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BPI-1Greenbarnes Ltd, as one of the UK’s leading supplier of external noticeboards to both public and private sector clients is pleased to announce a completely new resource for anyone with a need to specify and source external noticeboards and poster cases.


BPI-2The company’s completely new website at features probably the widest selection of external noticeboards available in the UK from a single source and includes boards manufactured in a variety of materials ranging including hardwood (oak), maintenance-free Man-made Timber (recycled plastics) and aluminium.

BPI-3Not only are users able to browse the full Greenbarnes range (which at the time of writing encompasses 175 external noticeboards and countless poster cases) but, more importantly, they can take advantage of the myriad of available options and accessories to build boards to their required specification and even buy them online.

BPI-4Customers are guided through the process ensuring they cannot “go wrong”, meaning that it is impossible for them to specify something which cannot be delivered. Where appropriate, at each stage, helpful information and explanation is available via tooltips.


BPI-5Specifications can be saved at any stage and added to a “wish list” enabling the user to return to them later for completion or modification.  Once a specification has been saved to the wish list it can be printed (ideal for taking to a meeting for further discussion) or forwarded directly to Greenbarnes in order to request a formal quotation.

One further useful feature, particularly if there is a need to discuss the specification with other stakeholders, is the “Print All Options” button, which not only shows the options currently chosen but also all the alternative options at each stage, the circumstances in which they are available and their related costs.

To explore the possibilities for yourself visit

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