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Environmental issues influence the construction industry at every stage of the building process. Government legislation and the Building Regulations have become more stringent with every update, requiring more sustainable approaches, and driving the industry to design, construct and deliver more energy-efficient buildings.

Building balconies and terraces over heated space is problematic for architects, designers and contractors: in new-build applications, stringent regulatory requirements and long-term economic viability have created greater demand for improved energy efficiency, while roofing designers and installers must strive to keep overall construction as thin as possible.
Quantum section annotated_revIn order to meet the required U-values, the insulation will sometimes be installed both on top of and on the underside of the balcony or terrace. Not only can this be time-consuming, technically challenging and pose a condensation risk, it can also add unnecessary costs and increase the overall thickness of the construction.

There remains a huge industry demand for thinner and better performing products that will have a smaller impact on constructability and function in use. In practice, optimum performance will always be achieved by using the right combination of product, surface preparation and application procedures.

ProTherm Quantum
® VIP Inverted Roof Insulation System provides a state of the U-values diagram
art insulation solution for inverted roofs designed to be used as balconies, terraces, podiums and green roofs built over heated space. Thanks to its ultra-high thermal performance the Quantum® system can dramatically reduce the thickness of an inverted roofing system providing the solution to counter low upstands against the increasing thickness of traditional EPS & XPS products specified in order to meet more stringent thermal demands.

ProTherm Quantum logo

The Quantum Systems ®

A ProTherm Quantum® Hybrid inverted roof system is the most popular solution. Using a combination of both XPS and Quantum® an exceptional thermal outcome can normally be supplied without compromising the internal upstand and deliver the ability to maintain a level floor between both internal and external spaces.

A ProTherm Quantum® Pure inverted roof system is the thinnest solution possible where the severe lack of space calls for using just the Quantum® panel. Even in these challenging conditions this system will offer outstanding results.
Central to both systems’ outstanding thermal performance is the Quantum® Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP). Manufactured in a UK based, state-of-the-art production facility, the world’s first BBA Certified inverted roof system (No. 16/5347), ProTherm Quantum® has been assessed in accordance with ETAG 031 and has a Declared (aged) thermal conductivity of 0.008 W/m K, up to five times better than other commonly available inverted insulation materials.

Quantum packshotRadmat offers extensive technical support at all stages of the construction process, enabling the development of appropriate and efficient design solutions for a wide range of building projects. The company is committed to supplying first class materials, installed by an approved list of contractors and agrees designs that are both practical and cost effective. By designing and supplying every element of the inverted flat roofing systems to deliver exactly what it promises – the contractor and client achieves exceptional U-values, waterproofing integrity and long-term performance guaranteed as standard.

If you would like more information regarding Radmat products and the Quantum® systems, please visit:, or contact

ACO Building Drainage access covers

ACCESS MADE EASY – NEW Access Covers from ACO

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ACO AccessACO ACCESS has launched a range of high quality floor access covers designed for use in internal and external applications in commercial, private and public sector buildings. The new range is available from ACO Building Drainage.

Designed to provide easy access to underlying building services and ducting, ACO UniFace™ recessed covers and ACO UniTop™ solid covers are available in a choice of materials including aluminium,

ACOhot-dipped galvanised steel and stainless steel grade 304 as standard. Covers can also be manufactured in stainless steel grade 316 if required. Access covers are fully certified to BS EN 1253-4 and BS EN 124 European standards and are available in a comprehensive range of standard clear opening sizes from 200mm to 1200mm. To ensure easy specification, all ACO ACCESS covers also use Fabricated Access Cover Trade Association (FACTA) classifications.

Rob King, ACO ACCESS business manager, comments: “ACO is synonymous with quality, innovation and great design, and these qualities are reflected in our new range of floor access covers. Our manufacturing expertise, design capabilities and the support of our in-house technical design team, have enabled us to produce a range of access covers which deliver both function and style to customers working in a wide range of building applications.”

