Cistermiser Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel

Cistermiser launches new Vecta+ Shower Panel range as it looks to cement its position as the Number 1 commercial washroom/changing room partner

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vecta mechanical shower web copy

Vecta+ Mechanical Shower Panel (MSPV)

Cistermiser, the UK’s leading provider of commercial washroom water management solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of a stunning new range of water saving shower panels: the Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel (SSPV) and Vecta+ Mechanical Shower Panel (MSPV). The addition of the shower control range follows the 2021 launch of Cistermiser’s new infrared taps, Vecta+ Sensor Tap range, as the brand looks to cement its position as the Number 1 partner for energy efficient, hygienic and easy to install washroom controls for both retrofit and new build applications.



vecta sensor shower web copy

Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel (SSPV)

Richard Braid, Cistermiser MD comments: “After significant investment into research and development in tandem with customer insights, we’re excited to extend our range to include the two shower panels to offer customers, whether merchants, specifiers, developers, installers or facilities managers, even more choice. The range offers a hygienic non-touch sensor configuration with the Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel, and a traditional mechanical push-button configuration with the Vecta+ Mechanical Shower Panel. Both are lightweight, and surface mounted, offering a sleek and contemporary design for any changing or commercial shower room.


Vecta+ Shower Panel 3“The new shower panels offer a host of benefits to the complete supply chain: for installers, they’re easy to fit, arriving pre-plumbed and suitable for mains or battery power; for merchants, they’re space-saving to stock with all the ‘all in one box’ approach including two flow regulators; for facilities managers and building owners, they are efficient and prevent costly flooding risk or wasted water with a ~30 second default safety shut-off, as well as being super-easy to maintain thanks to the patented shower head nozzles proven to reduce scale damage. And for the end-user, thanks to great aesthetics of the concealed fixings and slim panel body, combined with a 42 shower head nozzles ‘rain effect’, they offer an enjoyable showering experience. The new shower range also comes with the optional extra of Cistermiser’s new WRAS approved TMV3 (Thermostatic mixer valve), an essential piece of the pipework that protects the user from hot water scalding.

Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel 6“While working with customers to bring this range to market, sustainability is a top theme that keeps coming up: the role that efficient water solutions can play in the fight against climate change has never been more important. That’s why we’re delighted to further extend our range of energy saving taps, urinal flushing, toilet flushing and whole washroom control management solutions with the brand new Vecta+ Sensor and Vecta+ Mechanical shower panels.”

TMV 22mm For more information on the new tap range, visit or to request technical information call 0118 969 1611 email

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KEIM Soldalit Paint


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Mother and daughter enjoying together while painting wall.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, fire resistant paint, KEIM have the answer – KEIM Soldalit.
This is one of their exterior paint products which meets the rigorous fire safety standard A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1. This replaces the British Standard reference 476 part 6/7, testing to even higher performance levels; put simply it means in the event of a fire the paint coating does not burn or in itself release any toxic chemicals or fumes, and in addition does not support the surface spread of flame.

Is this a new paint system you may ask? The answer is no. KEIM Mineral Paint’s ethos of manufacturing eco-friendly and sustainable products dates back to 1878, well before such ‘green’ terms become fashionable. You could say KEIM were centuries ahead of their time.

KEIM – kind to you, kind to use, kind to the environment

KEIM Soldalit also features the key KEIM attributes common throughout their paint systems, which includes breathability, longevity, only using natural ingredients which makes them exceptionally low VOC, odourless and inherently incombustible. KEIM is therefore kind to you, kind to use and super kind to the environment.

Not just for high-rise

In recent times, the focus quite rightfully has been on safeguarding residents, to protect them against the risk of fires in high-rises for example, with many existing buildings being re-evaluated for their safety and compliance. Here KEIM Soldalit can provide a cost-effective solution. Once any exterior cladding has been removed, KEIM Soldalit can be applied to provide a highly durable fire-resistant protection in just a couple of coats.

Currently the UK Regulations only applies to buildings of 18 metres or above, but all manner of structures, such as commercial buildings, houses, flats, hotels, and leisure facilities could reduce the risk of fires spreading by using KEIM.

Colour for today, tomorrow, forever

KEIM Soldalit is one of the most popular products within the KEIM portfolio, but they have perhaps been theindustry’s best kept secret until now. Over 7 million square metres of building facades have been painted using KEIM in the last 20 years.

12_100_Pigmente_bunt_11They have recently launched Innostar, a one coat interior paint in a range of colours, ideal for walls, ceilings, and quick turnaround projects.

