Innovative Zehnder Zmart Flex Heralds a New Era in Radiator Technology

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With a technical innovation brilliant in its simplicity, the new Zehnder Zmart Flex radiator improves upon conventional radiator design, durability and ease of installation. Its first-of-a-kind technology heralds a new era of lighter, longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly radiators.

Zehnder Zmart radiator_Polymer register UntitledUnlike conventional, pressed steel panel radiators, Zehnder Zmart Flex distributes warmth via a polymer heating register. This is a clever new concept which uses proven technology: for three decades now, plastic piping has been an effective and dependable manufacturing material for other plumbing and heating products.

The result is a flat panel radiator unrivalled in its corrosion-resistance and 60% lighter than steel alternatives. Being lightweight, the Zehnder Zmart Flex is more easily transported than pressed steel panel radiators and can be comfortably lifted, positioned and installed by a single person. With the added advantage of patented 360⁰ flexible flow and return tubes that connect to any valve arrangement and give the freedom to fit existing pipework, the Zehnder Zmart Flex has been shown to consistently reduce installation times by 30%.

Ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial installations, and with classically timeless looks, the Zehnder Zmart Flex is available in 63 sizes, with external dimensions varying from 360mm to 750mm in height and 400mm to 1500mm in length and with heat outputs ranging from 124 W/btu to 2621 W/btu. The polymer heating register achieves comparable thermal outputs to a steel radiator of similar size. The heating register has proven, in accelerated testing under laboratory conditions, to have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years whilst running at system temperatures of 80⁰ C. There’s a 10-year warranty for components, even when fitted to an existing system.

The Zehnder Zmart is suitable for use with renewable energy sources and is itself environmentally-friendly. Its carbon footprint is typically 8% less than conventional radiators and by requiring less energy and fewer resources to manufacture, transport, operate and dispose of, its environmental impact can be expected to be 20% lower.

For more information about the innovative new Zehnder Zmart Flex range please visit

Timeguard quality LEDs -the next chapter

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Published in Northern Ireland Electrical, September/October 2015

image001Buoyed by the continuing success of its NIGHTeye range, which continues to prove that quality counts, Timeguard has revealed more new products for winter 2015, with indoor fittings making their first appearance in the range.

The new ranges open up huge potential for you as they offer direct replacements for older energy-guzzling designs: 2Ds, halogen spotlights and traditional lanterns.  And, as if the energy savings and reliability aren’t enough, Timeguard’s attention to design and detail will make them attractive for use in and around any home or office.

Engineered for fast, easy installation, with an assured quality from the Timeguard brand, these are a sure revenue earners for wholesalers and installers alike.

LED-day for 2Ds

Now you can offer your customers a direct replacement for 2D fluorescent light fittings with the promise of big energy savings. Where 2D fluorescent lamp fixtures were the go-to energy saving choice of their day, they were installed in their millions in buildings throughout the country: that’s now a massive market ripe for an upgrade to LED.

The new super slim LED models from Timeguard, available in black or white,  are stylish enough for use in offices and homes, and tough and weatherproof enough for commercial and outdoor use. 12W and 18W models, with a compact footprint for stylish wall or ceiling fitting, there is also the option of a 12w oval version. The Timeguard 3 year guarantee is the icing on the cake.

Spot the difference

Halogen up/down spotlights have always been popular with anyone with an eye for lighting design and now Timeguard has brought an LED-ready range to market to provide energy saving opportunities as well as stylish design.

A range of high quality metal LED ready up/down spotlights will provide trouble free switching of GU10 LED lamps for years to come – and they carry the Timeguard 3 year guarantee.

Stylish and weatherproof, they can be used indoors and out. Fixed, adjustable and up/down versions are offered and there’s a choice of shiny metallic stainless steel or matte black finish.  Halogen bulbs can be fitted if required.

