Premier Loft Ladders – New!! Elite Ladder & Supreme Stairway

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Elite-SPremier Loft Ladders have introduced two new products, a) the Elite ladder with a special backboard complete with additional treads and grab rails, and b) the Supreme stairway with a 240mm high hatchbox plus a special backboard complete with additional treads and grab rails.

Premier Loft Ladders have also enhanced it’s range of fire resistant casings for industrial, commercial and domestic applications which now comprises the Supreme with wooden hatchbox and trapdoor F30, the Supreme with a steel hatchbox and trapdoor F30 and F60/F90, the Miniline F30, F30 Plus and F60 and also the Profiline F30, F30 Plus and F60. All ladders are manufactured to EN 14975 with fire resistance tested to DIN 4102 Part 2.

The Elite ladder is manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy and is usually attached to a laminated wood backboard (19mm thick x 200mm high) for fitting to a vertical surface or a horizontal surface to access a vertical opening. It is supplied with two heavy duty counter-balanced springs incorporated into pivot brackets to ensure that it can be raised and lowered with a minimum of effort with a load bearing per tread of 200 kgs. The Elite ladder can now be offered with a special construction white coated Multiplex backboard complete with additional treads and grab rails. The height of this special backboard is variable up to 2000mm high x up to 1200mm wide.

Two find out more details of our new products click on this link:

New Klober insulation board with integrated vapour underlay

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IMG_3151_26739Permo® therm, from Klober, is a phenolic insulation board with a tongue-and-groove edge profile, integrated vapour roof permeable underlay and self-adhesive strips along laps. The product has been designed for above-rafter insulation and offers the added convenience of combining two roofing disciplines in one product. It can be laid on boarded or un-boarded roofs either from left to right or from right to left and is available in various thicknesses. Suitable for all pitches, boards are accompanied by a range of fittings for ease of installation, optimum thermal performance and airtightness.

IMG_3172_26761By laying over rafters, greater height is provided in the roof space and cutting avoided. Boards are interlocked up the roof slope with the integrated roof underlay

facing upwards. Laps are then sealed by removing the release film from the adhesive strip and after either a single or double course counterbattens are laid in alignment with the rafters. These are simply screw-fixed through the boards to the boards prior to tiling battens being fixed.

Smarter Ventilation in Schools – Making IAQ Part of Sustainable Architecture

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Phil Mangnall, Sales Manager at Jaga Heating Products UK, discusses how through the careful specification of a ventilation system, schools can reap the benefits of energy and cost efficiency, whilst providing an ideal internal environment for their students and staff.

There are approximately 10 million students currently in schools across the UK today. These children and young adults spend almost a third of their entire childhood at school, with around 70% of that time being spent indoors. It is a staggering statistic.

So, given the amount of time spent in these buildings, it is reasonable to expect them to be environments that help students thrive. Not only that, as a fundamental influence on the minds of future generations, surely they should be pillars of the environmental path that the construction sector is being encouraged to walk?

Architects are constantly being challenged to make efficiency gains. One area that allows this, whilst dramatically improving the internal environment for students, is ventilation.

Quite simply, we need to start taking ventilation seriously. It is more than just another facet of school building design; it is a rare opportunity to improve the health and well-being of staff and students in an environmentally friendly, cost efficient way.

Identifying the best ventilation system for any educational application can be complex – particularly given the need to factor in the three-pronged problem of indoor air quality (IAQ), energy-efficiency and sustainability that are underwritten by legislation and regulations for educational new builds.

But there is a logical solution that boosts all three without compromising an architect’s vision for a building: integrating dynamic Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) into a school’s heating system. It provides intelligent ventilation that satisfies regulatory requirements, stays within a project’s budget, and ensures the best possible learning environment for the students.

UntitledDCV is a modular, scalable solution that constantly monitors the IAQ on room by room basis, fully programmable and flexible enough to respond to differing demands. A CO2 sensor constantly monitors a classroom’s IAQ, processing the information and refreshing the air before excessively high levels of CO2 are reached. Essentially, extracting stale contaminated air and replacing it with fresh air from outside.

