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Innovative material technology that absorbs water three times faster than standard entrance matting fibre and comes with a PVC-free backing option are just two exciting features defining INTRAsystems’ brand-new fibre insert collection.

Perfect for statement entrancesArchitects and designers want to reduce the risk of slips and keep statement lobbies, foyers and concourses looking pristine; ensuring dirt and water doesn’t track through into the building on wet, rainy days (around 170 days per year on average in the UK!)

INTRAsystems’ new Ultimate fibre is the perfect choice where this is a priority. The quick-acting fibre comes in a full suite of colour options and offers a PVC-free option for projects where environmental credentials are high on the specification agenda.

Stunning new range of entrance fibre options

With the launch of INTRAlux Ultimate, INTRA took the opportunity to improve and expand its entire fibre collection, with three completely new fibres to give clients a well-rounded solution for every entrance mat requirement.

Hitting commercial wear classifications 32-33, each insert option has been mindfully designed to tick every box and overcome the common challenges faced in commercial entrance environments.

Colour & Style

Ultimate_Colour rangeAs INTRAsystems entrance matting advocates have come to expect, design style has been fully factored into the new range, alongside a choice of functional variations. Customer response to the breadth of choice has been extremely positive.

Like Elite, Ultimate features a considered and contemporary colour palette and takes its influence from shades found in nature. Clients have nine unique colours to choose from, including warming tones of Sandstone and Terracotta, and earthy hues of Truffle and Forest Green. There’s also a choice of three greys, ranging from a brown-based Anthracite to the lighter green hints of Lichen, while Night Sky and Ruby introduce black and red colour profiles, respectively.

INTRAlux Ultimate: our fastest absorbing and most sustainable entrance fibre

Ultimate is the go-to fibre choice for market-leading performance across the board – designed to meet the most demanding specifications. Stylish hard flooring, like terrazzo, maintains its appearance all day with the best inset entrance matting in place to protect it.

Campaign graphicThe ability to draw moisture off 3 times quicker than other fibres, makes this INTRAsystems’ most technically innovative entrance matting yet, providing an unbeatable rate of moisture absorption to significantly reduce surface water accumulation.

Moisture-combatting ability is coupled with high, Bfl-s1 fire resistance and robust scraping action.  But the benefits don’t stop there.  The team is rightly proud of the fibre’s impressive sustainability credentials too.

Each colour in the range is woven from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon yarn, as you would expect from a high-performance fibre. What’s new and unique however is INTRAsystems’ new PureBase option. This is a PVC-free backing, thus completely avoiding the use of environmentally harmful softeners and plasticizers and with a significantly lower environmental impact, from manufacture through to end-of-life disposal.

Together, this results in an entrance matting solution that’s 100% sustainable; a key commercial focus as businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint, adhere to stricter building regulations, and take a proactive role in the fight against climate change.

For more information and to order your free sample book, visit


+44 (0)1425 472000

GEC Anderson stainless steel counter and splashbacks in St Mary’s Church, Wivenhoe

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A GEC Anderson stainless steel counter and splashbacks were recently deployed in the new meeting room and ancillary facilities at St Mary’s Church, Wivenhoe.

The historic Parish Church of Wivenhoe is thought to be built on Roman foundations and is the oldest remaining building in this small riverside town in Essex. Against this historic background, the new space, designed by Inkpen Downie Architecture, provides a light and airy addition that includes a small kitchen and servery. Stainless steel was specified for the curved counter and for the splashbacks within the kitchen itself. The specified units were supplied and installed by GEC Anderson, under the supervision of local contractor, Bakers of Danbury.

IMG_8669IMG_8671“This was a nice project to have been fortunate enough to be involved with and, in my opinion, is a great example of how well ‘new’ can sit with ‘old’. Functionality goes hand in hand with the high quality, smart but informal appearance. The sense of space created by the extension to the main building is impressive and surely a great asset to the Church and its community.”  Martin Tye, Managing Director of GEC Anderson.