‘Tis (almost) the season

With winter approaching, traditional styles of outdoor security lanterns and courtesy lights are more in demand. Not surprisingly, you can rely on Timeguard to deliver the goods with a new range featuring a low energy LED bonus. Timeguard’s new carriage lanterns provides the same instant on brightness that users have become used to with halogen and incandescent lights in the past, and prefer for automatic outdoor lighting.

It is fit-and forget, in black or white and with a choice of basic courtesy lights or ones with integral PIR detectors.  IP44 weatherproof protection is a given, and there’s even a 4W LED candle lamp included in the box. Of course, when Timeguard says fit and forget, it means it: with a rare 3 year guarantee you have all the assurance of quality and reliability you need.

Take control

Timeguard’s latest PIR lighting controller provides all the power you need to manage LED lighting systems. It is rated to switch LED lighting and will manage up to a pretty impressive 140W and is also suitable for 500W fluorescent or up to 2300W halogen incandescent lighting.

These stylish new detectors feature a 12m detection range with a wide 180o detection field, adjustable light on times from 5 seconds to 15 minutes and light level adjustment that enables installers to set it up to trigger switching at exactly the right light level in any location.  With IP55 rating and a rare 3 year guarantee of quality, it really is specified to be the workhorse PIR controller of choice.

Howe Green’s Slot Drain System at London’s Top Luxury Homes

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Howe Green’s discreet HG200 Slot Drain system was chosen to provide a high-quality drainage solution for lavish leisure facilities at Ballymore’s Embassy Gardens, the prominent Nine Elms development on London’s South Bank.

2994_POOL MED RES copyThe steel linear drainage solution is virtually invisible in situ around a luxurious 16m indoor pool at the high-end development, allowing the streamlined aesthetics of the contemporary interior and form of its tiled floor to remain visually uninterrupted.

Available in modular form to suit most site situation, the ultra-discreet HG200 slot drain is also available as a made to measure system to suit specific requirements. It can be manufactured in 304 or 316 austenitic stainless steel, providing an easy to clean, hygienic solution. As it is produced from stainless steel it is also 100% recyclable and requires very little maintenance.

Slot Drain1 copyThe HG200 Slot Drain is part of a wider linear drainage range from Howe Green, created for effective surface water management in both commercial and domestic applications. Manufactured to withstand the most demanding environments, Howe Green’s linear drainage products are equally at home in settings such as science laboratories, sports centres, surgeries and industrial/processing plants.

Howe Green is one of the UK’s leading innovators in the building products sector. They have a proactive attitude to service and regularly work with their customers and partners to develop bespoke solutions for a wide variety of construction challenges. The company’s technical expertise and heavy investment in state-of-the art machinery have enabled Howe Green to produce non-standard specifications very cost effectively, and this is reflected in their competitive pricing structure. They are also able to provide a quick turnaround, often within days, which gives a competitive edge when timescales are tight. Visit

Eaton’s New 2-gang Switched Sockets with USB Ports Make It Easy to Stay Charged

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MANCHESTER … Power Management Company Eaton has upgraded its wiring accessories offering for residential and commercial buildings with the launch of a switched socket with USB ports. The PREMERA and COPA 2-gang switched sockets have two USB ports to provide a convenient and safe charging solution for tablets, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

EA005954 - USB 2-gang socket - Image1 copy“Technological advances in handheld smart devices mean they are now an essential part of most people’s daily lives at work and at home. However, the level of technology included also means that many such devices require frequent charging and it is clear that there is an urgent demand for sockets that facilitate the easy charging of multiple devices at the same time without using conversion plugs. That is why Eaton has improved its PREMERA and COPA 2-gang sockets to provide access to power using either traditional plugs or USB devices,” said Phil Williams, Product Marketing Manager, Eaton.

The shuttered USB outlets ensure that no foreign bodies enter the sockets, providing a secure plug-in to prevent damage to the USB connector whilst offering a dual charging capability with a powerful 2.6A output, spread between the two USB sockets. The output complies to the latest standards for USB sockets BS EN 62368-1:2014 as well as EMC standards EN5022, EN55024 and EN61000-3-2/3.

