Innovative Zehnder Zmart Flex Heralds a New Era in Radiator Technology

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With a technical innovation brilliant in its simplicity, the new Zehnder Zmart Flex radiator improves upon conventional radiator design, durability and ease of installation. Its first-of-a-kind technology heralds a new era of lighter, longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly radiators.

Zehnder Zmart radiator_Polymer register UntitledUnlike conventional, pressed steel panel radiators, Zehnder Zmart Flex distributes warmth via a polymer heating register. This is a clever new concept which uses proven technology: for three decades now, plastic piping has been an effective and dependable manufacturing material for other plumbing and heating products.

The result is a flat panel radiator unrivalled in its corrosion-resistance and 60% lighter than steel alternatives. Being lightweight, the Zehnder Zmart Flex is more easily transported than pressed steel panel radiators and can be comfortably lifted, positioned and installed by a single person. With the added advantage of patented 360⁰ flexible flow and return tubes that connect to any valve arrangement and give the freedom to fit existing pipework, the Zehnder Zmart Flex has been shown to consistently reduce installation times by 30%.

Ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial installations, and with classically timeless looks, the Zehnder Zmart Flex is available in 63 sizes, with external dimensions varying from 360mm to 750mm in height and 400mm to 1500mm in length and with heat outputs ranging from 124 W/btu to 2621 W/btu. The polymer heating register achieves comparable thermal outputs to a steel radiator of similar size. The heating register has proven, in accelerated testing under laboratory conditions, to have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years whilst running at system temperatures of 80⁰ C. There’s a 10-year warranty for components, even when fitted to an existing system.

The Zehnder Zmart is suitable for use with renewable energy sources and is itself environmentally-friendly. Its carbon footprint is typically 8% less than conventional radiators and by requiring less energy and fewer resources to manufacture, transport, operate and dispose of, its environmental impact can be expected to be 20% lower.

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