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Kee Safety, a leading global supplier of safety railing systems, has expanded its Kee Klamp® range with the introduction of 12 new types of tubular fittings. Designed for installation on steeper gradients, the new slope fittings offer builders and specifiers an aesthetically pleasing option.

kee-safety-kee-klamp-slope-fittingsThe latest addition to the Kee Klamp® portfolio is an extension to the current range of slope fittings. The new components have been designed to enhance the building of guardrail along staircases and ramps, particularly when the slope is greater than 30 degrees. The new range introduces single fittings to cater for situations where currently a combination of fittings is required. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the finished guardrail but it also allows for a quicker and easier installation.

The new range of slope fittings is available in the two most common sizes for handrails; size 7 (outside diameter 42.4mm) and size 8 (outside diameter 48.3mm). The new components form part of an extensive range of tubular fittings, the widest on the market.  With so many fittings available, Kee Safety can provide a solution for all handrail designs.

Kee Klamp® is a range of cast iron tubular fittings that can be installed using a standard hex key. Each fitting incorporates an internal set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube to create a strong, stable and safe structure. This method eliminates the need for time-consuming welding or specialist skills.  Since no special tools are needed, workers can change and reconfigure Kee Klamp® structures quickly and easily. The Kee Klamp® system securely joins structural steel tube into almost any conceivable configuration across a variety of angles and is also capable of accommodating on-site variations.

“Kee Klamp® carries over 80 years of expertise in developing safe, secure and cost-effective tubular fittings,” says Vernon Barry, Product Manager at Kee Safety. “Aesthetically pleasing handrails are sought after by specifiers, so we are pleased to have been able to fill this gap in the market with our new range.  Not only do the new Kee Klamp® fittings tick the design box, they also provide builders with a quick, easy and cost-effective solution. The fittings are suited for use in a number of applications, including the highway, railways, retail and education sectors.”

 Kee Safety provides great customer service to support its Kee Klamp® range by offering technical advice, project drawing and an installation service. For more information, visit

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