Balconette Frameless glass Juliette balcony

Balconette’s Frameless Juliet Balconies

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Frameless Juliet 2

Balconette’s Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies comprise just a single sheet of glass with two slim, elegant side profiles. They are a highly aesthetic offering for a balcony guarding solution.

Balconette Frameless glass Juliette balcony Balcony - Frameless Juliet at Solihull - from inside








Balcony - Frameless Juliet at Solihull 2 - closeupUtilising 21.5mm laminated and toughened glass and offering 8 standard sizes that range in width from 1280mm to 3200mm with a 5-working-day manufacturing lead time, Balconette has designed an ideal solution for a Frameless Juliet Balcony. Custom sizes are also offered up to 3300mm, with a 30-day lead time.

A frequent request amongst architects, designers and customers, the end result is a stunning, beautifully designed product with absolutely zero obstruction from the inside that also complements any building from the outside.

Crittall Windows at Chelsea garden show


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IMG_6089For the second year running, Witham-based Crittall Windows has had one of its iconic steel framed windows featured at a Silver Gilt Medal winning show garden, at this May’s world-famous RHS Chelsea Garden Show.

A Crittall Corporate W20 window, glazed using glass created by artist Wendy Newhofer, was a distinctive feature in the Warner’s Distillery Garden, designed by Helen Elks-Smith and built by Bowles and Wyer, and which won the prestigious Silver Gilt Medal.

IMG_7055The RHS explains: “This sheltered garden provides a relaxed space for socialising and engaging with family and friends. Central to the design is an impressive sheltered courtyard referencing the pastoral setting of Falls Farm,
the heart of Warner’s Gin Distillery in rural Northamptonshire.”

The show garden’s designer Helen Elke-Smith comments:
“We were looking for a window which reflects and complement our design for The Warner’s Distillery Garden, We found that Crittall windows suited this style well.

IMG_5853“We love the lightness of the design which contrasts well with the stronger elements within the garden, referencing modern design aesthetics, but with a nod to the earlier, mid-20th Century modern movement.”

At last year’s show, a minimalist style Crittall window was a striking feature in Hay Joung Hwang’s ‘Eco-City garden, which also was a winner of the Silver Gilt Medal.

Designed with modern living in mind, Crittall Windows’ doors and screens provide a sense of space, light, understated beauty, clean lines, subtle detailing and excellent technical properties. The window this year for the
garden sponsored by Warner’s Distillery, was supplied and installed by Crittall.

IMG_0070 2Crittall Corporate W20 windows and doors are unrivalled for their versatility and extensive range of sections, which allow the designer to create many styles, including elaborate composite windows.




Jaga Heating and cooling systems telus garden

Jaga Clima Canal allows for two additional floors in luxury high rise residential

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Telus 4Telus Garden is a mixed-use development located in Vancouver’s bustling downtown area. Comprising two buildings, one is home to a variety of businesses including the national headquarters of telecommunications giant Telus, and the other consists of luxury apartments. With sustainability a critical consideration, the developers needed a heating and cooling system to meet a high level of energy-efficiency. Having considered a variety of systems, including underfloor heating, specifiers struck upon a solution from Jaga which would add an additional two floors of apartments to the building.


Telus 1Telus Garden is a 22-storey, one million square foot office mixed-use redevelopment project that was designed to meet high internationally recognised standards for environmental sustainability.

The buildings have an energy-efficient heat-recovery system, solar arrays, and rooftop gardens, among other green features. Its environmental credentials were recognised when the Canada Green Building Council awarded the development the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification – the highest rating a building can receive.

With energy efficiency a key requirement, the developers needed a solution that could work with the onsite district energy system—meaning it must function at low water temperatures and high chilled water temperatures. Furthermore, a compact solution was required which could still promote lasting comfort for building occupants in the rapidly changing Vancouver climate.

After careful consideration, Jaga was chosen as the ideal partner to deliver a fast, sustainable heating and cooling solution for the building.


Telus 3To meet the multiple needs of Telus Garden, specifiers opted to install more than 1900 of Jaga’s Clima Canal Hybrid heating and cooling units throughout the building. The Clima Canals are integrated seamlessly by installing the units into a raised floor around the perimeter of the offices and the apartments. Crucially, the units work perfectly in conjunction with the onsite district energy system to help reduce overall energy consumption.

The Clima Canal Hybrid units feature a continuous aluminum grille with six millimeters of open spacing to prevent even the slimmest high heels from getting caught. Since the unit operates at low-water temperatures, it is able to react quickly to temperature changes, enabling occupants to stay comfortable regardless of internal or external heat loads.

Telus 2In conjunction with the Telus Garden onsite energy system, the Clima Canals help the building to reduce energy demand by an estimated 80 percent. Additionally, since the Clima Canal Hybrid creates a curtain of air between windows and heat generated by the radiator, overall heat loss and condensation are reduced.

