Touch free entering

‘Touchless’ solution needs no helping hand

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A ‘touchless’ manual activation solution for automatic door operation from GEZE that is ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount is a major help to both mitigate health and safety risks and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

The non-contact proximity switch GC 306 meets the rigorous standards required in hospitals, laboratories, care homes and food preparation areas, and is also suitable in other buildings where ‘touch-free’ opening is desired.

Easy to install and perfect for retro-fitting the GC 306 hands-free switch totally eliminates the need for individuals to press the same spot on conventional activation switches.

Its non-contact activation can be set as required and has a range of 10 to 50 centimetres to open automatic swing, sliding, folding, revolving or curved sliding doors seamlessly.

The low voltage operation of the GC 306 conforms to radio equipment directives and can be used in the vicinity of sensitive medical equipment and IT server rooms.

Positioned at hand height, its structure permits simple and time-saving installation both in flush and surface mounted sockets. It can be fitted into walls, behind tiles, wood, plaster, plastic and glass without its activation range being affected, maximising protection from bacterial contact.

The GC 306 offers two switching modes – ‘pulse’ where the door closes automatically after the hold-open time, and ‘toggle’ where it remains open until the switch is activated again.

Said Adam Presdee, service director, of GEZE UK: “The GC 306 proximity switch is a great addition to our automatic door systems range. It provides non-contact and hygienic manual activation which is a vital to environments which require high levels of hygiene to prevent cross-contamination to patients or work areas, especially in the current climate.

We rate the switch so highly that every service technician now carries them on their van and are able to install immediately.”

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit


Lindab Air Purifier

NEW- Linair H14 Air Purifier

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image001We’re excited to bring you our new plug & play, portable anti-viral air purifier

image003The HEPA H14 filter used in the unit removes contaminants and impurities from the air to protect from allergens and viruses.

Find out more about the features and benefits of the Linair H14

The efficiency, performance and convenience of the purifier make it suitable for a wide range of environments from medical clean rooms to residential applications.


LINAIR is a plug & play air purifier (it does not require installation) designed for indoor spaces. It is equipped with an absolute filter H14 which stops air contaminants, leaving a much cleaner and healthier air. It has wheels so it can be easily moved in the required areas.


  • Reduces the dust particles, smell, microorganism. Ideal for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Reduces the dust in the room keeping a cleaner environment.
  • Two stage filter, absolute Hepa 14filter and molecular filter which reduces in a matter of hours the load of contaminant particles from air like microorganism, bacteria, viruses etc.
  • Equipped with an efficient and silent fan, which has low energy consumption.

Ideal for interior spaces with different uses

  • Sanitary system, pharmacies, clinics
  • Offices
  • Receptions
  • Waiting rooms and common areas
  • Restaurants
  • Class rooms
  • Houses

Find out more about the technical specifications of the Linair H14

image002For more information view our entry on BPindex or contact us on tel: 01604 788350 or email:


EJOT to introduce ‘super self-tapper’ for heavy-duty applications

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JZ5-8.0-is available with two washer sizesEJOT will be adding a new bi-metallic self-tapping fastener to its range which will provide a genuinely unique site solution for heavy-duty load applications, when fastening into higher yield-strength steels.

The global manufacturer has had huge success, and is seen by many as the market-leader where welded bi-metallic drill-point technology adds a seriously strong cutting edge to its self-drilling products. Now, the Group’s product development team has utilised this expertise to create the EJOT® JZ5-8.0 self-tapping range.

The new product is manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel but unlike other self-tapping fasteners, the JZ5 has ‘lead-tapping threads’ that are made from case hardened carbon steel. This unique integration allows the JZ5-8.0 to significantly outperform standard self-tapping solutions.

Testing at EJOT's Applitec Centre

Tagged by the EJOT UK sales team as the ‘Super Self-Tapper’, the new fastener has returned shear strengths of over 15kN and tensile strengths of more than 26kN in tests conducted at the EJOT Applitec laboratory at UK’s manufacturing centre in Yorkshire. But what makes the fastener unique is its capability to tap into high strength steels such as S-355 grades.