The intelligence to only vent fresh air as and when it is required is a highly efficient means of maintaining an optimal indoor environment – as high as 28% more efficient than natural ventilation, in fact, whilst eliminating the draughts, stuffiness and security risks that result from this alternative.

Furthermore, because it can be integrated within a school’s heating system – with the flexibility to have centralised, stand-alone or linked controls – it means that temperatures can be optimally regulated at all times, ensuring the right level of warmth according to a school’s preferences without wasting energy unnecessarily – a common trait in busy educational establishments.

By getting smarter about ventilation, schools can become examples of how to operate in an effective way that is aligned with social and environmental responsibilities. And there are options out there that can be specified in a bespoke way to satisfy architects’ requirements.

At Jaga, we call our Demand Controlled Ventilation system ‘Oxygen’, and it is fully compatible with the majority of our Low-H₂O radiators. Both Oxygen and our Low-H₂O Radiators have been certified for their energy-efficiency by KIWA. Oxygen has been recognised by the Educational Funding Agency (EFA) as a suitable solution on the Priority Schools Building Programme.

We immerse ourselves in every project, supporting both on site and with our dedicated technical team, providing genuinely tailored heating and ventilation systems. If you would like to learn more about Jaga Oxygen DCV, you can download our Ventilation in Schools Interactive Guide, or visit

Plastic Omnium underground waste system success in Tower Hamlets and Lambeth

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DSC02253The Plastic Omnium Sulo underground refuse system (URS) combines high capacity with removal of unsightly groups of bins which can lead to litter spill and vandalism. Already installed throughout the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Tower Hamlets as well as in Blackpool, Peterborough and Cambridge, they make a major contribution to maintaining a clean environment.

Alan Craddock, Project Manager of Plastic Omnium’s Environment Division explained, “The Sulo range provides local authorities and companies with aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive disposal and collection points which combine increased security with low maintenance and vermin deterrence. Collection is less labour intensive and comprehensive cleaning and support can be provided as part of the supply contract. This is not just for sanitation but to ensure compacted waste doesn’t reduce capacity within the underground container.”

Underground units come in three standard sizes – 3, 4 or 5m3 compared to a standard four-wheeled bin with a maximum capacity of around 1.1m3. The above ground ‘columns’ are of contemporary stainless steel design with a secure ‘night-safe’ opening and the option of an additional foot pedal. Their appearance is aesthetically pleasing while their fixed position removes any cost of bin replacement for the local authority.

DSC02252Specially designed collection vehicles are essentially remodelled RCVs employing specially designed crane and hydraulic equipment to lift the columns.  The URS is lifted over the rear of the vehicle using a hand-held remote, a counterbalanced floor rising to fill the void.

For cleaning, the bin is lowered into a purpose-built vehicle provided by Plastic Omnium / Sulo for the inside of the main waste container to be power washed, waste water being retained for authorised disposal. Column handles are also regularly cleaned using Sulo antibacterial wipes and labelled by the local authority to identify when the service last took place.

The decision to install in Tower Hamlets came about after the council received Government funding to modify and update its housing stock. While a number of bin providers install URS across the borough, the lion’s share has been provided by Plastic Omnium / Sulo. Poplar HARCA housing association currently has 190, typically positioned outside high density social housing or privately-owned apartments. The service uses just two fully-trained crews, each having an HGV driver wo is also the certified crane operator and a second member who acts as a look-out for the driver while bins are being manoeuvred. Most URS are emptied once a week, regardless of whether they are full or not, although some locations receive a twice-weekly collection.


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Euro Brick 15-5-15 0163After several record-breaking years of growth and a move to larger premises, brick and stone slip cladding specialist Eurobrick has opened a brand new showroom.

This development follows the company’s 25th anniversary last year and the new showroom further supports its status as the leading specialist in this market.

The dedicated area includes a display of the full brick slip ranges along with a selection of stone finishes, and information about the different cladding systems available from Eurobrick.

