A Specifiers Guide to Schedule 3 and Blue Green Roofs

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The Flood and Water Management Act Schedule 3 is expected to be implemented this year, which means sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) will become mandatory in England for a significant number of new and retrofit developments. In this article, Neill Robinson-Welsh, Consultant at ACO Building Drainage discusses the coming changes and what specifiers need to be aware of, especially when it comes to inner-city schemes and projects that involve blue green roofs.

With the implementation of Schedule 3 just over the horizon, it is important for specifiers working on property development projects to have a clear understanding of the new requirements and how their responsibilities will likely be impacted. By understanding Schedule 3, specifiers will be better positioned to select the roofing solutions that fall in line with regulations and help mitigate their project’s impact on the environment.

Schedule 3: an overview

Schedule 3 is an umbrella term encompassing several requirements related to sustainable drainage. It comes from the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and will mandate that all construction projects incorporate SuDS. While there is still some uncertainty, once it is implemented, Schedule 3 is expected to impact both new developments and renovation work on multiple dwelling units or properties over 100 square metres.

One major change with Schedule 3 will be that there will no longer be an automatic right to connect new and refurbished properties to public sewers. Instead, permission must be given and, in order to secure that permission, appropriate SuDS must be put in place and signed off by the local SuDS Approval Body (SAB). Each local authority will have its own SAB, and it is this body that ensures a drainage proposal meets the standards created by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

To meet Schedule 3 requirements, it is expected that demand for innovative drainage systems such as blue and blue green roofs will increase. These are viable solutions for many drainage projects in dense urban areas and have a proven record of their efficacy and sustainability.

The difference between blue and blue green roofs

Traditionally, roofs have been designed with the goal of removing water as quickly as possible. Blue and blue green roofs work very differently – intentionally slowing the flow of water off the roof using water storage, flow restrictors, and other features to avoid overwhelming sewers and create more sustainable drainage.

What differentiates blue from blue green roofs is that the latter is a home to live plants as well as flow slowing solutions. These plants can contribute to biodiversity and act as a natural carbon sink, improving the air quality of their immediate surroundings and offsetting carbon emissions. Many blue green roofs reuse some of the collected water to sustain the plants that fulfil the green aspects of the hybrid design which make them especially eco-friendly roofing options.

Relevant regulations

It’s important that specifiers keep in mind that drainage should be selected with those once-in-a-century rainfall events in mind, and not just accounting for average conditions. Along with this consideration, blue roofs need to be installed in compliance with BS EN 12056-3:2000, the British Standard for gravity drainage on flat roofs, as well as BS 6229:2018, for flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings.

On a technical level, it is worth noting that blue and blue green roofs made from solutions like ACO’s RoofBloxx shallow geocellular crates are attenuation systems and not roofs. Once installed, they sit on top of a roof, but function separately. It is this distinction that allows roofers to follow BS EN 12056-3:2000[1] and BS 6229:2018[2], which are two seemingly incompatible requirements. In practice, it means water should not be allowed to sit on top of the waterproofing layers as that can risk causing structural damage to the roof.

Industry changes can present challenges, so it is important to for specifiers to be up to date and able to make the right product selections. These can be based on specialist knowledge and experience when specifiers partner with drainage experts such as those at ACO. Demand is growing for solutions that are compliant with Schedule 3 and, by being familiar with available blue and blue green roof options available, specifiers will be well positioned to make informed choices that will benefit the project, the end user, and the environment.

For more on blue roof specification please visit ACO.co.uk.

[1]   BS EN 12056-3:2000 contains design guidance for roof and paved area drainage.

[2]   BS 6229:2018 outlines best practice for the design, construction and maintenance of roofs with a flat or curved surface.

Meet Arron Crisp, Technical Specification Manager for Eurocell

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Arron Crisp recently joined Eurocell as a Technical Specification Manager. Learn more about the value he adds to projects, providing technical design and specification support to Specifiers.   

