Part L changes to Building regulations now live for the construction industry

Part L changes to Building regulations now live for the construction industry

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But is the industry prepared?

The journey towards a net-zero future passes a significant milestone with the 2022 changes to Part L of the Building Regulations becoming a reality, this provides the benchmark for the design and building standard for energy performance in carbon emissions of new and existing buildings.

But is the construction industry prepared for the update?

Ahead of the interim changes to the uplift in Part L we recently conducted research among more than 200 important stakeholders, including architects, housebuilders and specifiers.

We investigate the levels of confidence specifiers have in the sector around Part L, as well as their views on sustainable technologies such as solar PV.

Read more about our research by downloading our Part L Whitepaper here.

Everything specifiers need to know about Part L | Marley

The role of Solar PV

A solar PV roofing system is widely acknowledged to be an important product solution to help produce the low carbon and energy efficient housing required in the future. Experts say that home energy efficiency set out in Part L cannot be delivered by enhancements to the building fabric alone. It is therefore expected that the specification of solar PV, together with an efficient gas boiler or heat pump, will provide the quickest and most cost-effective way for the sector to meet the immediate Part L 31% carbon reduction obligations

Marley SolarTile®

Marley SolarTile® is a roof-integrated solar panel roof tile solution, enhancing roof system specification with design flexibility, sleek aesthetics, industry leading wind and fire performance, all covered by the Marley 15-year full roof system warranty.

What’s more, for every solar panel sold as part of the Marley Group, we support the planting of a tree through charitable organisations across the world. Known as #FusionForest, this collaborative approach supports the long-term rehabilitation of natural ecosystems, by teaming up with organisations with local expertise.

Learn more about our Marley SolarTile® Roof Systems

Roof Integrated SolarTile® | Marley | Solar Roof Tiles

Brooke House – Waterproofing Multi-Level Luxury Residential Basement

Brooke House – Waterproofing Multi-Level Luxury Residential Basement

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The scope of the project was to facilitate a combined waterproofing solution for a 2,000m² luxurious subterranean space which includes a double-level basement that will accommodate a cinema room, spa wing and swimming pool, changing, and screening rooms, servery, storage & laundry wing, plant rooms and other accommodation.

Delta Registered Installers, Knowles were appointed as principal contactor to collaborate with the architects to fulfil the role of Waterproofing Design Specialists in providing a reliable, watertight solution for this £100m project.

Knowles created combination waterproofing design which was both compliant with British Standard 8102:2009 2009 ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground.

Combination waterproofing systems can offer optimal structural protection against water ingress.







Some designers will specify two forms of waterproofing.  These specifications “combination” Types A, B & C systems to achieve the desired waterproofing performance and to meet requirements of BS8102:2009.  It is always prudent to source these systems, if possible, from a sole source supplier, as this factor will dramatically in reducing risks associated with compatibility of products and assists with technical design issues.

Combination systems are an ideal solution for convoluted/difficult shapes to waterproof and provide continuity of waterproofing design.

In this instance, Knowles suggested a robust solution consisting of Types A, B and C waterproofing for a total risk averse solution.

The project required Grade 3 protection – No dampness or water penetration is acceptable.


Delta Registered Installers, Knowles are a leading construction company, specialising in super-prime residential and commercial schemes.  Specialists in complex projects, Knowles deliver projects from concept to completion, including shell and core, subterranean, superstructure and fine finishes.

With many new basement projects, the basement is phased and constructed during the start of the build process.  Knowles with ease overcome issues encountered during the excavation and tolerances with 30,000m³ of rock and soil being removed to build an open cut basement.







Between the design concept phase and construction, changes were needed to the initial waterproofing design.  In limiting the impact of these design changes on project cost and identifying actions required, Delta were on hand.  David J. Symes, Delta’s Co-Managing Director attended design meetings and supplied strategies for suitable resolution.

In addition to our Type A and C waterproofing systems, David was delighted to introduce to Knowles our new (Type B) watertight concrete additive, Koster BDM.  Koster BDM had previously been used in Europe and extensively in other countries.  Koster BDM is a ccrystallizing integral waterproofing additive for concrete and was supplied for a volume of 3000m³ of waterproof concrete poured over a period of 12 months. The tallest walls were required at 6.750m x 0.5m thick, with the largest spanning slab 10,700m².