ACO UniFace AL Duct make imageACO UniFace™ recessed floor covers are designed to blend with a wide range of hard and flexible floor infills of up to 15mm thickness. Suitable for use in pedestrian, light vehicle and medium duty fork-lift applications they are ideal for use in offices, shopping centres, leisure centres and schools.

ACO UniTop™ solid floor covers provide contrasting aesthetics in hard floor and pavement finishes, and, for optimum safety in use, have a raised slip-resistant surface. Designed for pedestrian and light vehicle applications, ACO UniTop™ access covers are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and commercial kitchens.

All ACO Access floor covers are fitted with both liquid and odour-tight EPDM seals as standard, come with stainless steel locking screws for added security and can be supplied with manual lift or gas spring assisted opening options. Bespoke solutions are also available to meet individual project requirements. ACO Access covers can also be supplied as single units or for ductings and multi span applications.

For more information, visit or contact our technical design team on 01462 810400.


Polypipe support for TEPPFA Discover Plastic campaign

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TEPPFA_2612_LinkedinPolypipe, the leading UK manufacturer of plastic drainage and attenuation systems, is backing a major multinational campaign that raises awareness about the benefits of choosing plastic for below ground sewer applications. Polypipe is working with TEPPFA, the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association, to promote the Discover: Plastics campaign.

Specifying and using plastic piping for below ground applications can lead to quicker installation times, design flexibility, long-term durability, a greater range of system options for designers, and quality assurance for onsite developers. Using plastic systems can also help to mitigate the prohibitive costs associated with building on brownfield sites, and offer practical solutions to complex design challenges.

By using products that hold the correct approvals, the risk of chemical degradation to the product is vastly mitigated. Plastic based foul and surface water drainage pipes are designed to accommodate normal ground movement and are tried and tested in all conditions to meet required industry standards.

Importantly, for brownfield sites, many plastic products are fully adaptable and compatible with the existing drainage and sewer systems that may be encountered with brownfield sites, and are designed with a wide range of easy to use fittings and ancillaries. In addition, using plastic piping is ideal on projects where developers rely more heavily on components manufactured offsite. The light in weight nature of plastic also helps to reduce the costs of major plant equipment required on site, which helps to improve health and safety conditions for contractors.

Polypipe BPi imageThere are continual innovations and new products being developed. The latest marketing campaign comprises of a series of digital ads, e-shots and a brand new web page, offering some fantastic prizes by registering your details online. Click here for your chance to win today!.

CPS Manufacturing seating launch linkedin

CPS Manufacturing Co is delighted to announce the launch of their 2018 innovative seating brochure.

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seating launch linkedin

At 52 pages, this is our biggest brochure to date and is packed with ideas and inspiration on how to transform your tired-looking auditorium or lecture theatre into both a modern and inspiring environment.

The brochure also features our superb Inova ‘turn and learn’ and collaborative bench seating systems which both greatly increase interaction with the lecturer and learner.

We have now successfully designed, manufactured and installed a number of these collaborative seating systems in universities which have gone on to become their flagship teaching spaces.

To discover more about our prestigious range of seating please take a look at our seating section of this website or contact our business development manager, Simon Mellor, on +44 (0)1302 741888 to discuss your requirements in detail.

From concept to completion we’ve had it covered for over 50 years – we invite you to be a part of our continued success.

GEC Anderson Omagh Hospital

GEC Anderson Stainless Steel For  New Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex

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795365F9-E38B-4188-95EC-44047CEC43CCGEC Anderson stainless steel sinks, worktops, cabinets, shelving and splashbacks were specified throughout the recently completed Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex. The brand new, two story, hospital, comprises a total of eight buildings and provides a range of primary, secondary and community healthcare services. These include urgent care, imaging, clinical investigation and testing, GP services, operating theatres, endoscopy and cardiac assessment. Construction was by McLaughlin & Harvey, working to the design and specification of Todd Architects and Planners with Hall Black Douglas. The client is Western Health & Social Care Trust.

