Construction Specialties’ (CS) high performance rain defence louvres


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CS_1Construction Specialties’ (CS) high performance rain defence louvres are providing maximum airflow and rain defence as part of an innovative cooling and power system at two energy efficient data centres in Germany.

Controlling the temperature and humidity of the air within critical infrastructure such as data centres is an important consideration. It’s why the Noris Network’s two new state-of-the-art data centres in Nuremberg and Munich have adopted an innovative Combined Energy & Cooling Cells (CECC) offering 70% less energy consumption for cooling and operation compared to more traditional solutions.

CS_3In order to provide optimum airflow and maximum protection from wind-driven rain within the space-efficient design, the specification for both centres saw the installation of pre-fabricated CS RSV-5700 Rain Defence Louvres.

Featuring a complex, extruded aluminium blade profile, the RSV-5700 is a 129mm deep, single bank louvre with excellent performance characteristics. Its unique blade shape is designed to effectively separate rain droplets from the flow of air and to collect them in multiple blade channels. The vertical orientation of the blades utilises gravity to allow rain water to drain away easily, helping achieve Class A rain defence up to 3.5 m/s, combined with Class 3 airflow and spacial efficiency. The system is supplied pre-fabricated in sizes meeting project requirements for fast and easy installation.

CS_2With data centres a critical element of our global economy, their functionality and design must never be compromised. The installation of CS Rain Defence Louvres at the Noris Network’s data centres has ensured efficient airflow and reliable weather protection for the long term.

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Rockpanel 'The Homes of our future are already built'

Façade cladding to future proof existing residential building blocks – New free book with inspiration!

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Watch Video: Multi-unit housing renovation solutions

The homes of our future are already built.

Renovation-Book-Mockup_UKGlobally, more than 50 percent of our existing buildings will be in use in 2050. In OECD countries the number is 75-90 percent. In Europe alone, it is estimated 97 percent of these buildings need partial or deep renovation to meet the highest energy standard. These buildings may be renovated only once more before 2050.

This means that renovation must focus on getting these properties ready for whatever the future may hold. They should be long lasting, safe and durable and ready for a change of purpose. Rockpanel is here to support you during every stage of your renovation process – from design to installation.

Find out more in our free book “The home of our future are already built”. Get inspired and learn more about renovating multi-unit residential façade. Order it for free here:

Delta Membranes Type C cavity drain membrane system

Remedial Basement Waterproofing to commercial structure

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Technical Drawings (Structural Waterproofing) – Delta Membranes

Product – Delta Membranes

Application – Delta Membranes

Remedial Basement Waterproofing to commercial structure 16Waterproofing design is a key and critical component for successful construction of below ground structures.  Whether it’s a completely new build or making smaller changes to an existing property, waterproofing design should never be overlooked.

Waterproofing might account for just a small fraction of a building’s total cost, but waterproofing defects can result in catastrophic consequences.  When waterproofing fails, the implications are significant.

Delta’s MD, Kevin Dodds was approached to offer advice and guidance on a failed waterproofing system.

The existing structure had an impressive 5-level basement which houses: kitchens, food storage and food preparation areas, spa, plant rooms and accommodation.  Near to a large river, the site sited well within the water table.  The original waterproofing system was based on the secant piled walls and a block wall internally to provide a basic drained protection system with drainage holes at various points to drain to various levels.

Over time, the third floor had become completely saturated with all levels of the basement experiencing water ingress in varying levels from damp patches to significant “jets” of water and flows of water through the secant piles.

With remediation waterproofing design strategies, it may take some time to specify a suitable system.  It is important that investigations are thoroughly carried out by individuals with the capability of diagnosing the defect, assessing the extent of that defect, and recommending a suitable corrective measure.


Remedial Basement Waterproofing to commercial structure 13Following preliminary site inspections, discussions were held on remedial options, methodology for remedial works and cost.  During site observations significant water was sitting behind the corbel.  This water could be entering the structure either: directly through the piles, from the floor above or from the joint between the soffit and piles or a combination of all three.

When designing a robust waterproofing remediation approach, attention to detail is critical.


Balancing costs with quality, method suitability testing was carried out on trial areas.  A combination of resin injections and curtain injection were proposed prior to the installation of a Type C cavity drain membrane system to facilitate performance levels.  Alternative combinations were suggested on two trial areas.

Firstly, the secant piles were exposed and thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, salts, and loose particles.  Whilst slow flowing leaks and drips could be sealed with resin injections alone, any fast-flowing water ingress was stopped in advance of injection works with the use of Koster KD Blitz 2.

