Webnet Frames from MMA Architectural Systems

Webnet Frames from MMA Architectural Systems

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DSC02655 compressedMMA Architectural Systems supplies a wide range of high-performance high-quality stainless steel systems for a wide range of applications.

The company’s Jakob Webnet stainless steel wire mesh solution can be found in projects across the UK, ranging from the Olympic Stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Park to the Cutty Sark and Tower of London (where the system helps keep the ravens safe and secure).

From balustrading to helicopter landing pads and bridge safety to green walls, Webnet features in projects of all shape, scope and complexity, both indoors and out to provide an elegant, robust and long lasting solution.

Jakob_Inviss_Sumiswald_Treppe_8 20200311_145850Although Webnet is available for any shape and size of project, the addition of a standard portfolio of Webnet Frames makes projects faster and easier to install. The frames are manufactured from high quality 316 stainless steel, which together with the Webnet infill provides long-life performance and low maintenance, with the bespoke units being available in a wide range of frame, finishing and fitment options.


Jakob_Inviss_Sumiswald_Treppe_1The unique Inviss range of Webnet frames offers a new, clean and stylish frame solution which incorporates Webnet into the structure of the frame.  As a result, there are no wires around the perimeter of the frame and all of the Webnet end-connections are ‘hidden’ inside the frame.

Weather resistant and highly durable, each system is manufactured to order to meet each project’s needs, with the product being certified and collision tested to EN12600:2002.


20190614_172514Delivering a timeless, elegant design, Webnet Frames combine functionality and safety and can be easily installed on site – requiring no special assembly expertise.

For further project details visit https://jakob.co.uk/projects/

For further product information visit https://jakob.co.uk/products/view/webnet-frames/

Danfoss Lifestyle TVR


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Lifestyle TRV on radiator - girl on laptop@0.75xThe Danfoss RAS-B2 Dynamic Valve has won HVAC Product of the Year in the Components and Peripherals category at the H&V News Awards 2021. Danfoss scooped the top prize for its acclaimed technical innovation which, unlike standard TRVs, features a differential pressure controller for fast and easy hydronic dynamic balancing of domestic heating systems in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The expert judging panel, drawn from across the HVAC sector, praised the new Danfoss product for offering installers a practical solution that will help them accurately deliver a balanced system and will help consumers with long-term maintenance of efficiency and comfort.

The winners of the H&V News Awards 2021 were revealed on the 11 November at the Hilton Park Lane, London. The glittering night of recognition and celebration of the sector’s achievements saw the HVAC industry elite come together in person for the first time since April 2019. With 25 categories, the H&V News Awards recognise the leading people, products, projects and services from across the industry and are amongst the most sought-after accolades in the HVAC sector.

Danfoss-RAS-B2-CO-3Currently the only 100% pressure independent valve demonstrating a constant flow in all conditions, the award-winning Danfoss RAS-B2 ensures each radiator receives an equal flow of hot water. This not only optimises end-user comfort but also means that the return temperature is lower (condensing boiler efficiency is best at below a return temperature of 55o C) and the pump can run at a lower speed. Furthermore, pre-setting of the desired flow is done on the valve, rather than on the lockshield, which it is estimated could save installers up to two hours of valuable working time. In addition, the RAS-B2 is featured on the Danfoss Installer App: using this time-saving tool installers can calculate, record and document the correct flow and subsequent setting for each radiator on their smartphone or tablet.

Speaking on behalf of Danfoss, Marketing Manager, Gareth Ash, said: “We are absolutely delighted to win a coveted H&V News Award for our RAS-B2 Dynamic Valve. Danfoss invented the world’s first radiator thermostat back in 1943 and as this latest innovation shows we are still leading the way when it comes to developing cutting-edge solutions that make life easier for installers, deliver real benefits for their customers and will contribute to making UK homes more energy efficient as we journey towards the ultimate goal of Net Zero.” For more information visit  www.danfoss.com

ACO Drainage design Team

For a better outcome at the project’s end, think drainage from the start.