Omagh HospitalMany of the clinical areas feature GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops and splashbacks that comply with Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 63, relating to fitted storage and furniture within Hospitals. Generally, worktops were fixed to composite base cabinets but in many instances, stainless steel legs and supports were deployed. In certain areas, GEC Anderson stainless steel cabinets and shelving were also specified. GEC Anderson worked directly for the main contractor, providing a full measuring and installation service, within a strict six month time frame.

GEC Anderson are used to working in highly specialised environments, such as hospitals as well as Stations and Airports that also can have very specific and exacting requirements. Much of GEC Anderson’s other work is in domestic and residential kitchens where emphasis is very much on finish and appearance. The shear scale and complexity of this project required a highly disciplined and professional approach in order to fulfil its exacting demands, within the allotted timescale. The fully detailed and comprehensive specification, with drawings and data sheets, provided the necessary information from which GEC Anderson could work. This, combined with a highly effective teamwork and support from main contractor, McLaughlin and Harvey, enabled GEC Anderson to verify requirements and dimensions before proceeding to manufacture their bespoke units and then returning to site to install.

Omagh HospitalManaging director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, took a close personal involvement with the project. “This was a super project to have been awarded. It was very clearly specified and we could see, from the outset, that the hospital was to a very high standard. This is obvious when seeing the completed project but, at the initial costing through to construction stages, it is not always easy to appreciate the vision behind its design. Fulfilment of our contract was a challenge, not least due to the shear size of the project and the fact that we were working across all of the various [eight] buildings, simultaneously. A significant level of coordination with other suppliers was also necessary. However, the quality and availability of drawings and information, combined with the support received from the McLaughlin and Harvey team, enabled GEC Anderson to provide the specified units as they were required.”

Omagh HospitalGEC Anderson have been in the business of providing bespoke stainless steel products since 1962. Over this time, they have been involved in projects of all sizes. Examples include major hospitals, such as Omagh; multi apartment developments including The Barbican in London; airports, stadia museums, libraries, theatres and galleries; schools, colleges and universities; offices and retail spaces; but also individual domestic kitchens.

Eurocell Insite

Eurocell slots in solution for off-site construction

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Eurocell, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of window, door, conservatory and roofline products, is promising to deliver a whole host of benefits to the timber frame and off-site construction sectors with the launch of its new InSite window solution.

ECell_Cala_396InSite will enable timber frame manufacturers to install fully glazed, fully finished windows into wall panels as part of the factory production process, thereby reducing on site disruption and labour costs while saving time on build programme schedules. There are also significant health and safety benefits with factory fitting and reduction in manual handling, as well as an estimated 30% improvement in transportation yields because the windows are fully recessed, allowing panels to be stacked flush when loaded.

ECell_Cala_388InSite comprises market-leading PVC-U window performance with an innovative fixing method that allows factory fitting of the window directly into the wall panel. Once the timber wall panel has been erected on-site, the windows are checked to ensure they are plumb and square and then simply secured to the first fix position by pushing the frame outwards to lock it into position. An intelligent design modification enables cills to be simply clipped on and mechanically secured once the windows are locked into position. The whole panel assembly can be made watertight within one day so interior trades can begin work immediately, saving time on programme.

ECell_Cala_442As part of its development, the InSite system has been fully tested, including resisting wind load pressures well in excess of 200mph – significantly beyond the highest Category 5 hurricane winds rating (156mph+). Design calculations have been verified by independent timber frame structural engineers. Owing to the controlled nature of manufacture, the installed windows offer leading energy efficiency performance, with a U-value of just 0.8 W/m2 possible, a level that far exceeds current Building Regulations requirements.

Talking about its launch, Chris Coxon, Group Head of Marketing at Eurocell, says: “InSite is an engineered solution that gives off-site construction specialists an opportunity to increase efficiencies and quality at key stages of the manufacturing and building process, so they receive the benefits they promote to their clients and streamline the construction process further, resulting in a safer, faster build time.”

Sounds appealing? Find out more by visiting or calling the Eurocell Customer Care Team directly on 0800 988 3049.

