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Pendle Forklift Services of Earby in Lancashire have chosen Boplan HP Plus pedestrian barriers to protect staff, trainees and visitors at their Forklift Training Centre. Made from flexible polymer, the HP Plus handrails are the strongest version of the Boplan FLEX IMPACT ® handrails. By adding a third extra horizontal rail and heavier posts, they safely separate and shield pedestrians from high-risk traffic zones where constant heavy manoeuvring takes place.

Pendle Forklift Services offer forklift sales and servicing, equipment hire and operator training. They have built up a solid reputation with their customers across the North West of England. Training can be provided either at the customer’s own site or at Pendle’s Earby training centre where instructors can provide a range of ITSSAR approved courses to ensure that forklifts are always used safely and correctly.

cofBoplan FlexImpact safety barriers are made from a polymer which is flexible, shock absorbing and highly impact resistant. Traditional steel barriers are very unforgiving and are frequently damaged by impacts as well as causing damage to whatever hits them. Replacing them is time consuming and expensive, particularly as much of the impact force will have been transmitted directly to the foundations often making straightforward replacement problematical.

On the other hand, Boplan FlexImpact barriers will absorb impacts safely and then return to their original shape and position with no loss of ongoing performance. They are ready and available to absorb the next impact whenever that occurs.  If it’s a vehicle such as a fork lift truck that crashes into the barrier, the damage caused to the FLT will be far less severe than if it hit a metal barrier. More importantly, the impact to the driver is reduced, minimising any injuries.

cofThe barriers come in modular designs so they can be installed exactly where required and more can be added as business needs change. All have been thoroughly, independently tested over a long period of time in order to comply with the strictest standards of safety.

At Pendle Forklift Services the HP Plus handrails feature a third rail and heavier posts that go the extra mile when it comes to shielding pedestrians from vehicle collisions. SG Swing gates were added to provide safe access through the barrier where needed. This is a safety gate that you can swing open on both sides and is self closing to ensure that access points remain permanently closed to unauthorised personnel.

The driving force in Boplan’s product design is the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. All Boplan products are designed, developed and manufactured to be sustainable and highly effective. Only the highest quality, high performance plastics are used with properties that far surpass the materials traditionally associated with plastic safety barriers.

The modular design means installation is quick and easy and products can be mixed and matched as required to provide the right level of protection at every point throughout the premises. Boplan also offer complete safety solutions, from floor markings and anti-slip protection, right through to safety gates, barriers and column protectors.

To ensure that the product is backed by an equally high standard of service, in March 2016 Boplan opened an office in Wolverhampton to deliver a truly local service for the UK. David Smith, Manager of Boplan UK has over 15 years experience in all aspects of safety barriers. He is enthusiastic about the future commenting “Boplan offer a wide range of quality and innovative products with specialist in-house design and development teams. I am looking forward to applying Boplan’s expertise and experience for the benefit of UK customers.”

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