Arron joined Eurocell early 2023, bringing over 30 years’ experience in windows and doors through various positions. Now, a Technical Specification Manager, Arron is a crucial point of contact at Eurocell both internally and externally, to support not only our network of fabricators and installers, but also provide technical design and specification support to Specifiers and main contractors on commercial projects.

A technical specification role requires a high level of both product knowledge and construction industry process understanding. Arron talks about his background “Early in my career I was employed in a multi-disciplined architectural design team, which covered all types of building projects from regeneration to new developments. The role meant that I was involved in site surveys, inspections and detailed design – a number of different touch points throughout the construction process.”

Solutions Focussed Approach

Arron explains “By giving a fresh pair of eyes on the challenges that window and door manufacturers, fabricators and installers are experiencing, I am able to support with being solutions focussed to increase our opportunities within the sector. A key part of my role is ensuring we are up to date with current regulations and proposed regulation changes across the construction industry, creating relationships with Specifiers to support with design at early stages to design out future issues and retain specifications. Through the delivery of face-to-face CPD’s, I impart crucial knowledge to Specifiers covering diverse subjects such as legislation, sustainable architecture and value engineering.”

This solution focussed approach forms part of project and specification pre-qualifications, alongside regulatory and compliance checks, is driving value both internally and within the network, with key Commercial Installers sharing positive feedback with this level of technical support as part of the process.

Driving Value for Clients

Steve Carvell from commercial glazing specialists Nu Openings commented “The technical support we are now able to achieve from Arron has certainly improved our standing with our current and new clients, as you are aware PVC-U is moving more into the commercial field. Architects want to ensure when converting from aluminium to PVC-U that this can be achieved both technically and aesthetically. Arron has provided this by means of his ability to provide technical drawings quickly, along with his knowledge of the product and market, which in the past has been hard to obtain from the trade fabricators we currently purchase from.”

Ben Friend from Allglass Anglia building solution experts said “Arron has assisted Allglass Anglia in a number of technical responses with Eurocell products and specifications on projects.  His understanding and knowledge of compliance, regulations, Eurocell products and building experience makes him a highly valued member of the team at Eurocell and too Allglass. This has added a good support and knowledge base to our capabilities in securing new projects with some new clients commercially.”

Arron says “As a building product, windows and doors are among the most legislated items in the industry. They appear in multiple areas of the various parts of the Building Regulations and some of these conflict, which means we have to manage prioritisation with the design team. The biggest challenge in my role is that The Building Regulations are under constant review, so ensuring that I am on top of these regulatory changes, and able to communicate them internally and externally, is a continuous element of my position.”

Commitment to the Commercial Sector

Kelly Hibbert, Head of Commercial Sales at Eurocell added “It’s imperative that we provide the right support to our network of fabricators and Specifiers in the commercial sector, whilst being innovative in our approach.  Arron is placed perfectly for this with a wealth of experience and detailed knowledge of the industry. His time in the construction sector means he’s able to work collaboratively at all levels to ensure we remain focussed on creating solutions and retaining specifications to continue to lead Eurocell positively within the Commercial Sector.  Our dynamic approach to growth will ultimately support our partner networks to grow with us, as we continue to support them on the challenges they face.”

For more information about the specification support we offer or to book a CPD please contact Arron Crisp, arron.crisp@eurocell.co.uk, 07702 811435.

GATIC supplies drainage solutions at Europe’s largest logistics park

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GATIC drainage products from Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS), have been installed at the DP World London Gateway Logistics Park in Stanford-Le-Hope. The project is the latest in a number of GATIC installations to have taken place on various plots across the impressive site, adjacent to the UK’s newest, most advanced deep-sea container terminal, in South Essex.

London Gateway Logistics Park was designed by RPS Architects and Civil and Structural Engineers, and its development was delivered by Readie Construction. It provides modern, high-spec warehousing space on a campus the size of 400 football pitches – no less than 9.25 million sq ft of available space, with all facilities completed to a BREEAM Outstanding and EPC ‘A’ rating.