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Drainage design croppedFrom first drawing to final handover, preserving the design vision is never easy. Somewhere along the line there are bound to be extra costs and compromises. But there’s one critical part of the project that could reduce this, if considered early enough – drainage. Yes, drainage. With building performance under the spotlight and permitted discharge rates being restricted, managing water from roofs to sewers adds complex challenges. Attenuation requirements and hydraulic loads need careful consideration while drainage must be aesthetically pleasing. Yet these decisions often get left till way too late in the project.

Drainage designSo why does that matter? At ACO, our Drainage Design Services team believes early consideration of drainage solutions not only helps achieve a look that ties in with the design concept, but knowing the depths available for floor or balcony drainage from the beginning can have massive benefits for the end result. It allows us to calculate and advise on exactly the right system to handle the volume of water for the application, whereas late engagement may mean raising floor levels to accommodate different products – this disrupts other trades, costs more and compromises both timescales and design integrity. In other words, to preserve your design vision, look at drainage earlier.

Welding shots.00_09_33_03.Still006ACO has 75 years of experience in the manufacture of drainage systems. Our design specialists are fully versed in the physical and commercial constraints of major building projects, from hydraulics to grease management. Watch our video to learn more or contact ACO and we’ll provide the expertise of our bespoke design service. That way, we’ll have kept your costs down before you’ve even broken ground.

Saniflo outdoor pump range extended

Saniflo outdoor pump range extended

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Sanifos 1300 in situSanifos is a range of underground pumps leading macerator supplier, Saniflo. Three original pumps with capacities between 110 and 500 litres were originally introduced to take the waste away from buildings with no gravity drainage by a pump that could be sited underground. Now, this range has been refreshed with two model upgrades and extended with a number of new models.

The Sanifos 280 replaces the original 250 and offers an additional 30 litres capacity, whilst the new Sanifos 610 provides a huge 110 litres additional capacity over its 500 litre predecessor. Both models have two macerating options – a grinder or a vortex impeller and can pump up to 14m and 16m respectively. All models feature a wired alarm for early warning of any problems, whilst the Sanifos 610 offers a choice of single or twin pumps, three phase or single phase, stop and check valve and a SMART unit as standard on models with two pumps.

1300 Sanifos HR copyFor public buildings or for multiple smaller buildings, Saniflo has introduced four large capacity models starting with the Sanifos 1300 which can pump waste up an impressive 17m. This unit features two pumps mounted on a cast iron mounting base with stainless steel guide bars. A choice of inlet height position is available and a template is provided for this purpose. Three further models – the 1600, 2100 and 3100 – enable customised lifting station solutions according to the project in hand. This includes single or three phase, alarms and control boxes, covers, float and pump options, as well as multiple connections required.

Whether it is for a full house, an extension, a series of glamping pods or the installation of a washroom, the Sanifos pumps provide a solution when traditional drainage is not available or civils works are too costly and troublesome.


Using the 5th façade to help mitigate climate change

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A new report from the University of Southampton Energy and Climate Change Division of the School of Engineering, commissioned by the NFRC Charitable Trust, highlights some key steps that specifiers, building owners and home owners can take to use the roof to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.  https://www.nfrc.co.uk/docs/default-source/publications/roofing-industry/mrk173-nfrc-future-(p)roof-research.pdf?sfvrsn=79932a49_2&utm_source=PR&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=future_(p)roof

©-JonLucas-Redclyffe-Road_MainWhilst the largest roofing trade association in the UK could be expected to promote the contribution roofs can make to managing climate change the award-winning environmental charity Hubbub also recognises the valuable contribution that roofs can make, so much so that one of its 10 ‘Asks’ in The Greenprint is to ‘Ensure no roof goes unused.’ https://www.hubbub.org.uk/the-greenprint

As a market leading innovative flat roofing system provider Radmat Building Products fully endorse the recommendations in the ‘Building resilience of roofing technologies in a changing climate‘ report and already have an aligned product range that fully supports specifiers in following this direction of travel and improving the built environment.

Building resilience of roofing technologies in a changing climate‘ recommendations:

  • ProTherm-Quantum-greyConventional (consolidated technologies); These are technologies that are consolidated in the market currently in both the residential and non-residential sectors, such as enhanced levels of insulation and improving airtightness.

Radmat’s range of insulation boards includes the most thermally efficient XPS insulation boards on the market and the Worlds thinnest inverted roof insulation boards, both ProTherm G XPS X ULTRA 300 SL and ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ are BBA certified.  Every roof is designed to optimise thermal efficiency within the design constraints of the roof or terrace.