Since the Clima Canal Hybrid units are built into the floor, there is no obstruction of the panoramic views of Vancouver the building offers for its occupants. The space saving design of the Clima Canal Hybrid also allows for additional furniture or conference room seating in offices. What’s more, because the developers opted for Clima, rather than underfloor heating, they were able to add an additional two floors of apartments to the building.


Cyrus Kangarloo, Jaga engineer and HVAC system advisor, said: “The heating and cooling system used in this project capitalises on the primary strength of the Clima Canal—energy efficiency. The Telus is a great example of how our products work seamlessly with other energy efficient systems.”


Addagrip resin bound surface Monument Street

Monument/Lower Thames Street Public Realm Project

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MonumentStreetAs part of The City of London public realm improvements, 245m2 of Terrabound Resin Bound surfacing was selected for the development of the area at the junction of Monument and Lower Thames Street in London.

Addagrip approved contractor Total Protection Ltd was appointed by J.B. Riney & Co Ltd to install BBA Approved Terrabound at this busy pedestrian area as part of improvements which included the addition of new planters, seating and trees.

MonumentStreet-2webThe client was looking for a seamless, porous, robust paving material to cope with the heavy footfall of pedestrian traffic. A Terrabound 6mm Peanut blend was selected to match the tones of the surrounding buildings and provide a contrast to the grey stone raised planters already in-situ.


MonumentStreet - 6Due to the very busy location, Total Protection operatives began works early in the morning to beat most of the ‘rush hour’ and complete the entirety of the 245m2 area in a single morning to minimise disruption.

Work was completed to schedule in April 2019 to the satisfaction of the client.

Howe Green access Cover Skate

Why you should use Howe Green Access Cover Skates to lift heavy floor access covers

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Quite simply – by using a pair of Howe Green Access Cover Skates you will make- light work of moving heavy access covers!

A safer option

Cover Skate copyHealth and safety is a major consideration for all building owners, facilities managers and contractors. The Howe Green Access Cover Skate removes the need for operatives to manually move heavy manhole covers and access covers when accessing concealed services. By reducing the requirement to handle heavy objects the risk of injury is greatly diminished. With up to a 300-kilo lift from each Howe Green Access Cover Skate you will benefit from a powerful floor access cover lifter.

Easy to use

Howe Green has over 36 years of experience in the architectural building services sector. Product development at the company is driven by the needs of the customer. Solutions to complex challenges are designed and manufactured to be easy and simple to use. The floor access cover lifter is no exception to this philosophy. Watch the Access Cover Skate video to see just how easy it really is to lift an access cover with the Cover Skate.

Ready for action

Unlike other manhole and floor access cover lifting devices the Cover Skate is supplied ready to use. There are no parts to assemble and complex diagrams and instructions to follow!


The Howe Green Access Cover Skate is compact and lightweight. Each Cover Skate weighs just 3 kilos and they are very easy to carry around in a work bag or toolbox. The convenience of being able to transport the Cover Skate makes it the perfect choice for large sites and organisations with multiple sites.


The Cover Skate has been designed to be used with the whole range of manhole covers and floor access covers available from Howe Green. However it is highly versatile and, by using different lifting keys, can accommodate manhole covers from other manufacturers. By specifying the name of the manufacturer you require when you place your order the correct lifting keys will be supplied with your access cover lifter.

The Cover Skate comes in two different sizes to accommodate access covers of all dimensions.


The Howe Green Access Cover Skate is manufactured from 1.4003 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. As it does not rely on hydraulics it is also very low maintenance.

Will save you time and money

Lifting manhole covers and floor access covers with the Howe Green Access Cover Skate will require just one operative as opposed to the two operatives needed with more traditional lifting devices. A reduction in manpower equals a reduction in cost. The time taken to generate a return on investment for the Cover Skate is very short.

James Fisher, MD of Howe Green comments, “Our Access Cover Skate is tried and tested. It has proved a valuable asset for our customers as it saves a lot of time. It is also a much safer way to lift heavy floor access covers. The Access Cover Skate is especially beneficial in locations where regular access is required to concealed services. It is ideal for airports, railway stations, schools, hospitals, offices and factories. If you have floor access covers in your building the Cover Skate is an absolute must.”

Easi-Dec Board-Walk

Safe Maintenance on Fragile Roofs

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Traverse Board-WalkBoard-Walk has been designed to overcome the challenges with working on fragile roofs by providing users with a safe working position for skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning or re-sealing.