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation


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Cembrit has expanded its growing portfolio of roofing accessories with the Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation, a practical fibre cement product that provides ridge capping for pitched roofs.

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge VentilationCembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation is specifically designed to provide a high level of ridgeline ventilation. Colour matched for use with Cembrit fibre cement slates, the ridge is suitable for monopitch roofs ranging from 20° to 40°. The range includes start and end caps for a neat finish. Weighing 4kg, the product is lightweight, making it easy to transport and carry up to roof level. At 530mm in length, it is possible to carry two linear metres of ridge at a time.

“Monopitch ridges are regularly requested and we are pleased to offer a ventilated option that allows designers and building owners to comply with roof ventilation standards,” says Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager of Cembrit. “The slate mono ridge ventilation provides a visually appealing and weathertight roof. With its quick and easy installation, we are confident the product will tick all the boxes for our customers.”

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation is a fibre cement product that complements the smooth, flush look of the fibre cement slates.  The ridges are lighter in weight than concrete alternatives, making them easier to install for a roofer working at height. The ridges do not require electric power for cutting, or any dust suppression equipment, equalling a much easier and quicker fitting process. They can be dry fixed with readily available colour matched “sela” type screws and installation is not dependent on getting the correct mortar mix, or having to wait for dry weather.

Cembrit Slate Mono Ridge Ventilation has an air capacity of 5,000 mm2 per linear metre. The ridge meets the requirements of British Standard BS5250 ‘Control of Condensation in Buildings’ when fitted to the requirements of BS5534 ‘Code of Practice of Slating and Tiling’.

For further information visit, email or tel: +44 (0) 208 320 1184.

5180 Lunaglaze ALU Electric Hinged

NDC launches Lunaglaze – new modular glass rooflight with next-day delivery

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NEW Lunaglaze Residential lower kerbThe National Domelight Company has introduced a new brand of glass modular rooflight to its wide range of solutions. Lunaglaze is a standard specification, glass modular rooflight that is available in a range of 14 stocked sizes for next-day delivery.

Rooflights let three times more daylight into a property than an equivalent sized vertical window, with the Lunaglaze rooflight providing a stylish and cost-effective solution for optimising the use of natural daylight. Lunaglaze is NDC’s only glass modular rooflight that has two frame options: Lunaglaze PVC and Lunaglaze ALU.


5180 Lunaglaze ALU Electric HingedLunaglaze PVC is a fully-sealed, double-glazed PVC and glass construction with toughened and laminated clear glass. Meanwhile, Lunaglaze ALU combines high-performance, silicone-bonded, flat-sealed glass units with a fully-welded aluminium framework. This high-quality framework is powder coated and comes in a range of RAL colours, with RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey the standard colour. It provides a clean and minimalist finish from both an interior and exterior perspective. Practically, the flush external metalwork of the ALU option also ensures efficient rainwater drainage and avoids the problem of ‘water-ponding’ that can happen with alternative rooflight designs.

5180 Lunaglaze ALU copyFor optimum performance, the unit should be installed on a pitch of between 5-15 degrees. Both frame options are available as ‘top-only’ units to sit over a weathered builder’s kerb and can be supplied as a fixed unit or in manual or electric hinged options, which are perfect for controlling ventilation, specifically for humid areas such as kitchens.

The Lunaglaze PVC and ALU units can both be supplied as a complete unit with a 150mm PVC vertical upstand, while the Lunaglaze ALU can also be supplied with either a 150mm or 300mm splayed upstand.

Lunaglaze ALU has good thermal performance with a unit U-Value of 1.24W/m2K, and the PVC option delivering a U-Value of 1.26W/m2K. Sound insulation is also excellent.

