New HELIFIX BowTie HD Kit – for securing bowed building walls

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Structural repair specialist, Helifix, has launched a new BowTie HD Kit which contains the necessary components, materials and instructions a repair contractor requires for the rapid cost-effective restraining of bowed external building walls by securing them to internal floor and ceiling joists.

The kit is available in two versions containing either 5 or 10 No. 1 metre long BowTie HDs along with PolyPlus SF resin, an SDS Drill Bit, the BowTie HD SDS Driver and 2 injection tubes.

With easy, non-disruptive, external installation, the BowTie HD is a heavy duty stainless steel tie with a self-cutting tip. Once a clearance hole has been drilled through the wall, the BowTie HD is inserted and simply power-driven through the first two parallel timber joists to form a secure mechanical connection. Where there is a requirement to fix through the third timber joist, the BowTie HD in a 1.5 metre length is also available. The reduced diameter outer end of the BowTie HD is resin bonded to the masonry to prevent further bowing of the wall and is then hidden by patching the entry hole with matching materials.

Effective in all common wall materials and suitable for use with hardwood joists, the self-tapping design of the BowTie HD avoids splitting of timbers. With minimal disruption to the building’s  fabric or occupants, it is easily tested for security of fixing before being resin bonded and is fully concealed once installed, as it requires no unsightly external plates.

To discuss your project requirements or for more information on BowTie HD, please contact the Helifix team on 020 8735 5200. Helifix provides a comprehensive range of technical support services including site surveys, problem diagnosis and schematic designs. Helifix product datasheets, giving applications, installation procedures and technical specifications, and over 100 standard Repair Details, covering all common structural masonry faults, can all be found at

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