Hauraton channels drain Blue Badge scheme parking bays at RHS Wisley

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On 10th June 2019, Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, opened the first phase of The Welcome Building and surrounding landscape at Royal Horticultural Society gardens, Wisley, Surrey. The new facility has transformed the experience for visitors to the gardens with new buildings including a spacious arrivals hall, café, shop, plant centre and a 100 seat restaurant. There are now three large car/coach parks including Blue Badge scheme easy access bays for visitors in park two.

Hauraton Wisley CarPark No 2 Blue Badge Bays HiresOne hundred metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® PRO 100 channel system, fitted with FIBRETEC® C250, 9mm HEELSAFE slot gratings, was used by groundwork sub-contractor GPB Construction Ltd to drain the asphalted Blue Badge parking bays for visitors. The channels were installed between the bays and the path leading to the entrance of the new arrivals hall.

Since its launched in February 2010, the RECYFIX® PRO 100 surface water drainage channel, featuring the innovative FIBRETEC® grating, has been specified and successfully installed in numerous United Kingdom drainage projects, including rail station platforms, public squares, shopping malls, sports-fields, tartan running tracks and many other commercial and private applications.

Hauraton Wisley RHS Drainage New entrance buildings HiresThe material, PA-GF used to make the FIBRETEC® grating, was especially developed by Hauraton; the tough, UV resistant, fibre reinforced moulding offers high stability and huge strength for its weight. Complying with loading category Class C250 (BSEN 1433) the grating can easily take the weight of cars and commercial delivery vehicles. The design is a real innovation as its non-corrosive material provides a visually appealing surface finish that retains its black colour.

The FIBRETEC® C250 HEELSAFE slot grating was specifically designed by Hauraton R & D engineers to enhance the flow of water into the channel. The slots are super smooth, elliptical openings with the moulded bars having slightly raised triangular bosses along their outside edges. As well as providing an elegant appearance, the feature ensures surface water is directed into the slots. This configuration also helps eliminate any cross-flow over the grating.

The RECYFIX® PRO 100 channel component is made from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP). The six sizes offered are 160mm wide and range in height from 75mm to 250mm with the FIBRETEC® grating factory fitted on all models. As the largest unit is only 5.8kg, the channelling is easily handled and quickly installed on site.

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