GEC Anderson specialise in made to measure stainless steel worktops, sinks, cabinets and shelving that have been successfully specified in a wide variety of projects and locations. A full measuring and installation service is also provided.

T. 01442 826999

Timber and DuPont™ Tyvek®: appealing aesthetics and energy efficiency for InMedica

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A project by Ecodomus in Kaunas, Lithuania

Aspirations for a sustainable future are increasing in Lithuania. Timber has reclaimed popularity within the domestic market as the environmentally friendly material of choice.

Off-site timber frame manufacturer “Ecodomus” specialises in sustainable construction and has been commissioned to deliver a contemporary structure depicting minimalistic aesthetics, whilst achieving high operational energy efficiency.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus. Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance. Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus.
Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance.
Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

To accomplish the objectives of the project the business has relied upon the use of DuPont™ Tyvek® membranes to the protect timber structure and create an airtight building envelope. The building is located in Kaunas and belongs to InMedica ( which owns the largest chain of healthcare clinics in Lithuania.

Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance.

By putting together the architectural brief for the design team, InMedica has realised its ambitious vision for a new multi-functional facility. The business wanted to pursue sleek contemporary aesthetics suited to accommodate a clinic of general practitioners’ along with other medical services offered. It is expected for the operational performance of the building to be highly energy efficient to reduce the carbon footprint, as well as to meet stringent and demanding requirements set for medical facilities on hygiene and healthy spaces.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus. Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance. Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus.
Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance.
Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

The architect studio “ARCHAS” made a decision to commission the project to “Ecodomus“ – one of the fastest growing companies in the domestic market of engineered timber. DuPont™ Tyvek® StructureGuard breathable wall membrane was the material of choice for “Ecodomus“, due to its outstanding durability and vapour-permeable properties. Tyvek® StructureGuard is well renowned for its water repelling performance, providing long term protection for degradable structures such as timber. The architects have thoroughly considered detailing and have hence specified DuPont™ FlexWrap flashing tape to protect heads & jambs of windows and doors from unintentional air-leakage and water ingress.


“Use of timber speeds up the construction timeline while allowing us to pursue sustainable construction practice. We accepted the challenge to combine advanced technologies and vanguard engineering to achieve the objectives of our customers. We were happy having found a reliable solution to prevent ingress of water via the envelope of the building. We have therefore chosen Tyvek® membranes, which offer the highest environmental performance credentials with excellent 15 year product warranties. This has helped us exceed the regulatory requirements applicable in our country. Being satisfied with the solution, we would highly commend the product.” Quoted by Mr Girmantas Juknys, MD of Ecodomus.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus. Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance. Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus.
Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance.
Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

One third of Lithuania’s territory is covered by forests, predominantly pine trees. Timber has been used as a locally sourced building material for centuries and the skills of the woodworking & joinery trade have been passed down through the generations. There are well known historical architectural masterpieces built from timber, but only very few have survived. Abandoned during the Soviet era, timber regained its momentum in independent Lithuanian architecture and is capitalised today to create pleasant, healthy, and sustainable living spaces.

About “Ecodomus” ( offers contemporary and environmentally friendly solutions from engineered timber. They are specialists in off-site manufacturing of panelised timber frames, roof trusses and spandrel panels to customisable dimensions with prime focus on large projects. Ecodomus takes pride in having one of the most advanced factories in the Baltics which procures the highest quality materials from responsible sources.

About “ARCHAS” ( Established in 2005 by leading architects Mantas Navalinskas and Gintaras Čepurna, “ARCHAS” is an architectural and interior design practice based in Lithuania, offering design services to residential, industrial, and commercial projects. The practice takes pride in providing solutions to complex needs on a wide variety of purpose designed buildings, where the team commits on deliverables by overseeing and supervising implementation.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus. Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance. Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

The new Inmedica’s building in Kaunas, Lithuania, designed by architectural practice “ARCHAS” and built by Ecodomus.
Timber structure is protected by DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft membrane due to its outstanding weatherisation and hygrothermal performance.
Photo courtesy of Ecodomus, all rights reserved.