Koster 2 IN 1 was injected into the corbel area with Koster IN 7 being injected into the vertical joints between the piles.

It was observed following inspections, over a 5-week period, that the corbel area was dry.  Delta’s MD, Kevin Dodds suggested a further monitoring period, or until two periods of heavy rain to assess performance levels.

Phase 1

Remedial Basement Waterproofing to commercial structure 5Following trials and analysis of approach, Kevin suggested the use of Koster G4 Gel as a curtain injection to areas identified after exposure works to each area, in combination with Koster 2 IN 1 injection resin to the corbel detail.  Each area would be injected and monitored for a period of 3 weeks prior to the installation of the Delta Type C cavity drain system.  To achieve a full belts and bridges approach, further tweaks to the design would be incorporated as and when different degrees of water ingress was encountered or where concrete to the scant piles were particularly poor, this included increasing levels of the G4 salt accelerant to the G4 Gel to increase speed of reaction without compromising the ability to spread to create the “waterproof curtain” behind the piles in the area.

As the entire sub-structure was susceptible to hydrostatic pressure, the best approach to the 5-levels would be to work one level at a time, working downwards in sequence.

Phase 2

The principles of the Type C, cavity drain system were straightforward and typical of a multi-level basement.  Additional design considerations were incorporated for detailing the corbel on which mid floor slabs required a careful approach.  Kevin suggested increasing the number of downward drainage weepholes from upper to lower levels for continued access for maintenance, along with discharge points.

In addition to this approach, compartmentalisation of the cavity drainage system was required for fire safety.

Products used

  • Koster IN 7
  • Koster 2 IN 1
  • Koster G4 Gel
  • Koster KD2 Blitz
  • Koster Waterstop
  • Koster NB 1
  • Koster Repair Mortar Plus
  • Koster KB Flex 200
  • Delta MS 500
  • Delta MS 20
  • Delta Drainage Channel
  • Dual V3 Pumps, Alertmaxx 2 High level alarms

Case Study Results

When it comes to remedial waterproofing, a great waterproofing outcome is with waterproofing experts.  This project has been one of partnering, from our partners at Koster UK to the main contractor, sub-contractor, and Delta Registered Installers Prestec Ltd who expertly installed the remedial solution.

Partnering in this project has been one of open communication, commitment of shared goals and mutual trust.

The timeframe for these remedial works were over a – year period, with works to levels 2 and 3 having already been completed.  The overall strategy, continuous trials, site monitoring and the ability to adapt the overall waterproofing design throughout the project have enabled completion of the works to date to an incredibly high standard with all parties confident with the positive and collaborative approach.

Technical Waterproofing Consultants can assist with the right products for the right results, whilst using the correct methodology.

Lamberts Yard Crittal Windows

Crittall Leeds the way

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IMG_9637 (1)Original Crittall windows have been replaced and upgraded on the main street frontage of one of Leeds’ most historic quarters.

Briggate is a pedestrianised principal shopping street in the city centre containing many historic buildings including, tucked away from view in Lamberts Yard, the only remaining Elizabethan timber framed property in the City dating back to circa 1600.

The walkway leading to that heritage enclave passes through No. 162 Briggate, a 1950’s vintage commercial and residential block where Think Architecture has installed replacement Crittall steel windows.

“No.162 had original Crittalls and, as with all the buildings around Lamberts Yard, things were in various appalling states,” said Simon Smithson, director of Pudsey, West Yorkshire-based, Think Architecture.

The original single glazed windows in the three-storey no.162 were replaced with double glazed lookalike Homelight windows. The building now houses new apartments and a ground-floor commercial premises.

IMG_9678 (2) Lamberts Yard Crittal Windows







“I have to say,” added Mr Smithson, “ that the Crittall windows are a wonderful system. Several years ago we did a job and used what was described as a ‘Crittall-like’ system. Well, that was very disappointing whereas the Crittall system is a great system, so well made.”

Addaset resin bound surfacing


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Addagrip case study

Addaset-Lotte-Outlet-1Addaset resin bound surfacing was the product of choice for the pedestrian walkways at this premium shopping complex near Seoul. The 175,200 sqm Lotte retail space located in Uiwang-city, offers over 240 luxury goods and sports brands and has been designed to promote nature with its soft landscaping including a nature trail and extensive birch tree planting.

