Stargard, the original “warm to the touch” handrail.

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ggStargard is a handrail system utilising galvanised steel tube which is sleeved after fabrication with 4mm (4,000 microns) thick PVC making it “warm to the touch”, comfortable to grip and robust. As the handrail is sleeved after fabrication there is generally only one mechanical, visible joint per flight of stairs. The handrail is normally manufactured in lengths around 4 – 5 metres.

On site tests have shown that in the same location on the same day, Stargard handrail is generally 4 – 5 degrees Centigrade warmer than powder coated steel at low ambient temperatures. This is very important when temperatures are around freezing.

The 4mm thick PVC sleeving resists knocks and bumps, does not chip and requires the absolute minimum of maintenance. The colour is consistent throughout the thickness of the PVC.

2A range of colours is held in stock but any RAL colour can be supplied although a minimum quantity is required for non-stock colours. The colour range enables a suitable colour to be selected to contrast with the background location.

The handrail is normally 42 mm diameter however, 50 mm is also available as this size can also be used for the balusters. (Handrails and balusters do not have to be the same colour as stainless steel fittings are used to separate the handrail and balusters.)

4Stargard handrail can also be used in conjunction with stainless steel balusters or fitted directly on to glass panels when used in Structural Glass balustrade.

Stargard is ideal for both exterior and interior applications in such building as schools, public buildings, offices, care homes, medical centres, railway footbridges and many more.

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