Having performed successfully across other applications on site, Gatic Slotdrain was again specified for the car parks and service yard at Plot 4040. Slotdrain’s unique hexagonal profile was developed by Gatic to ensure the system can handle varying volumes of rainfall with equally high efficiency – ideal for the challenging weather conditions at the park’s coastal location.

The London Gateway installation also benefits from Gatic’s newly developed Roto Modular Outlet Box. The Roto Box features a pivoting function that allows a carrier pipe to connect with the Slotdrain system at any given angle. The pivot allows the lower section of the unit to rotate 45 degrees in either direction, allowing a connection at 360 degrees from the outlet position. This simplifies installation and reduces quantities of pipework fittings. The result is a flexible, durable product that improves installer issues on site, and offers cost savings through minimised labour hours and the use of less product.

The installation was carried out by A Task. James McGowan was a member of the team on site, he comments:

“Having worked with the previous Gatic outlet box I can say we have noticed a substantial difference in the ease and versatility of the new model. It reduces installation time, and reduces excess materials like pipe bends, by being flexible to any angle. It was positively received by the site team who found it simple and easy to navigate.”

The Gatic Slotdrain range is manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet steel and will not break during transportation, storage, installation or operation, thus minimising costs for both the contractor and client. It can also be supplied in stainless steel.

The range offers these additional benefits:

  • 3-metre lengths for quick installation times
  • High capacity, strength and durability suitable for F900 loading
  • Maximum intake for large areas
  • Cast iron top sections for impact resistance and durability
  • Reduced maintenance costs; V-shaped profile in channel promotes self-cleaning and silt disruption
  • Monolithic: no moving parts; no bolts at surface level
  • Bespoke solutions: in-house, state-of-the-art laser cutting

Various channel designs are available to suit block paving, asphalt or concrete. Channels come in various sizes and have an accompanying range of accessories and fittings to achieve total design flexibility and required capacity.

The London Gateway drainage package also includes Gatic Kerbdrain, which was installed along the access road. Gatic Kerbdrain is a single monolythic system, resistant to all effluents found in highway situations. It is manufactured using 88% recycled polymers, offering exception strength and impressive environmental credentials. Each unit represents only 11.3 Kg CO2eq throughout its life cycle; from raw material through to end of life. This equates to just 1.35 Kg CO2eq per Kg of the product. Zero emissions are produced as a result of factory waste.

Architects, specifiers and engineers can quantify surface water using the unique AWMS Drainage Calculator.

AWMS: Leading the way in sustainable drainage

Gatic Civil Drainage & Access Covers sits under the AWMS umbrella, as one of five brands well known for innovation, quality and longevity. The four accompanying brands are: Alumasc Rainwater Gutters & Downpipes; Skyline Architectural Aluminium;  Harmer Building Drainage; and Wade Building Drainage.

Our extensive product portfolio ensures sustainable rainwater and drainage solutions that set the standard for urban water management.

Alumasc Water Management Solutions is part of the Alumasc Group. The Group proudly holds the London Stock Exchange Green Economy Mark, which is awarded to companies generating 50% or more of their total annual revenues from products and services that contribute to the global green economy.

For more information call the Gatic team on 01787 475151 or visit https://www.alumascwms.co.uk

Striking Solutions: Dales Fabrications Ltd supply Fascia Soffit for Magpas’ state-of-the-art airbase

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Leading designer & manufacturer of aluminium building products, Dales Fabrications Ltd, supplied Fascia Soffit for Magpas Air Ambulances new airbase.

The UK’s longest-serving air ambulance charity recently opened the doors to their purpose- built, state-of-the-art airbase, headquarters & training centre.

It was vital that the building incorporated the orange shade that is intrinsic to Magpas’ identity. The sub-contractor on the project originally requested the Fascia Soffit be finished in RAL 2005 (Luminous Orange). Unfortunately, this exact shade is not available for powder coating due to technical challenges brought on by the complexity of the shade. However, committed to meeting the client’s specifications, Dales suggested finishing the Fascia Soffit in RAL 2003 (Pastel Orange)—a striking alternative that aligns with Magpas’ distinctive branding.

