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  1. A.Kareem A.Ali

    Dear Messrs.,
    It is very useful and practical to create tools or equipment or structures that prevent, reduce or limit the occurrence of accidents that are likely to occur during the activities in the various construction works, especially those that require working in elevations or places of a dangerous nature that may harm people or damage the properties under construction or Maintenance, repair or refurbishment works.
    Based on the incidents that occurred due to lack of equipment, as well as the accumulated experience for this purpose.
    So I hope these creative and innovative thoughts should be developed or enhanced continuously,
    I really appreciate like this deed.
    Consequently, the target is to save the lives of persons and to prevent the harms or injuries as well as to maintain the properties safe from damages in general.

    Many Thanks with Regards

    A.kareem A. Ali
    Civil Consulting Engineer

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