  • Cool (highly reflective coatings); A cool roof is one that is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a conventional roof, typically flat or low sloped. A highly reflective type of paint, sheet covering, tiles or shingles can be used to achieve this.

Radmat’s single ply membranes and Liquid Applied Membranes provide light colour finishes for warm roofs, and our inverted roof systems can be finished with light coloured paving, porcelain tiles or energy capturing green roofs.

  • Anchorage-HouseGreen (vegetated); These are ballasted roofs that cover a conventional roof (typically flat) with a waterproofing later, growing medium (soil) and vegetation (plants).

Radmat’s MedO extensive, wildflower and biodiverse green roof range provide self-sustaining plant communities that replicate or replace the natural environment that was there before construction; enhancing both flora and fauna in the local environment as well as helping mitigating pollution, airborne noise, improve health and wellbeing and provide amenity.

  • Blue (vegetated with enhanced stormwater attenuation capacity); These are roofs that are designed to slow the drainage of rainwater collected above a roofs waterproof element, unlike conventional roofs which allow rainwater to drain quickly away from the roof.

Radmat’s Blue Roof systems provide roof level attenuation and discharge rate control, meeting the requirements for the London Plan 2021.  The installation of the Radmat Blue Roof system at The Forge won the Roofing and Drainage award at the AJ Specification Award 2020 and features in the NLA report ‘Resilient London’ produced for COP26.

To find out more about Radmat’s product range go to www.radmat.com, for design support to help mitigate climate change e-mail TechServices@radmat.com  or call 01858 410372.


Toupret Anti-Damp Range

Toupret bolsters its Problem Surfaces collection with two anti-damp fillers

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Toupret has continued to improve its product offering with two versatile anti-damp products from its Problem Surfaces range that can be applied on both interior and exterior walls.

These two products further strengthen the choice of any professional for treating problem surfaces. Both are highly technical fillers that have the Toupret stamp of approval from painters, decorators, builders, and construction workers up and down the country.


Anti-Damp Render ApplicationThe class-leading Anti-Damp Render is a filler coating perfect for covering damp, porous and untreated masonry. The filler has been designed to prevent the deterioration of decorative coatings applied over it. It is moisture vapour permeable, so it provides a breathable skimcoat barrier. When used on exterior surfaces it acts as a damp-proof filler, blocking water from penetrating the substrate surface. When applied to interior walls it acts as a water barrier while still allowing water vapour to pass, letting substrates breathe. This makes it ideal for basements and garages where damp might be a problem. Anti-Damp Render is available in powder form in a 6kg bag. It can be applied as a skim-coat, with a trowel or a brush. Plus, it has a 1cm depth limit and a working time of three to four hours, and is ready to paint 24 to 48 hours after application.

Also part of the anti-damp family is Anti-Damp Treatment. Available in a 1kg tin, this solution acts as a moisture barrier that seals the substrate and blocks localised liquid in the wall. It comes as a loose ready-mixed filler and can be applied with either a brush or roller. Covering micro-cracks whilst targeting the damp, this Problem Surfaces product is also ready to paint in 24 hours and is versatile enough to be applied to both exterior and interior walls.

The anti-damp product update is part of a major rebrand and product reorganisation for Toupret. So now, not only can Toupret’s products be relied on to make a great quality filling job simpler and quicker, but it’s also much easier to choose the best product for any given task.

The Problem Surfaces collection is now easy to recognise in green colour-coded packs. And the range is no exception to Toupret’s endeavour to communicate their products’ applications as clearly as possible, adopting new names to achieve just that. However, recognising a loyal customer base, the old product names discreetly remain on the packaging to ensure they are easy to find for everyone – for example ‘Anti-Damp Render’ also bears the historical ‘Humi-Block’ product name.

Both Problem Surfaces anti-damp products are available to purchase from trade distributors nationwide.


Howe Green on the right track with the Elizabeth line

Howe Green on the right track with the Elizabeth line

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As Europe’s largest current infrastructure project, spanning over 60 miles via 41 different stations, the Elizabeth line will transform rail transport in London and the South East, when services commence in the first half of 2022.