JZ5 Test data is available from EJOT's national team of Sales EngineersEJOT will be supplying the JZ5-8.0 fastener to the UK market in lengths of 60, 80 and 100mm with other lengths in development and close to release. The option to include a 16mm or 22mm stainless steel washer opens up wide-ranging application potential. Obvious solutions include rainscreen and façade installation where securing exceptional façade loading to helping hand brackets is critical. Similarly where composite decks are required to transfer high loading to steel substructures, the new fastener will present a fast, reliable and cost-effective option.

EJOT’s national team of Sales Engineers will provide more information and technical support. Specifiers interested in obtaining more information should contact the company’s Customer Service team on 01977 687040 or email

Dani Alu Barrial aluminium roof edge protection system

Dani Alu (UK) Ltd – The Collective Company

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Newsletter image - Barrial_ShoeZd_AnnotatedWith all our manufacturing facilities up and running, Dani Alu are supplying an un-rivalled range of collective roof and balustrade systems meeting a diverse range of project applications.  Not only manufacturers of the Panorama balustrading range (including the unique freestanding glass systems), but also the uncompromising range of Barrial aluminium roof edge protection systems.


Barrial_ESL_RooflightProtection_AnnotatedManufactured in aluminium, Barrial technically and aesthetically offers a superior choice in edge protection for flat roof safety.

Slimline look- Rectangular vertical posts of 20 mm wide result in a visually un-obtrusive system

Fixed versions – parapet, roof deck, slab, clamps for standing seams – all fixing possibilities

Freestanding versions – Post centres up to 2.5 m reducing number of posts and weights

Variable height adjustment – Handrail is always parallel to the roof edge

Barrial_GreenRoof_Integration_AnnotatedGreen roof integration – Concealed base rails improves the finish and minimises trip hazards

Post options – Curved, bent or straight posts offering more design choice to suit the building

Colour choices – Mill finished aluminium or choose your RAL finish

Rooflight safety – Modular systems made to size – secure fragile rooflights quickly

Barrial_VariableHeight_AnnotatedThe most comprehensive range of aluminium guardrail and balustrade systems, always supplied and installed to meet the specific national standards for the application, Dani Alu will assist at all stages of the project to guarantee a safe, compliant and low maintenance system results.


With over 40 years of experience in aluminium fabrication and system development, let us assist with your projects; advise on suitable systems; consult on roof requirements and constraints to make sure your projects receive the very best roof edge protection solution available

Delta Membranes

The Importance of Active Leak Stopping

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For anyone in a non-technical sense to fully appreciate the nature and risks associated with water ingress in below ground structures, we invite you to read this paper to gain an understanding of substructure waterproofing and the importance of remedial action. Potential consequences of active leaks are numerous, from cost for remedial works to reduction in building life cycle.

Sources of external water such as a high or rising water table, river, extreme weather, tidal changes, poorly drained soil, defective drains can all result in water penetration of a structure at below ground level.

North London luxury residenceThis penetrating water may have enough pressure and strength to ingress a structure, even one which is presumed to have been adequately waterproofed.

Basements and other below ground structures can leak both during and after construction. Any construction below ground will always be subject to groundwater.   Groundwater will try and will seep through cracks and joints in all construction. Joints (from movement to floor/wall junctions) will always require attention when waterproofing and these are common pitfalls in project fails.

Koster_2_IN_1-1There are often miscommunications and understanding of definitions of waterproofing. It is often presumed one waterproof system is enough to ‘waterproof’ a below ground structure, leading to a misconception that the structure is impervious to ground water.

Waterproofing design should always be undertaken by a Waterproofing Design Specialist, someone with a CSSW or equivalent qualification and to be designed to meet British Standard BS 8102:2009. A Waterproofing Design Specialist will always design a waterproofing system to reduce risk, this system will combine the project requirements with best practice. The successful choice, design and construction of a waterproofing scheme rely on heavily on communication between the manufacturer, design team, installer, contractor and owner – a better understanding of advice and practicalities encourage Best Practice and ultimately openness, transparency and accountability.

Stopping Active Water LeaksRemedial work to active leaks in construction, which is exposed, are relatively easy to find and fix. If the construction is not exposed and finishing’s are in place, these leaks are difficult to find but not impossible. Use of a thermal imaging cameras/borescopes/moisture meters or visual inspections are usually enough to locate these leaks.