The 2-gang switched socket can be used to substitute an existing outlet and also makes an ideal choice for new residential and commercial installations. It is available in a range of finishes including PREMERA white moulded finish and eight luxury COPA clip-on plate finish options making it suitable for use in a wide range of interiors.

To learn more about Eaton, visit For the latest news, follow us on Twitter (@Eaton_EMEA) or on LinkedIn (Eaton EMEA).

About Eaton

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.

Eaton is a power management company with 2014 sales of $22.6 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 99,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit

Updates to VMZINC BBA certificates for warm roof systems

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Langwith College University of York, Heslington, York (UK)BBA certificates for the VMZINC ‘Compact roof using cellular glass insulation’ and ‘Structural roof using PIR or mineral board insulation’ have been updated and extended. The compact roof utilises Foamglas® cellular glass insulation to prevent the passage of water vapour and is therefore ideal for buildings with a high vapour drive such as swimming pools. Both systems are installed without mechanical fixings penetrating the insulation, thus greatly reducing scope for thermal bridging. VMZINC remains the only zinc manufacturer to have such accreditation and can additionally offer a BRE Green Guide A+ rating for the structural roof system.

Enquiries to:-

Four Rivers House, Fentiman Walk
Hertford, Herts, SG14 1DB
01992 822288
01992 58446


New animated installation video for the Helifix Dixie micro-pile

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Helifix has created a new animation which shows step by step installation procedures for its versatile Dixie micro-pile. The animation clearly demonstrates how these high performance micro-piles can be used either to stabilise existing buildings that are suffering from subsidence or to help form secure and level foundations for new constructions.

Micro-Pile Animation PR ImageThe animation can be viewed at

The well proven and technically advanced Dixie micro-pile is backed by International Code Council (ICC) certification and conforms to AC358, the International Standard for helical foundation underpinning systems. Dixie micro-piles combine with the Helibeam masonry stabilisation system to provide a complete structural repair solution which economically and sympathetically restores full structural integrity as all repairs, both above and below ground, are fully concealed.

The Helifix Dixie micro-pile design combines a circular pipe pile with square connections. This gives higher torsional strength, eliminates shaft twist or buckling, simplifies the engagement of pile sections and accelerates installation. It also allows for higher ultimate loads up to 240kN and each installed pile can be load tested.

Helifix Dixie micro-piles provide a fully engineered and cost-effective solution to the problem of foundation settlement while avoiding the major disruption and costs of extensive excavations. Simple, but extremely effective, Helifix Dixie piles are ‘screwed’ into the ground down to the load bearing strata, a bracket is then fitted and the pile is jacked up beneath the foundations to support the building’s weight and prevent further settlement. Excavations are minimal, installation normally only requires lightweight hand-held equipment, noise levels are low and the occupants, who can remain in residence, experience very little disruption.

Helifix engineers assess each situation and design repairs based on the damage, the weight of the individual property and the local ground conditions. Fully trained contractors supply and install the systems.

For project-specific technical advice contact the Helifix team on 020 8735 5200 or go to for all Helifix technical product datasheets and over 100 standard Repair Details, covering all common structural masonry faults.

Helifix:       Tel. 020 8735 5200            email :            Web.

Hadrian Cubicles Match Champagne Mood

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Epernay Doors - DSC_6214cc  The Hadrian toilet cubicles installed in the ladies toilets at the Epernay Champagne Bar in Manchester where carefully chosen to match the mood of the existing decor by specifying a particular RAL colour, a service available in the UK from Relcross Limited. When the bar was bought in 2014 by VCP Taverns a redecoration and upgrade was immediately implemented. While the tiles and walls in the ladies toilets were in reasonable condition and needed little more than some tlc, the cubicles had definitely seen better days and were certainly not meeting the champagne expectations of either the customers or the new owners.

What they needed were cubicles that were much more durable, would look good for years and could harmonise with the shade of purple/brown that featured elsewhere in the room. Hadrian Elite steel cubicles from Relcross were chosen and specified in RAL 8002 Signal Brown. These floor mounted, overhead braced toilet partitions are especially suitable for heavy use areas and require no special structural provisions to effect a rigid installation. They can be erected on any type of floor.