The client was looking for a smooth, contemporary aggregate surface that would be durable and low maintenance but allow for creative design with the use of bespoke blends installed in organic patterns to create decorative walkways and seating areas.

Addaset-Lotte-Outlet-3Addaset resin bound porous paving was selected using complementary blends including Scandinavian Pearl, Trent and Maple Gold to create natural aggregate mixed pattern pathways leading to an inviting grassed picnic area and providing porous paving for the aqua park. The walkways link the 10 glass houses which offer shops and cafés with a view over the lake and grassland areas. With a roof that can be opened and closed as required, this is an all weather shopping experience.

Addaset-Lotte-outlet-2The 1,563 sqm resin bound installation was carried out over 2 months and was completed in September 2021 ready for the grand opening.

Modus PVC-U windows from Eurocell

Eurocell Aids Asset Management in Build-to-rent Scheme

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Orbit Housing’s Fordham House in Stratford-upon-Avon aims to raise the bar for rented accommodation. Although initially a social housing provider, Orbit now refers to itself as a “developing housing association”, and Fordham House is designed for private rental by key workers in the town.

Fordham House Orbit Homes 30-10-17 (31)The 82-apartment block provides enhanced protection against noise, a superior maintenance and repair strategy and additional facilities such as secure internal bike storage rooms. Much of the budget for these above-and-beyond features has come from the specification of Modus PVC-U windows from Eurocell in place of the aluminium frames originally specified.

The result was a significant reduction in costs, with no compromise on building design and performance. Despite the building being located on the busiest road in Stratford, residents have been satisfied with the noise suppression provided. Confirmation of the Fordham House project quality came with major award wins in the 2019 Inside Housing Development Awards – Best Build for Rent Development and RICS Residential Property of the year (West Midlands).

Fordham House was also awarded Residential Property of the Year at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) awards, West Midlands in 2019.

Constructed from dense concrete blocks with hollowcore flooring, the three- and four-storey building is clad in a mixture of curtain walling and green wall – sections of planted walls which will be automatically fed and irrigated. The Modus windows, supplied and installed by Unique Window Systems, are tilt-and-turn so that they can be cleaned internally, avoiding the potential hazard and traffic issues of accessing them from the elevations by the two busy roads.

Picture 1With many tenants expected to come from expanding local hospitals, acoustic improvements were high on the menu of potential value enhancing features. Orbit has beefed up the acoustic barriers between floors with a layer of insulation and screed with suspended ceilings added to the deep hollow concrete slab. It has also added fitted blinds within the reveals of the windows to provide an additional noise cushion for shift workers who need to sleep during the day.

BBA-certified to function satisfactorily for more than 35 years, the Modus range achieves a U-value of 1.2 W/m² using 4/20/4 mm sealed double-glazed units. This effective thermal performance is due to the 75mm six-chamber profile system used in the Modus system that also enables the range to achieve a U-value of 0.7 by installing triple-glazed units.

This led to Modus becoming one of the very first systems to achieve the BFRC Window Energy Rating (WER) of A++. This is only awarded to windows with an energy index value equal to or greater than +20; and Modus A++ designs include casement, reversible and tilt and turn.

Additional budget gained from savings on the window costs has also gone into upgrading the flooring material. Ceramic wood-effect flooring has replaced lino to provide a longer life and hence lower maintenance costs and down-time for Orbit.

A re-think of the building’s layout produced space for a substantial ‘spares room’ which will house items such as cookers and kitchen units. With all the apartments kitted out identically, this will enable faster repairs and reduce the time required to spruce up homes between tenancies.

To find out how Eurocell can assist in delivering private rental schemes that are lower cost, sustainable and desirable to private tenants, call our customer services team on 0800 988 7300 or visit

BILCO Service Stair with Type L-50TB Roof Hatch

Are you choosing the right roof access hatch and ladder for your project?

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Whether you are working on a commercial or residential project, there are a number of factors that must be addressed when deciding on a roof access hatch and accompanying ladder to ensure its safe and compliant application for the entire lifecycle of the building.

 Here Tony Stevens, Technical Estimator at Bilco UK, explores the main areas that should be taken into consideration. 

  • Purpose for access

BILCO Service Stair with Type L-50TB Roof Hatch copyWhether  for the education, healthcare, leisure or commercial sectors, roof access hatches are required to provide permanent and secure access to the roof area. In order to make sure you’re choosing the correct system to meet your project’s unique requirements, you must first identify the main reason for requiring access to the roof.