Depending on the leak itself will depend on the remedial work required. It is important to understand the waterproofing options available and how these will have a cost and time implication to a project.

Join Georgia Burbridge, CSSW on Tuesday 26 May at 11 am for her live presentation on “Active Leak Stopping”. To register for this online live seminar, just email  Rachel will respond with a link, meeting ID and password. On the day, simply click on the link provided and join the presentation.

Naylors drainage pipes

Naylor Celebrates 130 years

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3160_200Yorkshire-based building material manufacturer Naylor Industries is celebrating its 130th year.

The company, which was founded as a clay pipe manufacturer by George Wilfred Naylor in 1890, remains in family hands under CEO Edward Naylor, the fourth generation of the family to head up the business.

Naylor was founded in the West Yorkshire village of Denby Dale and retains a Yorkshire focus today, with three of its five factories being in the Barnsley area.

More recently, Naylor has acquired manufacturing sites in Fife and the West Midlands.

20200205_104935While the company still manufactures clay pipes, recent decades have seen the business diversify, launching a range of plastic and concrete products and carrying out a multi-million pound programme of investment in its manufacturing capabilities.

Naylor is an active exporter, having sold its products into 65 international markets.

Although the company primarily supplies the construction industry, its Yorkshire Flowerpots business is now the UKs largest manufacturer of terracotta garden pots.

Business turnover exceeds £55m and the company employs some 400 people.

3160_225Most recently, Naylor has been developing the next generation of the business with an active apprentice programme and a management trainee initiative, involving sponsorship of degree level studies. 

Edward Naylor, chief executive, said: “We’re very proud of our history as very few businesses make it through to the fourth generation.

“But we’re always very keen to look forward as well as back, and our emphasis on innovation and diversification has been key to growing the business.

“We’re hoping that this – and the development of apprentices and other young people in the business – provide firm foundations for another 130 years of growth.”

Eurocell Aspect French Door

The flush sash, with added panache. Eurocell adds stylish new French door design to its Aspect range.

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Eurocell, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U building products in the UK, is giving installers an even more stylish option to offer customers with a new, flush sash French door.

Aspect French Door Exterior copyThe new door design uses the stylish profile, attractive chamfered glazing rebate and patented gasket cover trim of Eurocell’s Aspect bi-fold door system, and offers a perfect complement to the seamless look of its Logik S Flush windows.

The contemporary flush finish and super slim sightlines are only part of the story, though. With no bulky, floating dummy mullion, there’s a truly uninterrupted view to be enjoyed from inside the house.

Meanwhile, the view from outside is enhanced by the use of elegant butt hinges rather than the conspicuous exterior flag hinges dictated by a rebated door. This discreet, adjustable pencil hinge design preserves the smooth exterior lines of the frame and sash in keeping with today’s design trends. Plus, it offers the option of inward or outward opening to increase design flexibility where space is limited.

Aspect French Door Hinge-smallThe new door will be available double or triple glazed and in the full range of 7 Aspect foil colours. Eurocell have confirmed an Anthracite Grey through-colour profile will also be offered as standard. A highly popular colour trend at the moment, especially in RMI projects, through-grey means none of the white PVC core is visible, even along the edges of the door frame. The result is a door with all the looks and style of an aluminium design, without the premium price.

Another new addition is Eurocell’s door restrictor, which can be used with the latest French door and with Aspect bi-fold access doors. This allows the door to be left open in any position up to 90°, preventing it blowing open and damaging the hardware, or blowing shut and trapping fingers.

a beautiful, spacious and bright sitting room in an expensive new home.  Two settees with silk cushions are set either side of a coffee table. A modern fire place is alight whilst light is streaming into the room via the roof light and leaded glass patio doors. All artwork (book and picture on the wall) are from my own images in the iStock library.

Like all Eurocell products, the latest French door is designed for simple, fast and accurate fabrication. In fact, fabricators who already make the Aspect profile system will be able to start right away with only a couple of additional items needing to be bought. It can even be used to fabricate single entrance doors too.