Epernay Doors - DSC_6267aManufactured in North America, specially for the UK market, the Elite series ensures privacy by using continuous stop and hinge sight line fillers along with a minimal 150mm gap from the floor to the underside of the door and panels. They are available in a choice of over 200 RAL colours to match just about any designer colour scheme.

Hadrian utilizes the latest powder coating technology to apply a hard, even and run-free finish. After a thorough cleaning and phosphatizing process, electrical charges ensure that the powder paint adheres uniformly over the entire product surface. The powder is then oven cured to create an attractive, permanent and consistent finish that covers every area of the product and resists impact, abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids.

Thicker paint application helps to combat rust. Powder coating allows a greater paint thickness to be applied without compromising surface uniformity. Wet paints simply cannot achieve the same thickness without the threat of unsightly runs and surface irregularities.

Epernay Doors - DSC_6289The celebratory mood of the bar is continued in the loos with the walls decorated with pithy champagne related quotes from famous champagne drinkers as diverse as Marlene Dietrich and Napoleon Bonaparte. A year after the installation was completed the cubicles have been subjected to continual use but are looking as good as new and maintaining the venue’s quality image and appeal.

The Epernay Champagne Bar is rapidly becoming the place to chill out in central Manchester. Located within cork popping distance of the Manchester Central Convention Complex, they are also very popular for afternoon teas and Champagne Masterclasses for bridal parties.

For further information about Hadrian Toilet Partitions and Lockers visit, call Relcross on 01380 729600 or email

NVELOPE supports new building at Repton School

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Project: Repton School
Location: Derbyshire
Building envelope contractor: B&K Building Services

Repton_School_Case_Studies_800 NVELOPE, the rainscreen cladding support specialist has supplied its NV3 system to a new build Maths and PE teaching block at Repton School in Derbyshire. The ‘Repton Precinct’, which replaces an old demolished building, features cladding support by NVELOPE’s NV3 concealed, mechanical fixing system.

Repton School, a co-educational English independent school, required the new two storey teaching block to mediate well between the award winning 400 Hall building, and the historic school buildings in the wider Repton campus. Derby-based main contractor B&K Building Services appointed specialist rainscreen installer A2O Cladding to install the rainscreen cladding on this project. A2O Cladding worked alongside the project architect Franklin Ellis Architects to develop the detailed design for approximately 400m² of Trespa Meteon and Aerolite vertical cladding. This included the specification of NVELOPE’s NV3 system to support the rainscreen systems.

An original sandstone effect was achieved by installing TI Aerolite, while Trespa Meteon was used to create a more modern look. NVELOPE’s NV3 versatile cladding support system was the ideal solution for this project, as the brackets bear the weight of the cladding, absorbing the dead loads and the wind loads, which allows for adequate expansion and contraction.

Untitled“We required a cost effective system which would neatly support the cladding, without disrupting the aesthetics of the building’s envelope” says Tim Gray, Project Director, A2O Cladding. “The NV3 system allowed us to install the cladding with concealed fixing, giving the department a seamless finish whilst maintaining its stunning appearance.”

This scheme utilised the NVELOPE online ‘Project Builder’ design and pricing service, which provides a complete, project specific cladding solution for architects with a very fast turnaround. The ‘Project Builder’ design and pricing software by NVELOPE can speed up the cladding specification process for contractors, providing them with a bracket layout and an indicative m2 rate to meet their precise requirements.

The NVELOPE materials used were manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to BS EN 573-3 and production BS EN 755.

For further information on NVELOPE Rainscreen Systems, call us direct on +44 (0)1707 333 396.

Ten thousand bricks donated to Leicester College by Forterra

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Forterra_Bricklaying_students.x632Forterra has donated 10,000 bricks to Leicester College for budding student bricklayers to use on construction courses.

The bricks and blocks donated by Forterra, will be used by the students to build practice walls, foundations and other features as part of their NVQ courses.

