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At Clark-Drain we are well known for being a family-run business that is ‘grounded in expertise’, continually developing innovative drainage and access products and solutions. However, what is perhaps less well known, is the full breadth and range of our products. As the first manufacturers to make polypropylene channels, we have an entire family of polypropylene drainage channels available to suit every requirement.

CD 422 – Polypropylene Domestic Channel

This is our most well-known and popular polypropylene channel, perfect for patios and driveways.  Made from recycled polypropylene, with an A15 load rating, spring-lock connections and 4.3 litres per second max through-flow, the CD422 is fast and easy to install. Currently available with a slotted grating, due to feedback from our customer base, we are re-developing a new mesh grating option.

CD 425 – Polypropylene Domestic Channel with Galvanised Steel

Blog-Image-1Our CD425 polypropylene channel is very similar to the CD 422. It also has an A15 load rating and is most suitable for use on driveway and garage thresholds and landscaped areas such as a patio. Another feature it shares is the 4.3 litres per second max through-flow. The only difference is that rather than having a slotted grating made from polypropylene, the grating is made from galvanised steel, providing a slightly different appearance and choice for your customers.

CD 410 – Polypropylene Domestic Shallow Channel

For applications where depth is restricted, our CD 410 polypropylene channel is the perfect choice. With a lower profile and mesh grating, the external dimensions of its depth are just 92mm compared to 117mm for the CD 422 or CD 425. Despite the lower profile the CD 410 still comes with an A15 load rating, 2.2 litres per second max flow-through and simple locking mechanism making it easy to install.

CD 430 – Polypropylene Block-Slot Channel

For some projects, discretion is needed and our CD 430 has been developed especially for this purpose.  It is an effective and inexpensive slot drainage option, which leaves an unobtrusive line along the surface. With a slot size of 10 by 47.5 mm and a load rating of up to C250, it is suitable for areas where there is light vehicular traffic and it is particularly popular for driveways with block paving and pedestrian precincts where appearance is an important factor. As you would expect from Clark-Drain, we make this from recycled polypropylene, and it is easy to install. Like our shallow channel, it has a max through-flow rate of 2.2 litres per second.

CD 434 – Polypropylene B125 Channel with Narrow Slotted Grating

Blog-Image-2The CD 434 comes with a narrow slot heel-guard grating. With a load rating of B125 and Network Rail approved, this channel is suitable for areas such as car parks, shopping precincts, pavements and rail platforms. The channel is made from recycled polypropylene and the grating from reinforced nylon. It has a maximum through-flow rate of 4.3 litres per second and is heat resistant, making it suitable for tarmac edging.

CD 437 – Polypropylene C250 Channel with Ductile Narrow Slotted Grating

The final member of this family is the CD 437, a polypropylene channel with a load rating classification of C250. This makes it suitable for areas with light, slow-moving traffic. Weighing just 9kg, it remains a lightweight option and the locking bar and bolt keeps installation simple. The ductile iron grating also has narrow slots which prevent heels from getting stuck, making it the perfect choice for areas with pedestrians, such as shopping centres.

At Clark-Drain, we want to make access and drainage easy for our customers, which is why all of our polypropylene drainage channels have male/female connections, to allow quick installation of up to 3 metres at a time.

We have never been a company that takes a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that every customer and project is unique, which is why we develop a breadth of products to ensure our customers can find the optimal solution to meet their individual needs.  All our polypropylene drainage are designed and manufactured right here in the UK and Clark-Drain has become a symbol of British quality.

If you would like further technical details, guidance, or advice on this family of polypropylene channels or any other drainage needs, please get in touch or call us on 01733 765317.

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