Part L changes to Building regulations now live for the construction industry

Part L changes to Building regulations now live for the construction industry

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But is the industry prepared?

The journey towards a net-zero future passes a significant milestone with the 2022 changes to Part L of the Building Regulations becoming a reality, this provides the benchmark for the design and building standard for energy performance in carbon emissions of new and existing buildings.

But is the construction industry prepared for the update?

Ahead of the interim changes to the uplift in Part L we recently conducted research among more than 200 important stakeholders, including architects, housebuilders and specifiers.

We investigate the levels of confidence specifiers have in the sector around Part L, as well as their views on sustainable technologies such as solar PV.

Read more about our research by downloading our Part L Whitepaper here.

Everything specifiers need to know about Part L | Marley

The role of Solar PV

A solar PV roofing system is widely acknowledged to be an important product solution to help produce the low carbon and energy efficient housing required in the future. Experts say that home energy efficiency set out in Part L cannot be delivered by enhancements to the building fabric alone. It is therefore expected that the specification of solar PV, together with an efficient gas boiler or heat pump, will provide the quickest and most cost-effective way for the sector to meet the immediate Part L 31% carbon reduction obligations

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Roof Integrated SolarTile® | Marley | Solar Roof Tiles

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