Lignacite’s Roman Brick helps to make Rathbone Market Phase 2 – ‘come to life’

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This second phase of Canning Town’s Rathbone Market is now complete and the Lignacite Roman Brick truly does make the light bounce off the polished surface; the recycled aggregate providing real interest for the eye.


The Roman Brick has been used extensively at lower levels, including the entire subway entrance area and for the street planters. It has also been used to clad one of the 12 storey tower blocks.



Why the Roman Brick was used – What Adam West of CZWG Architects had to say.

“Initial thoughts were to use polished precast concrete panels, however the cost proved prohibitive, and whilst repetition of formwork was possible for the building facades, the irregular surfaces of the landscape design were complex. Lignacite’s Roman Brick however has all the benefits of the flexibility of brick at a more affordable cost and their sustainability credentials were also an important consideration. We looked at a number of colours and aggregate mixes for the material and settled on a mix of 50% recycled brown glass and 50% flint within the off white Snowstorm block. This mediates well between the dark earthy tones of the clay pavers of the hard landscaping and the colours of the upper levels. The planners were particularly concerned at our proposals for ‘blockwork walls’, however the 75 x 450mm module of the Roman Brick removes all associations with such a utilitarian finish. Light bounces off the polished surface and the recycled aggregate provides real interest for the eye.

Contractors did a fantastic job laying the bricks. It was a slow process, but the precise sharpness of the blocks and their gorgeous surface just cried out to be laid with care and they were”.

Adam West, CZWG Architects

Main contractor: John Sisk and Son Ltd

Bricklayers: D B Ryder & Co Ltd


The chosen ‘Roman Brick’ was been made incorporating recycled brown glass and flint, adding interest and colour to the matrix and highlighting the colours of the rainscreen cladding above.

Why Choose Our Roman Brick

The Roman Brick is either cut from our standard size block, or formed in a special block machine mould, we can therefore offer this format in all of our colours and texture combinations to create a large variety of different effects. Polished and Planished finishes allow crisp, clean lines, whilst splitting or shot blasting the product creates a softer more weathered appearance.

How it’s Made

As with all Lignacite products, Roman Bricks are manufactured from a range of different aggregates and incorporate a high percentage of recycled materials such as shell, recycled glass and mother of pearl.

Build Benefits

The units measure 440mm by 65mm, one third of the size of a traditional block, thereby allowing designers considerable flexibility and scope to create a unique look. The unit weighs less than 7kgs, a third of the weight of a full size block, meaning that there are no HSE lifting issues.

Lignacite Roman Bricks use half the embodied energy of standard clay bricks.

Being twice the length of a conventional brick, they can be laid more quickly.They also do not ‘swim’ making the build process faster and more cost effective.


Whilst creating a contemporary look, the use of Roman Brick can also facilitate new buildings to blend into more traditional settings.


Our aim is to work alongside designers to create unique products that compliment individual projects. This can include using the recycled aggregate from an existing building on a site, through to incorporating almost anything from natural sea shells to luminescent powder coated glass.

To view more Lignacite projects using the Roman Brick or any other of our products please visit:

Latest Lignacite News

Lignacite’s new improved Sound Insulation Figures

Lignacite concrete blocks are renowned for their exceptional sound insulation qualities, surpassing the performance based on the ‘mass law’ curve.

Recent testing by Lignacite Ltd has sought to investigate the enhancement that can be realised by applying acoustic linings to a 140mm wall built using Lignacite SP blocks.

The linings comprised Isocheck Isowave 23 and resulted in a significant uplift in the base level performance, achieving a sound reduction of 56 dB and 65 dB, Rw when applied to one and both faces of the wall.

These results make Lignacite blockwork suitable for applications that require demanding levels of sound insulation to be complied with.

Download the new revised datasheet and figures here.




Howe Green Provides Easy Access in Quality Hill Homes

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SJH_7564Howe Green’s Tile-a-Door + has provided the award-winning developer Hill with a seamless solution to accessing concealed bathroom services at The Scene in Walthamstow and at their Park View development in Sidcup.

