Calcium sulphate screeds need UZIN.

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New System PRUZIN is renowned for innovating new products and systems to meet the needs of flooring contractors, architects and clients. The industry has seen a growth in the use of anhydrite screeds but has failed to find an answer for adequate protection against moisture. With this innovative system, calcium sulphate screeds can be permanently protected against residual moisture up to 95 % RH.

UZIN PE 425 primer can be used to protect areas against high residual moisture (with a relative humidity up to 95%) when used in combination with UZIN PE 404 resin DPM. Both products have been awarded an EC1 plus classification for being very low emission and provide the most ecological approach for flooring installations.

Waiting for damp anhydrite screeds to dry are now a thing of the past. The new UZIN system allows projects to be completed much quicker and avoids long delays. Whether you have a standard job or a large special project, calcium sulphate screeds need UZIN!


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