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Cembrit Natural SlateCembrit is pleased to announce the creation of a dedicated natural slates division to offer the UK’s specifiers and slaters greater choice of top end material for prestigious roofing contracts. The philosophy will be to enhance the existing range with additional high quality slates. The new brands will offer reliable, long term availability. This will be supported by dedicated personnel and focused marketing. As a start of the investment and long term commitment to Natural Slate, the group has decided to dedicate a specific person to this product group, Sales Director, Rob Wallace.

Cembrit’s ancestry in the UK begins with Alan Blunn Ltd, one of the UK’s original natural slate agents, set up in 1924, offering customer service and technical expertise to all involved in pitched roofing. Acquired by Cembrit in 2000, the reputation and sales of the combined company has continued to grow, to the extent that Cembrit’s natural slates activities became an attractive proposition for others seeking to enhance their position in the UK market.

Encouraged by this, Cembrit has realized that there is a responsibility as well as huge potential to provide durable, verifiable, high quality natural slates to the British market. The new division will be headed by Rob Wallace, who has 18 years of experience in growing Cembrit’s business from its Welsh depot in Llandow. Cembrit’s growth has been achieved through unbeatable customer service.

“We have seen continued growth in the demand for natural slate, particularly with proven origin and consistent supply,” comments Rob Wallace, Sales Director, Cembrit. “Our stance will be one of honesty and transparency as this is important to clients but not always available in our complex market”.

Marketing Manager Ged Ferris adds “This marks the beginning of a new phase in Cembrit’s commitment to natural slate. Cembrit will be making substantial investments in this environmentally attractive material. Look out for more news as the division takes shape”.

For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, or email sales@cembrit.co.uk

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  1. Mr barry w brown

    Dear Sir I’m a lover of slate and have used it in the past , I think its good that you feel the same, about this natural product, nothing pettier than a welsh -blue and an russet-set, red- brick. I love good lead- work, too . To Coe- side it, its an work of art , when it comes right. but cost has always been its down fall for me , so I’ve bought, what are called second’s even thirds, handed SLATES, even the slate dust, man- made composite inter-locking with stain- less steal clips. I’m a one man band, doing small-works, or, jobbing, a plumber and carpenter, coming to my end of my employment years, but maybe a couple of nice jobs to be dune as yet in the year’s to come. I would be interested out of nosiness to what you may charge for a slate, say 20 x 10 inch slate. For an old boy like myself, now days, for my OWN roof has the now that dreaded null sound, and not that sharp ring as to a good slate would be, NEW to sounded like a bell. If this is a pain , just dismiss this request , but it nice to now ,old thing die hard, long live slate, your truly. Mr Barry. w. brown.

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