The recent rise in homebuilding around the country has led to an increase in demand for trained bricklayers and Leicester College currently has 90 student bricklayers on its courses, many of whom are apprentice bricklayers with local homebuilders.

Keith Binns, Brickwork Programme Lead at Leicester College, said: “I am absolutely delighted at the donation of 10,000 bricks from Forterra.

With an increase in the amount of learners, being in a position to provide good quality materials for their lessons on a regular basis can be a major challenge – having a company like Forterra work with us will make such a difference.“

“I cannot thank Forterra enough for their generosity and for showing such a commitment to the development of the next generation of bricklayers which are so desperately needed by industry.”

Stephen Harrison, UK Managing Director of Forterra, said; “When we heard about Leicester College’s need for bricks we thought it was a worthwhile cause that we could contribute to. We hope our quality products help their students learn the skills needed to become the next generation of homebuilders.”



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Altro flooring and wall cladding are providing a total, high-level solution of hygiene, safety and contemporary style at a new state-of-the-art science and engineering centre at the University of Wolverhampton.

Designed and equipped to offer cutting-edge teaching and research facilities to future scientists, the new £25m Rosalind Franklin Building has been fitted with Altro WhiterockTM hygienic wall cladding, AltroScreed QuartzTM resin flooring, and Altro Designer TM 25 safety flooring.

The bronze-clad building was designed by architect Berman Guedes Stretton. Their vision was to create a contemporary structure that would support modern learning and revitalise the surrounding area. The architects’ Principal Director, Gary Collins, explains how they realised this vision. “Science and technology is a huge growth area at the university, both in terms of student demand for courses, and also because local industry in that field is on the up. This meant the university wanted to invest in a teaching and research facility that could meet this increasing need and provide the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art experience, both in terms of structure and the resources and equipment inside.

“The products we used needed to meet a number of criteria. Wall cladding for the labs had to be hygienic, easy to maintain and have real impact to complement our design for a modern contemporary space. Altro Whiterock is the industry standard for this type of requirement, and we and the scientific community know and trust it. We specify it all the time, so this was our number one choice.”

University of Wolverhampton-AltroScreed Quartz-15Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding is a cost-effective, durable, grout-free, water-tight smooth hygienic wall cladding system designed for building environments that are required to meet strict hygiene standards. The panels provide a stain resistant, wipe-clean surface with no gaps or cracks for bacteria to hide in. It is extremely impact resistant and ideal for tough areas. It meets current EU Directives on health and hygiene.

Gary Collins adds: “We specifically wanted resin flooring for the ground floor and reception area. It needed to be durable, ideal for heavy traffic areas, robust and resistant to chemicals, yet also attractive, decorative and contemporary in its look.

“We went to Coventry Transport Museum with Altro and the main contractor Kier to take a look at the AltroScreed Quartz resin flooring fitted in reception, to see for ourselves how it could work in practice.

“We were very impressed that it was both tough and attractive, and easy to clean. We spoke to their maintenance staff and they assured us that even after sump oil spillages and heavy vehicles driving over it, the flooring came up like new. On this basis we decided it would be the perfect flooring for the Rosalind Franklin Building too.

“As part of that same visit we also asked Altro to give some guidance about safety flooring for the labs and upper floors of the Rosalind Franklin Building. The brief was to find a product that was hard-wearing, hygienic, one that could resist chemical spillages and be very safe underfoot, but with a contemporary design that would fit in with our vision.

“They showed us Altro Designer 25 and it ticked all the boxes. We were particularly impressed that it can be hot welded to produce flooring that is impervious to dirt. Plus, at 2.5mm thick, it can stand the test of time against heavy footfall, and resist chemicals in the lab.”

