Specifying a Glass Skylight: Free Essential Guide

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Unlock the brilliance of natural light using our glass skylight selection guide from Rooflights & Skylights – the  essential companion for specifiers striving to illuminate spaces with precision and elegance. Explore the unique technical features and benefits of brands such as Astroglaze, Brett Martin, Coxdome, Lunaglaze, Starglaze, and Thermalight.

Glass is often preferred for skylights visible from outside or intended to serve as an ambient focal point in indoor spaces. It provides a sleek, stylish, and durable finish, offering a variety glazing and frame colour options, and more. Glass skylights are highly effective for bringing natural light into a property. They are available in both standard sizes and custom-made options, allowing control over the amount of sky visible indoors. In short, the right skylight will flood your interior with natural daylight, enhancing the overall ambiance.


Versatility is at the core of our Rooflights & Skylights range, offering a diverse array of functionalities tailored to meet any project’s requirements. These include fixed units, ventilated units, access hatches, smoke vents and units designed for walking on. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fixed and flat glass rooflights, it is important to note that these can be supplied with or without an upstand to suit your exact requirements.

The clearest views

For the clearest views of the great outdoors, Rooflights & Skylights glazing comes standard with a Clear finish. Additionally, we offer alternative task-specific finishes such as diffused glazing, solar control glass, low emissivity glass, and Ritec easy clean coatings.

Minimise heat loss, prevent condensation

As standard, all units supplied by Rooflights & Skylights are double-glazed to enhance heat insulation and conserve energy. Additionally, on selected units, there is an option to upgrade the specification to triple glazing for increased insulation and improved energy efficiency.

For expert help in selecting the right glass skylight for your project, download our new Glass brochure today!


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