Canary Wharf Access Covers 016The landmark project has seen the construction of 42km of new tunnels and the development of 10 new stations, with 31 existing stations also undergoing extensive upgrades.

As part of the formation of the Elizabeth line’s central section, which spans from Westbourne Park to Plumstead and Pudding Mill Lane, one of the UK’s leading fit-out contractors, DMC Contracts, has installed over 1,500 Howe Green Floor Access Covers throughout seven stations.

This includes Whitechapel, Farringdon, Paddington, Bond Street, Woolwich Arsenal, West Ealing, Ealing Broadway and Acton Mainline, where over the last five years DMC Contract’s team of engineers have also installed over 30,000 square metres of Granazzo floor tiles.

Howe Green’s 7500 Series stainless steel Floor Access Covers have been installed throughout the ticket halls, walkways and main concourses of each station to provide engineers with secure and concealed access to under-floor services, whilst the tamper proof construction also prevents unauthorised access.

This is due to the cover’s unique design, which features unobtrusive barrel cover lifting points that can only be accessed with specific lifting and securing keys. As only the securing bolt and barrel edge are visible, the covers provide the highest standards of security, without impacting on the overall design scheme or presenting a potential trip hazard.

Conor McCann, Director at DMC, said: “Due to the nature and sheer magnitude of this project, it was imperative that we worked in tandem with Howe Green from the initial design and specification stages through to site installation to ensure the successful flooring completion of all the Elizabeth line stations.

“When we embarked on this project back in 2016, it quickly became apparent that no other manufacturer could match the calibre of Howe Green’s expertise and superior product excellence. By working together from the very beginning, we have been able to ensure the flooring of every station has been installed to the highest possible standard and will withstand the heavy footfall of passengers with ease.”

Manufactured to BS 476: Part 22, the 7500 Series provides resistance to fire and smoke for up to two hours, providing the highest standards in safety, performance and compliance throughout all seven stations.

With each floor access cover withstanding up to five tonne pneumatic tyre wheel loads, the 7500 Series was also supplied in a range of configurations, including singles, multiparts and ducts, to provide unobstructed access to rodding points and winch systems and electrical pits throughout all areas of the stations.

As the lifting blocks are anchored to the inner frame, the floor access covers can be handled easily and safely by contractors, reducing any potential disruption to passenger’s travel as the maintenance can be conducted quickly and safely.

Throughout the design stages, the floor access covers were installed in conjunction with the Granazzo floor tile modules to create a flush, unbroken visual appeal, whilst also ensuring the safety of all passengers when travelling throughout all areas of the station.

Chris George, Business Development Manager for Howe Green, said: “Over the last 15 years we have developed a successful and close relationship with DMC, which has been fostered and maintained through our combined dedication to achieving the most successful specification for every project.

“It has been a real privilege to work together throughout the construction of the Elizabeth line and I know I speak for both parties when we say we’re extremely proud of the level of work that’s been achieved.”

For further information on Howe Green’s complete range of floor access solutions, visit www.howegreen.com or call 01920 463230.

For further information on DMC Contracts please contact Conor McCann on 01375 845070 or visit www.dmccontracts.co.uk.


Knauf AQUAPANEL® – the water resistant board ideal for all projects

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Aquapanel main imageThe Knauf AQUAPANEL® range has been designed to be water resistant, moisture resistant and vapour resistant. The boards can be used as render carriers on external walls and soffits, as tile backers for internal walls and floors in wet areas, and as rooftop boards.

With Magnesium Oxide boards being banned from new build homes (by major providers of warranties), housebuilders can rest assured that Knauf AQUAPANEL® glass-fibre-reinforced cement boards provide a tried and tested alternative.

Knauf Aquapanel 3Completely inorganic and dimensionally stable, the boards are also non-combustible, tough and impact resistant. Furthermore, they can be bent to accommodate design curves with a bending radius of 1m at full board size.

In terms of installation, the boards are surprisingly lightweight and quick and easy to fit. They can be cut by scoring with a knife and then simply snapping, as with plasterboard.

