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Netley Chapel 1 Cembrit Glendyne natural slates have been specified and installed on a unique renovation project for the Historic Hampshire landmark, Netley Chapel, which saw the local community contributing financially to the restoration project. Before slating began, the public were invited to site to mark the occasion and “sponsor a slate”.  For a small donation, visitors wrote a message and signed the reverse of a roof slate.  More than 900 Glendyne slates were decorated, raising £6,600 for the friends of the Royal Victoria Country Park. These slates were then installed on the roof of the chapel by Elliotts Premier Roofing of Southampton.

Royal Victoria Country Park was once the site of the world’s largest military hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital (or Netley Hospital).  Now, all that remains of the original hospital structure, which fell into decline after being severely damaged by fire in 1963, is Netley Chapel. Thanks to a multi-million pound grant from Hampshire County Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Victorian-era building has recently undergone extensive renovation, and now marks the beginning of a new chapter for the chapel.

Netley Chapel 3Hampshire-based construction company, Brymor Construction was appointed as the main contractor for the project alongside roofing subcontractor, Elliotts Premier Roofing.  Having worked with Cembrit many times in the past, Elliotts Premier Roofing selected 610mm x 305mm blue-grey Cembrit Glendyne natural slates for the refurbishment of the roof covering: “As one of the oldest companies in Southampton, it’s been a privilege for us to have played such a pivotal role in this project and work with other local organisations to restore this iconic chapel,” says David Stubbington of Elliotts Premier Roofing. “We chose Cembrit Glendyne slates for the project due to its flexibility to accommodate the roof design of the prestigious building. The end result is impressive and Glendyne really accentuates the character of the chapel.”

The chapel re-opened to the public in summer 2018. An exhibition in the main body of the chapel tells the story of the former hospital, from its beginnings in the 1850s, through the Boer War, and both World Wars up to the present day.

Netley Chapel 4The project was completed in a timely fashion, and is one of the first to utilise the new large 24″ x 12″ (imperial) format. Netley Chapel was finished to an extremely high standard. Cembrit was on hand to offer support and advice for this landmark renovation project. “I assisted Hampshire Council with writing the roofing specification for this project,” commented Phil Wilden, Technical Manager Pitched & Small Element Roofing Products at Cembrit. “Throughout the roof construction phase, our Regional Sales Manager and I made routine visits to the site to ensure the product was being installed to the requirements of the specification and that of British Standard BS5534. This highlights the level of technical support that we offer our customers.”

Glendyne is a high quality slate that combines first-class performance with all the inherent beauty of natural slate, making it the ideal ‘natural’ choice for specifiers and roofers. Available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK, Glendyne is a distinctive blue-grey colour. The Glendyne quarry is one of the most modern slate quarries in the world. The quarry operates a quality management system based on EN ISO 9001 which is externally audited. This standard is adhered to rigidly, as are all quality standard procedures required by each regional market the quarry supplies.

Glendyne is tested to BS EN European standard, BS EN 12326-1:2014 which requires many of the laboratory tests (‘type testing’) to be performed at least annually and the factory production control (FPC) performed and recorded as a matter of routine by the producer.


For further information visit, email or tel: +44 (0) 208 320 1184.

ACO Pipes


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Pipe_MTCACO Building Drainage has further extended its stainless-steel pipe range with the addition of two new pipe sizes – 45mm and 315mm.   The company now offers a complete range of high-grade stainless steel and galvanised products in sizes ranging from 45mm to 315mm diameter as well as a range of more than 2,000 accessories.

Manufactured from 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, ACO Pipe products are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications including offices, transport infrastructure projects and education facilities, and are compatible with all ACO channel and gully products.


Other core benefits include:

  • Superior performance and durabilityACO Pipe products are fully EN1124 compliant and have an estimated product life of 50 years
  • Easy installation – benefiting from a push-fit design, ACO pipe products are easy and quick to install
  • Lower weight than pipes made from traditional materials for easy installation and minimum use of handling equipment
  • Good aesthetics – a modern design finish that compliments both contemporary and traditional environments
  • Market-leading technical support – ACO’s in-house technical design team is on hand to provide specification guidance, design take-offs and ongoing technical support at every stage of a project.
  • Short delivery times – ACO maintains high levels of UK stock, which means orders can usually be delivered immediately upon receipt of order.