About DuPont Performance Building Solutions – A division of the Water & Protection segment of DuPont, DuPont Performance Building Solutions is a global innovation leader in the construction industry, providing products and materials for the building envelope. With today’s focus on the reduction of emissions and improved energy efficiency, you can rely on brands such as Tyvek®, AirGuard®, Great Stuff™, Insta Stik™ and Froth-Pak™ that have been at the heart of

building solutions for decades backed by unmatched industry insight, building knowledge, and technical support.


The products and services portfolio of DuPont Performance Building Solutions enables customers to focus on what they do best, no matter where and how they choose to build. To know more about DuPont Performance Building Solutions,

In support of its aspiration to lead and partner in delivering solutions that transform how lasting and affordable shelter is created for people around the world, DuPont Performance Building Solutions

(PBS) has set a series of Sustainability Goals, aligned within the framework of DuPont’s 2030 Sustainability Goals. Specifically, DuPont Performance Building Solutions aspires to:

  • Direct 100 percent of the innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and create value for customers;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations by 75 percent from 2019 levels;
  • Advance the circular economy in the building industry through innovation in materials and business models, collaboration, and end-of-life plans that eliminate and upcycle waste across the product life cycle;
  • Collaborate with customers and partners to bring green chemistry innovations to market and will drive continued reduction in the presence of priority substances in the product portfolio;
  • Work to build communities, strengthen families, and empower the next generation across the globe.

About DuPont – DuPont (NYSE: DD) is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. Our employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, construction, water, health and worker safety. More information about the company, its businesses and solutions can be found at

DuPont™, the DuPont oval logo, Tyvek®, the Tyvek® logo system and all other products denoted with ™ or ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours Inc., unless differently specified. Other logos, trademarks and registered trademarks are a property of their respective owners.

Meet the family: Our full range of polypropylene drainage channels

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At Clark-Drain we are well known for being a family-run business that is ‘grounded in expertise’, continually developing innovative drainage and access products and solutions. However, what is perhaps less well known, is the full breadth and range of our products. As the first manufacturers to make polypropylene channels, we have an entire family of polypropylene drainage channels available to suit every requirement.

CD 422 – Polypropylene Domestic Channel

This is our most well-known and popular polypropylene channel, perfect for patios and driveways.  Made from recycled polypropylene, with an A15 load rating, spring-lock connections and 4.3 litres per second max through-flow, the CD422 is fast and easy to install. Currently available with a slotted grating, due to feedback from our customer base, we are re-developing a new mesh grating option.

CD 425 – Polypropylene Domestic Channel with Galvanised Steel

Blog-Image-1Our CD425 polypropylene channel is very similar to the CD 422. It also has an A15 load rating and is most suitable for use on driveway and garage thresholds and landscaped areas such as a patio. Another feature it shares is the 4.3 litres per second max through-flow. The only difference is that rather than having a slotted grating made from polypropylene, the grating is made from galvanised steel, providing a slightly different appearance and choice for your customers.

CD 410 – Polypropylene Domestic Shallow Channel

For applications where depth is restricted, our CD 410 polypropylene channel is the perfect choice. With a lower profile and mesh grating, the external dimensions of its depth are just 92mm compared to 117mm for the CD 422 or CD 425. Despite the lower profile the CD 410 still comes with an A15 load rating, 2.2 litres per second max flow-through and simple locking mechanism making it easy to install.

CD 430 – Polypropylene Block-Slot Channel

For some projects, discretion is needed and our CD 430 has been developed especially for this purpose.  It is an effective and inexpensive slot drainage option, which leaves an unobtrusive line along the surface. With a slot size of 10 by 47.5 mm and a load rating of up to C250, it is suitable for areas where there is light vehicular traffic and it is particularly popular for driveways with block paving and pedestrian precincts where appearance is an important factor. As you would expect from Clark-Drain, we make this from recycled polypropylene, and it is easy to install. Like our shallow channel, it has a max through-flow rate of 2.2 litres per second.

