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1606 Delta - BPI Basement materials 01 copyOver recent years there has been increasing pressure on budgets, and cost-effective construction techniques have been the order of the day. The same goes for refurbishment projects, which is where Delta Membrane Systems offers a wide range of products that help with the damp proofing of internal walls, particularly in basement projects.
Too often, basements are left redundant or as ‘dumping grounds’, but the truth is that they can be functional, useful spaces that can enhance the emotional and monetary value to a home.
1606 Delta - BPI Basement materials 02 copyDelta Membrane Systems has long argued that using its package of products designed specifically for basement refurbishment will bring a basement back to a habitable condition, at a cost-effective price.
A typical product for walls is the Delta MS-500 which is made from high density polyethylene. While the membrane itself is just 0.6mm thick, it features 8mm studs on the wall-side and it is these studs that create the drainage channel – allowing up to 135 litres/minute/metre of incoming water to be drained – well in excess of the likely demands.
Incorporating 20mm studs, Delta MS20 is another membrane in the collection that offers impressive operational characteristics. These include a compressive strength rating of 150kN/m2, and high capacity drainage to easily cope with the worst of likely conditions. It can be used in applications where extra drainage capacity is required, such as deeper structures, or where a larger flow rate is likely.
1606 Delta - BPI Basement materials 03 copyThanks to the membranes, all water entering the property drains down the wall into a channel that leads to a sump unit hidden below ground floor level. It is then pumped to a suitable drainage outlet which might be a soil vent pipe, or simply to an outside drain or soak-away.
Managing the damp ingress, rather than trying to prevent it altogether, is the sensible and economic option for basement refurbishment, and Delta Membrane Systems is a one-stop-shop for all the materials needed.
Delta Membrane Systems prides itself on the extensive collection of products it has on offer to overcome the problems of water ingress into a property – both existing and new-build. However, the service does not stop there as the company is happy to share its knowledge and offer technical advice wherever needed.

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