Please click here to download NDC’s Lunaglaze brochure.

balconette Glass balustrade

Balconette’s new SG12 Frameless system has launched…

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balconette Glass balustradeBalconette has launched the brand new SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrade system. The SG12 system allows for 100% uninterrupted views, what’s more there are no limitations of lengths or sizes and requires no posts at all. The structural glass can either be fitted below finished floor level and give a completely seamless effect or if you have finished your floor levels it can be fitted above and covered with our discreet and stylish looking shoe covers. The system uses 21.5 laminated toughened glass and can be supplied with or without a sleek elliptical handrail. If fitted above floor level, our shoe covers Balconetteand handrails can be supplied in Royal Chrome anodised aluminium or Silver anodised aluminium.


Refuse disposal pillars offer access to a Plastic Omnium underground waste management system in South London.

Plastic Omnium’s space saving waste management systems offer potential boost to London’s affordable housing plans

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This summer, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced a new partnership with local authorities and housing associations to build nearly 50,000 new affordable homes to rent and buy. The announcement of an estimated £1.7bn investment will see 49,398 genuinely affordable homes being built, with new homes in all 32 boroughs and the City of London. They will be delivered by 44 housing providers – including large and small housing associations, as well as nine London councils.

City Hall has allocations for about 30,000 homes in place from bids made prior to the current round. Together with the 30,000 homes previously agreed and a further £446m available for when bidding re-opens later this year, this latest announcement will contribute to the Mayor’s ambitious target of starting 90,000 new affordable homes by 2021.

The scale of London’s housing plans presents outstanding opportunities, not just for the many thousands of people who live and work in the capital and are in desperate need of affordable accommodation, but also for the architects and developers who will bring these plans to fruition.

Wheeled bins at a social housing development

Wheeled bins at a social housing development

Those opportunities include the creation of modern, comfortable homes that utilise space in an imaginative and innovative way – a crucial consideration, given the high price of land in the capital. And an effective way of achieving this goal is to install underground waste management systems like those offered by Plastic Omnium.


Refuse disposal pillars offer access to a Plastic Omnium underground waste management system in South London.

Refuse disposal pillars offer access to a Plastic Omnium underground waste management system in South London.

They provide a clean, safe and attractive alternative to bin stores and can, over the longer term, deliver attractive levels of savings for developers and local authorities alike. Eight underground containers, each of 5m3 capacity and emptied twice a week, are capable of serving 1,000 residents. Furthermore, they occupy a smaller footprint than three parking spaces, encourage greater rates of recycling and are significantly quieter to empty. When these factors are placed alongside the systems’ aesthetic qualities – waste collection points are sleek, easy to clean and maintain, and help to keep the surrounding areas free of mess – they may indeed, as the national press recently claimed, herald ‘the end of the wheelie bin’.

Refuse disposal pillar in South London.

Refuse disposal pillar in South London.

However, the cost savings that arise from improved utilisation of space are not the only financial benefits delivered by underground waste systems. Purchasing the systems puts an end to the ongoing cost of renting wheeled bins and replacing broken ones. They can be emptied by one man and a truck, instead of the crews of typically four or five who deal with wheeled bins. Street waste and vermin are reduced, whilst recycling rates are increased.

And, vitally, all the available evidence indicates that providing high quality, safe communal spaces, including the installation of underground systems, enhances the wellbeing of residents. Working with Poplar HARCA in East London, Plastic Omnium has installed 183 underground waste management systems. Customer survey figures show that, before the installation, satisfaction with the quality of the estates stood at 69.2%. Three years later, following the installation, satisfaction had risen to 88%.

Bin Store – Poplar HARCA.


So, Plastic Omnium’s underground waste management systems can help local authorities, housing associations and developers save money through more efficient use of available space. Waste operators can offer a quicker, quieter and more cost-effective service. Recycling rates improve and local environments can be kept cleaner for longer. And residents are happier with their surroundings and services. By combining the imagination of planners and architects with the innovation of Plastic Omnium’s underground waste management systems, the Mayor of London’s 50,000 new affordable homes can deliver savings, service improvements, cleaner neighbourhoods and more contented residents: a real result for everyone.

Refuse disposal pillar – Poplar HARCA.