KEIM offers a range of paint options for exterior and interior use, plus colour washes to mimic concrete. All are odourless, manufactured using natural ingredients, with no added VOCs. Their ME paint neutralises noxious gases and pollutants, designed specifically for use in industrial or high traffic areas, whereas Ecosil is perfect

KEIM are delighted to play their part in protecting the environment, since 1878.

KEIM conduct no obligation site surveys across the UK, and a colour matching service. Visit for more information.

Clement Windows at Waltham Forest Town Hall

Clement Windows Group manufacture new steel windows for Town Hall

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Clement Windows Group has manufactured over 200 new steel windows for Grade II listed Waltham Forest Town Hall.

WALTHAM FOREST TOWN HALL_001Designed by Philip Dalton Hepworth and constructed between 1938 and 1942, Waltham Forest Town Hall is one of the best known examples of the stripped classical style of architecture in the UK.  Influenced by the Modernist Movement of the Bauhaus School and defined by bold massings, severe angles and a stylised reduction of classical elements, this look was frequently chosen by governments for municipal buildings.

Clement W20 steel windows were chosen to replace all of the original steel windows at this historic building, which is the headquarters of the London Borough of Waltham Forest Town Council, as part of an extensive programme of renovation works approved in 2019.

WALTHAM FOREST TOWN HALL_063The new steel windows are painted RAL 9010 (Pure White) and include both top hung and side hung opening casements with complementary fittings in a dark bronze finish.

The refurbishment of the Town Hall is the first step in a masterplan for the future of the area creating a welcoming heart for the community as well as a collaborative workspace for Council staff.

The Town Hall’s Senior Project Manager commented on the project:

“The team at Clement provided a great service in supplying new windows as part of the Town Hall refurbishment.  Very specific aesthetic and energy performance criteria needed to be met when it came to the window replacement.  The W20 windows supplied by Clement were able to meet all of these requirements.

WALTHAM FOREST TOWN HALL_007“Despite the project being on site at the height of the pandemic, the windows were delivered to programme which enabled seamless installation.  Now the building has been brought back into use really positive feedback has been received from both staff and visitors.”

A traditional, tried and tested, robust window, designed in the 1950s but still in demand today, the Clement W20 steel window may be used in all types of building where strong, durable frames, efficient opening casements and hard wearing fittings are required.

Available as single or insulated glass units up to 16mm, W20 windows are available with various glazing options and can be supplied shaped, with shaped heads, or ‘curved on plan’.  Part L compliant they can be supplied with multi point locking to PAS24 or with traditional single point locking.

Clement Windows Group manufactures an innovative range of steel windows, doors, screens and conservation rooflights, specialising in conservation work for both private residences and commercial projects.

Tel: 01428 643393      Email:           Web:

Delta Membranes Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing

What is cold applied liquid roofing/waterproofing?

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What is cold liquid applied roofing waterproofingAs the name implies, cold applied liquid roofing/waterproofing is the use of a liquid waterproofing system without the requirement of heat.

Waterproofing roofs (whether it’s a flat roof or podium deck) is one of the most important structural requirements of any building. A watertight roof performs a vital function in protecting a structure.

When water starts to stand on a roof, not only can it lead to structural damages, it can also reduce the roof’s lifespan.  In the roofing industry, ponding water refers to water that has stood flat on a roof for longer than 2 days following precipitation.  Ponded water on roofs can also be a breeding ground for micro-organisms and other bacteria. This can be particularly problematic where the roof is protecting a hospital or school.  Flat roofs are a regular feature on public and commercial properties such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres, warehouses and factories.

Cold Liquid Applied WaterproofingLiquid waterproofing systems or cold liquid roofing are a great cost-effective method for waterproofing both new and existing roofs.

Simple to install and long-lasting, there is little doubt that the introduction of liquid waterproofing has been one of the most innovating advances in the industry.

Cold liquid waterproofing is simple and ready to use, at once forming an effective barrier to water and humidity.

Due to cold liquid roofing’s easy to apply nature, it is suitable to a wide variety of uses.  Applied with a simple brush, it easily allows reach to the almost inaccessible of areas, meaning that critical areas for the overall quality of the waterproofing are continuously and completely covered, guaranteeing the total protection for surfaces.


Roof Guard Group ShotsCold liquid applied roofing is significantly faster, safer and less labour intensive to apply than conventional roofing materials.

Cold applied roofing, requires no torches, burners, or other heating equipment during application, posing no fire risks.  A cold applied liquid waterproofer cures to form an elastomeric waterproof membrane. Practically bonding directly to a substrate, providing a seamless, UV-stable continuous system, able to contour any roof shape for intricate detailing.

Why cold applied liquid systems?

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are engineered to supply a fast curing, long-lasting, flexible, elastomeric solution.

