX FR B, customers can expect all the fantastic benefits of a SMARTPLY OSB board, with the addition of ZeroIgnition® solution, a water based and environmentally friendly flame retardant which is added during panel production.

“This is a solution that has potential in a huge range of applications and industries, encompassing many modern methods of construction such as offsite and timber frame construction, light gauge steel and modular construction systems, as well as temporary structures.

“Whatever the sector, all customers can rest assured that this board’s flame retardance will hold to Euroclass B standard, even when cut to size, which makes it different to other FR boards out there.”

Manufactured using advanced resin technology that results in a high performance, no added formaldehyde panel, SMARTPLY MAX FR B can help specifying architects, contractors and fabricators contribute to the creation of safer, healthier environments.

This includes not only the built environments actively created but the natural environments left behind: SMARTPLY MAX FR B is sustainably produced using timber from sustainably managed Irish forests.

“At MEDITE SMARTPLY, we want to support a safer, wider future for timber buildings, that will enable the wider construction industry to work more sustainably and more efficiently, truly building for the future. This has been one of our main motivations in developing SMARTPLY MAX FR B.”

SMARTPLY MAX FR B also complies with the performance requirements in the Structural Timber Association’s (or the STA’s) FR BUILD “Design guide to separating distances during construction” for timber frame buildings above 600m² total floor area. We refer to this product as SMARTPLY MAX FR/FR BUILD within our range.

SMARTPLY MAX FR/FR BUILD can be used in a timber frame building when mitigation measures are required due to the distance from neighbouring buildings. There are wall and floor systems outlined within the guide which give points towards the overall building, this satisfies any mitigation that may be required. Please refer to the STA guide for more information.

Finally, SMARTPLY MAX FR B meets with the requirements of European Standards EN 300 and EN 13986, while also complying with the European reaction to fire class B-s2,d0 and Bfl-s1. Boards can be manufactured in largescale formats of up to 2.8m wide by 7.5m long, making it ideal for offsite manufacturing, alongside traditional building.

For more information of the new SMARTPLY MAX FR B, visit:

Staying safe

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We are all finding ways of accommodating different ways of working together and, in the midst of so much change, you’ll probably agree that now is not the time for anyone to be taking business risks with unknown, untested suppliers. In the busiest season for core product lines that installers rely on, like outdoor LED lighting, this is no time to be letting your customers down!  Stick to a brand you know you can trust.

Giving customers what they need

We all understand the core needs in this market: something that looks good to the end user, something that provides opportunities to add value and profitability, and something that does a good job for years and years.

Where there is a price differential between bucket shop and branded quality, the difference is more than justified by design and specification, by the inherent value of the guarantee, and by ease of installation (installation time is money!).  A product that really does what it promises, that is designed for easy fitting and won’t confuse the end user with unintelligible settings, is going to be a cheaper install. Professional installers get that.  Timeguard delivers it.

The LED Season

Having argued the case for the brand, let’s look at the Timeguard ranges. We know what the top sellers by volume will be, and we understand the special requirements installers have for some jobs. So, we’ve got them all covered.

  • Flexibility

Real lateral thinking_ the LED PRO mix and match concept means plenty of choice and easy installationOne of the ‘Top’ products since its launch, is the LED PRO range, a range that really does tick all the boxes for professional installers and it’s also a great proposition for wholesale stockists too as they can rationalise total stock while still offering a full range of options for you off the shelf.

For those of you still unfamiliar with the concept, LED PRO is a range of floodlights with interchangeable controls. Installers choose the most suitable floodlight power for the job at hand, IE: 10W to 100W per flood, and then decide how they want it switched; PIR, photocell, RF remote, or as a slave – and combine the two together on site.

Lights that really do flood

It might sound simple, but the right sort of illumination can’t be taken for granted. When it’s right, it’s the signature of good quality design.

Uncontrolled LED’s emit a straight beam so, if the floodlight isn’t designed to control and distribute the light evenly, the floodlight will have a spotlight-like effect when what people really want  is a wide even spread of light. A quick check is to keep a look out for lenses over the diodes as that’s a sure tip that the designer has considered light beams and angles. Where you have a big area to illuminate, choose LED floodlights with arrays designed specifically to provide the ‘really wide’ beam you may need. It is an option we now offer across our ranges, including the LED-X rust-resistant models.