Waterproofing concrete offers structures numerous benefits such as strengthening the structure (waterproof concrete lets in less moisture, causing fewer cracks, which means it is less vulnerable to the elements), whilst reducing maintenance costs, all designed to BSEN1992 Euro code 3.

Prior to the pour of the concrete slab, Delta DualProof was utilised.  DualProof is a pre-applied, fully, and permanently bonded, composite sheet waterproofing membrane, consisting of a special non-woven Fibre-Tex fleece co-extruded with a highly flexible PVC membrane designed for use with structural reinforced concrete.  Freshly poured concrete is embedded completely into the special designed and developed fleece, creating a unique and permanent mechanical bond.

For the vertical waterproofing, Koster Deuxan2C was expertly spray applied by Knowles. The waterproofing layer was then protected with Delta Geo Drain Quattro, prior to backfilling, which is a combined drainage and protection layer, capable of a loading of 40 metric tonnes.

Delta’s Type C system was used internally, providing negative side waterproofing.

Prior to the installation of the Type C System, all new concrete was treated with Koster Polysil TG 500 to prevent the leaching of free lime, with all construction joints sealed using Koster Repair Mortar Plus.  In a full belts and bridges approach, Knowles applied a closed layer of Koster NB 1 sealing slurry to prevent migratory dampness.

Delta’s MS 500 membrane was applied to all vertical earth retained elevations, linked between intermediate level slabs via a concrete bund incorporating Delta drainage channels which was piped from upper to lower level via vertical pipes, with the all-important inspection ports added at approx. 8Lm intervals to ensure that the drainage aspects are fully maintainable and in accordance with BS 8102:2009.

Delta MS 20 membrane, which has a 20mm studded profile for greater drainage capacity, was used across the lower basement ground bearing slab, with the Delta perimeter channel incorporated to provide a suitable drainage solution which led to Delta bespoke sump pumps.







Delta provided a range of bespoke sump chambers to complement the internal Type C Waterproofing solution, all with our latest WIFI enabled high water level alarm which offers predictive maintenance and battery back-up systems to provide 24/7 remote monitoring, acting as a virtual engineer on site, reducing the requirement to conduct unnecessary servicing and reducing the structures carbon footprint.

The range of Delta products used in conjunction with Knowles expertise was extensive and includes:

Products used:

  • Delta MS20
  • Delta MS 500
  • Delta Geo-Drain Quattro
  • Koster Deuxan 2C
  • Delta DualProof
  • Delta Drainage channels & connectors
  • Koster NB 1 Grey
  • Koster SB Bonding Emulsion
  • Delta Dual V4 Submersible pump stations
  • Koster Micro Grout
  • Koster BDM

Case Study Results

Delta’s site services team delivering an exceptional quality assurance and training service throughout.

Knowles have provided a complete bespoke watertight solution following the guidelines set out in BS 8102:2009, with all works undertaken to a high standard and delivered on time, despite changes to the waterproofing design.

Delta is privileged to have been involved in this phenomenal project, in the words of David J. Symes “In my opinion a serious feat of engineering.”



Tough Multi-Filler, Toupret’s hardworking exterior product brings new life to walls

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The warmer weather is here and attention has turned to outdoor jobs as clients look to transform and refresh the exteriors of their properties. Toupret’s Tough Multi-Filler is a strong, versatile and practical product that every professional should have in their van.

Tough Multi-Filler is a hardworking, and multi-purpose product that can be used for filling, repair work and localised skimming on exterior substrates. It’s powder formulation allows it to be used for filling and shaping without depth limit, yet it provides a really smooth skim.

It is reinforced with fibres, which gives it excellent adhesion and the super tough properties that mean it performs brilliantly for all these applications. The fibres also make it suited to a wide range of exterior substrates including cement, concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stone, glass and ceramics, whether new or renovated, painted or unpainted.

In spite of its toughness, Tough Multi-Filler is also surprisingly easy to smooth and to sand, and it has a working time of 40 minutes, making it the perfect all-round product for professional builders that need to deliver quality results, quickly.

Tough Multi-Filler is water vapour permeable, allowing the base substrate to breathe if it is overcoated with a water-based masonry paint.

Available in a 2kg box or 5kg and 10kg bag for even the largest of jobs.

Toupret currently offers the widest range of exterior fillers on the market with quality results guaranteed by high-performance products.