Other benefits include:

  • Excellent adhesion to all kinds of surfaces
  • Chemical resistant
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Completely seamless waterproofing
  • No heat or special equipment needed

Delta provides a comprehensive Technical Support Service for architects, designers, engineers, specifiers and contractors, with guidance on product selection, design advice and installation guidance. Your building is one of your most valuable assets which needs to be protected to ensure its long-term durability. You need to be confident that you have made the right choice for your investment from the very start.

The Z House Project, an eco house at Salford University by Barratt Homes.


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  • Eurocell’s high performing and recycled window and door solutions selected for industry-leading construction research project led by Barratt Developments
  • Academics and construction industry working together to develop a zero-carbon house and test the home living experience
  • Barratt Development’s ‘Z-House’ showcases and monitors sustainable living by combining modern construction methods, home technology solutions and green building product answers

The Z House Project, an eco house at Salford University by Barratt Homes.

With efforts intensifying to deliver the sustainable living solutions needed for a greener future, Eurocell has collaborated with housebuilder Barratt Developments on a unique and innovative construction project based at the University of Salford campus.

The ‘Z-House’ is a zero-carbon concept home that aims to showcase the future of sustainable living in the UK.  It is the first home in the country to be built by a major housebuilder that goes substantially beyond the Future Homes Standard and has brought together the latest thinking and technologies.

The home is designed to test and monitor the most modern sustainable housing technology. This includes an air source heat pump, infrared panels, plaster that eliminates pollutants, a fridge that keeps food fresh for longer, heated skirting boards, air-powered showers, electric vehicle charging points, PV solar panels and battery storage.

Importantly, the house will also be home to one of Salford University’s academics so that the project can better understand the customer experience of zero carbon living.

Driving sustainability

Eurocell was asked to contribute its sustainable window and door solutions as part of the Z-House concept design.  The company’s own recycling plants transform post-consumer and post-industrial waste PVC window and door frames into new and reusable PVC-U profiles through a closed loop recycling scheme.

The positive contribution a sustainable approach to window and door solutions can make has also been verified by Manchester Metropolitan University.  It concluded that the use of post-consumer waste plastic window frames to create new PVC-U profiles will enable a housebuilder constructing, on average, 2,500 units of semi-detached houses, to save around 627 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year by specifying recycled Eurocell windows and cavity closures over full virgin PVC-U windows.

The Z-House has used the high thermal performance, attractive aesthetics, and sustainable benefits of Eurocell’s Syncro sliding doors for the garage space that houses the critical system monitoring equipment for the project. In addition, the Logik window solution was specified on both the ground and first floors of the 3-bedroom property.  The selected Eurocell products for the Z-House are constructed from a recycled source which helps to drastically reduce their environmental impact.

Angus Cowie, business development manager for Eurocell, comments: “This is a really important project for the construction industry and its collective efforts to build the sustainable houses our population will require in the future. By bringing together current and evolving construction expertise, innovative thinking, emerging technologies, and practical solutions from a wide range of suppliers, the Z-House is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through active collaboration.

“It was vital all project partners had early engagement to fully understand the aims and ambitions for the concept and this has been the case with the Z-House. We look forward to seeing the results of the work being undertaken at the University of Salford and are excited to be part of this significant piece of practical research driven by Barratt Developments.”

The Z-House has been created using modern methods of construction. It is part-funded by the UK Government and has been developed in partnership with over 40 leading organisations from across the housebuilding, sustainability, and technology sectors, helping to broaden knowledge with lessons learnt shared across the industry.

Bilco UK Roof access hatches at  the Glasgow Transport Museum

The sky is the limit for the Riverside Museum, Glasgow, with the help of Bilco UK

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Glasgow Transport Museum 4Housing the Glasgow Museum of Transport, one of the UK’s foremost transport and technology collections, the Riverside Museum reflects Glasgow’s historic role as a centre of shipbuilding, train manufacturing and engineering.

Previously located in a former tram depot on the Glasgow South Side, the Transport Museum’s exhibits have moved to The Riverside Museum, designed by renowned architect, Zaha Hadid.

The museum’s iconic and beautiful design dominates its riverside location, whilst paying homage to the heritage of its surroundings. Crucial to the museum’s flowing design is its roof, which curves and undulates and continues around the east and west sides of the building to constitute the majority of the external structure.

glasgow transport museum1Silver-grey zinc panels complete the effect, placing the building firmly in the context of the River Clyde. As part of the roof construction, Bilco UK was commissioned to manufacture and supply a E-50TB Roof Access Hatch, in addition to two ESW-50REM Smoke Vents, to meet strict requirements for convenient access and building safety regulations.