Board-Walk is an open mesh walkway that allows access from eaves to ridge, while spreading the load on support battens to provide the user with a safer working position.  The system is lightweight, easily portable and suitable for fragile roofs. The Boardwalk complies to EN 12811-1: 2003

Modular Construction

Board-Walk 1Module in construction, Board-Walk features 2m, 3m and 4m sections which are easily linked together, and an integral restrain/work positioning line tested to EN795:2012. Optional accessories include single or double-sided handrails, a Roof Hook and a Valley Stop end.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach system is configured to fit specific individual roof sizes and configurations, and can be installed to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof.

Valley Gutter Access

Hatch Board-Walk has been specifically designed to allow users to bridge over a fragile valley but to also have access to the valley below for maintenance purposes.  The system comprises 2m sections made from high grade aluminium staging which can be easily lifted to gain access to the valley. Once the work is completed, the staging is simply lowered to create a safe working platform.


Is your RCD protection up to standard?

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Valiance_Plus_Logo_CMYK copyThe latest British Standard for RCD protection has been in force for over 2 years and it really is  time to give your customers all the benefits of the latest thinking on their safety.RCD10WPVN_Catalog

That’s where the new Timeguard Valiance+ range of RCD-protected switched sockets and spurs comes in. As usual, this trusted supplier has gone the extra mile and, as well as upgrading features to meet the new British Standard BS7288:2016, it has undertaken a complete redesign and upgraded to the latest generation of componentry throughout.  So, both end-user safety and long-term reliability are improved.

The Valiance+ range of 1-gang and 2-gang RCD switched sockets in both active and passive versions is fully compliant with the new BS 7288:2016: Specification for residual current devices. This latest standard replaces BS 7288:1990.

RCD07MAVN_CatalogThe comprehensive range of RCD wiring accessories covers all you’ll need including white plastic and rugged metal clad variants in both 1 gang and 2 gang and a choice of 3 styles of RCD switched fuse spurs.

Altro 100 years old

Altro innovation and partnership key to century of success

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first company photoAltro is celebrating 100 years in business. Founded in 1919 by a small group of individuals with a big idea, the company now has more than 900 employees globally, with a heritage of innovation including inventing safety flooring, developing a hygienic walls system and creating the world’s first adhesive-free safety floor.

Richard Kahn is Altro’s CEO, and the third generation to lead this Hertfordshire-based family company that has offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. “One successful innovation could be luck; repeated success needs a little help,” he explains. “We’ve always known that speaking with, listening to and partnering with customers, end users, contractors, engineers and designers is the key to getting what we do right. It’s allowed us to be bold and to explore design and functional possibilities, without losing sight of who we’re doing it for.”

Altro100 staffAltro’s first safety floor was installed in 1950 in a church hall in Nottingham. Remarkably, that same flooring is still in place and when last tested still rates PTV≥40, meaning it has kept users safe for nearly 70 years. Altro has continued to turn creative thinking into practical real-world solutions that can transform everyday spaces into environments that improve the wellbeing of everyone that uses them. Innovations include developing sparkle-free safety flooring which has transformed design for dementia, and Altro XpressLay: the world’s first adhesive-free and fully recyclable safety flooring.

100_year_logo_landscape_reverse_CMYKAltro shares its centenary with the Bauhaus design school, which was also founded in 1919 and is based in Dessau just a few hundred metres from Altro’s German site. In developing the new Altro Ensemble modular flooring collection, the design team took inspiration from the Bauhaus philosophy of bridging the gap between form and function to engineer products that meet the customers’ biggest challenges, such as the need for cleanability, sustainability and flexibility.

“While the world in 1919 couldn’t seem more different from today’s, our excitement at embracing and developing new technologies and ways of working is exactly the same as back then,” says Richard Kahn. “Add to this that we remain a family business, with family values and I think you have the reason why we’re here today, celebrating our centenary.”

Lignacite roman bricks

A contemporary recycled block with a unique composition

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3_2562_N149Whether your project requires concrete facing masonry or a modern style brick, Lignacite’s versatile range of standard blocks and Roman Bricks offers architects and designers a solution. With its contemporary facade, wide range of colours and textures the Roman Brick in particular, is fast becoming popular with architects striving to find a material that not only look, good, but is affordable, easy to handle and saves on build time.

Snowstorm SplitP+HS Architects chose to specify the Roman Brick on one of their latest projects, Burleigh Medical Centre, a Primary Care Centre. P+HS said “Our client chose the ‘Split’ faced Snowstorm Roman brick, due to its unique composition containing light reflecting particles of recycled material. This contemporary module enhancedthe exterior of this prominent building a high-quality finish whilst presenting a heavily contrasted feel against the anthracite roof and wall cladding”.

1_Main_BurleighP+HS went on to explain that this new build consists of a two storey primary care Medical Centre and integrated Pharmacy. Developed to serve an area of significant deprivation, the welcoming new building has brought increased patient capacity, extended opening hours and enhanced services as well as an outstanding environment for patients and staff. The building stands as a beacon of quality in the heart of the community it is designed to serve, its design rooted in local heritage.

