Curvaglide® Curved Glass Sliding Doors open everybody’s eyes…

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We have re-engineered sliding curved glass from the ground up to create an open view that is simply not possible with flat glass.

[document: File]Like no other system on the market, Curvaglide® Curved Glass sliding doors range from a 2-door system through to much larger configurations, with up to 4 slideable doors and unlimited fixed panels. Curvaglide® doors also feature high-specification energy efficient glass, previously unavailable for curves, which significantly reduces heat transference. With installations of up to 19 metres already completed, our fully customisable options mean the doors can be overlapped in a variety of different configurations.

• Almost limitless design options

• High-weather rating

• Thermally broken sections

• Multipoint locking mechanism

• 28mm high performance “soft coat” Low-E Double Glazing

• Toughened safety glass on both sides

 Made to measure

IMG_2443All Curvaglide® doors are bespoke built with the curved glass and matched frames made to measure in-house, so you can be assured of a smooth movement of the doors and a ‘hand in glove’ fit. Curvaglide’s® structural system has likewise been designed and engineered to support the physical stresses, yet remain smooth, quiet and strong. Quite simply, Curvaglide® doors will complement, highlight and harmonise with the lines and features of your building design.

[document: File] If you have a wonderful view and want to really make the most of it, nothing else comes close.

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