Newton Systems Used To Waterproof The Royal Courts of Justice

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Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse Basements were commissioned to waterproof a second phase of the Royal Courts of Justice following the success of the waterproofing of the vaulted Victorian arches they undertook a few years ago.



Stonehouse installed Newton 508 Mesh cavity drain membrane to the vaults in the Judges’ Robe Rooms. This required great expertise as the membrane needed to be lapped and sealed carefully to fit the vaulted areas. The meshed membrane could then be plastered to directly.

Newton System 500 ‘Type C’ water management system was very suitable for this project as it is deemed “reversible” so meets strict Listed Building requirements

We were delighted to be involved in the second phase of this development, following the success of the first phase a few years ago” – Graham Stone, Stonehouse Basements.





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