Sopralene Optima – The new extreme performance capsheet from SOPREMA!

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1397226069The highlight of SOPREMA’s defined range of high performance waterproofing is the introduction of SOPRALENE OPTIMA, this membrane.
Sopralene Optima stands out from other SBS modified bitumen membranes because of its bespoke bitumen blend, optimum adhesion and resistance to extreme temperatures down to -30 ° C. This gives the product excellent ageing characteristics and the coloured ceramic granules give the membrane a particularly striking aesthetic appearance.
Overall, Sopralene Optima is a unique and versatile product that is easy to install in both summer and winter.
Elastic and flexible down to -30 ° C
Longevity recognised for over 40 years
Optimum adhesion & easy installation
Exceptional dimensional stability
Superior cold-bend performance
Attractive Finish

Email to request a copy of SOPREMA’s new Official Waterproofing Guide, including specification information for SOPRALENE OPTIMA.

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