To reassure those involved in the project of the suitability of the alternative colour, Dales provided samples for evaluation and approval and worked closely with all parties to address any concerns and ensure alignment with the vision of the project.

The unveiling of the new site generated a lot of excitement and was officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal, the charity’s Royal Patron. Magpas previously operated from two separate locations, but with the realization of the £5.5 million purpose-built facility, they have consolidated their operations under one roof. This strategic move helps the life-saving charity to streamline operations, save costs, improve response times, and reduce environmental impact.

The environmental aspects of the project’s mission align with Dales’ ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact. This commitment was affirmed by Dales’ recent achievement of ISO 14001:2015 certification. The globally recognised standard provides organisations with frameworks for actively managing environmental responsibilities, and measures to reduce output, achieve targets, and comply with legal requirements. Dales were awarded the certification following a successful two-stage audit and have committed to actively upholding and enhancing their environmental management systems, meeting ISO 14001:2015 criteria.

Dales takes pride in offering an extensive array of finishes to cater to diverse project requirements. Their comprehensive range of options can be explored on their dedicated colours page at https://www.dales-eaves.co.uk/finishes/.

Photography courtesy of Lindum Construction, the main contractor on this project.

Adveco FUSION Simplifies Low-Carbon Water Heating

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  • Expanded range of electric water heaters (Fusion-E) and packaged renewable water heaters (FUSION-T)
  • Rugged and highly resilient for use in both hard and soft water conditions
  • Easier and faster to install

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco expands its award-winning low-carbon FUSION packaged electric water heater system. Offering 80 pre-sized variants and multiple prebuilt pipework options FUSION simplifies the process of specifying and installing sustainable hot water in commercial buildings.

FUSION-E is an electric water heater combining Adveco’s ARDENT electric boiler with a specially designed single (ATSI) corrosion-resistant stainless steel high-pressure indirect cylinder, pipework, thermostat and overheat thermostat. FUSION-T packages the electric boiler with a twin-coil (ATST) cylinder an FPi-32 monobloc air source heat pump (ASHP) and a FUSION Control Box for greater carbon reduction. FUSION-E and T-plus plus variants incorporate a 6 kW electric backup immersion and FUSION Control Box, plus provide remote alerts for added business resiliency.

The entire FUSION line now supports storage capacities ranging from 300 to 750-litre capacity with nominal power output starting at 14 kW in the FUSION-E and up to 33 kW in FUSION-T models that combine the electric boiler and an ASHP. FUSION will now support continuous flow rates of over 560 litres per hour, and in excess of 1380 litres during a two-hour period of peak usage.

Compared to equivalent gas-fired water heating systems the FUSION-E models, solely deploying the ARDENT electric boiler will provide carbon emission savings of more than 38%. But with smart controls balancing two heat sources in FUSION-T models contribution from the ASHP is maximised to deliver a working flow of 50-55°C at an ambient operating temperature of 2°C setting a realistic benchmark for operating conditions in the UK. This ensures the electric boiler is not required to work as hard to raise flow temperatures to the 65°C demanded by commercial applications. Carbon emissions compared to electric-only systems are cut by up to 29% and by as much as 56% compared to gas-fired equivalents.

Incorporating water heating as a part of a sustainable building strategy, whether new build or retrofit, is typically complex and therefore time time-consuming and expensive. FUSION was conceived to address these challenges, simplifying the specification and installation of water heating with defined carbon savings. With the electric boiler mounted directly onto the cylinder with pre-built pipework supporting left or right-sided boiler location, FUSION is a more compact, space-saving alternative to gas water heating that can be installed and operational in as little as four hours.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco says: “With greater choice and continued development, FUSION stands as the benchmark for all-electric water heating in commercial buildings that must address their carbon emissions today. The hybrid approach that FUSION-T variants provide is, without doubt, the most effective and efficient way of optimising current technology to address net zero strategies in a realistic, lower-impact and cost-effective manner.”