CD 434 – Polypropylene B125 Channel with Narrow Slotted Grating

Blog-Image-2The CD 434 comes with a narrow slot heel-guard grating. With a load rating of B125 and Network Rail approved, this channel is suitable for areas such as car parks, shopping precincts, pavements and rail platforms. The channel is made from recycled polypropylene and the grating from reinforced nylon. It has a maximum through-flow rate of 4.3 litres per second and is heat resistant, making it suitable for tarmac edging.

CD 437 – Polypropylene C250 Channel with Ductile Narrow Slotted Grating

The final member of this family is the CD 437, a polypropylene channel with a load rating classification of C250. This makes it suitable for areas with light, slow-moving traffic. Weighing just 9kg, it remains a lightweight option and the locking bar and bolt keeps installation simple. The ductile iron grating also has narrow slots which prevent heels from getting stuck, making it the perfect choice for areas with pedestrians, such as shopping centres.

At Clark-Drain, we want to make access and drainage easy for our customers, which is why all of our polypropylene drainage channels have male/female connections, to allow quick installation of up to 3 metres at a time.

We have never been a company that takes a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that every customer and project is unique, which is why we develop a breadth of products to ensure our customers can find the optimal solution to meet their individual needs.  All our polypropylene drainage are designed and manufactured right here in the UK and Clark-Drain has become a symbol of British quality.

If you would like further technical details, guidance, or advice on this family of polypropylene channels or any other drainage needs, please get in touch or call us on 01733 765317.


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HB Product winner logo 2022 (blk)Marley’s full roof system has won the Best External Product award in the highly competitive 2022 Housebuilder Product Awards.

The expert panel of industry judges recognised how Marley’s complete roof system including integrated solar PV and an innovative fire safety solution – Roof Defence, could help housebuilders tackle prominent issues round future sustainability and end user safety, and ultimately, provide future-proofed roofs.

3056-integrated-PV-OhmEnergy-Sussex(C)ViridianSolar - smlThe judging panel at the Housebuilder Product Awards commented: “The judges favoured entries which satisfied the key criteria of the category including offering solutions to the housebuilder and cost and time saving, as well as, importantly, the need to meet sustainability and zero carbon challenges facing the industry. The judges were impressed by the approach of the best and winning product in this category to put sustainability at the heart of the product range.”

Solar developmentMarley SolarTile®, together with the new and innovative Roof Defence product, can both be specified as component solutions within a fully integrated roof system and help play a significant role in enabling specifiers to satisfy new carbon reduction responsibilities under Part L of the Building Regulations, as well as enhance protection against the risk of fire spread between roof spaces.

Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director at Marley, said: “We are committed to working with specifiers so they can select roofing solutions that meet the needs of their customers and the regulatory landscape they’re operating in. That’s why we’re delighted that the value of future-proofed roofs

“Marley’s single supply offering ensures specifiers can access a fully integrated roofing solution that has sustainability, safety, and performance at its heart.”

To find out more about Marley’s full roof system, visit:

Delta Amphibia Pre & Post Applied Membrane Awarded BBA

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BBA Award for Delta Amphibia, Pre- Post Applied Membrane


We are proud to announce that our Amphibia, a pre- and post- applied fully bonded waterproofing membrane with reactive core, this hydro-reactive, self-healing, self-sealing multi-layer waterproofing system which can be applied on vertical and horizontal areas of new construction has been awarded BBA Certification, rubberstamping Delta’s rigorous approach to product specification and assessment.
Agrément Certificates ensure products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production.

Perfec_Bind_Amphibia_BrochureCertification includes:

•  factors relating to compliance with Building Regulations where applicable
•  factors relating to additional non-regulatory information where applicable
•  independently verified technical specification
•  assessment criteria and technical investigations
•  design considerations
•  installation guidance
•  regular surveillance of production
•  formal three-yearly review.

