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A structural glass link is the optimum way to connect buildings, providing a stylish interface that offers minimal physical intervention and maximum light flow

Above:  An L-shaped glass link connects separate buildings in this luxury single-storey barn conversion. A bespoke design by Ion Glass that ensures the corridor interfaces flawlessly.

Ion Glass are leading specialists in bespoke structural glass, providing an individually tailored service to create glass links across a wide variety of heritage, residential and commercial buildings. They detail some of the key advantages and considerations when installing a glass link:

  • A structural glass linkway meets many different requirements from a simple weatherproof passage between buildings to an integral element of the property
  • A glass link will allow for movement between two buildings of very different age and structure.   In listed or heritage properties, a glass link is often the only approved option to provide an effective interface between structures with different construction techniques
  • Minimal footings are required – the glass linkway can be channel set and fully sealed with silicone
  • Single glazing will provide a fully weather resistant glass installation:  double glazing will allow the glass linkway to become an integral part of the structure of the building, fully compliant with heat loss requirements
  • There are no height or size restrictions, Ion’s technical team will advise on the structural requirements to ensure the finished glass structure is wholly compliant
  • Ion’s glass linkways can be produced without visible fixings, incorporating structural glass fins or structural glass beams to give a robust yet minimal result
  • Glass linkways can be used internally as well as externally and at different levels, incorporating a glass floor if required

Ion Glass offer a full service from concept to the finished product, including design input as required, detailed CAD drawings, all specialist glass calculations, a fully experienced installation team and management of all logistics, including crane hire as necessary.

Above: this suspended glass linkway designed and installed by Ion Glass links a new master bedroom suite to the main house.  Constructed from double-glazed panels, the inclusion of a glass floor allows light to reach the walkway below.

Above: This unusual T-shaped glass link by Ion Glass connects home and garage whilst also creating a spectacular entrance to a swimming pool – it is constructed from double-glazed panels for heat retention












Above:  This deceptively simple glass link transformed a draughty passageway into a useful space connecting this modern home to the garage.  A glass roof ensures maximum light.

Ion’s bespoke structural glass installations can be found in public buildings, churches, commercial properties and beautiful private homes across the UK and overseas.

Visit for more information on bespoke glass linkways, structural glass porches,  glass doors, glass screens, internal or external balustrades,   or other architectural glass installations.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, call us on 0345 658 9988,  send an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

Our expert team will discuss your individual requirements and provide a full technical support and installation service whether you are managing a project for a church or heritage building or commissioning structural glass for leisure, residential, or commercial properties.

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