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trio-mixed-substratesEJOT’s new ‘general application’ anchor for insulation materials, TRIO has been warmly welcomed by installers looking for a ‘quick, quality fix’ for a broad range of insulation materials fixing back to masonry substrates. Described as versatile and reliable as well as being very cost effective, TRIO comprises two types of fixing pin, both of which combine with the same high quality sleeve.

trio-with-pins-over-substrateEJOT’s R & D team in the UK introduced the new anchor to provide sub-contractors, as a typical example, tasked with securing insulation as part of the rainscreen installation process. Crucially, the three Trio components can be used to fix into concrete or clay bricks including perforated types and aircrete blockwork. The 10mm diameter sleeve itself is manufactured from high density polyethylene to create a variable anchor zone, from 30mm to 60 mm depth. The glass-reinforced nylon pin is intended to be used for securing lighter weight insulation such as expanded polystyrene back into brickwork or concrete. Then the metal pin will normally be used for heavier insulation types, though still being suitable for lighter EPS material.
trio-mixed-insulationWhere the mineral fibre insulation being installed is of lighter density, EJOT supply a choice of two ‘spreader washers’ at 90mm or 140mm diameter that combine perfectly with the TRIO sleeve. As an ideal ‘pick and mix’ offering, EJOT Trio presents a generic, non-system specific installation solution, easy on cost and flexible on stock.

EJOT have produced a short video demonstrating TRIO’s versatility which can be viewed in the company’s product gallery. By registering to buy online, webshop customers qualify for ‘online prices’ via a very simple and quick registration process. EJOT TRIO therefore, places a product range with genuine engineered high performance, a few clicks away from fast supply.

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