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Cycling continues to be the fastest way of moving around our biggest cities making cycle stands an essential part of any urban construction project.
Whatever the location, any cycle stands installed in a busy public area must be able to withstand the rigours of daily use without needing constant maintenance. The VELOPA Transport Cycle Stand range was designed with city life in mind and meets these requirements perfectly. Manufactured from mild steel and galvanised as standard to ensure their longevity, each of the stands within the range has been created to fully comply with the cycle parking recommendations in force in their namesake cities.

London 1 version 2m field 3 version 2London

There are two preferred cycle stands in use on the London transport network; the London Cycle Stand and the ‘M’ Cycle Stand. Both are designed to offer cyclists the maximum security possible when leaving their bicycles unattended. Whilst the London Cycle Stand uses a wider diameter steel tube to boost its defensive properties, the M stand’s design gives cyclists variable locking heights to provide a higher level of security than traditional cycle stands.

Be aware! Certain areas of London require all their street furniture items to be coated black. All of our cycle stands can be coated in any RAL or BS colour; please specify the colour at time of ordering. AUTOPA’s standard black is RAL 9005.

Manchester 1Manchester

The Manchester Cycle Stand is the widest cycle stand of the range; at 1000mm, it provides secure cycle storage for all styles of bicycle. This stand is supplied with contrasting reflective banding as standard to ensure that is can see by all pedestrians in all weather conditions. Additional signage plates and tapping rails can be added if required.


Birmingham 3Birmingham

The Birmingham Cycle Stand features an integrated tapping rail and signage plate making it fully compliant with all DDA regulations and the recommendations in place on the Birmingham transport network. The signage plate can also be used by cyclists as an additional locking point for their bicycles.


Transport Teaser image 1Transport Cycle Stand

The final stand within the range is the Transport Cycle Stand. This stand is designed to meet the recommendations set by the majority of UK councils and is perfect for use in high footfall areas. The integrated low-level signage plate doubles as a functional tapping rail making the stand easily identifiable for visually impaired pedestrians.

The VELOPA brand has been synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality cycle storage products for over 60 years, so whatever project you are working on, we will be able to help.

Contact AUTOPA’s sales office today to find out more.

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