Effortless & Eco-Friendly Colourwash: KEIM Unveils the Hassle-Free Solution to Contemporary Limewash Aesthetics

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World leaders in sustainable paint solutions, KEIM proudly introduces Colourwash – a breakthrough innovation redefining the limewash aesthetic for contemporary interior design.

For over 140 years, KEIM has been at the forefront of mineral paint innovation, guided by a commitment to natural ingredients that promote both user well-being and environmental sustainability.

Today, KEIM UK sets a new standard with Colourwash – a pre-mixed interior paint formulated to capture the timeless appeal of traditional limewash while delivering skin-safe, and eco-conscious results.

Vanessa Fox, Commercial Manager at KEIM, commented, “The resurgence of limewash is evident in today’s dynamic design landscape. However, the use of traditional limewash presents potential skin and eye irritation, porous surfaces which are difficult to clean, and overall unpredictable application outcomes. In response, we’ve designed Colourwash as a revolutionary, non-caustic alternative that not only creates the coveted limewash aesthetic but also offers a durable finish suitable for bare, painted, or previously limewashed walls and ceilings.”









In addition to the existing curated palette, Colourwash welcomes three new hues – TUSK, BALM and TALC- expanding the range of neutral tones crafted for timeless appeal. These shades provide interior designers and homeowners alike with the perfect canvas for creating truly organic interiors, all achievable in as little as a single coat.

Vanessa elaborated on the unique formulation of Colourwash, stating, “Our innovative blend combines non-flammable ingredients, UV-stable natural pigments and a potassium silicate binder for a chalk-free, long-lasting finish that outperforms conventional lime-based paints and washes.”

KEIM’s commitment to well-being is evident in the ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present across their entire mineral paint range, ensuring enhanced indoor air quality, immediate occupiable spaces and a safe environment for people and pets alike.

Colourwash can be purchased online or ordered through most decorators’ merchants.

Free hand-painted swatches are available at www.keim.com

Please visit the Keim Mineral Paints website: www.keim.com or the web shop at https://www.keimpaintshop.co.uk/

For further information please contact:

Vanessa Fox
Commercial Manager
01952 231 250


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