For more information about the ACO Pipe range visit or make the connection with ACO’s in-house technical design team by telephoning 01462 810400.

schludre Jolly finishes released

12 New Finishes Announced for Popular Wall Profile

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Schlüter-Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the release of 12 new finishes for one of the manufacturer’s longest established profiles for tile and stone. 


The new additions further increase the range of metallic finishes available for the 6, 8, 10 and 12.5mm versions of the company’s most popular wall profile, Schlüter®-JOLLY. The finishes have been released to the UK market in response to considerable demand from customers.

Versatile options to match trends and enhance aesthetics

The new finishing options provide options to contrast or blend with wall tiles and also include matches to the latest fixture and fitting trends in kitchen and bathroom design:

  • Schlüter’s existing range of chrome finishes sees the introduction of a brushed chrome option
  • Three nickel/titanium finishes offer a stylish muted match to grey tile and stone
  • The introduction of a selection of copper finishes (satin, polished and brushed) melds ideally with the ongoing popularity of rose gold and copper interior detailing
  • Brushed antique bronze provides a rich match to vintage and industrial themes
  • Satin and brushed brass are new companions to the existing polished brass finish available, with the three variants offering a warm toned, retro solution to tile and stone finishing
  • Bright black and brushed graphite finishes provide a sleek finishing option to match dark coloured tile and stone.

A wall profile of over 35 years’ service
 JOLLY was first released in 1981 to solve the problem of exposed unglazed tile edges in wall coverings; since its debut, it has developed a reputation for smart, high quality finishing across all manner of installations.

The release of the new finishes provides architects, specifiers and tilers with new tools to support their creativity, and helps avoid the need to source profiles from various manufacturers.

For more information, call 01530 813396, email or visit

Jaga Biophillic Design

New research into the impact of biophilic design

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Ed SuttieEd Suttie, Research Director, BRE discusses new research into the impact of biophilic design

A building has a multitude of qualities that impact on health, wellbeing and ‘happiness’. From the outside of the building this will relate to aesthetics, vernacular, landscape, perceptions, style, form etc.

From inside the building it is more fundamental, as we interact and experience internal conditions such as daylight levels, air quality, acoustic quality, thermal comfort and aesthetic that directly impact on our health, wellbeing and happiness.

We spend 90% of our lives in buildings and our health and wellbeing is influenced significantly by the built environment. Our personal health and wellbeing (physical, mental and social) impacts on our ability to communicate, work, heal and learn. The benefits of focussing on human centred design to create more restorative environments is being researched more deeply now by BRE. This is so that our future buildings and interiors can be designed and specified to improve productivity and communication (office – and increasingly for many of us that includes a ‘home office’), recovery rates (hospital) and education outcomes (school), which is exciting.

In a typical office-based business 90% of the costs are associated with the staff, yet in the UK up to 60% of office workers don’t have sufficient access to daylight which has a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants. The same is often true when we are working at home. Biophilic design offers an inspiring umbrella under which health and wellbeing qualities can be captured that impact on workplace environments[i]. Harvard professor Edward O Wilson’s book ‘Biophilia’[ii] concluded we have a genetic connection to nature, and hold a biological need for physical, mental and social connections with nature. Presence in natural environments can alleviate negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression and stress, whilst helping us to restore, feel calm and be inspired[iii]. Biophilic design brings us into contact with nature via a more human-centred approach.

Biophillic DesignBiophilic design acknowledges this genetic connection with numerous benefits to our health and wellbeing and efficiency. The scientific evidence for the positive influence of biophilic design, on the health and wellbeing of building occupants is growing. In an office environment this is shown as quantified improvements in productivity, wellness and a reduction in days absent due to illness. More than 130 million days are lost to sickness absence every year in Great Britain and working-age ill health costs the national economy £100 billion a year. A 1% reduction in absenteeism would convert to a saving, in lost days alone, of £1 billion to the economy. In addition a 15% increase in operational productivity enabled by the internal fit-out of your office adds further benefit.