  • Rust free good looks

Rust resistance from every metallic component down to the last screwRust resistance is crucial for keeping good looks and avoiding the tell-tale sign of unsightly running marks often seen down the wall. Even though most LED floodlights are now made primarily of polycarbonate, the brackets are normally always mild steel that will corrode and rust. That’s why we designed the rust resistant range, ideal for coastal areas or installation in damper places with every single metallic component, including the bracket manufactured from rust-resistant 316 stainless steel – even down to the screws on the PCB board.

When we designed the rust resistant floodlight range, we also took the opportunity to devise an optional pan & tilt bracket that allows for the floodlight to be panned sideways (left & right) and then vertically by the floodlight fitting itself for precise and accurate area illumination.


  • The not-so-basic bulkheads

Demand for good old bulkheads that sit flush to the wall never falters, but there’s no reason for them to be left behind in the quality and design stakes. We continue to improve on them and, while we still offer retro die-cast models, our LED88 polycarbonate versions with & without PIR’s seem to be a market favourite. Easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eye.

  • Small is beautiful

6 Timeguard's compact but powerful EVO range - pan & tilt the heads individually on twin modelsWhen we first introduced the revolutionary design of the ultra-compact Nighteye range, with both single headed and twin headed versions, it was widely seen that the single units are hardly bigger than a man’s hand – wow!  “Could they do the job”, you asked?  Well they certainly could and they’ve proved that they also last the course and give years & years of service. The next step was evolution, incorporating the PIR detector within the main housing in the EVO range so that the detectors are ‘hidden’ but still offer easy to set time and lux control settings. With single and twin floodlight options in black or white, they look great and they do a great job!  We rest our case.

You might want to keep a small stock of lower-volume lines like extra high-power floods, die-cast bulkheads, step lights etc. o the van.  Alternatively, all can be supplied from stock and it can all be shipped to your wholesaler quickly from our London warehouse.

Find out more at – or give us a call us and we can talk about the ranges available and which ones best suit your needs.

Hygiene in the Entrance Area

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HEWI disinfectant dispenser column System 900

New disinfectant dispenser column

Hygiene is becoming increasingly important in people’s consciousness. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting many areas of daily life. Companies, hotels and institutions with heavily frequented entrance areas are faced with the challenge of raising hygiene standards as soon as customers, guests, patients and visitors enter the building.

Hygiene with Style

The new disinfectant dispenser column from HEWI meets the increased hygiene requirements in public and highly frequented areas. The mobile solution for hand disinfection increases hygiene in entrance areas of public buildings, healthcare buildings and the hotel industry.

With the disinfectant dispenser column, HEWI offers design options and enables aesthetic implementation of hygiene measures in entrance areas and lobbies. The HEWI design line is available in stainless steel and powder-coated surfaces with a deep matt finish in white, grey tones or black.

Touchless Disinfection

Two functional dispenser variants are available: In the sensoric version, the sensor dispenser can be used without contact and is equipped with a drip tray. Thanks to a reinforced base, the column offers optimum stability even in the manually operated dispenser version.

System competence in hygiene

The disinfectant dispenser column can be combined with other sanitary solutions. Soap and disinfectant dispensers, paper towel dispensers and waste bins are available in the respective design language.

HEWI | Public

Furnishing solutions in public and semi-public areas should reflect the character of the property with a representative design. Other important aspects in planning and implementation are atmosphere, the well-being of the users as well as economic efficiency and sustainability. HEWI offers the possibility of consistently meeting these requirements. Consciously selected materials and their careful processing result in high-quality products which can cope with the high user frequency over many years.

Bramford Gardens Cycle Route

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Resin bound Terrabound provides new multi-purpose path for pocket park improvements near Wandsworth.

Bramford Gardens 11

As part of the plan to upgrade Bramford Gardens, a pocket park near Wandsworth, improvements included reconstruction of the existing separate cycle path and foot path to provide a new shared pedestrian cycle path route, together with repainting of existing railings, planting trees, turfing, renewing signs and installing new benches.