Both the roof access hatch and smoke vents were custom-designed to unique specifications by Bilco UK’s in house team and clad in zinc to create a seamless, aesthetic  finish with the museum’s distinctive roof.

Expertly engineered to meet the requirements of Manual Handling Regulations, the E-50TB Roof Access Hatch allows for regular and convenient maintenance by facilitating easy one-handed operation. The Access Hatch will enable engineers with small tools to safely access the roof to conduct essential maintenance, whilst its overlapping cover design, fully welded corners and insulated cover ensure both weather tightness and energy efficiency to deliver the highest standards of longevity for the museum.

Bilco Zinc-clad E-50TB Roof Access Hatch installed at Glasgow Transport MuseumSpecified to ensure strict adherence with relevant fire safety regulations, the two ESW-50REM Smoke Vents open to 140 degrees in the event of a fire within 60 seconds, guaranteeing the highest standards in fire safety and allowing for the venting of smoke, heat and noxious gases in the event of a fire.

Mark Baird, Sales Operations Manager at Bilco UK, said: “Knowing that Bilco UK’s products are part of such a unique and ambitious project, especially one which is so architecturally significant, is incredibly rewarding. The Riverside Museum is a great example of how taking a bespoke approach to roof access solutions can achieve unparalleled aesthetics, without compromising on convenience or safety.

“Not only do our custom-made access hatches and smoke vents integrate seamlessly into the overall design, they also offer the highest possible standards of fire safety and efficiency.”

Open to Glasgow to the North and the Clyde to the South, the museum’s interior is complex, inviting visitors to snake their way around the various exhibits. The building “flows from city to waterfront, symbolising the dynamic relationship between Glasgow and the ship-building, seafaring and industrial legacy of the river Clyde.” (Zaha Hadid).

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit or call 01284 701696.

Knauf ThroughWall system

Knauf ThroughWall: an entire exterior infill panel system from a single source

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ThroughWall Cover Image.inddThe Knauf ThroughWall system is a BBA certified exterior infill panel system supplied by one manufacturer and offered with a full system performance warranty.

ThroughWall combines Knauf products into an entire exterior infill wall panel system, from internal wall lining to sheathing board and external insulation, allowing for the addition of exterior finishes such as rainscreen cladding or masonry.

The flexibility offered by the Knauf product range allows for various options of system build-ups to be achieved while meeting structural, fire, thermal and acoustic regulatory requirements.

Through Wall_for_BBA-FINAL


The system comprises: Knauf Plasterboards, Knauf Steel Framing Sections (SFS), Knauf Insulation OmniFit® Slab or Stud, Knauf Windliner and Knauf Insulation Rocksilk® RainScreen Slab.

Knauf ThroughWall can be used in both concrete and steel-frame buildings across many sectors such as residential, commercial, healthcare and education.  It is also suitable for buildings in excess of 18 metres in height (11 metres for Scotland).


Saracens School BPIThe whole supply chain benefits from having a single point of contact for technical support. Knauf’s assistance includes the development and delivery of backed System Performance Warranty specifications, BIM steel framing system drawings, project specific details and site assistance.


THIS IMAGE IS LICENSED TO FACTA FOR PR AND COMMUNICATION USE AND DISTRIBUTION TO THE MEDIA WHO MAY USE THE PICTURE FREE OF CHARGE IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE RELEVANT STORY ONLY. Knauf SFS installation at Crest Nicholson development, Newfoundland Way, Portishead, near Bristol. © Roger Donovan, Media Photos Tel: 02920 361126 Mobile: 07711 325100 e-mail: All Moral Rights Reserved including the right to be identified as the creator of this copyright protected image.

The Knauf ThroughWall system is BBA certified and carries a full system performance warranty. It is currently the only exterior infill panel system on the UK market to be supplied by one manufacturer and is offered with bespoke technical support. For further information click here.





OMNIE underfloor heating brochure


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The latest Product Guide from OMNIE covers all aspects of underfloor heating as well as the manufacturer’s holistic range of heat pumps, controls, ventilation and hot & cold water distribution.  Indeed, these chapters reveal OMNIE’s philosophy of ensuring its five principal technologies work together in what it calls the Whole House System.

Omnie Brochure Cover 2(1)OMNIE offers underfloor heating solutions to suit all types of building, from new-build to refurb, from offices to churches: embracing screeded floors, timber suspended and batten, floating and low build-up/overlay, and even acoustic options.  Each of the floor types are covered in terms of imagery, heating performance and specifications while, for those that require more technical detail, a QR code is provided, which enables the reader to download data sheets and installation guides for each product.