Building owners and facility managers need to know what they can do within limited budgets to create restorative and occupant health driven environments, and the predicted return on investment. Here evidence is lacking, which was a key motivation for the deeper evidence of the BRE biophilic office project[iv]. The BRE and Oliver Heath Design, supported by a number of partners from green walls, lighting and flooring to colour, furniture and acoustics, have started a research project to deepen the evidence base for biophilic design and its positive impacts on office occupants. This will help realise the untapped potential in our existing buildings.

A live office refurbishment on the BRE Watford campus is providing robust indoor environment and occupant data.

Researchers are conducting a baseline year of pre-refurbishment and a year of post-refurbishment monitoring, evaluating the office environment for daylight, lighting, indoor air quality, acoustic, thermal and humidity comfort. Office occupants will undergo confidential health evaluations, questionnaires and surveys and will use wearable technology to monitor key health metrics.

Each of the project partners is using the office and its test facilities in the project to evaluate their products’ role in the health and wellbeing of office occupants and for wider biophilic design.

The project will show how quantified improvements in productivity and wellness can bring rewards for landlords, occupiers, developers and all those concerned with the office and wider built environment

This comprehensive and long-term study is unique in terms of scale and data capture. It will provide a firm foundation for guidance and adoption of measures in the facilities management and refurbishment sectors to promote health and wellbeing in offices.

However, you do not have to be involved in a major refurbishment or new build project to be able to reap the benefits of this project. For architects, specifiers and others involved in smaller projects, it will give guidance to help improve health and wellbeing through simple interventions such as maximising natural light or the addition of plants. Some may already be trying to do this, but do not have the evidence or support to enable them to convince their clients of the value of such an approach.

For more on the project as it develops throughout 2018 and beyond go to Studies and surveys of the existing occupants have already commenced, as has outline design thinking. We expect to commence refurbishment in the Autumn of this year, with a target date of completion of Spring 2019. We are planning a major international conference showcasing the building in May, details will be released on our website shortly.

[i] Human Spaces, ‘The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace’, 2015

[ii] Biophilia – the human bond with other species. Edward O Wilson. July 1990 Harvard University Press ISBN: 0674074424

[iii] Van den Berg, A. E., Hartig, T., and Staats, H., ‘Preference for nature in urbanized societies: stress, restoration, and the pursuit of sustainability‘, Journal of Social Issues, pp79-96, Vol 63, No 1, 2007

[iv] The BRE biophilic office project is building robust evidence of the impacts of biophilic designed office refurbishment on occupants to produce guidance to enable more to take advantage of the benefits and to create biophilic designed, energising and restorative indoor spaces

Crittall Windows

Crittall launch InnerVision internal screens range

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Architects and interior designers will now find it easier to get in touch with their inner vision, thanks to new developments at Crittall Windows.

The world leading steel windows and doors manufacturer has launched the InnerVision range of bespoke steel-framed internal screens that will create a new world of possibilities for opening up living, commercial, academic and retail spaces.

Combining precision engineering, elegant design and professional quality installation, InnerVision’s glazed walls will find favour in period buildings, former industrial settings or entirely modern structures.

Offering the strength, durability and ultra-slim profile which are the hallmark of the Crittall range of products the screens allow the sub-division of internal spaces without interrupting the transmission of light or reducing valuable space.

Meanwhile, a range of different acoustic glazing options means that a greater deal of privacy or reduced noise levels can be easily achieved. With InnerVision one can certainly be seen, but not heard.

Altro flooring

Altro unveils stunning new ranges to deliver design freedom to full building package

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Altro has added LVTs and designer walls ranges to its floors, doors and walls package so you can realise your design ambitions in every area for a true full building solution.

Delivering stunning aesthetics with outstanding durability, all backed by Altro’s sector-leading support and expertise, Altro Ensemble modular flooring system and Altro Whiterock wall designs combine perfectly with other Altro products as part of a package of expert solutions to meet the needs of all areas of commercial buildings.