When used as part of a complete Knauf system, AQUAPANEL® installations will be covered by the comprehensive Knauf system performance warranty.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® boards are available in a number of different forms:

63117_AQUAPANEL_Cement-Board-OutdoorKnauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor offers a high quality and economical alternative to traditional methods of construction, such as brick and block.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is designed to be used as a high-performance tile backing and internal wet room board. It is also suitable as a general building board.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite offers a lightweight solution for both interior and exterior ceilings and soffits.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay is the perfect substrate for tiles on wooden subfloors for renovations and refurbishments.

Knauf Aquapanel_area1photographyKnauf Rooftop is a high-performing roofing board that delivers strength, safety and sustainability for industrial and commercial buildings.

Whether you’re an architect looking for greater design flexibility or a contractor needing a lightweight, easy to use product, Knauf AQUAPANEL® ought to be your first choice.


To find out more about the AQUAPANEL® range visit https://www.knauf.co.uk/systems-and-products/aquapanel-technology or email technical@knauf.co.uk


Eurocell Building Business Together


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2021 saw increasing demand for many of Eurocell’s window, door, and roofing products. High performing, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable products have helped trade partners secure business building opportunities amidst a turbulent year.

Now, with newly expanded warehouse and manufacturing capacity, and a list of exciting products about to be launched, 2022 will see Eurocell’s collaboration and support for its network of valued fabricators and installers go to the next level. 

Nickel with treeEurocell’s wide range of innovative and sustainable window, door, and roofing solutions has continued to offer the trade the products answers they need to meet consumer expectations and shifting trends.

Whilst the impact of the pandemic has continued to challenge everyone, the past 12 months has seen restrictions loosen and with it, a return to more normalised operating environment. It is, however, important to acknowledge the supply issues that have afflicted many sectors this year for a variety of reasons and the construction industry has been no exception.

Eurocell has worked hard to try to overcome the impact of such issues around material supply for the company’s network of fabricators and installers at a time when demand for Eurocell’s solutions has accelerated.

Homeowners – who have spent more time in their properties than ever before – have reappraised their living surroundings and many have decided to embark on projects to enhance, change, or simply improve their living spaces. This has helped to fuel increased activity for fabricators and installers with calls for window, door, and roofing options on the rise throughout 2021.

2021 product highlights

Some of the company’s window, door, and roofing product stars of the year highlight the wide array of options Eurocell continues to deliver to the trade. Each have been long-standing and popular choices as consumers have opted for eye-catching, proven, high quality, and sustainably produced products that add real value to properties.

  • The Syncro sliding patio door system has helped property owners co-ordinate interior and exterior design ambitions, whilst offering unbeatable home security and natural light benefits.
  • Modus – the UK’s first fully integrated window and door system – has continued to deliver the looks, performance, and cost effectiveness the trade seeks. With clean lines and contemporary aesthetics, the system offers an alternative to aluminium and timber product choice, giving customers yet another market-leading option from the Eurocell product portfolio.
  • Logik – the range has been extended to provide the flush casement that appeals in both heritage and contemporary settings
  • Eurocell’s Aspect panoramic profile has provided a concertina door solution to connect the indoor with outdoor spaces. The designer folding door has again seen strong demand throughout the year as developers look to enhance new-build designs. Aspect has enabled specifiers to deliver a real ‘wow’ factor thanks to the ability to create a glass wall up to 6m tall!
  • The Dales Collection of premium composite doors are hardwearing and pleasing to the eye. With a multi-point locking system and an extensive range of styles, colours, and glazing options, the Dales Collection has provided the trade with a bespoke and highly popular door solution.

Equinox and Envirotile have also each made a significant contribution to enhancing the look and performance of UK roofscapes and outdoor living spaces. Already a market-leading product, Equinox has continued to deliver all year-round comfort and useability for conservatories and the roof system was further enhanced to offer additional choice for homeowners and commercial success for installers.

With an eye on increasing interest in sustainability around the home, a new technical addition to the tile range has helped to satisfy growing consumer environmental concerns connected to product impact on the world.

As such, the ability to now specify Envirotile – a precision manufactured recycled polymer tile for a solid tiled roof solution with reduced environmental impact – has been an attractive offering to the conservatory installation market. The importance of making a sustainable product selection is also matched by aesthetics, and here 2021 enhancements to the Equinox range have added even greater homeowner choice.

