Blast and Manual Attack Resistant Blinds

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“there is nothing else on the explosion protection market similar to the security blind other than primary or secondary blast rated window systems, which do not have the same ability to absorb pressure as the security blind does through rapid and controlled deflection”

Simon Trundle, Managing Director, Grendon Design Agency Limited, ComBlast Explosion Trials Manager

The UK Government stated current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is “severe – an attack is highly likely”. Terroist attacks in recent years have taken many forms. The risk from an explosive device is ever present and the protection of people and property must be a key consideration.

image 1Safetell SECURABLINDS offer protection against blast from 500kg of explosive at 28m or 100kg of explosive at 25m, and enhanced protection against forced entry, and are suitable for use in new build or  refurbishment projects alike.

With the appearance of conventional office blinds, SECURABLINDS are ideal for providing protection for organisations and businesses at risk by virtue of their function, ownership, or just premise’s location. The unobtrusive appearance of SECURABLINDS mean that they can be applied, if desired, to just areas in buildings that are at higher risk or require higher protection without standing out.

image 2Usually manufactured in a clean white, in sizes to meet the project or building requirement, in either vertical or horizontal format, SECURABLINDS are also designed to function and operate as conventional blinds.

Safetell Ltd provide product, installation, project and technical support services for those designing in or considering the use of SECURABLINDS in a project, call Safetell Ltd T: 01322 22 32 33 or email for assistance.
The attached video compares the performance of filmed glass in the event of 500kg blast both with and without SECRUABLINDS; visit or call Safetell for more information.

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