The exterior surfaces collection consists of fillers for outside substrates across filling, repairing, formwork, and skimming jobs. Each product is uniquely designed to target gaps, cracks, and damaged exterior walls and surfaces. The updated exterior collection now consists of six products in both ready mixed and powder options; Tough Multi-Filler, Masonry Repair Filler, Rock Solid Repair Filler, Skimcoat Filler, Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler, and Quick Fill, meaning there really is a Toupret product for every exterior filling or skimming job.

Toupret’s exterior surfaces products are available to purchase from trade distributors nationwide.



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Addagrip Terraco is proud to have been involved in the creation of the new Horatio’s Garden at the University Hospital, Llandough in Wales which features BBA approved Addaset resin bound permeable pathways.

The garden is part of the development of a new, purpose-built Spinal and Neurological Centre at the hospital in collaboration with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, providing both specialist spinal and neuro-rehabilitation services for patients.


The garden was designed by award-winning Welsh designer, Sarah Price, to create a welcoming, communal space with easy access as a priority. The pathways needed to be flat, seamless and permeable to allow year-round wheelchair access and offer a natural looking aggregate surface to complement the planting scheme.

Addagrip approved contractor Thortech Ltd was invited by Knox & Wells Ltd to install 482m2 of BBA approved Addaset resin bound porous paving in a Maple Gold blend to the pathways and around the garden pavilion and greenhouse which will be the hub of growing in the garden and a place for horticultural therapy to take place.

The new seamless pathways have good slip resistance and ensure that the garden can be easily accessible from the spinal injury centre so that patients in hospital beds and wheelchairs can use the space with their friends and family or as a place of quiet sanctuary. Good permeability of the paving ensures that there is no surface water allowing all weather use. There is no loose aggregate and the paths can be easily maintained.

The installation was completed in April 2022.

For further information about Horatio’s Garden Charity visit

Newton Drives Continued Development With Specialist Waterproofing Training

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Professional development is an ongoing process, and as the UK’s leading supplier of waterproofing systems, Newton Waterproofing consistently works to help architects and developers achieve the next step.

The company offers a range of training initiatives covering all aspects of waterproofing in accordance with the British Standard 8102:2022, that aim to expand knowledge and skills in waterproofing practices.

Newton Waterproofing’s Managing Director, Warren Muschialli, comments: “At Newton, we deliver long-term value to trainees and continually raise the standard of work through various means, such as our partnerships. To help our growth, we partner with some of the leading waterproofing manufacturers around the world, enabling us to offer the highest quality training direct from our supply partners, as well as access to the best products in the industry.”

Additionally, the Newton School of Waterproofing accommodates all audiences, offering individuals and organisations a bespoke experience.

The Newton establishment is equipped with dedicated training facilities, including a pump room with full pump installations for trainees to practice on, and an outdoor spray area to learn how to correctly apply liquid waterproofing products.

Newton’s training areas also have full-size cross-sections of both a Type C Newton CDM System and a Type A Newton HydroBond System, showing a visual representation of how these products work in conjunction with each other.

With a powerful team of technical experts, Newton have the means to frequently deliver their four RIBA Approved, double points CPDs to architects, engineers and construction professionals across the country.

All four presentations can be moulded to individual requirements. Their newest and most favoured CPD on “Waterproofing Design Strategies to the New British Standard 8102:2022” has been specifically designed to educate construction professionals on the most important updates to the 2022 version of the British Standard.

Throughout this CPD, you can expect a 45-minute seminar plus a Q&A, delivered either at your office, as an online webinar, or at Newton’s training facility in Tonbridge, Kent.

For more information, call 01732 280 635 or visit

Preserving your design vision through bespoke manufacturing.

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Preserving the original design vision on a construction project is never easy. Most projects hit some level of difficulty in final construction detailing, pricing or programme. Simple building tolerances can sometimes prove problematic with precision engineered products.

So at ACO, our Drainage Design Services team believe early consideration of bespoke drainage solutions not only help achieve a look that ties in with the design concept, but also helps avoid the additional expense of having to change floor depths and disrupt project timing if drainage is left to the end. We can build in exactly what you need with significantly less disruption and cost than changing the design at a later date.

Our most popular bespoke solution is our ACO Radius Channel, often referred to by our engineering reference AS1010 or AS1050. This offers the designer a bespoke solution for drainage virtually free of the design constraints associated with standard or off-the-shelf product. Radius channel systems can be specified with great flexibility: width, radii, channel depth and grating aperture patterns are almost infinitely variable. We even have compound radii capability. This allows integration with surrounding materials and landscaping to create a creative, aesthetically pleasing design that has been used on projects across the UK including shopping centres, sporting arenas, major residential developments, educational campuses and more.