“FUSION has proven to be a tough all-rounder, no matter a project’s location,” Bill continues.  The corrosive effects of soft water are easily mitigated by FUSION’s stainless steel cylinders whilst the electric boiler, with multiple immersions inside its sealed storage tank, provides automatically balanced usage to prolong system life and immediate resilience for the boiler.  With this sealed ‘primary’ loop, the electric boiler heats the same water continuously effectively eliminating limescale issues typically found in electric systems used in hard water areas. “FUSION continues to run clear and free of scale after a year of operation whereas electric immersions at the same location can be reduced to scrap in a matter of weeks,” Bill observes.

For those wishing to futureproof a specification, the FUSION-E systems can also be supplied with a twin-coil ATST cylinder as an alternative to the ATSI. Prebuilt pipework provides connection for the electric boiler to the lower coil in this case. The addition of a heat pump later can therefore be supported with a new pipework kit and controls upgrading the system to a FUSION-T specification.

For commercial organisations with both small or larger sink-led hot water demands, taller buildings with basement plant rooms or operations that rely on 24/7 hot water supply Adveco FUSION provides the most comprehensive response available today.

Key features


  • High-quality ATSI single coil stainless steel vessel with mounting points & brackets
  • Available with 200 – 750 litre capacities
  • Cylinder pressure 10 bar as standard
  • 9, 12 or 24 kW electric boiler
  • Pre-built pipework (left or right)
  • Thermostat and overheat thermostat
  • Compact space-saving form factor
  • 15 pre-sized variants from 9 to 24 kW


  • 6 kW electric immersion
  • FUSION Control Box & remote alerts
  • 15 pre-sized variants from 9 to 24 kW


  • High-quality ATST twin coil stainless steel vessel with mounting points & brackets
  • Available with 300 – 750 litre capacities
  • Cylinder pressure 10 bar as standard
  • 9, 12 or 24 kW electric boiler
  • 6 or 12 kW air source heat pump
  • Pre-built pipework (left or right)
  • FUSION Control Box
  • Compact space-saving form factor
  • 25 pre-sized variants from 14 to 33 kW


  • 6 kW electric immersion
  • FUSION Control Box & remote alerts
  • 25 pre-sized variants from 15 to 34 kW

Visit: https://adveco.co/products/water-heating/fusion-packaged-electric-water-heaters/

Double Parking Systems

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The exclusive UK agent for Klaus Multiparking for over 25 years.

Double Parking Systems in partnership with Klaus Multiparking Gmbh provide practical solutions to your parking problems. Klaus Multiparking has nearly 60 years of market experience and are represented in more than 96 countries. 







Made in Germany and implemented in the UK. DPS has installed over 7,000 parking spaces across the UK Klaus Multiparking has created over 750,000 parking spaces worldwide!








Park and Smile

Our parking solutions can be designed to suit any situation. They can be implemented in both residential and commercial spaces and come with a range of benefits:







Efficiency: Maximising the amount of parking spaces available in a space can resolve parking issues and increasing parking potential. Incredibly effective where space is a premium.

Safety and Quality: The systems keep cars parked safely, whether that be underground or in your own garage. In addition all systems are manufactured to the highest standards and conform to European manufacturing and Health & Safety legislation. 

Versatility: The use cases for these models are endless. From single car stackers to fully automatic parking systems and underground parking systems, the systems can work in any situation. 









Value Adding: Working alongside a wide range of clients, developers, architects, contractors and private individuals we can increase business profits or property value.

Easy Servicing and Maintenance: Although the systems are highly reliable, we do offer on-going maintenance, emergency call-out and a replacement / refurbishment service.

