Safe Maintenance on Fragile Roofs

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Traverse Board-WalkBoard-Walk has been designed to overcome the challenges with working on fragile roofs by providing users with a safe working position for skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning or re-sealing.

Board-Walk is an open mesh walkway that allows access from eaves to ridge, while spreading the load on support battens to provide the user with a safer working position.  The system is lightweight, easily portable and suitable for fragile roofs. The Boardwalk complies to EN 12811-1: 2003

Modular Construction

Board-Walk 1Module in construction, Board-Walk features 2m, 3m and 4m sections which are easily linked together, and an integral restrain/work positioning line tested to EN795:2012. Optional accessories include single or double-sided handrails, a Roof Hook and a Valley Stop end.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach system is configured to fit specific individual roof sizes and configurations, and can be installed to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof.

Valley Gutter Access

Hatch Board-Walk has been specifically designed to allow users to bridge over a fragile valley but to also have access to the valley below for maintenance purposes.  The system comprises 2m sections made from high grade aluminium staging which can be easily lifted to gain access to the valley. Once the work is completed, the staging is simply lowered to create a safe working platform.

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