Community was at the heart of the client’s aspiration from the outset: their vision was for a state-of-the-art building that was an attractive focal point within the neighbourhood, creating a space both inside and out that was contemporary and engaging for its service users.

2_Burleigh street1The design concept pays homage to Barnsley’s historic mining community which is reflected abstractly in the choice of materials both inside and out. The heavily contrasting materials have contributed to the buildings striking appearance and its positive impact within the prominent site off the Alhambra roundabout on Sheffield Road which is a key gateway position within Barnsley.

The setting out of the acoustic art panels react to natural light entering the building and the carefully selected feature lighting. The artwork also connects the reception areas and the waiting areas by the use of subtle and simple wayfinding colours of yellow and blue which differentiate the ground and the first floor.

About the Lignacite Roman Brick

Lignacite’s Roman Brick is smaller than a block, larger than a brick and available in our full range of over 50 colours, textures and finishes, created to offer a contemporary and modern design feature for Architects and Designers.

The Roman Brick is either cut from our standard size block, or formed in a special block machine mould, we can therefore offer this format in all of our colours and texture combinations to create a large variety of different effects. Polished and Planished finishes allow crisp, clean lines, whilst splitting or shot blasting the product creates a softer more weathered appearance.

How is it made?

As with all Lignacite products, Roman Bricks are manufactured from a range of different aggregates and incorporate a high percentage of recycled materials such as shell block, re-cycled glass and mother of pearl.

Build Benefits

The units measure 440mm by 65mm, one third of the size of a traditional block, thereby allowing designers considerable flexibility and scope to create a unique look. The unit weighs less than 7kgs, a third of the weight of a traditional block, meaning no HSE issues during the build whilst using this product.Being twice the length of a conventional brick, they can be laid more quickly, the Roman Brick also doesn’t ‘swim’ making it easier to lay and thus show a saving.


Whilst creating a contemporary look, the use of Roman Brick can also facilitate new buildings to blend into more traditional settings.


Our aim is to work alongside designers to create unique products that compliment individual projects. This can include using the recycled aggregate from an existing building on a site, through to incorporating almost anything from natural sea shells to luminescent powder coated glass.

For further information on the Roman Brick, Lignacite standard blocks, samples and Swatch Guides showing all our block finishes please visit our website. Design Guidance and Sitework Guides can be downloaded from the Technical Library on our website. To book our CPD please book online at or call 01482 810678.

Credits & Links:

Photos by kind permission – Guy Carpenter of Gullwing Photography.

Architect – P+HS



Delta Membrane Koster

Reliable BBA Approved Waterproofing products from Delta Membrane Systems Limited

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Koster product details

Latest News

Case studies
NB 1 Grey

We are delighted to announce the achievement of the British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification for NB 1 (19/5619i1).  Koster NB 1 is a mineral coated waterproofing slurry containing crystallising and capillary-plugging agents. It can be used for waterproofing against ground moisture and for non-pressurized and pressurized water.   NB 1 Grey is characterized by its excellent resistance to pressure and abrasion as well as chemical and sulphate resistance.

Spray_Application_of_Koster_NB_1_001 copy“The BBA’s certification of Koster NB 1 is a significant milestone for this excellent product,

the symbol of quality and reassurances in our structural waterproofing solutions.  We believe that this will provide Specifiers, Architects, Engineers and Contractors alike with even greater confidence when specifying Koster NB 1 into their structural waterproofing projects.

NB_1_Spray_Applied copyWe shall continue to lead the field in structural waterproofing and hope to continue our progress by having more products certified by the British Board of Agrément”.

Christopher Burbridge, Delta’s Managing Director


Who is the BBA and what is BBA Approval?

Soffit Application of NB1 and SB Bonding emulsion with Repairmortar filletsThe British Board of Agrément (BBA), is the UK’s major authority for the evaluation and certification of construction products.  For manufacturers (such as Delta) to achieve BBA Approval for a product, the product must go through rigorous laboratory tests, on-site evaluations and thorough manufacturing assessments.  If the product successfully meets all the criteria it is awarded BBA Approval and Agrément Certificate.

Why is BBA product Approval so important?

Koster_NB_1_BBA_QR_Code copyBBA Approval is an independent assurance that a product will perform as the manufacturer claims it will.  The BBA’s reputation for robust testing gives the NHBC, builders, specifiers, local authorities, and others within the industry reassurance that a product is of a consistent quality, will perform and will last.  As the British Board of Agrément say “BBA products won’t let you down!”

Our current BBA Certificates (00-3742 and 18/5509) covers Approvals for Delta MS 20, MS 500, FM, PT and Koster Deuxan 2C. Also Delta’s Memtech M1 Gas Barrier and Memtech R1 Gas Barrier Certificate number 16/5367.