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As per section E of The Building Regulations, in new builds and residential buildings, the upper floors, external walls, masonry dividing walls, and internal stud walls must be properly soundproofed, with the airborne sound resistance being at a minimum level of 40dB and impact sounds levels at a maximum of 62dB (With an exception for any wall that has a door in it and the walls that surround en-suite bathrooms).

Soundproofing buildings is not only a regulatory requirement, it’s also an important factor in ensuring that the building’s occupants can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment, whether in residential buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, or other types of buildings.

Soprema offers a wide range of acoustic insulation and soundproofing solutions, specially designed for ceilings, walls, floors, and even pipes, ensuring complete peace of mind that the building has been soundproofed to the regulatory standards:

TECSOUND – high-density, synthetic soundproofing membrane designed for increasing airborne noise insulation with low surface mass, soundproofing against airborne noise in ceilings and lightweight roofs and reduction of impact noise in laminated floors. In the industrial field TECSOUND membrane can be used in applications ranging from soundproofing of cabins to acoustic insulation of machine-rooms, cowling of engines, gutter pipes and sound-damping of metal sheets amongst others.

TECSOUND SY – self-adhesive version of TECSOUND membrane

TECSOUND FT – soundproofing composite including a porous felt and the TECSOUND synthetic membrane to be used in different construction elements both horizontal and vertical

TECSOUND 2FT – soundproofing composite including TECSOUND synthetic membrane placed between two porous felts to be used in different construction elements both horizontal and vertical

TECSOUND FT55AL – Soundproofing composite made of TECSOUND synthetic membrane, finished with porous felt and aluminium foil designed for sound-insulating pipes

TECSOUND TUBE S – acoustic insulation for water, rain and drainpipes in buildings

TECSOUND S BAND – synthetic tape made of TECSOUND membrane, with a built-in self-adhesive layer enabling it to be applied straight onto metals structures subject to vibrations

VELAPHONE FIBRE 22 – thin under floor impact noise soundproofing material

In addition to our soundproofing range, Soprema UK have introduced two sound absorption product ranges. The products are designed to reduce internal excessive noise levels, allowing us to design an acoustic ambience which is fit for purpose based on specific acoustic guidelines.

Our sound absorption offering consists of two products:

PURE-KUSTIK – sound absorption boards consisting of polyester fibre with a high recycled material content (> 60 %).

FIBRO-KUSTIK – Wood wool sound absorption boards used on walls and ceilings, especially in areas where robustness and long-term product endurance is required.

These ranges feature various visual design characteristics and have proven very popular in markets including the Far East, throughout Europe as well as the Middle East.

If you would like to learn more about each product, please visit our Acoustic Insulation and Soundproofing page.

You can also contact us directly to speak with our dedicated acoustics and soundproofing technical experts about our solutions and how they can be applied in your projects:

T: 0330 058 0668

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