BBA certification is a mark of quality, safety and reliability and is recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers, and industry insurers.

Delta Amphibia – Pre- Post Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Perfec_Bind_Amphibia_InstallKey factors assessed included:

  • Resistance to water and water vapour — the system provides an effective barrier to the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure and water vapour from the ground.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage — the system will accept the limited foot traffic and loads associated with installation.
  • Durability — under normal service conditions and when suitably protected, the system will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour for the design service life of the structure in which it is incorporated.

NHBC Standards 2018

Amphibia rotolo + ScatolaIn the opinion of the BBA, Delta Amphibia, if installed, used, and maintained in accordance with this Certificate, can satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC Standards, Chapter 5.4 Waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures.

Where Grade 3 (BS 8102:2022, Table 2) waterproofing protection is required, and the below ground wall retains more than 600 mm (measured from the top of the retained ground to the lowest finished floor level).

In the opinion of the BBA, the system is suitable for use on existing structures when installed and used in accordance with this Certificate and NHBC Standards for Conversions and Renovations, taking account of other relevant guidance within this document on the suitability of the substrate to receive the system, and where necessary, the relevant Chapters of NHBC Standards.

BS 8102:2022

Delta Amphibia satisfies all grades of waterproofing in accordance with BS 8102:2022, Table 2 as Type A, Barrier Protection System in accordance with section 8, Type A (Barrier) Protection – Sub Section 8.2.4, Active Core Liners and Table 3, Waterproofing Barriers.

CE marking

The Certificate holder has taken the responsibility of CE marking the system, in accordance with harmonised European Standard BS EN 15814:2011.
For more information on our Amphibia Membranes visit our website at

Hygiene dispenser in elegant colours – Setting individual accentuation with HEWI

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hewi-s900_somber_sage_greenEspecially in the area of Care the topic of hygiene has always had a high priority. But today, hygiene and infection control are also becoming the determining factor in public and semi-public buildings in the interior concept.

Hygiene dispensers should be aesthetic and stylish and fit optimally into existing rooms. Materials, surfaces and matching colours allow individual design options. With the System 900 dispensers, HEWI makes it possible to order products for project business in the colour of your own choice. The use of robust materials makes the dispensers suitable for use in highly frequented public buildings, in hotels and in the care sector.


hewi-s900-dark_breeze_blueHEWI’s colour worlds offer individual design options and make expressive statements. Whether in the latest trend colours or in your personal favourite colour, System 900 soap and disinfectant dispensers can be powder-coated to match any interior design. The possibility of individualisation offers companies in office and commercial buildings as well as hotels the option of implementing the corporate design down to the smallest detail.

In this way, unique colour concepts are created that create a personal recognition value and put the donors in the limelight individually. According to the motto: Make Your Own Choice – Choose Your Own Colour!


hewi-s900-faded_cinder_roseHEWI offers design options with the System 900 dispensers and enables hygiene measures to be implemented aesthetically in entrance areas and lobbies, on tables, in front of lifts or wherever they are needed. The HEWI design line is available in stainless steel with a matt surface in white, grey shades or black and, brand new, in the colour of your choice. The new disinfectant dispenser can be combined with other sanitary solutions from HEWI. Soap and paper towel dispensers as well as waste bins are available in the respective design language.


The HEWI dispenser models from System 900 are available in both manual and electronic form. The sensory design enables users to disinfect their hands without touching. When the built-in sensor system is activated, the disinfection area lights up and supports intuitive operation. The product is dispensed as a spray and allows for better distribution on the skin. The presetting of the output quantity is particularly resource-saving. It counteracts a high consumption of disinfectant.

Modus – Getting you Future Homes ready

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Bloor_Homes_Bath_Modus_street_shotWith the Modus profile system, you can create a whole range of different fenestration types and aesthetic styles from a single system.