Addagrip Bramford Gardens Terrabound Resin Bound surfacing Bramford Gardens before

Addagrip approved contractor O’Hara Bros Ltd dug up the existing cycle route and pedestrian path to create a wider shared route and installed 200m2 of BBA approved Terrabound Resin Bound surfacing in a 10mm Trent blend. The new surface is porous, seamless and has revitalised the park with a decorative yet low maintenance paving. The challenge was working in a busy public place, maintaining the safety of the public and keeping work areas to a minimum to make the useable area as accessible to the public as possible during the installation. Park gate access and parking required the use of smaller machinery and storage points outside of the working area.

BramfordGardens 8 BramfordGardens 9

Wandsworth Borough Council were pleased with the new low maintenance, multi-function surface.

Work was completed 26th June 2019 in line with the 2 week programme agreed with the client.

More Options to see the sky as Eurocell launch Skypod Plus

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1_LRIn the latest addition to its Skypod range, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U glazing and roofing systems has launched the Eurocell Skypod Plus.

The three designs in the new premium roof lantern range offer a choice of grey, white and black outer frames – the last of which was released in 2019 as the Eurocell Skypod Black Edition.

All feature the same aluminium ridge, rafters and top caps that provide exceptional weather performance, rigidity and all-important UV stability to reduce colour fade over time.

For fabricators and installers, Skypod Plus represents yet another option to take to style conscious homeowners looking for a way to bring natural light into flat roof extensions. It also provides a way to meet growing demand in commercial settings such as sports clubs, restaurants and schools, where grey and black frames in particular are enjoying a huge surge in popularity for the way they blend in with single ply roof coverings

Skyport External 07_LRSkypod Plus is available in square, two-bar and three-bar configurations, all with a 20 degree pitch, and five self-cleaning glass colour options. Customers can choose between sourcing in bar length or kit forms. And as an additional feature, grey and black Skypods can be ordered with a choice of a smooth matt black or a smooth gloss grey internal and external finish to create a truly architectural touch.

Eurocell maintains the new  aluminium Skypod Plus offers outstanding value for money against other options on the market and provides a real ‘wow’ factor, to any home.

Eurocell_Skypod_Acute_Internal_3_LRMeanwhile, installers will welcome the opportunity it brings to supply products that are proving extremely attractive to homeowners and which are straightforward to install.  Advanced features, such as thermally broken ridge and ring beams to prevent condensation, practically eliminate call backs, making each installation more profitable and hassle-free. And as you would expect, Skypod Plus carries the standard 10-year guarantee to cover defects in materials or manufacture offered on all Eurocell products.

The popularity of lantern roofs in both the domestic and commercial markets has soared over the last few years. That trend shows no signs of slowing down, helped no doubt by the continuous innovation of products like Skypod. By responding to demand for even more premium solutions with Skypod Plus, Eurocell continues to open up new opportunities for their trade customers.

For more information about the Skypod Plus range, visit or call the Eurocell Customer Care Team on 0800 988 3049.


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HEP20_SOTN_pic1 copy 2Leading push-fit plastic pipe brand, Hep2O, has launched State of the Nation 2020, with the research delivering some fascinating findings for the UK’s plumbers. Wavin, who manufacture Hep2O, scoured the country to understand what customers really think of plumbers and how the current pandemic has affected their trust in this essential trade. Overall plumbers get a thumbs up, with the majority of homeowners (a whopping 73 per cent) still happy to invest in plumbing work and to welcome plumbers into their homes.

HEP_SOTN_Infographic1 copyThe State of the Nation survey asked homeowners the questions that plumbers have always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, including would you leave a plumber alone in your house, do you attempt your own plumbing work and where do you find a new plumber?

The final results provide some useful insights into how plumbers should be working with their customers. Just over a third of people (35 per cent) prefer to find a plumber through recommendations from friends or family, meaning a good reputation and word of mouth is key. When it came to the most important factors homeowners look for in a plumber, cost and recommendation came out top, with just under half of respondents (49 and 48 per cent respectively) saying they were their top priority. The research also shows that if plumbers are planning on emailing their customers, then they shouldn’t! Most (57 per cent) want tradespeople to pick up the phone for a chat to talk about work. And when it comes to leaving plumbers alone in their home it seems that there’s a mutual trust, as 82 per cent said they would fully or somewhat trust them.

HEP_SOTN_Infographic2 copyNot only did the research provide some practical advice, it also shines a light on the brilliant work and talented tradespeople out there. 75 per cent of homeowners stated that they have always been happy with their plumbing work and haven’t needed to complain about a service.