Using the most modern design and manufacturing techniques enables economical production, even over comparatively small numbers of units thanks to ACO’s continued investment in European wide state of the art manufacturing resource.

All channels are fabricated in the high grade 304 or 316 stainless steel and pickle passivated (Acid bathed) to remove all surface impurities, ensuring years of corrosion resistant performance.

All ACO drainage channels are available in bespoke sizes and via our specialist in house team enjoy rigorous project management from initial enquiry through to delivery. Our engineers are able to offer detailed advice on all aspects of channel system design together with hydraulic analysis as required.

See here for more details.


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Eurocell has extended its range of outdoor living solutions with the launch of new contemporary garden room, pergola, and veranda designs.

Customers can now create bespoke and inspirational living spaces that marry the functionality of indoors with the beauty of the garden.  Whether it is for home working arrangements, simple relaxation, socialising or exercise, additional rooms or protected spaces set in a tranquil garden environment provide a flexible, value adding, and minimal maintenance way to enjoy a better connection to nature and all its wellbeing benefits.

The new solutions will also create business growth opportunities for fabricators and installers as homeowners look to expand their living spaces and invest in solutions that provide built-in flexibility with a contemporary style.

Kyube Plus Garden Room

The Kyube Plus builds upon the popularity and proven performance of the existing Kyube garden room solution, delivering a modern and naturally styled outdoor space that perfectly complements its surroundings.

The Kyube Plus modular garden room is a high-quality construction and is delivered in prefabricated forms to ensure quick and simple installation. Highly insulated to provide all-year round comfort, the new Kyube Plus option is available in 13 sizes ranging from 2 x 2m up to 5.8 x 3.3m. For customers requiring a bespoke solution beyond the standard sizes, Eurocell can also create one off designs. Additional features such as front canopies and storage extensions are also available to add further sophistication and practical benefit.

Clad in vertical panels featuring natural FSC larch redwood, or PVC-U, the exterior appearance is available in six colour choices. The anthracite grey frame colour and satin black door furniture are designed to perfectly complement any cladding choice. To illuminate the new space, double-glazed sliding patio doors with the option to add an extra front window on larger sized rooms, ensure light will cascade in.

Fully insulated with an electric panel heater, the space is soundproofed, and the full electric pack with plug sockets and lighting offers functionality from day one.

The interior’s blank canvas based on OSB board is the perfect backdrop on which to create an individual look and finish. Options also include a plastered finish.

From quick installation to low maintenance, from high style to multiple sizing options, from a myriad of designed finishes to a 15-year guarantee on performance, the Kyube Plus garden room sets a new standard for outdoor living solutions.

Oasis Pergolas and verandas

Whilst the British climate can often be a challenge, the installation of a stylish pergola or veranda can provide the perfect garden space in which to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Extending the home and garden footprint, the new Oasis range offers a stylish appeal with practical benefits, helping make the most of gardens in all weathers.

The Oasis veranda is available in both a glazed roof and polycarbonate, with the polycarbonate roof coming in four different colour options. In addition, there is the choice of three frame colours and two types of leg, guttering and footplate, meaning they can be customised to taste.

Eurocell has also introduced the Oasis pergolas range. The Deluxe option takes the pergola to a new level of sophistication and style. Thanks to the introduction of automated sliding retractable louvres, users can have the best of both worlds. They can open the roof for unobstructed views, or simply retract the louvres for protection against hot sun rays or rain filled clouds.

Sean Bunyan, Head of Commercial Operations for Eurocell, says: “We are seeing increasing demand for stylish, practical, and flexible outdoor living space solutions.  To match this demand, Eurocell has extended the range of garden room, pergola, and veranda options we offer.

“The new range has been created to further enhance the outdoor living experience and deliver greater flexibility and increased value to homes. They require no planning permission, can be installed quickly and, once in place, need only minimal maintenance. Best of all, they create stylish and cost-effective alternatives to the hassle, expense, and time constraints of building an extension.”

For more information, please visit:

Extensive range of high-quality balustrading solutions from MMA Architectural Systems

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MMA Architectural Systems provide a range of standard and bespoke balustrade solutions, with a complete portfolio of products from posts to infill backed by full technical and specification support (including CAD drawings).