Coming with a 12-year guarantee, Modus is available in nine solid and woodgrain-effect colours, all of which are available with white internal finishes to create a light and airy living environment. A further range of more than 40 solid and woodgrain effect finishes are available, including colour both sides.

Modus_Window_DETAIL_TNT_Section_PC-HR (002)BBA certified to function satisfactorily for more than 35 years, the Modus range has a U-value of 1.2 W/m² using 4/20/4 mm sealed double-glazed units. This effective thermal performance is due to the 75mm six-chamber profile system used in the Modus that enables the range to achieve a U-value as low as 0.7 by installing triple-glazed units. This ensures that Modus can be used to help you get ready for the Future Homes Standard in both 2022 & 2025.

Consisting of 50% post-consumer recycled PVC-U as standard, this range of doors and windows has a smaller carbon footprint than products made or recycled outside of the UK. Eurocell achieves this by employing dual material extrusion technology (DMET) that layers post-consumer recycled and ‘virgin’ material simultaneously, so the recycled material is concentrated in the central core of the profiles where it cannot be seen once the door or window is installed.

For more information on Modus visit:

Howe Green and DMC Contracts help create a first-class finish at Farringdon Elizabeth line station

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Image courtesy of Crossrail Ltd

Image courtesy of Crossrail Ltd

As a central part of the Elizabeth line that will connect with Thameslink and the London Underground, Farringdon station will be one of the UK’s busiest.

Strategically situated 30 metres underground between the cultural and financial centres of London, the Elizabeth line station will provide links to the capital’s centre and Canary Wharf, outer suburbs, home counties and three of London’s five airports. Up to 24 trains will run each way through central London every hour at peak times when the Elizabeth line is fully open.

Throughout the construction process 200 of Howe Green’s 7500 Series Floor Access Covers were installed at Farringdon Elizabeth line station by DMC Contracts, one of the UK’s leading fit-out contractors.

Image courtesy of Crossrail Ltd

Image courtesy of Crossrail Ltd

The floor covers were installed throughout the entire 25,596 square metre station, including two new ticket halls, which are connected by an underground central concourse, in addition to the 244 metre long passenger platform.

Having to fit within a complex infrastructure network below ground presented engineering and design challenges that required bespoke design solutions.

This included the specification of Howe Green’s single, duct and multipart configuration steel floor access covers, which were manufactured in standard and modified depths to provide safe and secure access to under-floor services, without impacting the overall design scheme.

Conor McCann, Director at DMC Contracts, said: “Farringdon Elizabeth line station sets the standard for specification. The BREEAM excellent accredited construction features the highest specification of modern building components.

Image courtesy of Crossrail Ltd

Image courtesy of Crossrail Ltd

“Drawing on our 15 year relationship with Howe Green we were able to ensure all under-floor services could be accessed quickly and conveniently, whilst meeting the project’s specific requirements and ensuring compliance.”

Suitable for up to 5 tonne pneumatic tyre wheel loads, Howe Green’s medium-duty floor access covers were specified to withstand the station’s high volume passenger footfall, whilst the easy lift mechanism will ensure minimal disruption to passengers when engineers are accessing below floor services.

Manufactured to BS 476: Part 22, Howe Green’s 7500 Series Floor Access Covers also provide resistance to fire and smoke for up to two hours, eliminating the potential transmission of smoke and fire from below floor services in the event of a fire.

This was a key consideration throughout the specification process, to ensure the access solutions provide the highest standards in safety and performance throughout all areas of the station.

Chris George, Business Development Manager for Howe Green, said: “We are extremely proud to have partnered with fit-out specialist DMC Contracts at Farringdon station, in addition to six other stations as part of the Elizabeth line. As Farringdon will become one of the busiest stations in the UK, it was crucial that our floor access covers could meet the project’s unique specifications, and by working in partnership with DMC Contracts, we successfully achieved this.”

For further information on Howe Green’s complete range of floor access solutions, visit or call 01920 463230.


