The Supreme A Bespoke Electric Loft Ladder and Trapdoor

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The Supreme stairway with electrical operation are bespoke units made to suit the Customer’s specifications. The Supreme is available with a wide range of options making it the complete loft access solution.

A standard Supreme is supplied as a ready to fit unit, comprising of a concertina stairway manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy components contained within, and attached to, a laminated wood hatchbox and insulated trapdoor.

The trapdoor has a white finish to the underside.  30 minutes or 90 minutes Steel fire resistant trapdoors are also available. Made from two layers of 1.5 mm steel infilled with 38 mm of mineral wool for the 30 minute and 75 mm for the 90 minutes. The trapdoor also has a U-Value of 0.58W/ m2K tested in accordance with EN ISO 12567-1, and is Airtight Class 4 tested to EN 12207. There is a 29mm wide lip to the bottom of the lining around the external edge which is designed to butt up against the ceiling to help prevent flame and smoke ingress. Similarly, a lip to the bottom of the steel trapdoor extends to within 15 mm of the lip on the lining.

The stairway is manufactured to EN 14975 with a load bearing per tread of 200 kgs. The stairway is operated by a 24 volt low noise motor with an emergency power supply supplied by two standby batteries. The loft ladder also has an automatic stop mechanism should it come into contact with an obstacle during it’s descent. Other optional accessories can include a telescopic handrail to one or both sides, remote control, a lock switch to prevent unauthorised and so on. Supreme is also available with an optional weatherproof roof hatch in order for it to be a means of access to flat roofs.

Minimum opening hatch opening lengths and widths apply which are subject to the floor to ceiling height.  The floor to underside of ceiling height is up to 4300 mm and there’s a minimum opening length requirement of 780 mm, which varies according to the floor to ceiling height, and a minimum width requirement of 595 mm.



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