New Altro Ensemble modular flooring system is the next generation of luxury vinyl tiles. From colour blocking to geometric patterns, with a range of plank and tile sizes and textures, Altro Ensemble gives design freedom to create luxurious floors for interior spaces. With 57 options to mix and match, the modular flooring system has natural wood and stone designs and bloc colours too. Altro Ensemble is 2.6mm thick with a 0.55mm wear layer, 15dB sound reduction qualities and added comfort underfoot, with minimal residual indentation and excellent durability. A truly exceptional material, it combines these features with unique flexibility and is lightweight, making it easy to transport, cut and handle for installation.

Altro Ensemble is the perfect partner to Altro’s new range: Altro Whiterock wall designs – a new vision in wall decoration with natural wood, stone and linen options plus stunning metallic designs to give elegance to interior walls while providing the durability you expect from Altro Whiterock. The range includes a copper design that is already proving popular with designers.

Altro Whiterock wall designs has a range of trims and silicon sealants available, and combines with Altro floors and doors for a fully sealed, impervious solution for non-clinical environments.

The new high-design ranges coordinate with Altro’s package of floors, walls and doors to deliver solutions for every area of commercial buildings so there is no need to compromise on choice, aesthetics or performance in order to benefit from Altro’s excellent support and service.

The new ranges are the natural progression of tried and tested products, each harnessing decades of research and expertise in the UK and in Germany, with extensive customer feedback integrated into the development process.

Although new to the UK, Altro Ensemble is the latest generation of a product which has been designed, and manufactured in Germany, where it has enjoyed market success for many years and is an excellent example of German engineering at its best. It has undergone an extensive redesign process, which has benefited from the combination of existing technology and new expertise from several sources including award-winning colour consultant Knut Völzke.

NDC smoke vents website

NDC launches new Smoke Vents websites

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Visit the new NDC Smoke vent website

The National Domelight Company (NDC) has launched a new website showcasing its extensive range of smoke vents, making it even easier to find the right solution for your project, visit:

5607 NDC SMOKEVENTS PIC 1Fitting the right, fully-certified smoke ventilation system is critical for safety. With 50 year’s experience of supplying smoke vents – also referred to as smoke vent windows or automatic opening vents (AOVs) – NDC can advise on the correct smoke vent for your project and provide a solution that is CE marked against BS EN 12101-2 to ensure compliance with building regulations

NDC’s smoke vents are stocked in the UK for fast delivery. The range includes five NDC brands: Astroglaze, Lunaglaze, Starglaze, Stardome, and Thermadome, plus Coxdome.

Hush acoustic flooring

How good is the Hush Panel 28 Acoustic Board

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Designed and Engineered by experts, Hush Panel 28 is our unique, adaptable and efficient sound reducing floor panel and one of our bestselling acoustic flooring products. Used as a structural or overlay floor board, Hush Panel 28 is made in our Liverpool Warehouse and gives proven excellent results, achieved in both Conversion, Refurbishment and New Build projects.

So how is it made?

HP28COHush Panel 28 consists of raw materials such as 18mm P5 moisture resistant tongued and grooved chipboard and our 10mm Hush Felt resilient layer. These are then bonded together to give the overall finished product.

Historically, raw materials were installed individually within a floor solution, however as technology improved, manufacturers were able to supply these raw materials bonded together, making for a quicker and easier installation.

Over time building regulations have become stricter, meaning clients preferred to buy the tested products directly from the manufacturer, rather than buying the components separately.

What makes Hush Panel 28 Unique to other floor deck on the market?

IMG_2740.jpegThe simple answer is our Unique Hush Felt.

All Manufacturers make a version of a 28mm/26mm acoustic floor deck as the industry standard acoustic flooring. However other manufacturers use foam or rubber based resilient layers that disintegrate over time and therefore will stop acoustically performing. Our Hush Felt has been designed and engineered to outlast the length of the building. This has been proven by carrying out acoustic tests many years down the line after it was originally fitted.

A peel clean version is also now available for spotless handovers.

When would you use Hush Panel 28?

Used in many situations requiring impact sound reduction and insulation between separating floors, helping to achieve the impact regulations that are set out in all UK Building Regulations for Sound Transmission. Hush Panel 28 is used for achieving impact regulations and also used to reduce such noise as the transfer of footsteps throughout the property.