University of Wolverhampton-AltroScreed Quartz-29AltroScreed Quartz is a solvent-free system in which blended decorative quartz is bound with clear epoxy resin and finished with clear seal coats. The product provides a high-strength, chemically resistant decorative floor surface that can be coved and laid to drainage falls. It is available in nominal thicknesses of 4mm to 6mm. It has low slip resistance and is ideally suited to medium-duty production areas, entrance lobbies, offices, shops, circulation areas and laboratories. It has a closed surface texture that reduces dirt retention, making it easy to clean and maintain. The floor was sealed with Altro Screed Seal Rapicure Plus, providing additional slip resistance.

Altro Designer 25 is a 2.5mm thick hard-wearing safety flooring that includes coloured quartz crystals in striking base colour to enhance any interior scheme. Easy to lay, it can be hot welded to produce an unobtrusive and impervious floor, minimising the ingress of dirt and helping to maintain hygiene standards. It also boasts long-term durability and excellent slip resistance, which make it ideal for medium to heavy-duty environments.
Kier appointed Polydeck Resins to install the AltroScreed Quartz system. Director of Polydeck Resins, Gavin Tidball, says: “Laying of the decorative resin system requires experienced fully trained operatives working through the various stages of the installation having an eye for detail to ensure the high standard of finishes can be delivered to our client.

“As this was a new build scheme part of which was on top of an existing ground floor base, we needed to prepare the floor first, and an area of 400m2,of polymer screed was installed to create a flat surface betweeen the new and old slabs. Once this had cured sufficiently, we applied the AltroProof DPM primer, then the AltroScreed Quartz base and finally the clear seals to finish.

“Given the project was fast track we used the Rapicure version of the Altro resin, which meant we could complete the work in good time and free-up the area for other contractors.

“We also created coved skirting to the perimeter walls, so there was a smooth finish throughout, laying the base screed in one application to avoid any joints or seams to the cove and floor interfaces. The project took about two weeks to complete and we worked closely with Kier and Altro, who gave us great support throughout.”

Kier also appointed specialist floors and walls contractor, Pinnacle, to install the Altro Whiterock, and Altro Designer 25 in the new build. Pinnacle’s longstanding relationship with both Altro and Kier was instrumental in the final choice of products.

University of Wolverhampton-Altro Designer 25-Altro Whiterock-08Pinnacle MD, Scott Myers, says: “The architect specified Altro from the outset, but this was such a high-profile project that there was, naturally, a great deal of interest from other flooring and walling manufacturers as well.

“We have worked closely with Altro for many years, and in our experience their products are second to none in terms of quality and reliability — but they also offer colours, textures and overall solutions that can deliver visual appeal in the most innovative and challenging design projects. There is a great deal of confidence in the industry for Altro and their reputation is well deserved

“Kier is also a longstanding partner for us, and we were able to demonstrate to them that, for a project of this size and significance, Altro had the product range that could meet all the client’s practical needs, and also deliver the design impact they wanted to achieve.

“Budget was also a key factor in the decision-making process, and Altro proved to be a very cost-effective solution overall.”

Scott Myers continues: “The installation programming was quite complex in terms of scheduling and sequencing. This was due to the number of mechanical and electrical services that had to be installed on site before we could gain access. It was all about co-operation, but everyone worked very well together.

“Altro flooring and walling products are simple and straightforward to install, which is one of the reasons we like using the products. Firstly we prepared the floors prior to fitting, and this was a fairly standard process of scarifying the floor to create a clean, smooth surface, laying an epoxy dpm, then finally a Latex smoothing compound.

“There was a large quantity of product to install; 3,600m² of Altro Designer 25, and 1,400m² of Altro Whiterock.”


The University’s Maintenance Manager, Neil Howells, comments: “We are very happy with the completed job. The Altro products reflect the cutting edge design of the building, providing vision and opportunity for our students. We are sure that the choices made by the architects will prove as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing — early indications appear to support this viewpoint.


“Phase One of the build has been in use since September 2014, and the products have been performing well in that time. Feedback from our cleaning and maintenance team has also been very positive, with no problems, and the flooring and walling still looks as good as they did nine months ago.


“I would recommend the use of Altro as quality products that give competitive whole life value for money, and the professional helpful technical support that is readily provided. In short; a valued supplier.”