Karen Stables, Marketing Manager at Wavin said: “We want to help installers by helping them to understand their customers even better. We know that plumbers are busy people so there’s rarely a chance for them to stop and take stock of the industry as a whole. In the current environment it’s more important than ever that tradespeople are able to maintain and grow their business, and this research will provide some key insights to help them improve their customer’s experience and win more jobs.”

HEP20_SOTN_pic2 copyThe survey is just the beginning for State of the Nation 2020. We also put the findings to key influencers in the plumbing community to find out what they really think. Our video series brings their thoughts to life, it really explores the different topics and looks at practical ways this information can be used. Some key themes emerged so we’re launching two masterclasses focusing on promoting your business and financial management tips, run by experts in these fields, which will be launched across our social channels in the coming weeks.

HEP_SOTN_Infographic3 copyHep2O couldn’t address the biggest topics of 2020 without mentioning COVID-19. During lockdown, additional research was carried out to find out how safe customers feel having tradespeople in their house, whether they view plumbers as keyworkers, and what safety measures they would expect plumbers to have in place throughout the pandemic.

A huge 75 per cent said they would want plumbers to abide by social distancing, 73 per cent would ask them to wear masks and 45 per cent would prefer if they wore gloves Even though the majority were happy to have plumbers in their homes at the moment, 27 per cent of customers still aren’t comfortable. Despite this, there is clear admiration for the trade as 82 per cent said they viewed plumbers as keyworkers throughout the pandemic.

To watch the full State of the Nation video and catch a glimpse of some familiar plumbing faces, click here or visit:

The successful specification of flexible floor access covers

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For demanding public sector environments that experience significant levels of pedestrian footfall, the correct specification of permanent floor access solutions is vital to not only providing secure and maintenance-free access to underground services, but also ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and safety at all times.

Here Chris George, Business Development Manager at Howe Green, explores the latest floor access solutions available to specifiers and architects to meet a diverse criteria of requirements.

IMG_0119For professionals working on renovation or new build projects within the education, healthcare and high-end hospitality sectors, there are a breadth of varying specifications that must be addressed at the design stages to ensure the long term suitability and compliance of the building components installed.

With regard to floor access covers in particular, durability and functionality are two of the first areas that must be considered. This includes assessing whether the materials used to construct the access cover can withstand the high frequency of pedestrian footfall and the subsequent weight loading requirement for the chosen environment.

IMG_0126Lightweight aluminium floor access covers offer both resilience and ease of use, whilst also being resistant to corrosion, a key requirement for the healthcare and education sectors due to the high level of cleaning and sanitisation required.

Compatibility with a wide range of flooring materials is also an important part of this stage of the specification process. Here professionals should look to specify solutions that are suitable for installation with all types of flexible floor finishes, including vinyl, linoleum, rubber and carpet.

The prevention of dirt and water ingress should also be considered to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Here it’s recommended to explore access covers that have been specifically designed to bond and weld the sheet flooring to create an impermeable, flat and permanent joint.

John MooresOnce the above criteria have been met, specifiers should then address the initial installation process, ease of use and ongoing maintenance of the floor access covers.

Due to their light weight, aluminium covers can be extremely versatile as they support quick and easy installation, which also delivering an accurate and unobtrusive finish that doesn’t require continuous upkeep.

The process of gaining access to underground services can also be streamlined through the use of lifting keys, which safely and securely raise the access cover to minimise any on-site disruption and also ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety guidance.

Finally, working with a manufacturer that supports bespoke specifications will also ensure each specific requirement is successfully met. This includes cover sizes, configuration of ducts and branches, along with various weight loadings.

Howe Green’s unique Visedge® Series is regularly specified for high profile healthcare developments including Queens Hospital, Romford, and Southmead Hospital, Bristol, whilst also being the access solution of choice for leading educational institutions including The University of Surrey and John Moores University, Liverpool.

The resilient floor access covers are the ideal choice for challenging healthcare, hospitality and educational environments due to the innovative double top edge seal construction, which provides the highest standards in hygiene and safety.

The VisedgeⓇ Series is manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 at Howe Green’s headquarters in Hertfordshire using CAD and C.N.C machinery.

For further information on the Visedge Series and Howe Green’s complete range of floor access solutions, visit or call 01920 463230.