Our Systems

Parkers: For independent and dependent parking Uses small spaces efficiently Numerous model variants for every requirement, both indoors and outdoors For all standard vehicle heights

Semi-Automatic Parking Systems: For maximum flexibility Optimum use of space guaranteed Numerous model variants Wide range of accessories For all standard vehicle heights








Fully Automatic Parking Systems: Fully bespoke solutions to suit client requirements Maximise efficiency by accommodating as many cars as possible in any given space Tower, shuttle, shelf systems and more Premium technology all the way up to the access cabin Systems can be adapted to specific vehicle heights and weights

Parking Pallets: Create parking spaces in unused areas Offer optimal use of valuable space Can be integrated into existing garage or car parks Operating on rails, vehicles can be moved into unused spaces that are not easy to access

Still the best choice for commercial solutions

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At Addagrip, we stand as the unrivalled experts in commercial resin bound and resin bonded surfacing solutions. With a robust trading history spanning over four decades, we have carved out a reputation for delivering surfaces that are not only visually stunning but also built to last. Our products carry the prestigious BBA Certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance.

Our resin systems are crafted to thrive in the bustling environments of commercial projects, blending unmatched durability with cutting-edge sustainability. Whether it’s the resilience of resin bound or the robustness of resin bonded solutions, Addagrip surfaces are engineered to handle the intensive demands of commercial spaces with unparalleled elegance and efficiency. Join us in leading the industry forward, where innovation meets excellence in every square meter of our surfacing solutions.

Ion Glass: a comprehensive service in glass structures

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Ion Glass offer a wholly bespoke service to include every aspect of structural glass design and installation, individually tailored to meet your client’s unique requirements.

Above: This unusual glass structure by Ion Glass was designed to provide an entrance for an underground tunnel leading to a swimming pool – it is constructed from double-glazed panels for heat retention.

When you commission a glass structure for a building project of any nature, whether it’s a new-build, renovation, commercial project or updating a heritage building it’s essential to employ an experienced glass specialist. The finished result needs to be fully compliant, structurally sound and perfectly installed…as well as meeting all your design criteria.

Ion Glass offer a wide scope of work from glass linkways connecting buildings and spaces to glass porches and glass extensions. Ion’s bespoke approach includes achieving fully frameless results using the structural properties of glass to create supporting fins and beams.

Ion Glass offer a wholly bespoke service in creating glass structures:

  • Full design service from concept to the finished product, including detailed CAD drawings.
  • Ion undertakes all specialist glass calculations to ensure every project is fully compliant and meets all structural requirements.
  • Every quotation submitted is comprehensive and fully researched to cover your exact specifications – Ion do not offer an ‘off the shelf’ approach to pricing.
  • Decades of experience means Ion can provide knowledgeable support with planners, relevant organisations and committees, particularly with regard to listed buildings, ecclesiastical projects or managing insurance claims.
  • Ion’s surveyors and installation teams are second to none. Computer aided measuring techniques ensure a perfect result for even the most complex and challenging projects.
  • Ion’s comprehensive service includes management of all installation logistics, including crane hire as necessary.
  • Their service includes the provision of all essential fixtures and fittings …including bespoke handles or handrails, individually designed glass manifestations or uniquely designed and commissioned framework and brackets.
  • Ion is familiar with working in sensitive environments …whether it’s a centuries old building or a celebrity home.

Above:   this suspended glass linkway designed and installed by Ion Glass links a new master bedroom suite to the main house.  Constructed from double-glazed panels, the inclusion of a glass floor allows light to reach the walkway below.

Above:  Ion used a technique of triple laminate glass to replicate traditional ‘mortice and tenon’ joints to create a substantial frameless structural glass porch that also serves as a link between a listed property and a modern extension.

Above:  This stunning and unique glass porch creates a statement entrance to a barn renovation.   The over-sized glass panels are wholly supported by structural glass fins and beams for a minimal result. Ion designed and commissioned the hidden fixings and bespoke bracketry.

Ion’s bespoke glass installations can be found in public buildings, churches, commercial properties and beautiful private homes across the UK and overseas.

Take a look at Ion’s website for inspiration on many other reasons to choose Ion Glass for your bespoke residential, commercial, heritage or ecclesiastical project.