The company’s balustrade range brings together the Jakob Rope Systems, Progress Architecture and Inox Design products, all of which are proven in projects across Europe. Solutions include complete systems, off-the-shelf systems and balustrade infill, each offering different aesthetics and capabilities, but each designed to deliver on both safety and aesthetics.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the systems are elegant, durable and low-maintenance – and can be installed by any proficient installer, fabricator or builder. If required, MMA also offers a full turnkey solution, from initial design right through to installation.

Off-the-shelf, high-quality post system

The Inox Design range of 304 and 316 stainless steel components for indoor and outdoor balustrading systems respectively includes posts, handrails, frameless glass channel parts and fittings.

With round, square and flat posts that are suitable for floor or side mounting, the range also includes posts for different types of balustrade infill, including glass, wire rope, wire mesh and rods.

The Inox Design product range can be combined to create a complete system or can be used in conjunction with MMA’s Jakob Webnet wire mesh and rope and rod assemblies to provide infill. Bespoke systems can also be designed if required.







Modular railing system

Jakob’s elegant modular railing system includes a selection of posts and Webnet wire mesh frames in different sizes and shapes, all of which has been designed to fit together incredibly quickly and easily to create a complete balustrading solution.

Manufactured from 316 ‘marine grade’ stainless steel, the system is the perfect choice for projects requiring robust, weather-resistant balustrading, and can be used for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, such as on terraces and around swimming pools and ponds.








Complete balcony and terrace system

The Screen Deco balustrade system from Progress Architecture is a complete balcony and terrace system, providing an elegant and modern solution, with a minimalist, linear grid design.

By combining modern welding technology and the special shape of the profiles, the system delivers the highest level of safety for residential, commercial and public buildings. Screen Deco is exceptionally durable, with only minimal maintenance requirements.







Infill options

In addition to supplying complete balustrade systems, MMA also supplies a variety of infills for balustrading. The perfect choice for when bespoke posts are being used, or for infill replacement, the infill products can all be fitted to bespoke posts to create reliable safety.

Infill options include Jakob Webnet wire mesh frames and Webnet panels; Jakob wire rope assemblies; and Progress Architecture’s grids, grilles and mesh which can be supplied in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc coated steel, aluminium, copper, bronze or brass.








Choice of handrails

We offer a range of handrail options, including stainless steel tube and stainless steel box designs in a range of sizes, as well as a number of timber alternatives. We also supply all the necessary connectors, supports and fixings, designed to work seamlessly with the handrail range.

Inox Design’s handrail supports, and connectors are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel for indoor or outdoor use respectively and are designed to work with the Inox Design range of balustrade posts.

Professional installation service

In addition to designing and supplying balustrade parts, infill and complete systems, MMA also offers a full installation service, which is available throughout the UK.

For more details, please visit the company’s website, or contact its friendly and helpful technical support team.



T:  01761 419 427


Key considerations when choosing ladders for safe rooftop access

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According to recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height accounted for 44% of all non-fatal injuries and 25% of all fatal injuries over the last five years. Here, Tom Brandon, Specification Sales Manager at Bilco UK, discusses why adopting a bespoke approach to roof access can ensure the highest level of safety, suitability and compliance.

When specifying a ladder to facilitate roof access, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the correct system to meet your project’s specific requirements. This includes identifying the reason for access to the roof and the frequency of access required. It’s also crucial to determine whether tools and equipment will need to be transferred through the access hatch, or solely roofing professionals.

This will provide clarification on where the ladder will need to be mounted and whether any additional safety measures will be required to maintain individuals’ safety when using the ladder, such as the addition of a safety cage or guard rail.

Once you have established your reason for requiring safe access to the roof, you will then be able to make an informed choice regarding which roof access hatch and corresponding ladder system is best suited to meet the needs of your project.

The right ladder for the right application

If access to the roof is required on a regular basis for professionals who need to transfer tools and equipment, a Companionway Roof Access Hatch would be required in conjunction with a Companionway Ladder, which is a 75-degree incline ladder with handrails that makes it easier for the user to gain access to the roof. When larger tools and equipment are being used, a Fixed Staircase Roof Access Hatch, also known as a Service Stair Roof Access Hatch, would be specified. This is a larger elongated access hatch, which should be specified in conjunction with a permanent staircase to provide permanent access to a roof hatch of up to 2440mm or 3360mm in length as standard available sizes

Other ladder types are available depending on the application and access required. Due to their small footprint, industrial vertical fixed ladders are always recommended for use in conjunction with smoke vents, as they ensure there is no hinderance to the flow of smoke through the vent to meet the minimum 1 metre squared free vent area required by the regulations.

