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From high-end hotels to inclusive care bathrooms, level-access wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular. As well as helping those with mobility issues, wet rooms also enlarge the floor area in smaller bathrooms and depending on the chosen finish, can communicate a luxurious look and feel. For architects, project managers and installers, reliability is just as important as the visual appeal when specifying and installing a wet room and this begins with the choice of former.

Here are two strong and highly reliable wet room formers from AKW, that deliver in terms of functionality and versatility:

Tuff Form8

This strong, innovatively designed, wet room former includes an octagonal fitting plate, allowing for up to 15 different waste positions, ensuring easy installation every time.

Tuff Form8 offers specifiers and installers even greater flexibility:

  • Pre-formed fixing points and the innovative octagonal waste plate enable all obstructing joists to be quickly navigated, for trouble-free installation.
  • Available in ten sizes, the Tuff Form8 former can be tiled or covered with safety flooring and used to create complete level access solutions on both timber and concrete floors.

Tuff Form8 is ideal for wheelchair users and their carers:

  • Made from high strength Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), it has superior strength (60 stone/381kg max. load)

Tuff Form8 ensures lifetime quality:

  • With a lifetime guarantee, it is ideal for any installer looking to fit the perfect base for a wet room.


This super-strong wet room former is easy to install and supports up to 100 stone/635kg. It is ideal for heavier wheelchair users or for those requiring assistance whilst showering.

ShowerDec offers specifiers and installers strong performance:

  • Made from GRP using the Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) process, for superior strength while being lightweight.
  • 24mm thick for strength and rigidity.
  • Extra reinforcement around the waste, so additional noggins are not required.

ShowerDec design flexibility:

  • Available in 12 sizes, it is also suitable for use with underfloor heating, vinyl safety flooring, and ceramic floor tiles.
  • Its larger shower areamakes it ideal for wheelchairs.
  • The 40mm flat area around its perimeterenables easy door placement and water retention, alongside a best in class fall of approx 2.5°.

ShowerDec ensures lifetime quality:

  • With a lifetime guarantee, it is ideal for any installer looking to fit the perfect base for a wet room.

Looking to create a stylish wet room that delivers on functionality? Then look no further than AKW’s Tuff Form8 and ShowerDec formers.

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