The new showroom has a section of installed X-Clad, allowing customers to see one of the cladding systems and to understand the installation process. Experienced Eurobrick team members will staff the showroom and be on hand to answer any questions.

John Mayes, managing director at Eurobrick commented on the new showroom:

image -018“After several fantastic years at Eurobrick, we’re really pleased to be able to offer our customers a showroom that is visually interesting and informative, showcasing our products.

At Eurobrick, we have always worked hard to provide our customers with quality cladding materials and service; our showroom underpins this. Customers can come in to discuss their project requirements in a comfortable environment.”

For more information on Eurobrick and its range of brick and stone slip cladding products, please visit

Eurobrick’s new showroom is open to visitors Monday – Friday, 9am – 4:30pm at Unit 5, Newbridge Trading Estate, Bristol, BS4 4AX.

Delta Membranes – Every Penny Counts

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1606 Delta - BPI Basement materials 01 copyOver recent years there has been increasing pressure on budgets, and cost-effective construction techniques have been the order of the day. The same goes for refurbishment projects, which is where Delta Membrane Systems offers a wide range of products that help with the damp proofing of internal walls, particularly in basement projects.
Too often, basements are left redundant or as ‘dumping grounds’, but the truth is that they can be functional, useful spaces that can enhance the emotional and monetary value to a home.
1606 Delta - BPI Basement materials 02 copyDelta Membrane Systems has long argued that using its package of products designed specifically for basement refurbishment will bring a basement back to a habitable condition, at a cost-effective price.
A typical product for walls is the Delta MS-500 which is made from high density polyethylene. While the membrane itself is just 0.6mm thick, it features 8mm studs on the wall-side and it is these studs that create the drainage channel – allowing up to 135 litres/minute/metre of incoming water to be drained – well in excess of the likely demands.
Incorporating 20mm studs, Delta MS20 is another membrane in the collection that offers impressive operational characteristics. These include a compressive strength rating of 150kN/m2, and high capacity drainage to easily cope with the worst of likely conditions. It can be used in applications where extra drainage capacity is required, such as deeper structures, or where a larger flow rate is likely.
1606 Delta - BPI Basement materials 03 copyThanks to the membranes, all water entering the property drains down the wall into a channel that leads to a sump unit hidden below ground floor level. It is then pumped to a suitable drainage outlet which might be a soil vent pipe, or simply to an outside drain or soak-away.
Managing the damp ingress, rather than trying to prevent it altogether, is the sensible and economic option for basement refurbishment, and Delta Membrane Systems is a one-stop-shop for all the materials needed.
Delta Membrane Systems prides itself on the extensive collection of products it has on offer to overcome the problems of water ingress into a property – both existing and new-build. However, the service does not stop there as the company is happy to share its knowledge and offer technical advice wherever needed.


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Photos © Joel Chant / UNP-33628 - Altro -  Altro wall and corsets in heavy duty areas of Kings College Hospital London

The brand new Altro Fortis system is giving much-needed protection to walls and doors in high traffic areas at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in South East London.

Altro Fortis TitaniumTM wall protection and Altro FortisTM door protection have been fitted within the Ruskin Wing which, with nine floors, is the tallest building on the hospital campus. It houses many of the neurology wards and the Critical Care Unit — which means it is one of the many high traffic areas on the site, with beds and medical equipment constantly rushing through at speed.

This activity has had an inevitable impact on the doors and walls, creating scuffing, dents and more serious damage. The hospital needed a solution that would protect the doors and walls long-term, look good and be easy to clean and maintain.

The hospital’s senior projects manager, Christel Garton, says: “Altro were aware of the issues we were having with damage to the walls and doors and they suggested we try their new Altro Fortis Titanium wall cladding, and Altro Fortis door protection.

“We have used Altro here before, with great success, so I was keen to see if this new product could work for us on the walls in the entrance lobby to the Ruskin Wing, two corridors to the lift lobby, and on a double fire doorset in the general circulation area. These are very busy areas and they have really taken the brunt over the years.”