Their expert team will discuss your individual requirements and provide a full technical support and installation service whether you are managing a project for a church or heritage building or commissioning structural glass for leisure, residential, or commercial properties.

For more information on glass linkways, structural glass porches,  glass doors,  glass screens, internal or external balustrades,   or other architectural glass installations call us on 0345 658 9988,  send us an email via info@ionglass.co.uk or click on the enquiry form on our website.

Stannah unveils stylish new vertical platform lifts with more choice than ever before

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Stannah, a leader in the UK lifts market, has unveiled an exciting new access lift range that offers vastly extended options, and which have been specifically developed for residential and commercial projects.

The new range of platform lifts offers the market more cabin sizes, options, finishes and accessories, plus a strengthened after-sale proposition, which includes a 2-year warranty.

In addition, the range is offered with ‘open protocol’ parts, so any lift maintenance company can maintain the lift, giving customers complete freedom. Alternatively, customers can choose a Stannah planned maintenance package.

Stannah Midilift CL offers a stylish, energy-efficient cabin platform lift that is simple to install and with a small footprint. It is a compact-sized hydraulic lift with a hinged landing door in a choice of panoramic or vision panel doors.

Midilift CLS is a stylish, hydraulic cabin platform lift with automatic sliding doors and the appearance of a conventional passenger lift with energy-efficient performance and space-saving design. Indoor and outdoor options are available. The automatic sliding door retains the look and feel of a passenger lift.

Both with a capacity of 5 people and a maximum travel of 12m (5 stops), they are ideally suited to public buildings, housing, retail stores, leisure, healthcare, offices, schools, existing buildings, and private homes.

Available with hundreds of car sizes and lift finishes, they require minimal building work and offer the flexibility of a structure or for wall-mounted.

Completing the extended lineup is Midilift PL, a simple, convenient, and versatile screw driven platform lift that provides simple step-free access in buildings where space is limited. It is suitable for up to 5 persons (340kg to 400kg) 12m (7 stops) or up to 3m for half height gate option.

Being screw driven means Midilift PL requires no separate cabinet, which is now included within the lift structure. It requires minimal building work and so enables quick installation time.

Mark Chapman, General Manager of the Platform and Microlift Division at Stannah Lifts, said:  “The new range is all about extending choice. Both in products offered and improved maintenance package. There really are compelling reasons why specifiers should take a look.”

All the new platform lifts are now live on the Stannah lifts website: www.stannahlifts.co.uk

PAM Building – Ensign Agilium

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What does choosing Ensign Agilium mean for your drainage project?

Less environmental impact

Ensign Agilium® cast iron is made of 99 % recycled material and 100 % recyclable. Product design and manufacturing innovations have reduced CO2e emissions by 20% compared to our Ensign Soil range.


Due to their exceptional mechanical properties, cast iron drainage systems prevent the need for costly and time-consuming repairs.

Fire safety

Ensign Agilium® cast iron is a non-combustible, A1-rated material that is fire resistant for up to 2 hours protecting people and property.

Acoustic comfort

Our cast iron systems easily meet the industry guidelines. Ensign Agilium® produces airborne noise of 46 dB(A) and structure-borne noise of 13dB(A) according to EN14366, for a discharge rate of 2 l/s (with the use of our anti-vibration collars and acoustic dampeners).

Minimising the total cost of installation

We are convinced that the total cost of installation of Ensign Agilium® is lower than many plastic systems. The thinner walled pipes are now much quicker to cut, the system requires no costly accessories such as fire collars or expansion joints and far fewer brackets are required. Why not do the comparison and find out for yourself?

Available in diameters 100-300 with a range of fittings. Ensign Agilium is 100% compatible with our Ensign Soil range (and vice versa) with all the same benefits in terms of fire safety, acoustic performance, and longevity, just with more time, environmental and space-saving qualities. You can also save up to 60% of your time on-site by opting for our pre-assembly range.

For more information visit: https://www.pambuilding.co.uk/Ensign-Agilium