Perinsul® HL – prevents thermal bridging at junctions of floors and walls

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perinsul2Foamglas Perinsul® HL is a BBA certified high density block which eliminates structural thermal bridging and rising damp at the junction of a floor and wall. Made from cellular glass, it is the only insulation material that is totally impervious to any form of moisture. It has an A1 non-combustible fire classification according to EN 13501 and will not burn or give off toxic fumes.

Perinsul HL can be used with all common types of brick or block and, in addition to being dimensionally stable, has high compressive strength and is rot, insect, vermin, radon and acid resistant. It has a coefficient of linear expansion equivalent to steel and concrete and provides uniform thermal performance and load-bearing capacity without additional support elements. For the installer, it can be cut on site and assembled as smaller parts without structural loss and cannot be damaged by torch-applied membranes or contact with hot bitumen.

The manufacturing process uses 60% post-consumer recycled glass and carbon and will not support growth of mould, fungi or micro-organisms. The insulation is totally inorganic, contains no ozone depleting propellants, flame-resistance additives or VOCs and enjoys the benefit of Natureplus® certification.

Perinsul HD is just one of a range of Foamglas insulation materials offering lifetime performance which cover the whole building envelope.

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