Altro Fortis Titanium is constructed from highly durable uPVC semi-rigid sheet, which is dense, impervious material, resistant to bumps. It features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages scuffs, keeping the wall area looking better for longer.

Photos © Joel Chant / UNP-33628 - Altro -  Altro wall and corsets in heavy duty areas of Kings College Hospital London

Available in ten colours, including muted and vibrant shades, Altro Fortis Titanium matches many of the popular shades from the Altro Whiterock SatinsTM hygienic wall cladding range. This offers flexibility when it comes to design, making it a versatile solution across a range of areas. Plus the colour runs throughout, reducing the visibility of knocks or scrapes.

With an impervious, easy-to-wipe surface, Altro Fortis Titanium improves cleanability which is a major advantage within its recommended application areas.

The Altro Fortis Titanium wall cladding at the hospital was installed by Absolute Interiors, an Altro Whiterock Premier Installer. Director Paul Kinggett said: “We used 15 panels (45m2) of the product in the shade Pearl and each of these had to be thermoformed to fit around internal angles, corners and door frames. The product was installed at height of 1.2m from floor level, which is the area that suffers the most damage.

“This was our first time using new Altro Fortis Titanium, but we found just as easy to work with and fit as Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding,” adds Paul. “It goes on with a two-part adhesive, which is troweled on to the back of the sheet. It’s quick to install as well, just a two-day project — one day to thermoform the product in our workshop, then one day to install.”

Altro Whiterock Premier Installer, Elite Interiors, took on the project of removing the original door set and installing the new Altro Fortis doorset, which was completed within a day onsite to minimise the down time for the hospital. The original timber corridor doors were showing signs of damage to the edges, so they were replaced with Altro’s bespoke FD60 fire doorset that has its own standalone BS 476 part 22 fire certificate. This was fully encapsulated with Altro Fortis, again in the shade Pearl, to give a more robust hygienic doorset for the hospital.

Elite Interiors Director Jason Carter says: “Altro Fortis is a good product to be used on high traffic areas were protection and infection controlled environments are necessary.”

Photos © Joel Chant / UNP-33628 - Altro -  Altro wall and corsets in heavy duty areas of Kings College Hospital London

Altro Fortis door protection is available as either complete doorsets or door panels. Doorsets are a fully-clad, custom-made solution, providing optimum protection with the product covering both sides of the door and its edges. Door panels are ideal for protecting sections of doors where they need it most, helping prevent scuff and impact damage. These can be cut to any size from the standard Altro Fortis Titanium sheet.

The new Altro Fortis walls and doors have now been in place for more than six months at the hospital, and senior projects manager, Christel Garton, is delighted with the positive effect it has had on the Ruskin Wing, both in terms of damage control and aesthetics.

“Altro Fortis is proving to be the perfect solution for us, because it completely takes the worry out of how to protect doors and walls in this busy environment. It also looks superb and is very easy to clean, we just wipe it down as needed. We will definitely be using Altro Fortis again.”

FAKRO launches RAL colours for flat roof windows

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Introduction of the DEF flat roof window in 2014 redefined the visual aesthetic for such products but the launch of ‘ColourLine’ has taken the offering a stage further by enabling outer cladding to be specified in any RAL colour from the ‘Classic Palette’. Whether to blend with a green roof, colours used in terrace landscaping or tiles on pitches up to 15°, the design scope is virtually limitless.

Thermally efficient triple or quadruple-glazed units can be ordered, the DEF U8 window offering an unparalleled level of performance with an installed U-value of 0.76 W/m²K. This means roof windows can be used not just in standard flat roof extensions but in passive house designs. With a glazing area up to 16% greater than other manufacturers’ windows of comparable size, they can also be used to replace existing skylights, greatly improving availability of natural light.

Interior surfaces of frame and sash are white PVC, making them ideal for bathrooms and wetrooms. All have a 6mm toughened outer and a P2A anti-burglary laminated inner pane while electrically operated windows have a built-in sensor to activate sash closure when rain is detected.