Is it purely for maintenance reasons? Or will a safe means of access also be required for the regular installation or removal of equipment from the roof?

Here you should also identify what tools and equipment will need to be transferred through the access hatch, or whether it will just be the individual that is conducting the necessary work.

  • Frequency and product specification

Once you have established your reason for requiring safe access to the roof, you will then be able to make an informed choice regarding which roof access hatch and corresponding ladder system is best suited to meet the needs of your project.

The first considerations that must be addressed when specifying a ladder to gain roof access is where the ladder will be mounted and the requirement of any additional safety elements to ensure the continued safety of the individual when using the system. If a ladder is to be mounted externally to gain access to a roof, it must be fitted with a safety cage and guard rail to ensure safe and secure access.

Bilco S-50T Roof Access Hatch installed at Brentwood Community HospitalFor a small roof access hatch, such as the Bilco E-50TB, which has internal dimensions of 915mm x 915mm, a fixed vertical ladder should be chosen. This type of ladder is also the most suitable option for projects where space is limited.

In this instance, a retractable ladder would not be recommended, as the ladder angle would hinder easy access as an individual moved closer to the hatch. However, retractable ladders are ideal for use in areas including schools and hospitals where the roof hatch is larger, at around 1500 mm in size and the floor area must be kept clear at all times.

To ensure easy and safe access, a minimum head clearance of 120mm is required, whilst the maximum single climb should be no more than three metres, in accordance with BS4211-7.2.

If access to the roof is required on a regular basis for professionals that will have to transfer tools and equipment through the hatch, a Fixed Staircase Roof Access Hatch, also known as a Service Stair Roof Access Hatch, should be specified with a Companionway Ladder or a Fixed Staircase. The companionway ladder is a 75 degree angled, rigid ladder, which provides permanent access to a roof hatch of up to 2440mm.

It should here be noted that the roof hatch must be sufficient to maintain a head clearance of 2000mm, as detailed in Building Regulations Part K.

When specifying a retractable ladder, it is essential that you know the height of the space between the ceiling and the roof, more commonly known as the roof void. This is to ensure the ladder box liner will fit inside the space once retracted. Calculating the height of the floor to the underside of the roof access hatch should also be done at the initial stages to ensure the ladder isn’t too short or long.

Regardless of the size of the roof access hatch, the system should be operated easily and safely with one hand, in accordance with the requirements outlined within the Manual Handling Regulations, enabling the individual to maintain three points of contact with the fixed ladder.

During the installation process, the ladder must be positioned opposite the hinge to ensure safe and unobstructed access.

  • Bespoke requirements

To ensure the criteria is successfully met, consideration should be given to the wider options available for both the roof access hatch and corresponding ladder.

ladder-wcage-video-screenshot copyFor example, ladders that are supplied with relevant fire ratings and available with vertical backboards that include steps and a handrail for enhanced safety and security should also be considered to meet relevant building regulations.

Increased access opening sizes or double leaf configurations should also be explored where access is required for larger items of equipment or tools. Motorised options also allow the individual to safely maintain contact with the ladder when entering or exiting the hatch.

Regardless of the project type, all installations should be subject to individual Risk Assessments. Comprehensive training should also be provided for all professionals, supported by Method Statements regarding safe and correct use of the access solutions installed.

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit or call 01284 701696.

For advice on how to specify the correct ladder, visit:

For further information on specifying the right roof access hatch for your upcoming project, download Bilco UK’s free guide:

Rundum Meir garage doors

A unique garage door fit for one of Scotland’s ‘homes of the year’

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Tom Manley_RM_Trager_Glasgow_Low Res2Contemporary architecture is continuously pushing the boundaries and redefining the purpose of familiar building elements, including the garage door as the unique TrägerHAUS dwelling near Glasgow demonstrates.

The award-winning property by architects HAUS Collective features an elegant, completely bespoke side sliding sectional garage door designed, manufactured and installed by Rundum Meir. This distinctive feature on the house’s outward facing elevation, is one of the first elements that greets anyone visiting the property, which is why it was important to ensure its design and quality is fitting for an ultra-high specification house.

The TrägerHAUS was a finalist in the BBC’s 2020 Scotland’s Home of the Year awards. During their visit, the competition’s judges described the house as “a really well-made building” and, during a discussion on the property’s appearance on arrival, one judge commented how “it is difficult to make something look that neat with so few materials.”