Where would it be used?

Hush_LR-7059.jpegAs 28mm/26mm Acoustic Flooring is the industry standard acoustic flooring, it can be used in the majority of developments. It is typically seen in new build and material change of use or developments as an overlay system in a traditional construction.

Hush Panel 28 can be used over timber and concrete floor structures. It has been tested to Robust Details FFT 5 criteria and therefore can be used on many robust detail solutions.

How is Hush Panel 28 fitted?

Laid as a floating floor, the product is laid Felt face down over the structure and all Tongue and Groove joints are glued using Hush Bond adhesive, creating a secure floor. When laying the Hush Panel 28, all Perimeters of the room should be isolated using a Hush Flanking detail e.g. Hush Seal 20 or Hush RD Flanking Strip.

You can view our useful installation guide here:

So why choose Hush Panel 28?

Along with its unique components and proven ability for acoustic endurance, Hush Panel is extremely high performing, easy to install and meets all UK Building Regulations.

So why wouldn’t you?

For Further information and free Technical advice prior or during installation, please contact the office on 0151 933 2026 for friendly and straightforward advice.

You can also access further useful information on the product page on our website:

Howe Green access covers

Howe Green bespoke access covers fit for the challenge at underground station

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Howe Green Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of fabricated metal floor, wall and ceiling access covers, has supplied over 850 specially designed and manufactured floor access covers for an underground station.

Duct Runs Credit copy 2An access solution was required in order to provide safe, secure and easy access to building services concealed beneath the floor within an elevated concourse building.  The Howe Green bespoke duct covers were designed based on the 7500 Series Medium-Duty Floor Access Covers.  With a 69mm depth the access covers were manufactured with an extra thick baseplate and reinforcements to meet the demands of what will be a highly trafficked area.

The access covers were installed by the award winning DMC Contracts Ltd, specialists in the installation of floor finishes.  Over the last fifteen years Howe Green has developed a strategic partnership with DMC for the installation of its access covers and has worked on many projects with DMC.

The covers were infilled with two different types of flooring dependent upon their location. The main duct run in the station concourse uses Conservation Smooth pavings from Marshalls.  The access covers in the other areas of the station are infilled with Granazzo.

The 7500 Series can be also be supplied as a single cover or as a multipart unit.  The duct covers supplied for the underground station were specially made to order however standard sizes are available from stock.   Fire rating is an option with up to a 3 hour fire rating BS 476: Part 20 1987 on stainless steel single covers or 2 hours on duct and multipart covers if required.  The covers can also be supplied double-sealed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and security.

The 7500 Series can withstand up to a 5 tonne pneumatic wheel loading and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

If you have a requirement for an access solution that can rise to the challenge of a highly demanding environment and provide safe and easy access to concealed services please call 01920 463230 or visit

Hewi washbasin

New Washbasin Models

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Ergonomic Handles

New_WashbasinThe HEWI washbasin product range now includes additional models in tried and tested HEWI quality. The new accessible washbasins are convincingly convenient to use and have a particularly hygienic design. Due to their flat shape, they can be used in both a standing and in a seated position. The washbasin bowl of the new models is extra deep, so that it can hold a particularly large amount of water. The integrated gripping slots are inserted to the left and right of the bowl. They are pleasant to grip due to their ergonomic shape. The integrated gripping slots support the user safely and reliably and make additional installation of hinged support rails superfluous.

Hygienic Design

The new HEWI washbasins not only offer compliant, accessible comfort and convenience, but also have a convincingly hygienic design. They are made of mineral composite and thus have an easy to clean, nonporous surface. An overflow is deliberately omitted, they thus conform to the guidelines for hospital hygiene and infection prevention issued by the Robert Koch Institute. The new models have a rear lip. This lip edge provides an upstand at the wall and prevents standing water on the silicone joint.

Four Variants

The new HEWI washbasins with ergonomic handles and rear lip are available in two different sizes. A round and a rectangular shaped bowl are available to choose from. The washbasin is optionally supplied with one tap hole or for wall-mounted fittings and is available immediately.