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Image Location: Beacon Avenue Exeter

Beacon Road Exeter4-2 IMG_0075







IMG_0081Construction materials and products are constantly evolving to keep up with the pace of the construction industry, consequently, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of timber frame houses being built.

With the growth of modular construction utilising off-site construction there has been a decrease in time spent on site, creating consistency and increased productivity.

The energy efficiency of our homes has also become a concern with rising heating costs, meaning more of us are thinking about other innovative solutions like the insulation of our homes.

IMG_0011ICF or insulated concrete form is a fantastic example of a modern system focused on creating exceptionally energy-efficient homes.

ICF is quick to install by stacking polystyrene blocks, filling the hollow with concrete and leaving it to set, resulting in an incredibly strong and thermally efficient structure.

But what about existing houses! Improvement of loft insulation and underfloor insulation can make a notable difference, but what about the walls?

Beacon Road ExeterCavity wall insulation is a popular solution for many homes, although not all housing stock is suitable.

This leaves two main options, increase the insulation inside the house with internal insulation systems, or look at an external insulation system.

External insulation systems are a fantastic way to increase the insulation value of your house while transforming the look of the building.

At SAS, we have developed ProRend EIFS, our comprehensive and fully warranted external insulation system.


  • Cheriton Bishop, Exeter   Before

    Cheriton Bishop, Exeter

    BBA without NumberSystem durability up to 30 years – BBA 20/5767

  • Choice of EPS or Mineral wool insulation to suit your requirements
  • Fire tested in accordance with BS-EN 13501 Achieving a rating of A2-S1-D0 (for mineral wool)
  • Drastically increase property’s thermal performance
  • Approved Document Part B Fire Safety compliant
  • Suitable for application up to and above 18m (mineral wool)
  • Available in 30 standard colours plus RAL and NCS matching to 65000+ colours
  • 10-year system warranty
  • Highly water-repellent silicone resin finish
  • Low maintenance costs


Cheriton Bishop, Exeter   During

Cheriton Bishop, Exeter

Following any potential surface preparation requirements, the insulation material, either mineral wool or EPS, is adhered to the surface using our specially designed high polymer basecoat.

The insulation slabs are mechanically fixed to the substrate, then the basecoat is applied and fully embedded with a fibreglass reinforcement mesh to tie the whole area together.

Once cured, a colour primer is applied followed by a highly water-resistant and flexible silicone thin coat.

The whole system achieves a 30-year BBA certification and comes with a 10-year system warranty.


Cheriton Bishop, Exeter   After

Cheriton Bishop, Exeter

ProRend EIFS can be installed using either expanded polystyrene (EPS), or mineral wool insulations.

Both options of ProRend EIFs boast superb insulation properties but principally for different property types.


Our premium platinum insulation has fantastically low thermal conductivity, drastically decreasing the overall heat lost through your walls.

As the most cost-effective of the two insulants, EPS is often the material of choice for residential renovations.


Our high-density mineral wool slab is a fibrous material formed by spinning or drawing molten mineral or rock materials.

The composition of the mineral wool makes it incredibly fire-resistant; this is particularly useful for any high rise or commercial buildings where fire safety is paramount.

Mineral Wool can be utilised as a sole insulant in ProRend EIFS projects or serve as a fire barrier in EPS applications.

EIFS Graph2 copyWhen considering a renovation to improve thermal efficiency, the regulations refer to the thermal requirements as stated in Approved Document L1B.

L1B states that any newly constructed thermal elements or thermal elements constructed as replacements for existing elements should achieve a U-value of 0.28 W/(m².K).

Two traditional wall makeups are solid walls or brick cavities. We have modelled the reduction in U-value based on various thicknesses of EPS used in our system.

As you can see from the graph, 90mm insulation is often enough to meet the regulations of 0.28 W/(m².K).

Thicker insulation can, of course, be used to further decrease the U-value and make the building that much more thermally efficient.

Whatever your property, if you are looking to increase the thermal efficiency while transforming the exterior, get in touch and SAS will put a bespoke specification together for you and calculate your U-value.