Towards the end of the 114 pages are contact details outlining how to obtain help and support for architects and other specifiers, industry installers and homeowners, along with common questions and information on the RIBA-approved CPD courses.  Finally, ‘Starting your project’ explains how to get a quote and specification, placing an order and information on servicing and commissioning.

While UFH is accepted as optimising the performance of heats pumps, OMNIE can supply a full selection of air and ground source models, suitable for almost any building, irrespective of size, usage or heat loss characteristic. Then there are the advanced controls – including smartphone apps – and heat recovery ventilation systems available to ensure occupants not only enjoy efficiency and comfort but also a healthy indoor environment.

The beautifully presented A4 book features high-quality photography and technical drawings to support the various systems and the important fact that they are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way, using British-made component materials wherever possible – even the publication itself is made from carbon neutral paper.

Whatever your project parameters or your past experience of specifying Whole House Heating Systems, OMNIE has the product portfolio and expertise to help deliver a successful outcome.

The new Omnie Product Guide can be downloaded from the website –




TEL: 01392 363605       FAX: 01392 364871

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Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing system


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Addagrip Terraco are delighted to have been involved in the first commercial installation of our latest innovative paving product, Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing system, at the BuildKent Stadium, home of Folkestone Invicta Football Club in Kent.


Addagrip-ecoheat-folkestoneFC-1The Football Club was looking to upgrade its main terrace with a new maintenance free, porous paving that would be decorative, hard wearing and comfortable underfoot especially in the winter months. A solution was offered by Southern Construction to provide an innovative new paving product that would meet requirements and generate hot water in addition. Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing not only offers a high quality permeable resin bound finish but combined with Ecoheat patented pipework technology provides a heat harnessing option that will enable the club to produce hot water and heat the surface with free energy to keep it clear of frost and snow.
Addagrip-EcoHeat-Surfacing--heatingwaterThe existing terrace surface was prepared and the Addagrip EcoHeat Base and EcoHeat patented pipework was installed ready for the Addagrip EcoHeat resin bound permeable surfacing finish. The client was also looking for the Club’s initials to be added to the surface. Two bespoke colour resin bound blends were selected for the finished surface and the FIFC lettering was created using a template to give a seamless paving design.

snow-free-addagrip-ecoheat-surfacingThe installation was completed by Southern Construction in February 2021 just before a spell of cold weather, including ice and snow, which enabled the club to see the new technology in action as the warming of the surface took effect. As the snow fell on the pitch, the terrace remained snow and ice free. The permeable resin bound finish also ensures that the terrace is free draining and dry underfoot for the club’s spectators. The new surfacing also enables the club to harness the energy created to help heat water for the clubhouse.

The client is delighted with the new surface which offers a ‘first of its kind’ heat generating porous paving solution that is stylish, practical, low maintenance and kinder to the planet.


Grass Concrete Dry-Build Solutions for earth retention or noise absorption.

Dry-Build Solutions for earth retention or noise absorption.

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Beto act 1Moving up from ground level to vertical landscaping, Grass Concrete has a line-up of vertical landscaping products, the Betoconcept range.

The range meets growing demand for both retaining walls that  combines reduced noise levels with  attractive vertical landscapes, offering a real variety of planting options as an alternative to what would be otherwise dull and un-inspiring structures.

Retaining walls on road highways or the simplest garden or boundary walls now feature: planting, colour, shape or textured finish. The Betoconcept range brings different shapes and styles to accommodate planting on high or low walls with; Betoatlas, Betoflor, Betotitan, Leromur, Betojar, Betoplus and Betonap products

Betoconcept landsced retaining wall systemWith individual interlocking blocks and dry-build interconnectivity the range offers the ability to free-form wall layouts in single or terraced wall format. These interlocking units enable a quick and easy construction process and can cope with complex curves, ground embankments and weight surcharges.

The Betoconcept range has interlocking blocks made from high strength machine pressed concrete, offering dry build solutions and noise absorption, excellent for external wall solutions in urban and rural areas.

curved wall betoconceptDry built blocks interlock to form the required face angle, they are easy and quick to construct with a choice of plantable or stone-faced finishes. The contemporary colours include : natural, buff and red will fit in with a variety of environments and tone with natural landscapes.

Betoconcept blocks provide adequate soil pockets for all types of plants, shrubs and climbers. Good drainage and water capture with the stepped bank also helps keep landscape maintenance to a minimum.  Using the depth for landscaping means significant growth can benefit both sound suppression and help get quick landscaping results across a wide walled area

Grass Concrete’s retaining wall range bringing together both structural integrity and a variety of landscape design options.

Tel 01924 379 443