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OSMA acoustic couplerWavin, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems, has launched its new Osma Acoustic Coupler 4S125 – designed to address the problem of unwanted noise in soil stacks.

Through its innovative structure, the fitting absorbs structural borne sounds that can be caused by thermal movement, as well as contact between the stack and the structure of the building.

Featuring Osma’s Captive Ring-Seal at one end and Osma’s Deep Expandable Rubber Gasket at the other, the coupler can expand and contract as needed. This allows movement within the body of the fitting up to 18mm, releasing stress on the pipework.

Acoustic coupler - 2Installing the fitting on every storey of a building helps limit noise transfer between separating floors and walls. When installed with an access pipe fitting, installers and building control officers can also check the necessary expansion gap is present after first fix completion.

In a recent report, the NHBC Foundation found that 15% of all noise complaints from homeowners in detached properties were due to noisy pipework[1]. This is typically caused by the lack of allowance for thermal movement and contact with rigid brackets and linings within – an obstacle that can be overcome with the new Osma Acoustic Coupler.

Acoustic coupler - 1Steve Skeldon, Product Manager at Wavin, commented: “The Osma Acoustic Coupler 4S125 presents a real solution to the significant noise problems many homeowners get in their properties. This is great news for housebuilders, but also means plumbers will get fewer call backs to solve issues.

“As well as addressing noise, it also encourages better working practices as the fitting takes care of any expansion adjustment. This means no longer relying on the traditional manual practice of partially withdrawing the pipe or spigot end from a socket to create an expansion gap.”

Osma Acoustic Coupler 4S125 can be installed horizontally and vertically, and is now available to purchase. To find out more, visit your local merchant.

For more information on the Osma Acoustic Coupler 4S125, visit: www.wavin.co.uk or the Wavin UK YouTube Channel to view:

[1] NHBC Foundation, Sound progress: A review of homeowner feedback on noise in new homes (2014) https://www.nhbcfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/NF56-Sound-progress.pdf

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