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Published in Northern Ireland Electrical, September/October 2015

image001Buoyed by the continuing success of its NIGHTeye range, which continues to prove that quality counts, Timeguard has revealed more new products for winter 2015, with indoor fittings making their first appearance in the range.

The new ranges open up huge potential for you as they offer direct replacements for older energy-guzzling designs: 2Ds, halogen spotlights and traditional lanterns.  And, as if the energy savings and reliability aren’t enough, Timeguard’s attention to design and detail will make them attractive for use in and around any home or office.

Engineered for fast, easy installation, with an assured quality from the Timeguard brand, these are a sure revenue earners for wholesalers and installers alike.

LED-day for 2Ds

Now you can offer your customers a direct replacement for 2D fluorescent light fittings with the promise of big energy savings. Where 2D fluorescent lamp fixtures were the go-to energy saving choice of their day, they were installed in their millions in buildings throughout the country: that’s now a massive market ripe for an upgrade to LED.

The new super slim LED models from Timeguard, available in black or white,  are stylish enough for use in offices and homes, and tough and weatherproof enough for commercial and outdoor use. 12W and 18W models, with a compact footprint for stylish wall or ceiling fitting, there is also the option of a 12w oval version. The Timeguard 3 year guarantee is the icing on the cake.

Spot the difference

Halogen up/down spotlights have always been popular with anyone with an eye for lighting design and now Timeguard has brought an LED-ready range to market to provide energy saving opportunities as well as stylish design.

A range of high quality metal LED ready up/down spotlights will provide trouble free switching of GU10 LED lamps for years to come – and they carry the Timeguard 3 year guarantee.

Stylish and weatherproof, they can be used indoors and out. Fixed, adjustable and up/down versions are offered and there’s a choice of shiny metallic stainless steel or matte black finish.  Halogen bulbs can be fitted if required.

‘Tis (almost) the season

With winter approaching, traditional styles of outdoor security lanterns and courtesy lights are more in demand. Not surprisingly, you can rely on Timeguard to deliver the goods with a new range featuring a low energy LED bonus. Timeguard’s new carriage lanterns provides the same instant on brightness that users have become used to with halogen and incandescent lights in the past, and prefer for automatic outdoor lighting.

It is fit-and forget, in black or white and with a choice of basic courtesy lights or ones with integral PIR detectors.  IP44 weatherproof protection is a given, and there’s even a 4W LED candle lamp included in the box. Of course, when Timeguard says fit and forget, it means it: with a rare 3 year guarantee you have all the assurance of quality and reliability you need.

Take control

Timeguard’s latest PIR lighting controller provides all the power you need to manage LED lighting systems. It is rated to switch LED lighting and will manage up to a pretty impressive 140W and is also suitable for 500W fluorescent or up to 2300W halogen incandescent lighting.

These stylish new detectors feature a 12m detection range with a wide 180o detection field, adjustable light on times from 5 seconds to 15 minutes and light level adjustment that enables installers to set it up to trigger switching at exactly the right light level in any location.  With IP55 rating and a rare 3 year guarantee of quality, it really is specified to be the workhorse PIR controller of choice.

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