Popular in commercial development and refurbishment projects, the Tile-a-Door + wall access panel is ideal for bathrooms, wetrooms, WC’s, kitchens and utility rooms in residential settings.  L223 The Scene 5The hatches can be custom made to the millimetre and are supplied ready to tile with up to a 10mm thick finish. Magnetic latches or security lock options keep the panel neatly and securely in place whilst frames can either be discreetly visible or completely sealed for situations where only occasional access is needed.  Howe Green’s range also includes the Waldor 50, a hinged access panel for more frequent access within tiled walls.

Final tile a doorHill have built a reputation for pioneering new homes across London and the South East and recently achieved a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction in the 2015 Home Builders Federation independent survey. For Hill and their happy customers, Howe Green’s Tile-a-Door + panels provides added peace of mind that, should access for bathroom repairs be required in the future, getting to the problem will be faster, easier and more cost-efficient.


Glixtone Fungi-Shield Mould & Black Spot Paint

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Glixtone Fungi-ShieldGlixtone Fungi-Shield is used and endorsed by many Local Authorities, Councils and Housing Associations as the product that ‘ACTUALLY WORKS’.

In 20 Years Fungi-Shield has never had a failure providing ‘LONG LASTING’ protection against MOULD, BLACKSPOT and FUNGAL growth.

Fungi-Shield is also a highly decorative interior paint which is WASHABLE for any areas that are susceptible to mould, fungus and algae, including: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Stairwells, Living rooms and Bedrooms etc.

The Fungi-Shield range of environmentally friendly products is available in both matt and silk finishes, to suit both domestic dwellings and commercial properties. Glixtone Sterilising solution is the ideal product to kill spores prior to the application of Fungi-Shield. Fungi-Shield is part of the Glixtone range of problem solving coatings and masonry paints see

Please contact the Glixtone Team for any further help or advice 01527 599 470.

The House That Eurocell Built

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Pix: Shaun Flannery/ COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 15th July 2015 FACTA - Eurocell Eurocell products used at property in Stanley, Wakefield.

When builder Colin Clarkson visited his local Eurocell branch in Wakefield to get a price on some roof tiles he did not expect to end up renovating his new home from top to bottom in products from one single source.

Yet now his upgraded bungalow in the Stanley district features Eurocell-sourced products throughout: from the Tapco composite tiles on the roof and garage he was initially after; to Skypod skylights, Dales Collection composite doors, PVC-U windows – and even the rainwater goods.

For Colin, the proof of the improvement made using Eurocell-sourced products came in the shape of five unsolicited offers on the house before completion – and despite it not being for sale!

The building itself was an early 1960s two-bedroom brick and block bungalow with a conservatory extension that had been owned by the same family since 1968 and was in a state of disrepair.

Pix: Shaun Flannery/ COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 15th July 2015 FACTA - Eurocell Eurocell products used at property in Stanley, Wakefield.

Colin saw its potential and bought it to convert into a three-bedroom home with pitched dormers and a Skypod-roofed extension that matched the best of contemporary design and living standards. “I first went to Eurocell because it was one of the few suppliers of Tapco composite tiles and they were well priced, yet then when I saw the Skypod skylights I wanted them: I had a conservatory before and knew this would sort the problem of freezing in winter and boiling in summer. And it all grew from there.”

Supplied with a 10 year guarantee, Skypod skylights are swiftly installed and bring the benefits of extra light and height without the penalty in conservatory heating costs as the double-glazed skylight has a U-value of 1.0. A wide range of frame and glass options complement any home while self-cleaning, temperature controlled glass keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Available in two-bar or three-bar pitched gable design, Skypod can be manufactured to fit any space with sizes up to 2.75 x 7.75m.

Pix: Shaun Flannery/ COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 15th July 2015 FACTA - Eurocell Eurocell products used at property in Stanley, Wakefield.

