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Timeguard has introduced a range of Smart Wifi Accessories covering everything from  hard-wired smart wall sockets to ‘out-of-the-box’ plug-in controls.

The thinking behind the WiFi Accessories range is that countless ”me too”  DIY gadgets have opened customers eyes to the possibilities of smart control, but also showed them all the downfalls. People are ready for professional help and for branded quality and reliability. No-one wants the hassle that comes along with poor quality, inadequate specification and instructions, and lacklustre support.

Timeguard and Tuya Smart – Worlds leading IoT Platform

thumbnail 2The Timeguard development team chose the proven Tuya Smart IoT (Internet of Things) platform for control of its WiFi Accessories range of Wi-Fi controlled devices.  Tuya works with Alexa and Google Assistant and the free app enables consumers to control all of their smart home devices from a single app, as well as any of the other 90,000 compatible products from other manufacturers.thumbnail

Not all Tuya devices are equal of course – it all depends what functionality manufacturers decide to build in to their devices and what control to offer users.  While the processes for tailoring the Tuya app and getting devices approved is quite robust, a quick Internet search will tell you that some device manufacturers have confused and disappointed end users, and that branded quality will have growing value. With Timeguard you know for sure that genuine Tuya chips have been used, and that good support (from online videos to real people at the end of the phone line) is provided

Tuya also takes the longer view: it’s going to be around for a long time, just like Timeguard, and is ready for other technologies. Just to remind you:  Bluetooth, generally used for data transfer from, say,  mobile phones to nearby  PCs or speakers over a range of 10m or less,  and  ZigBee, a lower-power wireless protocol mesh system ideal for continuous monitoring applications like as smart alarm systems. However, WiFi devices can connect to an existing network hub or router, which means that a PC doesn’t have to be left on to access a remote device like a camera or switches. It’s ideal for most home control applications.

What’s in the Timeguard WiFi Accessories range?

As ever, the Timeguard approach has been to look at the market, see what devices are available, and then apply lateral thinking to make them do more, and do it better!  The Timeguard WiFi Accessories range includes:

  • Indoor camera

The Timeguard difference: Highly-specified with high-resolution two-way audio, night vision, detection masking, and complete with a USB power supply adaptor, these cameras will get the job done. The choice of SD storage or easy upload to subscription based cloud storage.

  • Doorbell with chime

The Timeguard difference:  Wait for someone to press the bell or be notified as they approach the built-in PIR detector. Everything you need to get set up is supplied – you’d be surprised how many Wi-Fi doorbells come without a chime! Multiple chimes can be connected, and they plug in to any 13A socket. The doorbell has reliable, Panasonic-branded batteries and is easily recharged via its USB cable when needed (a single charge should last for four months.

  • Plug In timer adapter

The Timeguard difference: Small but mighty, these 13a (3kW) adaptors offer daily or weekly programming as well as countdown timing and overload protection. Power monitoring lets users see at a glance how much power a connected device is using. These are timers you can trust.

  • 3-way trailing socket with 2 USB

The Timeguard difference:  Pretty much all you need in a single device! Users can time and control each socket individually. Manual over-ride is built in.

  • Bayonet lamp holder adapter

The Timeguard difference: At last a lamp holder adaptor that will hold a standard BC/B22 bayonet lamp. Naturally daily/weekly and countdown timing are also provided by Timeguard.           

  • Twin socket

The Timeguard difference: These 13A (3kW) sockets for professional installation also provided a handy USB port. Daily and weekly timing programmes and countdown timing are offered via the app, with each socket under individual control.

  • 10A in-Line connector

The Timeguard difference:  The functionality of the in-line adaptor is much the same as other products in the range. The big difference is that Timeguard actually thought of what installers need. Want to automate an existing luminaire?  Just wire this in and pop it through the ceiling aperture or in-line with power cord of an appliance.

So there you are: everything you need to supply smart home control that you and your customers can trust.  Check out the range at your wholesaler or visit

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