Bespoke Access and Step-Over Solutions from Safesite

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Today’s congested roofs and changes in level mean that safe access to and around the roof can often be problematic.

Safesite is able to offer a more versatile solution to traditional, off the shelf safe access products such as ladders and portable access platforms with Bespoke Access Platforms and Step-Overs.   Constructed from tube and fittings to provide a robust and durable solution the platforms and step-overs can be tailored to meet virtually any configuration, height and width.

Bespoke access platforms and step-overs are modular in design and can be designed to provide safe access over pipework, plant equipment and conduits and can easily accommodate changes in level or direction.   The modular design has the added benefit of ease and speed of installation.  The structures are simply installed with a hex tool and tube cutters overcoming the need for specialist workers or equipment.  As no cutting, welding, threading or bolting is required installation time is quick and the integrity of the coating is not compromised. Any changes in design can also be made easily on site if required.


Units are available in galvanised steel or aluminium and are designed to comply with current regulations and standards such as the Work at Height Regulations, BS5395: Part 3 and EN: 14122.




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