Paint that absorbs CO2; Graphenstone Ambient Pro+

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The choice of coating is often overlooked as a source of environmental savings for companies and householders. Whilst more of us are aware of our own and our business’ environmental footprint, not many people (including some architects) go as far considering the considerable benefits that paint has to offer.

Builders, contractors and architects will be aware of traditional lime wash and its benefit – a highly breathable coating for use on heritage buildings and the like – but they will also be aware of its fragility. It requires many coats to get a good coverage plus the fact that painters don’t like using it or charge additional labour. But “Oh” .. how things have changed…

Graphenstone paints ( are made using a base of traditional lime that is infused with a patented graphene polymer – offering the perfect combination: use of naturally sustainable raw materials, high breathability, extreme durability and flexibility, as well as significant environmental benefits such as:

Sound too good to be true?  Graphenstone AmbientPro+ was recently used by Greystar in their many student accommodation tower blocks, throughout London.  When compared to their alternative paint specification, this saved them over 20 tonnes of CO2(e)… just from the switch of paint.  Other recent commercial customers include:  Facebook, Grosvenor Estates, Bouygues and The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

In addition to the range of carbon capture paints, Graphenstone offers Grafclean – available in matt and eggshell finishes and in a wide range (over 1000) of deep and rich colours – all with the benefits of naturally sustainable materials, trace VOCs, zero microplastics and petrochemicals.

Just like standard paints, all Graphenstone paints are supplied in pre-mixed liquid form and are applied by brush, roller or spray.  Unlike traditional lime wash, most projects would just need two coats of Graphenstone. “Normal paint rules apply”.

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