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NV3 system NVELOPENVELOPE, the market leader in rainscreen cladding support systems, has launched BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects for its cladding support systems. Designed to assist project teams working in the BIM format, the new objects ensure greater specification detail and accuracy.

Used in the planning and the design stages of a project, BIM is an ideal tool for architects and specifiers to create digital illustrations of buildings, together with detailed technical information, accreditations and other background data. NVELOPE’s NV1, NV2, NV3, NV4, NV5, NV6 and NV7 cladding support systems are now available as BIM objects to help architects and specifiers in the design process.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver quick, accurate product information in a format that suits today’s specifiers and architects,” says Mike Smith, Managing Director, NVELOPE Rainscreen Systems Ltd. “As such, we are pleased to be launching our new BIM objects and look forward to our architectural clients benefitting from the use of BIM and NVELOPE products.”

NVELOPE’s BIM objects contain detailed dimensions, product specifications and other key details, along with high quality 3D images to add into virtual models and simulated building designs. They can be found on the NBS National BIM Library and are available in IFC and Revit formats and downloaded and integrated into any BIM software.

For architects who are looking to work with NVELOPE’s products, NVELOPE offers an online Project Builder design and pricing service, which provides a complete, project specific cladding solution for architects and can be easily accessed in the Project Builder section at

Manufactured in the UK and developed using the highest specification alloys, NVELOPE products and systems are ideal for supporting a wide variety of façade materials.

For further information on NVELOPE, visit or call the company direct on +44 (0)1707 333 396.

Door Closer Solution Courtesy of Relcross and Bamford Doors

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Bamford 14Stockport based Bamford Doors were approached by a public sector client to solve a problem they were having providing reliable access at a small housing development with residents of mixed age and ability. If the existing door closer was set so that all the residents could easily open the door, it was not then strong enough to close and properly latch the door in windy conditions.

Using their extensive experience of the door closer market, Bamfords quickly decided that the LCN 4111 Smoothee® was the ideal product for this installation. It’s also a product they have used many times before and had confidence in both its performance and durability. In fact it has been tested to over 10 million cycles and was designed specifically for institutional and other rugged high traffic applications.

BRG-15 01 004Bamfords installed a complete new door set and an LCN 4111 which is supplied by Relcross in the UK. Now all the residents can open the door in all weather conditions confident that it will latch correctly behind them. The closer is quick and easy to adjust and can be set up for a delayed closing to allow frail residents sufficient time to enter or exit before operating, all of which demonstrates the versatility of the Relcross LCN Closer.

The durability of the LCN range of closers is based on the forged steel arms and cast iron bodies used. There is no better material for a door closer than cast iron. The manufacturing process may be difficult (which is why just about every other closer manufacturer has turned to aluminium) but the end product lasts for decades. Since internal wear and tear is negligible, even after extreme usage, regular re-adjustment of control valves and spring power is not necessary.

The Bamford Group has been established for over 100 years and is a major supplier of engineered solutions to both the public and private sectors. Their clients range from the MOD, BAE Systems, Councils, Housing Associations and the Marine Industry to Architects, Designers and Main Construction Contractors.

BRG-15 01 013The group has a reputation as a quality precision engineering company that holds accreditations from Secure by Design, BS EN ISO 900:1, Construction Line, CHAS, CSCS, Safe Contractor, Certisecure and Atex – Explosive Atmospheres. The Bamford Security Door Division manufactures and installs engineered aluminium doors and screens which are very light in weight to fully comply with DDA Regulations, very strong against vandalism and are independently tested to Secure by Design. Bamford Doors are so confident in the quality of its engineered door sets, that it offers a “Lifetime Guarantee” to its customers.

Stuart McMaster, Sales and Marketing Director of Relcross Ltd, said “we are very proud of our long relationship with the Bamford Group. They make superbly engineered door sets and we feel that our LCN closers are the ideal complement to such a quality product.”

For further information on LCN door closers call Relcross on 01380 729600, visit or email