To provide further options, a 25° fixed angle soffit ring beam option on the Equinox range now offers a traditional overhang soffit appearance that can match homeowners’ properties to create seamless integration. The additional soffit surface area also allows the option to be specified with external downlighters.

Driving the industry’s sustainable future

Underpinning all Eurocell’s exciting product success has been a continued commitment to a sustainable future across the company’s design and manufacturing operations.  This is underscored by a central belief in recycling-led processes that are a focus of the company’s strategic environmental direction.

Eurocell has been driving forward its ambitions around recycling for more than 20 years. Recognising a corporate need to do what is required to minimise PVC-U waste and reuse materials across manufacturing processes, the company has moved from externally purchasing recycled PVC-U to the establishment of a nationwide waste recycling system. This is now used to furnish Eurocell’s manufacturing operation with recycled plastic raw material.

The recycling service called Eurocell Recycle meets two primary objectives: it helps to prevent fabricators having to send their PVC-U frames to landfill by removing a waste handling issue for them, and, secondly, it enables the recycling of old PVC-U frames no longer of any use into new PVC-U material.  Such has been the success of the service; the newly created plastic now accounts for around 30 to 45% of all the material Eurocell’s manufacturing business requires to generate the extensive range of brand-new dual material extruded plastic products.

The company’s two waste PVC-U recycling plants at Ilkeston and Selby are at the heart of the Eurocell Recycle service and their combined efforts are delivering real benefit for the trade.  It uses a ‘closed loop’ recycling system to deal with both post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste and the two plants currently handle approximately 40k tonnes of input PVC-U waste material annually – a figure that has been steadily rising as demand for recycled product solutions has escalated in recent years. 

Without the service, a high proportion of the PVC-U waste generated by fabricators and installers would simply end up in landfill and contribute further to the waste disposal challenge the UK continually faces.

2022: Expanded capacity and exciting new product solutions

The company looks ahead to 2022 with much anticipation.

The recent successful opening of the new and award-winning warehouse, manufacturing, and design headquarters in Alfreton means Eurocell is better placed than ever to meet growing market demand from fabricators and installers as supply chain issues subside.

With customer service excellence also key priority for the business, the company’s strategic investment in the expanded facility will further support the trade and help to optimise the business building opportunities that will be created over the coming months.

In line with the commitment to continually enhance Eurocell’s extensive offer to the trade, even more new, innovative, high performing, and sustainable products are set to be launched into the market in 2022 and trade partners should look out for exciting news in the new year.


Construction Specialties’ (CS) high performance rain defence louvres


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CS_1Construction Specialties’ (CS) high performance rain defence louvres are providing maximum airflow and rain defence as part of an innovative cooling and power system at two energy efficient data centres in Germany.

Controlling the temperature and humidity of the air within critical infrastructure such as data centres is an important consideration. It’s why the Noris Network’s two new state-of-the-art data centres in Nuremberg and Munich have adopted an innovative Combined Energy & Cooling Cells (CECC) offering 70% less energy consumption for cooling and operation compared to more traditional solutions.

CS_3In order to provide optimum airflow and maximum protection from wind-driven rain within the space-efficient design, the specification for both centres saw the installation of pre-fabricated CS RSV-5700 Rain Defence Louvres.

Featuring a complex, extruded aluminium blade profile, the RSV-5700 is a 129mm deep, single bank louvre with excellent performance characteristics. Its unique blade shape is designed to effectively separate rain droplets from the flow of air and to collect them in multiple blade channels. The vertical orientation of the blades utilises gravity to allow rain water to drain away easily, helping achieve Class A rain defence up to 3.5 m/s, combined with Class 3 airflow and spacial efficiency. The system is supplied pre-fabricated in sizes meeting project requirements for fast and easy installation.

CS_2With data centres a critical element of our global economy, their functionality and design must never be compromised. The installation of CS Rain Defence Louvres at the Noris Network’s data centres has ensured efficient airflow and reliable weather protection for the long term.

For further project details visit: https://www.c-sgroup.co.uk/blog/noris-network-data-centres-nuremberg-munich-germany/

For further information on CS RSV-5700 Rain Defence Louvre visit: https://www.c-sgroup.co.uk/products/architectural-louvres/rain-defence-louvres/rsv5700/