Tom Manley_RM_Trager_Glasgow_Low Res3But it is not only the BBC Home of the Year judges who have been drawn to the TrägerHAUS. The ambitious contemporary residence, which extends to approximately 3,750 square feet, was also named as one of the top 100 houses in Scotland since 2000 by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS).

Built on the periphery of the Upper Whitecraigs Conservation Area on a plot that slopes down from a main thoroughfare, the TrägerHAUS sits comfortably in its residential context being relatively unassuming – disguising its more dramatic architecture at the rear.

Whilst the scale and main volume of the house may not be apparent at street level, this does not detract from the visual appeal of the property as a result of careful consideration of the materials for the home’s outward-looking elevation and main entrance.

Tom Manley_RM_Trager_Low Res_4Key to this was the decision to utilise an elegant Rundum Meir side sliding sectional garage door. The door’s manufacture in Siberian Larch ensures consistency with property’s other timber cladding elements which perfectly complement the Caithness stone masonry. Fully automated for ease of opening and closing, the garage door operates with the smoothness and reliability that reflects the level of quality which runs through the whole building.

As with all Rundum Meir garage doors, this side sectional door was bespoke manufactured by its team of skilled craftsmen and women in Germany. As each door is made to order in numerous types of timber, including Nordic Spruce, Superior Spruce, Larch, Hemlock, Oak and Sapele, any architectural specification can be easily accommodated. This provides the freedom to design the external envelope to incorporate an interesting garage door feature that makes a significant contribution to delivering on the client’s aesthetic ambitions.

Rundum Meir side sliding sectional garage doors features panels suspended from a top track, which slot perfectly into either a traditional U-channel with drainage facilities, or a surface mounted T-bar at the foot of the door. Constructed with a double skin timber insulation and fittings which require little maintenance, the doors offer exceptional stability and durability, conforming to all relevant building standards including BS EN 13241 Part 1 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates for total peace of mind.

Find out more about the range of bespoke, exceptional quality garage doors available from Rundum Meir at

Dani Alu Aluminium Balustrade system

Non-Penetrative Balustrading from Dani Alu (UK) Ltd

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Picture 1‘Panorama ST®’ is a freestanding balustrade from Dani Alu offering a non-penetrative, aluminium balustrade system suitable for all designs and styles of publicly accessible balcony and roof terraces.



Making flat roofs an asset

Picture 2A communal space on a new-build apartment block; a break-out space for employees on an existing building; rooftop drinks at a coastal retreat – whatever the use, Panorama ST is a quick, simple and highly effective solution that allows the realisation of your flat roof as an asset, giving much greater value to the building and occupiers experience.

The system is unique in more ways than one.  Panorama is entirely manufactured from lightweight aluminium components which help minimises the roof load making it the perfect solution for both new build and retro-fit projects.  Furthermore, the use of aluminium allows for a modular approach, making design and installation simple for any project requirement.

Let Dani Alu (UK) Ltd assist your terrace design with full and immediate support, be it presentations, demonstrations, design and technical assistance and installation support, all within the requirements of BS 6180 for balustrades in and about buildings

Innovative Design

Picture 3Looking for a system that will integrate with green roof applications, gravel, deck or slab finishes?  This is no problem for our Panorama system. We have designed the system with versatility in mind

Our patented system firstly utilises a balustrade holder allowing 5 position alignment of the vertical posts, compensating for any unevenness in the roof surface. Stability and safety of the system is provided by base rails with load support plates.  The use of baluster plates, results in the balustrade not requiring any penetration through the roof membrane and creates no sound transmission or thermal bridging through the roof.

Picture 4Panorama ST can be installed independently of the roofing works, although it is particularly suited to integration with green roof systems and roof terrace finishes. This non-penetrative approach enables Panorama ST to be simply installed without invalidating any existing roofing warranties.

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UZIN Floor Navigator App

The App for perfect floors.

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UZIN_AppUZIN are constantly looking to take advantage of new technology to help architects and designers to specify the flooring installation products for their client’s projects. A new FREE App for smart phones and tablets has therefore been launched. The UZIN Floor Navigator App is designed to help you choose and specify the right flooring systems with a new easier to use step by step function. Once the steps have been followed it recommends what UZIN products to use. These instructions can be saved, printed, or sent by e-mail as a PDF file. The UZIN Floor Navigator is your companion for perfect floor installation and specifications.

You can also find UZIN product information as well as product data sheets and safety data sheets. The App can be accessed quickly and easily on site for instant support and recommendations.

Visit to download the App or search UZIN on the Apple Store or Play Store.

Tel: 01788 530080