LED INSERT Handrails – Illumine by SG System Products Limited

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Sd-Light insertSG System Products Limited “Illumine” handrails have recently been installed at some of the piers for the London river taxis on the river Thames.

The LED INSERTS have been fitted into the Stargard warm to the touch handrail system which also utilised PVC sleeving manufactured to the clients specified colour.

TfL-Greenwich-01aOne of the advantages of the Illumine LED INSERT range is that the Led’s are individual light units and can therefore be fitted at various centres along the handrail in order to give the client the required lighting level. This is also beneficial when handrails need to be formed around corners as the INSERTS can be fitted to curved handrail too.

West Mer-12The Illumine range of handrails includes stainless steel (both 304 and 316 grades), brass, powder coated steel or aluminium and of course, the warm to the touch system.

This range means that there is an illuminated handrail suitable for a wide range of building types whether for interior or exterior applications.

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