Whereas, if the floor space must be kept clean and tidy at all times, for example, within buildings such as schools and hospitals a retractable ladder would be ideal where a larger roof access hatch of up to 1500mm is installed.

Special ladder applications

For commercial projects that require more complex specifications, contractors should collaborate with manufacturers to create bespoke ladder applications that safely and securely fulfil roof access requirements. Bilco UK’s in-house design and engineering teams work closely with roofing contractors to manufacture special ladder applications that are custom-made to meet the project’s specific requirements.

For example, if a ladder that has a reach over 10 metres is required to be installed onto the exterior of a building and will be used as a means of escape or for maintenance, contractors would need to consider a series of fixed vertical ladders that are split by railed platforms every six metres to ensure safety and compliance. The installation would also require the addition of a safety cage and handrails in order to maintain the safety of contractors when gaining roof access.

Maintaining floor space and ensuring walkways are kept clear is a common challenge when choosing ladders for roof access, which is why fixed vertical retractable ladders, where the lower section of the ladder can be retracted when not required is a popular and convenient choice. A detachable version is also available where the bottom section of the ladder can be removed completely and installed again when needed. Other alternatives that ensure ladder access security is maintained is the use of the hook on, hinged ladder gates or magnetic locking ladder gates.

Rooftop Access

When contractors need to travel across the roof for maintenance and access reasons, it can be a challenge to navigate the roof safely if there are potential trip hazards such as wires and ducting. Bilco UK manufactures a range of aluminium stepovers that can be seamlessly fitted over obstructions to provide a stable hand-railed platform that enables individuals to get from one area of the roof to another safely and quickly. As the stepovers feature weighted big foots it eliminates any requirement for roof penetration, therefore avoiding any risk of leaks or drafts. Stepovers can be installed with either companionway steps or fixed vertical steps, depending on the available space on the roof.

Whilst there are a range of ladder options available to roofing professionals to achieve safe and secure access to the roof area, it is crucial to work in conjunction with a manufacturer from the initial design stages to ensure the installation provides the highest standards of safety and compliance for the entire lifecycle of the building.

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit or call 01284 701696.

For advice on how to specify the correct ladder, visit:

Automatic Entrance Pods Welcome Brighton Coworkers (May 2022)

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Delivering flexible workspace facilities for freelancers seeking coworking space, through to corporates on more traditional leases, Plus X Brighton helps drive member productivity and positivity through innovation, world-class support, connectivity, and curated collaboration. Providing welcoming access to this busy innovation hub, TORMAX was contracted by JPJ Installations Ltd to provide eye-catching, curved-sliding automatic entrance pods to the main east and west access points.

Chic and contemporary, yet intensely practical, the pods each consist of a double set of curved glass doors that move independently, creating an opening space up to 40% greater than could be formed using linear sliding doors.

PlusX Brighton. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2020

Ensuring a long working life with minimal maintenance, the doors are powered by technologically advanced TORMAX iMotion 2202.A operators.

Plus X is a new, localised national network of innovation hubs that aims to transform left behind places and support Britain’s new generation of entrepreneurs and inventors.

The seven-storey Plus X Brighton innovation hub incorporates a wealth of adaptable workspaces, a 150-person events area, hi-spec media suites, specialist prototyping workshops, as well as wellbeing benefits including an expansive roof terrace and bar, yoga classes and a nutritional café.

With sustainability as a key driving force, the building has been designed to achieve a BREEAM Excellent and EPC B Rating.  Contributing to the green solution, the TORMAX entrance pods can be programmed to create an effective airlock during inclement weather, helping reduce heat-loss from the foyer.

Further minimising energy consumption, the aesthetically discreet iMotion 2202.A operators feature state-of-the-art microprocessor controls to permanently monitor door movement. This ensures system performance is always optimised, with door movement being automatically adjusted in response to external factors such as increased wind conditions, for example.

“This is an inspiring community development that embraces a modern way of working,” comments Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX UK. “The efficient yet stylish, bright yellow entrance pods set the tone of the building as people arrive each day.”