Following indicative testing to BS6375 and PAS24, the Aspect Flush French door is fully compliant with Part Q requirements for security, and in line with Eurocell’s commitment to sustainability that sees it recycle and re-use more PVC-U than any other manufacturer, it is made of at least 50% post-consumer material – Made & Recycled in the UK.

Despite the growth in bi-fold door installations in recent years, the French door remains the most popular choice of ‘lifestyle door’ among homeowners, with over 200,000 expected to be fitted this year alone. By introducing this new take on a design that has changed little in the last 30 years, Eurocell are hoping to galvanise sales still further and give their installer base another great product to take to their customers.

Ian Kernaghan, Eurocell Head of Product Design and Development, said the flush French door was one more example of Eurocell’s commitment to helping installers capitalise on emerging trends in the market:

“The new door design meets a need among homeowners for a flatter frames and less of the detailing that comes with more traditional profiles. It can also be installed with two threshold options – our standard frame, or a lower aluminium version for compliance with Part M regulations on building access.

“And of course, it offers complete peace of mind in the usual 10 year guarantee and 5 year hardware guarantee we provide with all our products.”

Find out more at

Cibes Lift Group C1 Pure cabin lift


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119383_Cibes_Office_Image 12-WebSize copyThe Cibes Lift Group, renowned for its space–saving solutions and modular platform lifts, is set to launch the innovative C1 Pure, a luxury cabin lift developed for both commercial and residential projects that have three-phase power.

Cibes will launch the C1 Pure globally on April 14, 2020, with its unique new design and as the world’s only screw-driven lift with premium comfort. Unlike most lifts, C1 Pure has no machinery above or beneath the lift, everything fits inside the shaft; making it very space-efficient and easy to install.

Per Lidström, CEO of the Cibes Lift Group said: “We believe that the Cibes C1 Pure fills an important gap in the lift market. While conventional passenger lifts provide a high level of comfort, they take months to manufacture and several weeks to build.

“On the other hand, the C1 Pure has a stunning design and offers a comparable level of comfort but can be delivered within weeks and installed in just a few days. We are convinced that this will appeal to many builders, architects and home-owners out there.”

119383_Cibes_Norwegian_Wooden_Home_Main-WebSize copyThe C1 Pure, manufactured in Sweden, differs from the A6000 and A9000 cabin lifts as it comes with an even greater range of choices and floor design options. It also features a new touchscreen control panel, LED light diffuser ceiling and touchscreen call button.

The  new lift  combines the smartest features of platform lift  technology with the convenience  of  conventional passenger  lifts, as Head of Research & Development of Cibes Lift Group,  Johan Strand explains  it:

“The  Cibes  C1 Pure  is equipped with one-touch operation  controls  and automatic sliding doors, just like a  conventional lift, but thanks to its smart,  modular concept and  space-saving design  the C1 Pure, requires  much less refurbishment.

“This new lift is the result of a fantastic team effort and we  are particularly proud of our  new  sliding doors, which  have the lowest top height on the market and are manufactured  in  our factory  here  in Gävle.”

119383_Cibes_Hotel_Closeup 1 (1)-WebSize copyTo adapt to  the requirements of different  users,  buildings and architectural styles,  the  new lift  is available in a wide range of colours and materials.

Erik Baumgarten, Development Engineer at Cibes Lift Group, said:

“The challenge given to the industrial designers was to  create  a  timeless  and typically  Scandinavian  lift  design  with great flexibility in terms of colours, materials and accessories.”

Due to its modular design, the lift can be installed in as little as 3-5 days, depending on the project size.

Regular servicing ensures that your lift remains at optimal function and reduces the risk or unnecessary wear and tear, which can create costs for replacement parts and service visits.

We recommend all lifts are serviced twice a year. Depending on your usage we may advise more, contact our service department for more information on 0800 058 0269.

For more information on the C1 Pure Cabin Lift, get in touch with our team via email at


Wavin BIM

Build better and faster with a helping hand from BIM by Wavin

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08732_WAV_BIM_Building Product Index Content1At last, BIM delivers on its promises of efficiency. Intelligent assistance in this advanced software combines with 100% accurate content to unlock the time and cost savings digitalisation has always had the potential to deliver. On-screen – in the hands of designers, or on site – in the hands of project managers and installers, BIM by Wavin puts a new level of productivity at your fingertips.

