Programastat+: Timeguard updates heating controllers and ‘stats and adds new WiFi option

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Timeguard’s new Programastat+ range of wall-mounted thermostats and multi-channel heating controllers for 2018 delivers premium looks, premium performance without premium pricing.

TRTWIFI_Transmitter_closeup_previewNew and improved components combine to deliver more accurate, responsive and reliable control, ensuring that the new range works alongside the modulating design of modern boilers to deliver comfort and energy efficiency for homeowners.

Headlining the new range is a WiFi wall thermostat that simply replaces existing 2 or 3 wire installations. The stand-out design feature is the subtle white neon temperature indicator that puts these devices on a level with the most-expensive designer wiring accessories.

The comprehensive range has an easily-fitted solution for virtually any domestic heating control scenario. With 1,2 3 or 4 channel programmable controllers, homes of any size can be managed, and you can add smart zoned control inexpensively.

There’s a pre-set Economy 7 model (pre-set but adjustable to suit other off peak  plans) as well as wireless programmable room thermostats, and  for boost control to provide extra heating at the press of a single button.  Timeguard has also retained the popular dial-controlled option for electronic thermostats.

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