Precast Concrete Headwalls

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Althon manufacture the largest range of precast concrete headwalls in the UK for pipes, culverts and box culverts. 15 years ago we have launched our first headwall brochure with a range of 40 different headwalls. Today we have over 500 different headwalls!

Precast headwalls are an important part of most SUDS drainage schemes, preventing erosion at the point of discharge into watercourses such as attenuation ponds, detention basins, rivers, ditches and swales. Balancing ponds or attenuation ponds are a vital flood prevention method. You will often see these attenuation ponds complete with headwalls, on new construction projects such as housing estates, new roadways etc. The purpose of them is during heavy or prolonged wet weather the drainage system on new construction projects can be overwhelmed due to the sheer amount of excess water being discharged. The attenuation pond is designed to control the amount of excess water entering the drainage system to reduce the likelihood of flooding.

Our headwall ranges include Anglian Water approved headwalls, Severn Trent water specification for rectangular precast outfalls, Sewerage sector guidance compliant headwalls, angled headwalls and many more.

We are also able to factory fit a range of accessories to our headwalls making installation much faster and safer. Some of these accessories include flap valves, tideflex valves, kee klamp handrails, stepped baffle blocks, gratings, pond liner brackets and the list goes on.

Whether you already know the type of headwall you require or need some assistance in choosing the correct design our team is always happy to assist you.

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