The on-screen advantages of BIM by Wavin

08732_WAV_BIM_Building Product Index Content2

100% accurate content

Wavin’s BIM content is the only BSI kitemarked drainage package in the UK. The Revit Families support both DN and OD pipe sizes, cover their full above ground product range and offer socketed and plain-end pipe options. 100% accurate content and accurate clash detection result in wholly accurate product representations in the 3D model. So, with Wavin, as designed is as built.

Intelligent assistance

Given the complexity of pipe systems, restricted void space and the range of junctions, reducers, tees and pipe lengths, inserting a pipe system into a BIM model can be complex. By automating key aspects, the in-built intelligent assistance greatly speeds up the process and removes the risk of costly errors. It’s also the only BIM system to feature a visual accuracy check.

Faster by design

Wavin BIM’s intelligent assistance also enhances the efficiency of design departments. Significantly faster to use than competitor packages, it means precise models can be created in a fraction of the time and fed into the project earlier. You can watch side-by-side comparisons with a range of competitor packages to prove Wavin’s superior performance at

The on-site advantages of BIM by Wavin

08732_WAV_BIM_Building Product Index Content3

Exacting design. Exact delivery

As each model is created, a Bill of Materials is automatically being created in the background to mirror it, detailing every product part and code you’ll need to build it. One click, and the Bill of Materials can be extracted for precise ordering. So, you only ever order what you need, reducing deliveries and the waste of over-estimated product quantities. This also eliminates expensive re-stocking charges.

Faster installation

With errors designed-out in the modelling phase, installation is made easier, faster and virtually error free. Piping is always one of the most complex and time-consuming phases of a build, so any efficiencies have a multiplying effect on labour costs and completion times. With assured accuracy in the model, prefabrication of sections also becomes a viable option to achieve further efficiencies.

Better modelling. Better collaboration

The cost of resolving problems and having to rectify mistakes on site can be eliminated by detailed and accurate Wavin BIM models. They provide a perfect collaboration tool to resolve issues early, value engineer solutions and de-risk jobs.

Fully supported

Wavin’s BIM Revit packages are free and can be downloaded directly online. They also have a wealth of training resources, manuals and video content to help every user reach proficiency quickly.

Get your hands on BIM made better at

National Domelight Company Lunaglaze rooflight

New from £399: Non-Fragile CWCT Class 1 Rated Flat Glass Rooflights

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Image2. lunaglaze-alu-external-2Safety is our number one priority; Performance and Style our second. All are supplied as standard in our new range of Lunaglaze ALU Flat Glass Rooflights.

Lunaglaze ALU’s CWCT Class 1 rating makes this one of the safest glass rooflights on the market for roofs requiring occasional cleaning and maintenance.

Image3. lunaglaze-alu-electric-hinge-externalElegantly designed with flush glass-to-edge double glazing, it not only does the business of allowing maximum natural light into a contemporary space, it looks the business too!

The thermally broken unit is supplied in a stylish Anthracite Grey finish (RAL7016), with an impressive combined unit U-Value of 1.23W/m2K.

Image1. lunaglaze-alu-pvc-kerb-cut-out copy14 stock sizes ensure 48-hour nationwide delivery, and comes with a 10-year warranty. Available as fixed, manually hinged and electrically hinged units, from either the ‘top-only’ or ‘supplied kerb’ options.

Order today from as little as £399.00 at

Lunaglaze ALU  at a glance:

  • Non-fragility CWCT Class 1 tested as standard
  • Flush glazed glass-to-edge design
  • Thermally broken frame
  • U-Value complete glass unit: 1.23W/m2K
  • Factory pre-glazed for easy installation
  • Anthracite Grey RAL7016 powder coated frame
  • Fit directly to builder’s timber kerb or with supplied PVC kerb
  • 14 stock sizes delivered nationwide in 48 hours
  • Fixed, manual hinge, and electric hinge options
  • 10-year warranty

Technical Note:   CWCT Class 1 Safety*: suitable for roofs that require to be walked on for occasional cleaning and/or maintenance. The roof needs to support both the weight of the person on the glass and their equipment; and resist an impact load from a person and/or any object carried, falling onto its surface.

* Source: CWCT TN 066