LED floodlights built for the British weather…

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LED_Coastal_Lighthouse lrOur temperate maritime climate may be, relatively speaking, mild but it’s also quite wet – hence our lush green countryside. With much of our weather arriving from the Atlantic as well, it all adds up to a recipe for corrosion. Rusty fittings, casings, screws and brackets on outdoor lights are an all too familiar sight. Until now you could only choose to put up with it or make regular replacements – not exactly  a modern, sustainable approach.

Stainless steel brackets will avoid corrosion in exposed areasNow, with Timeguard’s new Coastal range you can fit kit that will look good for longer.  Rust is avoided because all the parts which have to be made of metal have been replaced with high-grade stainless steel, from the brackets to the screws and even pcb components.

10W, 20W and 30W floodlights with integral PIR detectors are available, all with slave terminals to connect external loads. There’s also a new parallel switching facility, so you can connect up to four floodlights in parallel such that any detector will switch them all on.

Timeguard floodlightsAnother great new feature is the curved Timeguard panning bracket. No longer do you have to align floodlights flat to the wall, this clever curved bracket enables you to pan as well as tilt.



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