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Howe Green Team ImageAt Howe Green we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve the service we offer to our customers.  We appreciate that the actual products we supply – the floor, wall and ceiling access covers – are just one of the elements that influence the decision to buy.  The additional services we make available all contribute towards the overall customer experience.

Within the construction sector the specification has always been a crucial factor in helping architects and specifiers to decide which products should be used in a particular project and to communicate their preferred selection to other building services professionals.  The consequences of substituting products for a cheaper alternative, effectively breaking the specification, have been highlighted by the tragic events of June 2017.

Over many years the Technical Department at Howe Green has worked closely with architects, specifiers and contractors to ensure that bespoke access solutions can be designed and manufactured to address all manner of challenges when it comes to accessing concealed services.

Our lives are becoming increasing entrenched in the digital world of 24/7 access. This appetite for instant gratification is prevalent in the workplace.  Our team realise that whilst we enjoy the personal interactions and helping people there are customers who would prefer to access as much information as possible to prepare their specification without having to talk to us!  They want accurate and relevant data, presented in an appropriate manner, at their fingertips.

It is for this reason that Howe Green has recently made a significant investment in a library of National Building Specification (NBS) product specification clauses.  The library includes the range of Howe Green floor access covers, Bilco fixed vertical ladders and the Bilco LadderUP® Safety Post.

Managing Director of Bilco UK Ltd and Howe Green Ltd, James Fisher, comments, “Since the acquisition of Howe Green in March last year we have been looking at how to bring the Bilco and Howe Green brands together in order to deliver our ‘safe access all areas’ proposition.  Bilco has offered a full range of NBS specifications and BIM drawings for many years and we know how valuable they are to customers.  We wanted to invest in similar assets for the Howe Green range.  Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for architects and specifiers to access information that will make their lives easier.  Subscribing to NBS is part of this strategy.

In our experience you cannot underestimate the value of a comprehensive specification. It has the ability to minimise risk and uncertainty, improve compliance, as well as saving time and money.”

A full library of BIM drawings is currently being created which will further enhance the resources available for specifiers, architects and contractors.

You can access the NBS specifications from the Resources section of our product pages.

If you have any questions about specifications or would prefer to pick up the phone and talk to us we would love to hear from you!


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