Andy Dawson, the Wakefield Area Manager for Eurocell, worked with Colin in sourcing and specifying the products for the house. He says the project made him proud. “I know the area and pass the bungalow when we visit my brother-in-law – and it gives me a boost every time I see it as it looks so good.”

Construction Specialties – Dementia Care Ward Gets Wall Protection

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WarringtonHospital-3 copyThe state-of-the-art £1 million Forget Me Not project at the Warrington Hospital created a dedicated ward for dementia patients. The design aims to provide calm, relaxing and non-institutional surroundings for improved patient outcomes.

Construction Specialties’ Acrovyn® range was selected to provide a vital element of impact protection, to facilitate delivery of essential clinical care for patients in a robust and easy to maintain environment, without taking away from the homely feel of the space.

WarringtonHospital-2 copyLee Bushell, Building Surveyor, Estates Capital Projects for the hospital said: “The wall protection aspects on this project were really important as we wanted to not only offer protection to the walls from beds, trolleys and equipment, but also to provide a handrail solution for patients who are likely to be unsteady on their feet.

“As part of our design, we selected different colours of wall protection for inside the ward and for the corridor to the dementia ward. We wanted to make the corridor look inviting and of a hotel type standard.”

WarringtonHospital-1 copyAn HRB20 hand/crash rail system from the Acrovyn® range was specified for the project, as its two part cover design offers the opportunity to mix colours in order to create visual contrast.

In this case, the upper handrail cover was supplied in a wood effect finish, to create a warm and inviting feel in the corridor. The lower crashrail cover was supplied in Charcoal colour, to match door frames and complement feature walls.

Inside the ward, the aim was to make the handrail a stand out feature for patients. Charcoal colour was used for that purpose, as it provides a good visual contrast with the creamy colour of the walls, while the French Cream coloured crashrail covers blend in with the surrounding wall.

Acrovyn® hand/crash rails continued across some of the ward doors, making them blend in more successfully and discourage patients from exploring behind them.

The wall protection scheme also included heavy duty crashrails, corner guards, as well as Acrovyn Sheet, which was applied to half wall height in seating areas.

For further information on C/S’ range of impact protection solutions contact, T: 01296 652800 or visit

Radmat ProTherm Quantum

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Demand for terraces and balconies have never been greater, but with the thickness limitation of traditional products there is a difficulty for a designer to insulate above a habitable space against a backdrop of increasing thermal requirements. This, together with the desire to maximise the glass façade and cater for a level threshold has created a near impossible task.








Radmat Building Products ProTherm Quantum is up to 5 times thinner than traditional XPS board and will changing the way terraces and balconies are constructed, facilitating a revolution in the construction build and enabling architects creating more elegance in the design of their external floor space.THickness




For developers, specifiers and contractors looking to comply with Part L and NHBC Chapter 7.1 whilst providing a 75mm threshold clearance and a level threshold to external balcony ProTherm Quantum will stand alone as the premium choice for inverted roof insulation.

Architects Scribble Update_Sept 2015

Calcium sulphate screeds need UZIN.

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New System PRUZIN is renowned for innovating new products and systems to meet the needs of flooring contractors, architects and clients. The industry has seen a growth in the use of anhydrite screeds but has failed to find an answer for adequate protection against moisture. With this innovative system, calcium sulphate screeds can be permanently protected against residual moisture up to 95 % RH.

UZIN PE 425 primer can be used to protect areas against high residual moisture (with a relative humidity up to 95%) when used in combination with UZIN PE 404 resin DPM. Both products have been awarded an EC1 plus classification for being very low emission and provide the most ecological approach for flooring installations.

Waiting for damp anhydrite screeds to dry are now a thing of the past. The new UZIN system allows projects to be completed much quicker and avoids long delays. Whether you have a standard job or a large special project, calcium sulphate screeds need UZIN!


Unit 2, Mitchell Court, Rugby, CV23 0UY.

Call: 01788 530 080



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Kee Safety, a global supplier of fall protection equipment and safety railing systems, has launched Kee Gate, a range of self-closing safety gates, which provides industrial workers with a safety solution when working at height and on ground level.

