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TEPPFA_2612_LinkedinPolypipe, the leading UK manufacturer of plastic drainage and attenuation systems, is backing a major multinational campaign that raises awareness about the benefits of choosing plastic for below ground sewer applications. Polypipe is working with TEPPFA, the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association, to promote the Discover: Plastics campaign.

Specifying and using plastic piping for below ground applications can lead to quicker installation times, design flexibility, long-term durability, a greater range of system options for designers, and quality assurance for onsite developers. Using plastic systems can also help to mitigate the prohibitive costs associated with building on brownfield sites, and offer practical solutions to complex design challenges.

By using products that hold the correct approvals, the risk of chemical degradation to the product is vastly mitigated. Plastic based foul and surface water drainage pipes are designed to accommodate normal ground movement and are tried and tested in all conditions to meet required industry standards.

Importantly, for brownfield sites, many plastic products are fully adaptable and compatible with the existing drainage and sewer systems that may be encountered with brownfield sites, and are designed with a wide range of easy to use fittings and ancillaries. In addition, using plastic piping is ideal on projects where developers rely more heavily on components manufactured offsite. The light in weight nature of plastic also helps to reduce the costs of major plant equipment required on site, which helps to improve health and safety conditions for contractors.

Polypipe BPi imageThere are continual innovations and new products being developed. The latest marketing campaign comprises of a series of digital ads, e-shots and a brand new web page, offering some fantastic prizes by registering your details online. Click here for your chance to win today!.

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