Kee Gate Self closing safety gateDesigned to work both internally and externally, on ladder and stair access points, roof hatches, walkways and roof tops, Kee Gate, ensures maintenance, inspection and warehouse staff can fulfil their job, follow best practices and comply with current safety standards, without putting their safety at risk. Kee Gates are spring loaded so can automatically close behind the user, providing an added level of security and overcoming the potential for human error. This type of system is the preferred solution to chains, bars or sliding tubes, as these traditional forms of protection can lead to a hazardous void, when used incorrectly.

Kee Safety self-closing safety gates are available in galvanised steel and if required can be powder coated in safety yellow. The safety gate is available with standard ‘U’ bolts for fixing to uprights of 33.7, 42.4 and 48.3 mm diameter, enabling the gate to be fixed quickly to existing supporting structures, posts or stringers. An additional fixing pack is provided which allows the gate to be fixed to square, flat or angle uprights. Easy to install on all types of handrails or to retro-fit existing structures, such as galvanised handrails and roof edge protection systems, Kee Gate is 1 metre wide. Designed to be trimmed on-site, this solution saves companies the time and money it takes to fabricate their own gates.

Kee Gate is compliant with the requirements of EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4 and is CE marked to EN 1090. The range is also compliant with international standards, meeting OSHA, O.B.C and I.B.C requirements. The system has undergone extensive testing to ensure total reliability of the gates. These include salt spray testing to ASTM B117-11 Neutral solutions over 200 hours to assess the coating’s corrosion resistance, life cycle testing to BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 – Opening and closing of Gate through 90 degrees 50,000 cycles and Abuse Testing where 9 x 25kg weights were suspended from the gate to test what happens if pressure is applied. This ensures durability, superior corrosion resistance and defence against signs of wear.

For more information, please visit

HEWI – System 162

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The Architectural System

To cut a round tube and rejoin it mitred at right angles – this was the idea of the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens (1886 – 1945), whose lever handle is today known as the “Frankfurter Model”.

HEWI has derived a universal system on the basis of the simple yet clever design. Linear, functional, without superfluous details: System 162 convinces in the sanitary room through its clear design. Matching hardware, signs and handrails are available.

System 162_washbasin areaSystem 162System 162_Shower








The minimalist design concept of System 162 not only has a convincing reduced design and a high degree of functionality, but also persuasive quality to match.

The System 162 sanitary products are available with a high-quality chrome finish. The accessories can be combined with inserts made of satin-finish glass or high-quality polyamide in pure white or anthracite grey.

System 162 is augmented with a rail with shower head holder and shower basket. The support rail provides additional comfort and convenience.

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd – MAXXimum Security

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1513 Delta - AlertMaxx rgbSpeedy installation and reliability in operation, these are a couple of the many features found in the new AlertMAXX alarms from Delta Membrane Systems. They are used in sump installations, with the new DMS270 AlertMAXX being used for ground water and surface water applications, and the DMS269 AlertMAXX for foul water use.

Just two fixings are required along with the connection of mains power and a float switch for the AlertMAXX to be fully operational. Should a power cut occur, a battery backup has been incorporated into the design to ensure constant operation.

Each model has an LED display that shows the current status, high level alarm, previous cancelled alarms, mains failure and service reminder. ‘Volt free’ contacts are included as standard for connectivity to building management systems.

As an option, a cable can be supplied to download the internal log from AlertMAXX to either a PC or iPad showing all events that have occurred in the past.

The foul water option is supplied with a robust and reliable pendant type float switch which is fixed to the pipe-work or pump, or is left free hanging using a float weight to allow correct operation.

With the ground water AlertMAXX, a ‘broken finger’ float switch is fitted to give accurate operation and allow the alarm signal to be given after pump one fails, leaving pump two (where fitted) to operate normally.

The design of the new alarms also prevents accidental deactivation, although the alarm can be muted.

A low cost telemetry – known as MessageMAXX – can also be added.